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License Info: US DOT # 2487875
ICC MC # 861453
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/1/2013

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri - 9am - 6pm Sat 10am- 4pm Some sunday hours 10am-4pm

Payment Options

Credit Card, Personal check, Money order, Cash, Cashier's check

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All State Movers Inc
7358 N . LINCOLN AVE STE 170

Contact Info

Toll Free: 1-844-544-6683
Phone: 1-844-544-6683
Fax: 1-844-544-6675

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No Photo Marion
November 27, 2023

They came through for me

My father is the one who recommended All state movers to me and he was quite insistent. I really didn’t know much about them. Their quote seemed reasonable enough. But the real proof of how good this company is came from their movers. These men were just machines. They worked tirelessly for hours to pack everything from my 5-bedroom house. The loading process went very smoothly. I was given a 5 days window for the delivery. They delivered all my valuables in great condition on day 02. I really got lucky with these guys.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Ryan
November 14, 2023

Such a gem

I hired All state movers only on the basis of their amazing reputation. Their quote seemed more than fair to me given the long distance. When the men arrived, they were very well equipped and keen on the job. They efficiently finished packing everything and then started to load them onto the vans. The whole system was very well organized. I have to give credits to the movers for delivering on time and keeping our valuables safe. This moving coming is a gem.

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

No Photo Elbert
October 29, 2023

Reliable and honest moving company

I’m writing this review because All state movers earned it by being so honest with me at every step of my move. Their quote wasn’t the lowest. But the guy on the phone explained exactly where my money was going. They could have easily lowered their prices and sent inefficient movers. But their movers provided great value for my money. They were excellently trained and very skilled. I got the proof when all my belongings were delivered without any damages. Unlike many other companies, they didn’t add any hidden costs to the final bill.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Trevor
October 15, 2023

Impressive efforts

We moved so easily last month and we only have All state movers to thank for it. This company is just too professional. Every little detail is foreseen by them. The movers were all very capable men who came prepared with all the right tools. They finished the job in such a short amount of time and displayed amazing skills. All my belongings were safely delivered after 2 days. I'm so impressed by this company.

Origin : IL
Destination : GA

No Photo Martin
September 15, 2023

Very sincere and organized

I was so glad to be able to get out of the bitter cold and start over in the sunshine. People from All state movers made my move so easy. They were just fantastic. When I called them, the man on the line asked me very specific questions and called me back in a while with a fair quote. They sent over 3 men and 1 large van. My house had a lot of things that I didn’t want to take with me. The crew helped me sort out which charity to give my things away to. The pieces that I did want to take with me were very well packed and cautiously moved onto the van. I had a delivery date set 8 days from the moving day. They delivered everything right on that day. I am very impressed by the skills and professionalism displayed by the movers.

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

No Photo Theodore
August 27, 2023

Relocation doesn’t get any simpler

A friend of mine moved 3 months back and she was telling me about her things that went missing in the hands of the movers she hired. Luckily, I faced nothing like that while All state movers handled my move. The movers they sent were so experienced and extremely reliable. They packed everything efficiently and they delivered each item unharmed to my new house. They didn’t charge me a cent over the quote and in my book that is professionalism. I have called my friend already and asked her to hire them the next time she moves.

Origin : IL
Destination : AL

No Photo Craig
August 14, 2023

Amazing services

I hired All state movers frankly because of their lowest quote. I wasn’t expecting a royal treatment from them. But what they did provide me was a very quick and efficient move. The quicker the movers work the more money I save. I was very happy to see them being so fast and efficient. The movers finished packing everything from my 3 bedroom apartment in just 2 hours. They made the delivery right on time as well. My belongings traveled very well. I am very happy with the service I received.

Origin : IL
Destination : AL

No Photo Gilberto
July 27, 2023

Sensible and respectful

I inherited some very old pieces of furniture from my deceased grandmother. I required All state movers to be really careful while handling those pieces. They really showed a lot of respect and skills while moving those old pieces. They used adequate packing materials and didn’t clutter the van. I was still worried about them when the van was on the road. But fortunately, when the van pulled up, I found every piece completely unharmed. They performed such a good job at an amazing price. I have gained a lot of admiration for this company.

Origin : IL
Destination : AL

No Photo Wade
July 9, 2023

They delivered on time

All state movers is the best moving company I have ever used. They were very responsible, helpful in finding the right solution and they delivered on time! They were even trustworthy people. They kept us updated on the day of our move. They shared their suggestions with us which helped us a lot. I really recommend them to all who are looking for a good moving company.

Origin : IL
Destination : AL

No Photo Nick
June 27, 2023

Just as I expected

I always believe in myself and like to do things on my own. This time the task was larger than I thought. I needed to relocate my belongings to my new house. I knew I couldn’t handle all this on my own. I was really tense. Then I hired All state movers for this job. They did all the things on their own. From packing, wrapping to moving everything was done by them. I just sat there and watched all their work. They did an awesome job.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Rodolfo
June 8, 2023

Outstanding at every aspect

All state movers provided truly exceptional speed, efficiency and professionalism despite a move of three roommates from a third floor walk-up railroad apartment with skinny, winding hallways. I've always had a do-it-myself attitude about moving and was reluctant to shell out money to have someone else do it for me. But the guys arrived promptly as scheduled and the entire process seemed to be over in the blink of an eye. They were lightning fast without sacrificing care of our items and attention to detail. Even though we seriously underestimated the number of boxes we'd be moving, they finished up an hour earlier than they had quoted us. We are so satisfied with our experience. We will call them without question if I move again.

Origin : IL
Destination : FL

No Photo Calvin
June 4, 2023

Great deal

The pricing was very clear up front, and the movers called ahead, showed up on time, were friendly

Origin : Chicago
Destination : Chicago

Quoted Price : $535.00
Actual Price : $535.00

No Photo Wilson
May 27, 2023

Great move

I am proud to say that All state movers was the one that moved me recently and they did a great job. I didn’t expect they would move me this nicely but they did! They moved all my belongings with great care and did not wreck a thing. They delivered on time and also helped at the new place. The moving people were efficient, caring, professional and hardworking. Everything was picture perfect. And there were no extra fees! I had a great experience with this moving company. I will use them again!

Origin : IL
Destination : AL

No Photo Stewart
May 13, 2023

I really like this moving company!

I hired All state movers last month and I am glad I hired them! I do not have a shred of regret! They are just amazing! This moving company moved me in record time! The foreman and his team came on time on the moving day and brought all the supplies needed. They packed everything up for me and they moved all my things with great care. They were very professional! I know this because of the way they moved the furniture! Amateurs could not move it without damaging it! But these guys are clearly pros! No damage at all! I really like this moving company and I will hire them again.

Origin : FL
Destination : IL

No Photo Charles
April 27, 2023

Thankful to this company

Moving from my hometown was the biggest decision of my life. I hired All State Movers because one of my friends had hired them in the past. The company delivered in every aspect. Their van reached my house only 10 minutes late. The men took only 2 hours packing everything. They put the breakables in the boxes with layers of newspaper between each piece. They used a lot of tape to ensure the safety of my belongings. They delivered on time and everything traveled very well.

Origin : IL
Destination : FL

No Photo Calvin
April 10, 2023

Truly good!

All state movers is one of those companies that can be recommended very proudly! They are very amazing, very caring and very professional. I got to know about them when I was searching for a good moving company for my long distance move. I found them online and they had very good reviews. Booking them was easy and they also gave me the date I wanted. The moving team came on time and they moved all my furniture and glassware with a lot of care and they managed to move me without any damage. I really am impressed! Well done guys! I will use you again!

Origin : IL
Destination : MO

No Photo Mark
March 26, 2023

Very enthusiastic

I hired All state movers last month and they made my move very smooth and quick! Their moving team did a great job with the packing and moving. They moved all my things very carefully and they did not damage a single item. Their moving crew was very efficient, caring, enthusiastic and professional. They always listened to what I said and did it accordingly. No issues with the team, no issues with the delivery, no issues with the bill. It was a very smooth move! I will recommend this moving company to others.

Origin : TX
Destination : IL

No Photo Marcus
March 9, 2023

I moved like a king

I have been moved like a king! I did not do a single thing, I did not pack or move anything, and I got exactly what I wanted! This moving company has moved like no other. It was completely a stress free and privileged type of a move. I felt very respected and honored. They helped in every single way and they did not damage a single thing. This felt like a dream because all my past moving experiences were horrible. All state movers moved me like a king! I got what I wanted! I will hire them again for sure.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Carroll
February 24, 2023

It was the best experience ever

A few weeks ago All state movers gave me the best moving experience ever. For the first time in my life I was moved without any damages and without any stress. For the first time I did not have to finger point them to do something! These men knew exactly what to do and how to do it. My move was done very quickly and professionally. Their services are very good and their pricing is also very reasonable. I will recommend them to all and I will hire them again when I need to move. Thanks again.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Kenny
February 10, 2023

Carefully planned and executed

All state movers planned my long distance move very well. They sent four men to help us because we are a big family and we have many things. Two of them packed everything up while the other two were carrying the furniture onto their truck. In just six hours all was loaded up and ready to go. On the 8th day they delivered all our things. Everything was just the way it was and that was great! Their price was low and affordable. They really did a great job because we could not find any damages. Overall it was a smooth and easy process.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Dean
January 25, 2023

Happy clients!

We are super happy clients! Our move was so nicely done! The foreman and his team arrived on time on the day of the move and they smoothly packed all of the things. We are a big family and we have a ton of stuff. These men really managed to pull off a good job. Everything was tightly packed and moved. The furniture was carried in a very professional and careful way. No harm came to anything! I don’t know if it was a miracle or not, but we received a damage free move. Thank you very much. All state movers will be our choice from now on!

Origin : IL
Destination : NY

No Photo William
December 27, 2022

Damage free move!

I got a damage free move! I still can't believe it, but it’s true! All state movers moved me so brilliantly! They know what I want and how to get the job done perfectly! There were no damages when I checked and there were no scratches. I keep my stuff very clean and polished so I would know if anything was harmed. I cannot thank them enough. It was a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the best!

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Marvin
December 14, 2022

Trustworthy movers

You can easily trust on All state movers because they are very professional and efficient. They moved my family and me a couple of weeks ago and I am very impressed with their service. They came in; packed for 6 hours straight without taking any breaks and then took off. Only a few weeks later they delivered it back to us without any damages. It was great to see that nothing was lost. I highly recommend them to everyone who is looking for a trustworthy moving company!

Origin : IL
Destination : MO

No Photo Roberto
December 7, 2022

Love that they are so friendly!

I really love that they are so friendly! In every kind of job, if you have a friendly environment, you will not feel like it is a job and you will actually enjoy it. The guys from Jackson movers were very funny and frank and yet very hardworking. 5 hours passed by very quickly! And at the end we saw that everything was safely delivered without any damages or scratches. Well done guys! I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Jeff
November 27, 2022

I shall give them a call again!

If I ever need to move again, I shall definitely give them a call. All state movers was terrific when they moved me last month! I haven’t seen a professional team like this in a long time. Their behavior was amazing! Professionals like anything! And they get the job done! If you need to do a long distance move and you are looking for a reliable moving company, I strongly suggest you hire them. You will not be disappointed!

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

No Photo Carroll
November 14, 2022

All promises were kept

I moved here and there so much that I have seriously lost count. But whenever I moved, I used a moving company because I am very lazy. Among those many moving companies All state movers was the best. All the promises were kept and the customer service was well above what I had expected. The final cost was below the original estimate. They were very punctual. They always kept in touch and they delivered me damage free and stress free move.

Origin : IL
Destination : FL

No Photo Frank
October 28, 2022

The price was great!

Moving is always so stressful, but with the right company, it can become a pleasant experience, without any stress. In order to have a pleasant experience with no stress, I chose All state movers according to so many positive reviews I read about them. The team I worked with was very friendly, enthusiastic and showed up promptly. When they showed up, I saw they were ready to work and they started packing and moving my pieces of furniture immediately. They were extremely nice, professional and efficient. All my stuff was intact when we arrived at the final destination. I really cannot say enough great things about them. The price was also great as well as their service. I highly recommend them.

Origin : IL
Destination : IN

No Photo Gustavo
October 15, 2022

More than happy

First time using All state movers and I am more than happy with them. They came to my house on time and moved everything very fast. They were nice, kind and friendly. When I talked to a sales person, he was extremely friendly explaining everything about their service thoroughly; I knew I was in good hands. Only a couple of days after, the foreman arrived to my place with two friendly workers and start moving all my stuff. They did everything so neatly and carefully. All my things were intact! Well done guys!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Frederick
September 26, 2022

Nice Job

They helped me move one bedroom. They were very friendly and informative - calling to alert me when they were on their way and going through contract details and payment with me beforehand, so there weren't any surprises. They took care to wrap and secure my furniture carefully in the truck. They were speedy in unloading everything in my new apartment. Altogether it took around 3.5 hours, excluding drive-time. Great experience and I would recommend it to others!

Origin : IL
Destination : IL

No Photo Sammy
August 26, 2022

They aced it

I had a difficult time finding a moving company that could deliver promptly without being charged a ridiculous amount of money. I received several quotes from reputable moving companies and chose All state movers because they gave me comfort. Unlike the other movers, I spoke with them and they did not try and pressure me to provide them with a deposit. In fact, my rep did the opposite. He went over all scenarios, including worst case scenario which I appreciated. The entire move process took about a week. The guys that handled my move were very professional. They were timely, dressed well, clean truck and worked their tails off. I hope I never have to experience another move in my lifetime, but if I do I would consider All state movers.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Dexter
August 16, 2022

Quick and efficient service

The experience was good with All state movers, they were on-time, they moved everything quickly, and they knew I told them exactly where I wanted everything, they put up there and I have no issues with them whatsoever. The pricing was really good, they are fast and they moved me. I didn't send more than I wanted to. The move was really good, it was fast and efficient, and they moved everything I wanted them to. Packing was done to my satisfaction. I got more than I guess.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Lincolnwood, IL

No Photo Valarie
August 3, 2022

Disgrace of a moving company

I called in to schedule a company move with Robert and went over everything we needed moved, everything went well we scheduled the move got an estimate and had the movers scheduled for the a few days later. We put down the deposit and got everything set, we went over pricing which I was aware was an estimate, the estimate was for 5 1/2 hours at 1395.00 give or take. I discussed in detail with Robert the items we needed moved he assured me it would be ok, and we were good to go for first time quote was between 12-3 when I talked to him the second time it went to 12-2 but finally had that time slot booked from 12-2PM. The day of the move it was almost 3PM and I called Robert to check the status of the movers and no answer I get a call back from a women saying the window was 1-4PM SMH, when I told her what Robert quoted, she researched his notes and all we discussed and sees he noted the time I stated. She apologizes and says the previous job ran over and they were on their way right no problem. They finally showed up at 3:45PM came into the office suite looked around and said everything has to be moved? (Uhhhhh DuHHHH) then the main guy said it's too much stuff for us to move and the price was too low and refuses to do the job that day, so I call the line back no immediate answer LVM for Robert who was nowhere to be found no return calls nothing and wait to get in touch. The lead guy is taking videos and photos while one of the other movers made a comment to another one in Spanish saying we were only supposed to have one job today this is too much smh so unprofessional and these people have the nerve to call themselves movers. Then an extremely rude dispatcher by the name of Amin or Amer calls me and is cutting me off when I am trying to speak being extremely rude saying this time quote was for 1-4PM but that's not why you're calling so let's move passed that (BBOOOOOYYYYYYYY) then proceeds to tell me the new quote is 12hrs to move and 4100.00 or more for 5 guys. We send them off ask for a refund of deposit and this Amin/Amer has the audacity to ask our Tech Manager why we were asking for a refund and that all other companies are going to charge us the same blah blah blah. I call another moving company Olympia Movers they come no problem move EVERYTHING we have in 6hrs for 1900.00 SMH this company should be embarrassed by the services they provide extremely unprofessional and would never recommend them the only thing I would recommend is them changing their name to All State Liars and Lazy.

Origin : 7250 N. Cicero Ave, Suite 110
Destination : 7250 N. Cicero Ave, suite 200

Quoted Price : $1,395.00
Actual Price : $4,100.00

No Photo David
July 23, 2022

Hiring them was a good idea

I have friends who relocated with All state movers before and they always told me how good this company is. I certainly got a taste of it this time. The movers, who maintained their timings, were just so efficient. Their speed really ensured my bill stayed low. All our belongings were carefully packed, loaded and delivered without any issues. They charged very reasonably and there was no added cost in the final bill. I will certainly recommend them to everyone.

Origin : IL
Destination : TX

No Photo Jacob
June 26, 2022

High class moving

I can’t thank the company enough for making my moving less stressful. My family was well organized, meaning we knew what we were going to take with us and what to throw away, yet the packers still had work to do. They packed everything we needed to pack and transferred the things to the given address. No furniture was dented and all the walls and floors were protected. It was truly high class moving and yet affordable! All state movers did a pretty good job.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Lansing, MI

No Photo Cedric
May 25, 2022

Perfect move

I was in need of an urgent move and had no option but to look for a company which would assist me with swift and immediate packing, at that point of time my friend recommended All State Movers and that turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in terms of my packing needs. They completely proved their professionalism. There was so much stuff that needed urgent movement and the task was really difficult. People who were working needed to be professionals; there was a lot of expensive stuff that needed careful handling. Lots of expensive crockery and things that were just very dear to us and we wanted to be transported without any damage. To be honest I had never heard of this company before and I thought twice before I finalized them. But there was no damage, no price change and no deviation at all! They are good indeed!

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Lincolnwood, IL

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