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License Info: US DOT # 2487875
ICC MC # 861453
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/1/2013

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Mon - Fri - 9am - 6pm Sat 10am- 4pm Some sunday hours 10am-4pm

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Credit Card, Personal check, Money order, Cash, Cashier's check

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All State Movers Inc Location


All State Movers Inc
6445 N. Hamlin Ave
LincolnwoodIL 60712 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 1-844-544-6683
Phone: 1-844-544-6683
Fax: 1-844-544-6675

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February 15, 2019

Better than others

The movers I have worked with in the past- all of them have difficulties from finding parking for a 26ft truck and having to deal with multiple flights of stairs. But these guys from All state movers handled them with ease! They took all our boxes down two flights of stairs, sometimes 3, at a time with ease! It was awesome just watching them run up and down. They finished our job in relatively quick time. All our belongings arrived in great condition to our new home. They did not damage anything! Their response time was quick! The only thing was we missed was a big discount- that’s just how cheap I am! We recommended them to two friends that are moving. Hire them- they won’t disappoint you!

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

January 25, 2019

I’m grateful to these guys

I had almost lost my faith in moving companies. Then I hired All state movers! They were moving our belongings last week and did such a wonderful job at it. They arrived 20 minutes early on the moving day. They were very properly equipped- trolleys, boxes, tapes, shrink and bubble wraps- you name it, they had it. They packed everything very carefully with loads of packing materials. When the delivery was made, I was amazed to see that everything had made it without any damage. They men then unpacked in the same professional way. I am so grateful to this company forever for taking such care of my valuables.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Grand Rapids, MI

January 13, 2019

I am very satisfied

All state movers is brilliant moving company. Many people told me that before but I believe it now after they conducted my move so efficiently. Getting a quote from them was no problem and they quoted quite inexpensively. The movers arrived on time. They took great care of my belongings while packing and loading them. The delivery was made on time. Not even one item was damaged. They performed exceedingly well at every step of this move. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Cleveland, OH

December 24, 2018

Great customer service

My last "professional" movers many years ago lost or stole some things of ours, so it was a relief to have a company like All state movers. They arrived in time, assessed and came prepared with packing tools like boxes, tapes, trolleys, wooden stands, bubble wraps etc. And they finished the work finished promptly. All was fine except damaged wall in the old house when the headboard had to come out- obviously it wasn’t their fault because the headboard was wall mounted. This company is flawless in every way- from pricing to friendliness to efficiency. I must say I am going to use them again.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Tampa, FL

December 14, 2018

Solid move

I was looking for the cheapest moving company. All state movers quoted the cheapest and that’s why we hired them. They turned out to be quite efficient. The movers showed up half an hour early on the moving day. Their work was impeccable and every little detail was taken care of. The delivery was made on time and they didn’t add any hidden costs to the final bill. I was absolutely ecstatic with joy at this point. These men made this move possible. It’s so good to see people still provide solid services without charging too much for it.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Memphis, TN

November 26, 2018

Great move at a great price

I got a few quotes from other moving companies but All state movers countered each quote and somehow always came up with a lower quote. I couldn’t help hiring them at that point. Their movers, all four of them, arrived on time with all the right tools. They brought a lot of boxes and other packing materials with them. I must mention here that I was worried about the stairs in my building and the big pieces of furniture I own. But the movers were seemingly comfortable with all obstacles. They tackled the job head on and carried everything downstairs quite comfortably. I was very impressed seeing how efficient these men were. They made the delivery on the promised date and nothing was broken or damaged. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

Origin : IL
Destination : MI

November 14, 2018

Everything was good

All state movers helped us to move all my childhood stuff out of my parent's house in another state to our home. The movers showed up on time, were professional and friendly, not to mention careful with every box and piece of furniture. My stuff arrived on time, and nothing was damaged. My parents are selling our old childhood house but, thanks to these guys, I have all my memorabilia saved! I would definitely recommend using them!

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Kansas City, MO

October 25, 2018

Moving is now simple

I have hired All state movers twice now, the last one in last week. Both times they were very efficient. The movers are extremely punctual, both during arrival and delivery. It’s always a treat seeing these men at work because they make it seem so easy. They packed up my stuffs very carefully into boxes and then loaded them onto the vans. My furniture was carried with caution so they don’t end up damaging the floors or walls. I have a lot of respect for this crew. They were excellent during my last move. I recommend this company highly.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Houston, TX

October 16, 2018

Extremely pleased with this company

I have already hired All state movers a few times and they have been nothing but efficient every time. I have to say that this time, the guys that did our moving, were the best ever! They never stopped! It was amazing to see how fast and efficiently they worked. When we left our old house they were going to take lunch, which I expected them to have at least a 45 minute break, they only took 15 minutes! I had a piano and washer

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

September 19, 2018

Truly reliable

We wanted to move our stuff into storage at my parents’ house till we got our place sorted and we hired All state movers for the job. The movers were very professional and they definitely looked strong and up for the job. They arrived on time and took care with all our items. They made the moving process so much easier by providing excellent customer service and hardworking movers. Every little detail was taken care of absolutely amazingly! The pickup and delivery were timely, efficient, quick and organized. These guys are professional movers, not some college boys trying to make a few bucks. This company was flawless and I’m happily recommending them.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Columbus, OH

September 3, 2018

Promptness overloaded!

Hire all state movers and you will get a service like never before! They are very prompt, professional and efficient. Moving with them is very easy and smooth. They have very good deals and excellent communication even in late hours. Their moving people are very hardworking and experienced. They move your belonging very smoothly and carefully. No harm comes to anything at all! They are the number one moving company in town. I highly recommend this moving company to all.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Jackson, MS

August 19, 2018

Unimaginable speed

All state movers moved me a couple of weeks back and they moved me so quickly! Unimaginable speed! They were in and out in no time! They moved my belongings with care and did not damage a single thing! They delivered all my belongings intact and not a single scratch was found. This moving company has everything! Great rates, good teams and excellent communication even in late hours! They are the best choice for long distance moves. I highly recommend them to all.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Miami, FL

July 21, 2018

This is the one you want

All state movers is perfect for long distance moves. They are efficient, caring, professional and efficient. They are the best for long distance moves! I hired them a month ago and my move was very quick and easy. The guys came early in the morning and finished it up by 1. They drove off with my things and delivered it on the 17th day. After unpacking, I saw that there were no damages at all. It really was a good decision hiring them. I will use them again and I will recommend them to all.

Origin : TX
Destination : IL

July 10, 2018

Most professional moving company

You should all go with All state movers, without any doubt they are the most professional moving company in this business. You will love working with them! I hired them a few weeks back and they totally moved me without any kinds of problems. The packing and moving was done by a very efficient and professional crew. They moved all my household items very smoothly and did not damage anything. Their customer service helped a lot too! I was successfully moved without any damages or extra fees. These guys are the real deal! Hire them!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Austin, TX

June 14, 2018

Excellent prices

If you need a very good moving company and also at a reasonable amount, hire all state movers. They are the one for you! They are very efficient, skilled and professional. They will move you like no other! They have the best team that will take care of everything for you. I hired them a month ago for my long distance move and they made my move so easy and smooth. They came on time and packed very thing with care. Not just the packing, they moved very thing very carefully too! There were no damages in the end and the price did not change. You can rely on this moving company!

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Detroit, MI

June 9, 2018

No troubles!

I worked with many moving companies over the years, but All state movers was the only one who moved me without any trouble. Their sales rep is a very nice guy. He offered me a very good deal and made sure I got what I needed. On the moving day, their moving team came 15 minutes early and packed all of my belongings with care. Every single item was nicely packed and moved. In the end, everything was delivered damaged free! And also, they even helped me set up the new place! They were simply wonderful! I will use this moving company again!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Ft Wayne, IN

May 15, 2018

Long distance move was a success!

This is the first time in my life that a long distance move was a success. Usually so many things go wrong that I always need to yell at the team in the end, but with All state movers I did not have to say a single thing. From the very beginning they knew what to do and how to do it. They moved me with care and a lot of dedication. They did not damage a single thing and they managed to deliver a day early! They are very good! The price was also low and reasonable and it did not change in the end. Their service is worth it!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

May 3, 2018

I only watched!

I did not have to do a single thing. I only watched! They didn’t even need to come to me and ask something. They knew exactly what to do and how to do it. They packed up my things very nicely and professionally. Everything was moved so well! I only watched them work and never even moved! Obviously it was a stress free move but also it was a damage free move. A damage free long distance move which did not cost me much! I don’t expect more than this! All state movers is simply ‘WOW’!

Origin : IL
Destination : TN

April 25, 2018

Super-efficient moving company!

Yes they are super-efficient! The way they handled the furniture’s and my old piano was amazing! Not a single scratch on anything! It seemed a bit new because they were kind enough to clean it while loading. It was a great experience overall. No damages were found and their team stayed behind to help me out for a while. They are not just professional, they are very friendly too. Who else would hang back like this?? Anyway, it was an excellent move. I will hire them again and I shall recommend All state movers to all.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

April 21, 2018

All beautifully packed

The guys who came to help packed beautifully! They knew exactly how to pack and how well they need to pack it to be protected. It was so well packed that none of my belongings were damaged. It was great move. Not only the moving team, but their sales rep and customer service was very good too. They always called me back immediately and they didn’t mind that I had a lot of questions. They were very helpful. I highly recommend All state movers to all.

Origin : IL
Destination : LA

April 9, 2018

Very good for long distance moves

They are very good for long distance moves. All state movers know what is needed to be done. They have a plan and they execute it very professionally and precisely. Their moving crew is efficient, hardworking and very strong. They have the tools and all the experience in the world for fixing any problems. They are damn good! I had trouble installing the home theater and they helped me out there too. Just a brilliant service! Worth every penny!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Tampa, FL

March 26, 2018

They delivered on time

All state movers moved our seamlessly a few months back and I give the whole credit to the movers. I didn’t even have to give any instructions to them. They knew exactly how to do the job and they did it perfectly. Not even a glass was broken on the way. They even unpacked everything and put them in the right rooms. I cannot praise these guys enough. People need to hire them and see amazingness unfold in front of their own eyes.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

March 19, 2018

Carefully done

I had no regrets in choosing all state movers as my moving company ahead of the many who kept on bugging and calling me. I gave them my full trust and they never showed me any motive to break that trust. I’m very impressed with the way they wrapped and protected everything with no damage at all. There was also a good communication with the company allowing my operations to run smoothly and giving me assurance on the service as per our agreement. This is definitely a very honest and reliable service upon which you can trust.

Origin : IL
Destination : MI

March 8, 2018

Efficient ones

My partner and I moved from a third floor two bedroom unit to a smaller two bedroom house around the corner. We decided to use three men from All state movers to make the move quicker. They were very careful with our furniture and we really never had to give it a second thought. Despite having to move some heavy pieces from a third floor down some narrow stairs with some weird angles, there were no scuff marks left on the floor boards, balusters, or walls. They were also very accommodating and helped move a heavy piece of furniture up the same narrow. This proved their level of efficiency and dedication into their jobs. Very pleased to have had these men to help us during our last move, highly recommended.

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

February 21, 2018

A pleasure to work with

Our family hired All state movers for an interstate move a few months ago. The movers they sent were fantastic! I could swear the movers were supermen in disguise. They picked up belongings effortlessly that I couldn't even slide on the carpet. They were all so kind and professional; I was pleasantly surprised that the movers weren't individuals. They were diligent about padding and wrapping our belongings so everything was protected and we had no damages. We found this moving company on an advertisement board and are very pleased with the experience we've had with these guys. Thank you for the awesome help guys.

Origin : IL
Destination : FL

February 16, 2018

Such swift movers

My family and I were so thrilled with how quick and painless this move turned out to be. The service team from All state movers stayed in touch ahead of the moving date and the moving team communicated the day of the move regarding arrival. I was a bit worried at first, but after the first phone call my gut was telling me I made the right decision and that this company was going to take great care of us, and they did. The physical move was smooth and we were very impressed that they treated all of our property as if it was their own with care and regard. We definitely will use them again! I am so very pleased with their attitude, efficiency and skills.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Orlando, FL

February 16, 2018

Such swift movers

My family and I were so thrilled with how quick and painless this move turned out to be. The service team from All state movers stayed in touch ahead of the moving date and the moving team communicated the day of the move regarding arrival. I was a bit worried at first, but after the first phone call my gut was telling me I made the right decision and that this company was going to take great care of us, and they did. The physical move was smooth and we were very impressed that they treated all of our property as if it was their own with care and regard. We definitely will use them again! I am so very pleased with their attitude, efficiency and skills.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Orlando, FL

January 22, 2018

Very quick service

The movers from All state movers have a cool team and team spirit. I received a very fast estimation. They moved all my goods without any damage. They came in to pack on time and moved everything properly to our new house. The lads didn't stop till the job was done. They did an excellent service and they were very friendly and helpful team. I'm really happy with the service provided by this company and would highly recommend them.

Origin : IL
Destination : LA

January 17, 2018

Flawless relocation

All state movers was referred to me by my brother. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. I only have the crew to thank for it.

Origin : IL
Destination : NC

January 7, 2018

Glad I hired them

A coworker recommended this company and I am so glad I selected All state movers as our movers! My husband got a job transfer and this was a huge move for our family. It is amazing how much BELONGINGS you accumulate over the years, and how attached you get to that belongings! I was a little hesitant about trusting this company to safely transport all of the valuables across state lines, but they far surpassed my expectations. They showed up on time, were super polite and efficient, safely transported everything without damaging a single item, and even came back the next day after the move to help us rearrange some heavy furniture (at no extra charge). I was so impressed. I offer my highest recommendation for this company! Use them - you won’t go wrong.

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

December 24, 2017

They deserve the praise

All state movers did a great job so I feel they deserve a positive review. This company is the best company for moving and packing supplies. The movers worked out the type of move that would work best for what I had available to pay and even came in under budget. I was very pleased. I got a full pack and they were real careful with wrapping all of my belongings up. No doubt that they provided us a first class service. I would recommend them to other people.

Origin : IL
Destination : FL

December 16, 2017

Well-organized move

The past movers I hired were simply not good. All state movers is the best moving company I have ever seen. Nobody is perfect but these guys were really excellent in everything they did. After unloading my belongings in the new location, they even offered to help me arrange the home and moved the belongings everywhere I wanted until the house was perfectly settled. I just want to say thanks for make a well-organized move.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Memphis, TN

December 7, 2017

They were really flawless

Before hiring all state movers I saw their reviews on their site. They had a lot of good reviews. When so many people say the same thing, it had to be true and then I hired them. It was a great decision. The movers were too good and industrious. . The way they were packing everything and putting them into boxes, it was hypnotic. Then they loaded everything and set off. They turned up on time and finished the whole process without any flaws. The whole moving-loading process took a very short time and they moved me without any hassle. All my valuables were safe.

Origin : IL
Destination : KY

November 24, 2017

I'm overjoyed with their performance

I lived in a 5th floor walkup apartment. So I knew it was going to be an issue during the move. But the very capable movers from All state movers made it all seem so easy. They packed up everything in a lightning speed. Then they very systematically started moving boxes downstairs. When it came to the big furniture, they carried those together. Not even one item suffered any damages. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables have traveled safely. I’m just bundle of joy given how efficiently this move went.

Origin : IL
Destination : NY

November 19, 2017

These men were rocking

All state movers completely blew my mind with the way they handled my last move. From the initial contact to the delivery, every person that we interacted with was fantastic. I've dealt with several moving companies over the years but this company has surely been the best that I have ever done business with. They handled my belongings like their own, their staff was extremely professional and I could not have asked for a better company to do business with. I would most certainly use them in the future if I ever had the need for movers again!

Origin : IL
Destination : MO

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