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Able Body Moving Pros
1413 Bette Ct
MesquiteTX 75149 USA

Contact Info

Phone: 817-773-8221
Fax: 888-464-1024

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No Photo Jane
January 14, 2019

The crew was efficient!!

They more than exceeded my expectations, they were fast, efficient and careful with our stuff. They took the time to wrap our furniture and it was delivered and unwrapped without a scratch. They also did it in record time. The crew was very polite and respectful of us and our belongings. We have moved 4 times in the last 12 years and this was the best and most economical. You can't go wrong picking this company.

Origin : Santa Anna, Texas 76878
Destination : Grandfalls, Texas

No Photo Eden
January 9, 2019

Moved safely with zero damage.

They were efficient and carefully wrapped up the furniture prior to moving it out. They refused to let us do anything- as soon as we picked something up they asked if they could take it for us. I would highly recommend them for any move!

Origin : Gayle St, Burkburnett, TX 76354
Destination : Covington St, Hi

No Photo Angelina
January 4, 2019

The price is fair and the experience ...

My apartment wasn't 100% done when they arrived and they all hopped right in and helped me finish packing while they were already loading up the van. I was so stressed out and they made it super-easy - piano, paddle boards, you name it. Would highly recommend. Pro tip: pay in cash!

Origin : 12409 Copperfield Dr, Austin, TX 78753
Destination : 4232 Motley Dr, Me

No Photo Parker
December 28, 2018

Dependent moving company

I was very impressed with the level of service I received. I had a mattress box springs and frame to be moved from my location to another. They arrived a little ahead of time but called me first to get my permission. The team that was sent was very professional and friendly. I really enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend them.

Origin : Brady, Texas
Destination : Dilley, Texas

No Photo Jacob
December 24, 2018

Thank you for being there for me!

They arrived on time and moved big, heavy furniture to a third floor apartment with no elevator! Not only did they have to climb stairs, they were also done within 2 hours! Again, if I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. Thank you so much for your help!

Origin : Junction, Texas 76849
Destination : Pittsburg, Texas 75686

No Photo Walker
December 19, 2018

Top Norch service!

They were very efficient and professional and were able to load and unload our house in the time they said they would. Bottom line: Able Body Moving Pros did what they said they would do, were careful with all of our stuff (and our walls), and were very affordable.

Origin : Zacha Junction, Texas
Destination : Midland, Texas

No Photo Zenith
November 27, 2018

Terribly unprofessional

IF YOU HAVE ANY SURPLUS OF MONEY WITH YOU, WHICH YOU WANT TO DONATE THIS COMPANY AND WANT TO EXPERIENCE HARASSMENT IN YOUR MOVE, PLEASE HIRE THEM. I have first used their service in 2017. 1 BR apartment move was done in 2.15 hours (Second floor to second floor). I was happy with their service and I moved with them again in 2018. This time I had pretty much same stuff (second floor to third floor). I do not have any heavy items like Chaste/Washer Dryer etc. Heaviest was a recliner sofa which I discarded this time. This time the move move took over 6 hours. I am not kidding. The same company took 3 times time (and money of course with harassment). When I call Mr Vidal, he told that it might very well happen and he threatened me that worker will not load the item unless I pay them based on estimated time. The deal was to pay based on the hour taken, but due to my complain, I was asked to pay beforehand based on ESTIMATION, even before the actual time taken for the move. But he told me few minutes ago that there is no way predict beforehand the timing and every move was different. They will do business with twisting your arm. I had to prepay as I had no choice with all my stuffs in their truck. I felt tremendously helpless. I had to pay for their slow work as It is time based contract. the owner Mr Vidal was in no mood to hear that workers' efficiency can vary. This is not at all professional. 1.5 BR move took over 6 hours and that number will tell you whether to go ahead with them, harassment will be on top of that. One another occasion of my friend, they did not show up at all. The performance of the same company is not consistent. It is your luck if you have a good mover on that day. Otherwise there will a big hole in your pocket. There should be some benchmark and customer complaints should be taken up right spirit. There can be deviation of certain percentage, but 300% time increase is not justified by any means when customers have to pay for every minute. If I had time, I would loved to take them to court.

Origin : Irving
Destination : irving

No Photo Brandon
June 20, 2015


Warning, do not try to redeem the Able Body Moving Groupon. It is a scam. They up-charged me $67 for a "fuel surcharge" even though I was staying in the same building and didn't need a truck. Clearly their goal is to get you to cancel your groupon (the gentleman on the phone even said it was less expensive to not use the groupon). I decided to keep the groupon and use it only to have the company cancel on me 2 days before my scheduled move. I’ve notified the Better Business Bureau and they are aware of the false marketing practices of this company.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Dora
May 30, 2015

Stalling for time

The movers came to my home he took 5 minutes to explain the move and for me to sign paperwork . Unknowingly he had state the clock. My family and i helped them move things. The driver was not polite and took a couple minutes for a break which I don't mind but don't charge me for your break that was not apart of the deal. When it was time I told the driver he then proceeded to keep working after I told them it was time. They went over 5 minutes and charged me $22.25 when is $89 an hour. The 5 minutes over was not my fault not only did the driver not explain that the clock started while I was going over the process but no services had begun. Then to take a break while on the clock is unacceptable . They even chipped and dented my furniture. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO NO ONE. PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOOK ELSE WHERE IF U VALUE YOU TIME MONEY AND BELONGINGS. THEY ARE NOT POLITE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. ...

Origin : building 7
Destination : building 19

Quoted Price : $69.00
Actual Price : $189.25

No Photo Nathan
February 8, 2015

Awesome movers

They did an excellent job. They did arrive an hour early, but called to let us know. They were very professional and did a great job packing my items safely and securely. Scheduled them for three hours, and they finished 15 minutes early. Really good price for the job they did. Would definitely use them again.

Origin : Arlington, TX
Destination : Irving, TX

Quoted Price : $204.00
Actual Price : $204.00

No Photo Garland
January 27, 2014

Arrived on time with Attention to ...

Able Body Moving Pros...These guys were awesome and well worth the money spent. Timeliness: Arrived on time, and even with a 30-minute delay at the building we were moving into, they finished 45 minutes before their quoted completion time. They are money saver Attention to Detail: Wrapped everything carefully and did not damage anything. Cost: If you ever moved to a high rise building, you know it s a huge hassle. Their prices are similar to other companies, but they did a fantastic job. Will use them again in the future. Garland

Origin : Plano, Texas
Destination : Dallas, Texas

Entity Type: Carrier & Shipper
Operating Status: Active
Out of Service Date: None
DUNS Number: -
Power Units: 1
Drivers: 2
MCS-150 Form Date: 2/11/2013
MCS-150 Mileage (Year): 25,000 (2012)
Operation Classification: Auth. For Hire
Carrier Operation: Intrastate Only (Hm)
Cargo Carried: Household Goods
Hm Shipping Operation: Intrastate

Business Address:
1413 Bette Ct Mesquite, TX, 75149
Phone: 817-773-8221

Mailing Address:
1413 Bette Ct Mesquite, TX, 75149

Last Updated Date: November 29, 2013


Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP
Inspections 0 0 0 0
Out of Service 0 0 0 0
Out of Service % 0 0 0 0
Nat'l Average %
(2009- 2010)
20.72 5.51 4.5 N/A


Type Fatal Injury Tow Total
Crashes 0 0 0 0

Review Information

Rating Date Rating Review Date Type
- - - -

Unsafe Driving


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 25000
VMT Year : 2012
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 1.3
Total Inspections with Unsafe Driving Violations : 0
Total Unsafe Driving Violations : 0

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance

0< 3 driver insp.65%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 0

Driver Fitness

0< 5 driver insp.80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Driver Fitness Violations : 0
Total Driver Fitness Violations : 0


Controlled Substances and Alcohol


Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0
Total Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 0

Vehicle Maintenance

0< 5 vehicle insp.80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 0
Total Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 0

Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance

-Not Public80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0

Crash Indicator


Average Power units : 1
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 25000
VMT Year : 2012
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 1.3
Number of Crashes : 0
Number Tow-aways : 0
Number with Injuries or Fatalities : 0
Number with HM Release : 0

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