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License Info: US DOT # 2276296
ICC MC # 779892
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000

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All My Sons Moving & Storage of Charleston Inc
4244 B Scott Street
North Charleston, SC 29405 USA

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Toll Free: 866-726-1579
Phone: 843-480-4333

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No Photo Shafi
February 27, 2023

Google Level 6 Review of Business Move ...

Google LEVEL 6 Reviewer on an $7500 Business Move: TERRIBLE - the WORST - moving experience. Look at the reviews and be warned. LOWLIGHTS: 1. $360 LABOR CHARGE to DRIVE 6 MINUTES ROUND TRIP!! Tremaine Grate says "We will charge you for 1 hour of labor, even if it is across the street." In my case this was $360 for 5 men to travel 3 min from their office to our office in the same zip code, then back to their office - 6 min drive according to Google Maps. 2. $550 FUEL SURCHARGE for LABOR ONLY! Tremaine Grate used the words "State of South Carolina TARIFF" to falsely mislead me that a FUEL SURCHARGE is required at 14% of the total move. When I questioned him, this turned out to be a SHAM. In my case, they want to charge $550 in FUEL to drive ZERO distance. Our items were loaded out to UNITS Containers and we paid UNITS to deliver the pods. Still All My Sons wants to FLEECE me for $550 equal to 14% of the LABOR. 3. Operations Manager Tremaine Grate is non-responsive and rude - does not communicate with customer or his team. Says he will call and does not. Puts his salesman in the middle of a bad situation and avoids taking responsibility. 4. INSURANCE MISREPRESENTATION - I needed full value replacement insurance. Their insurance form shows it as OPTION 2. They do NOT offer this coverage. This is a waste of time and puts the customer at a disadvantage because they do not let you know this until the last minute! 5. LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM - When they loaded out from from the office - some of their people smelled of weed. One of the two team leaders of the 9 man crew would go off with 4 of the guys and hang out in the parking lot doing nothing ON THE CLOCK. Then he would go on to complain about the job! I'm paying these guys $650/HR and have to ask them to work, and listen to them complain. There are plenty of good moving companies. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. BEWARE and AVOID.

Origin : Mt Pleasant, SC
Destination : North Charleston, SC

Quoted Price : $10,000.00
Actual Price : $12,078.00

No Photo Carl
October 9, 2020


I was disgusted from the beginning to the end with this crew. Some guy named Bob Smelled like marijuana from the time he showed up. It was a strong odor. They were friendly but sloppy and slow. Dropped several things while trying to put it in the truck and then would chuckle and laugh because they thought nobody was watching. They were late getting there and didn't apologize for it which didn't surprise me. Very unprofessional crew and it appeared that the leader of the crew BOB was no leader. After everything was done I noticed several things missing and a few things damaged. I called to complain and got the run around. I would not recommend this company at this time..... the reviews were very good from the past which is why I decided to use this company but apparently they have different people working and they are not professional.

Origin : Charleston, sc
Destination : Summerville, sc

No Photo Linds
November 21, 2017

Great guyd

These guy were great!! Showed up early a d never stopped till the truck was leaving! They were so polite and very careful with all our stuff. Nothing was broken or even scratched! If you want great movers call them We will if we have to move again.

Origin : Summerville, SC
Destination : Ladson, SC

No Photo Anonymous
August 22, 2017

They were fine, the were good.

They were fine, they were very good.

Origin : Hartsville, SC
Destination : Hartsville, SC

No Photo Jay
June 9, 2017

Friendly, Helpful People!

It was a god experience, they moved everything successfully, in a timely matter, didn't break anything. They were friendly helpful people.

Origin : Murrells Inlet, SC
Destination : Hartsville, SC

No Photo Amy
February 16, 2017

They did a little damage

The 3 people that moved me were very good. They did whatever they could. Moving the refrigerator. However they did do a little damage. I am still waiting on the claim process which is a little disturbing. But the movers were enthusiastic and good and couldn't avoid what happened.

Origin : Chas, SC
Destination : James Island, SC

No Photo Brianne
September 22, 2016

I had a great experience. They did a ...

I had a great experience. They were in and out quick. They did a great job.

Origin : Port Royal, SC
Destination : Brighton Beach, SC

No Photo Nancy
July 12, 2016

They were very good and reasonable.

I would tell my friends and family that they were very good and reasonable. My daughter had used them before. So that's how we heard about it.

Origin : Florence, SC
Destination : Charleston, SC

No Photo Anonymous
July 6, 2016

The moving experience was fine but I ...

The moving experience was fine. The pricing was a little over priced but it was fine. I wouldn't recommend them for long distance moving. But within the same city, I would recommend them.

Origin : Mount Pleasant, SC
Destination : Mount Pleasant, SC

No Photo John
May 24, 2016

I appreciate all their hard work.

The guys did a great job. I appreciate everything they did. They were cooperative. I have no complaints.

Origin : Goose Creek, SC
Destination : Moncks Corner, SC

No Photo Sam
May 23, 2016

They were good. I'm going to use them ...

They were good. They showed up on time. Everything was good. I'm going to probably use them again in a couple of months.

Origin : North Charleston, SC
Destination : Summerville, SC

No Photo Allison
July 31, 2015


They showed up at 8:15 and started off pretty well and assured me we wouldn't need to empty the drawers, they would wrap everything and then suddenly you need to empty this, you need to empty that. They started moving slower and slower. I called the boss twice and said this is taking way too long. They left the apartment to come to the house at 2:30, showed up here at 3:45 - it's only four miles away. They left a lot in the apartment, did not pack it, did not move it. Charged me three times what I was anticipating, it was horrible!

Origin : Lincolnville, SC
Destination : Lincolnville, SC

No Photo Cliff
June 23, 2015

The movers were good, but they arrived ...

We had scheduled on a day to move and were promised that somebody would be there in the morning and they didn't show up until about 3:30 in the afternoon, so we weren't happy with that. The actual movers were fine, they moved everything carefully into the house, but it wasn't until about 9:00 that evening that they were done.

Origin : Brighton Beach, SC
Destination : Brighton Beach, SC

No Photo Shay
December 3, 2014

Worse moving experience

The took their slow time, after I packed and moved everything except for the sofas and br sets they broke my flat screen tx and lost accessories for my curio. It's now two months later and I'm still fighting with them to be rembursed save yourself the headache

Origin : North charleston sc
Destination : North charleston sc

Quoted Price : $329.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo Debbie
February 27, 2014

Movers took their time moving our ...

They took their sweet little time to do everything because it was hourly, so they arrived at like 8:35 but they didn't start truly doing anything until about 9:30 and it was just like they took so long to do anything. So the quote, without all of our stuff, was going to be like maybe $700 and it ended up being about $1,600 with the hourly rate and everything because they took longer. And then nobody told me that there was the piano fee of $40 and there was the hot tub fee of $80 -- none of that was in the quote. I feel like if you're going to give a quote, you should probably try to be roughly around that. There are some people who I don't know if they'd be able to pay that much of a difference. We are able, but when you give a quote of $700 and then it's over $1,500, that's double the price of what they quoted us. We packed everything and we took a lot of our stuff except for just the furniture, so all they had to do was take the furniture out, everything was done. I just felt like everything they did, they were just trying to make it take a lot longer. My advice to future customers would be to just make sure you stay on them to do their job.

Origin : Bluffton, SC
Destination : Bluffton, SC

No Photo Teresa
October 4, 2013

Mediocre service

I would say it was average - it wasn't considered good, but it wasn't horrible. The price was above what they had estimated - and I specifically had them come out and give me an estimate, so they could see what we had. I received all the services that I requested. They didn't pack, I packed it. The people who actually moved the furniture were very nice - really nice. However, that being said - the man who is the boss - I think he may be the one who runs the company - I really don't know. I think they have forgotten to bring allen wrenches. We found them but they had already told that. He came out and he is standing in the parking lot where we live and screaming literally for 10 minutes at the guys who worked there. I thought that was the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen in my life. I went out there and told him that he wasn't going to scream. If he wanted to scream then that was fine, he is going to do it on his time not mine. The people were very nice, and very good. I thought they took long breaks, but other than that I would say the actual moving people - people who picked up the furniture - were very nice.

Origin : Brighton Beach, SC
Destination : Okatie, SC

No Photo Silio
May 16, 2013

Going to use them again

I am going to call them again as soon as my house is finished. I want to call back that company and hopefully the same crew that came over to my house. So far I was satisfied with their services. Like I said I am going to call them again. Price was reasonable. It is not any different than.. They send enough people. Lot of people don't send enough people. And, I have too much furniture to be moved by two individuals. So they send four people which is what I should have sent. Two people would have mean them - my furniture would have gotten damaged because there is no way. It is a lot of heavy stuff. The crew were very nice. Yes I would recommend them to my friends and family who will move in future. Like I said they have done well for me. There is no guarantee. I would recommend them but I don't know what else. I guess if I have recommendations it would be to get a clarification on what the charges are for those sheets they put in there so you can sit furniture on top of each other. I forget what they are called - moving mats. That is the only issue that I have. It wasn't clear that wasn't part of the charge. They wrapped it in plastic. I can't think of the name. They are like those moving blankets.

Origin : North Charleston, SC
Destination : Lincolnville, SC

No Photo Charles
March 20, 2013

Terrible experience

It was horrible. I filed a claim with them. Basically they picked up furniture from two locations and moved it to the new house. Everything was fine until they got to the new house. Before they moved anything off the truck, they charged me for the bill. After they charged me for the bill it was like they didn't give a shit about anything. They tore up my walls, destroyed my stairway, all the hardware is all scratched up. I took pictures. I am in the process of filing a claim with the insurance.

Origin : North Charleston, SC
Destination : North Charleston, SC

No Photo Lynne
December 21, 2012

Finest moving experience

The experience was fine, they were late. It was good. I like the movers themselves, the guys who came to move us. I didn't receive an estimate. Yes, they have reasonable prices. Yes, packing was done up to satisfaction. The staff and the crew members were very professional and they were not on time. They got the job done. They were very courteous.

Origin : Ladys Island, SC
Destination : Burton Branch, SC

No Photo Mary
November 7, 2012

Highly communicative and helpful

We contracted this company after a lot of research on the net about various moving companies. The staff and the crew were respectful and friendly. They called me many times before we moved to ensure that I was ready for the move and to ask whether I needed anything for the move. They were punctual and professional. They packed our belongings with their special wrapping material. I am happy and would like to use them again.

Origin : Goose Creek, SC
Destination : Ladson, SC

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