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Year of Estd: 1/1/1995

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Aloha Movers, Inc.
67 Orchard street
LeominsterMA 01453 USA

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Phone: 603-591-4060

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No Photo Jon
November 9, 2015


Quick and easy. Everything was great. Well put together, well handled. Seamless transition.

Origin : Norwood, MA
Destination : Sharon, MA

No Photo Kevin
October 22, 2015

No complaints, they did a very good job

They did a very good job. He was very courteous, he seemed straight forward. They did a good job with the furniture, they cared about what they were doing - no complaints!

Origin : Meredith, NH
Destination : Meredith, NH

No Photo Ed
September 17, 2015

They arrived early and were quick and ...

They were quick and efficient. They were right on time, in fact they were a few minutes early.

Origin : South Weymouth, MA
Destination : Weymouth, MA

No Photo Heather
September 9, 2015

They were running late and didn't tell ...

The only thing that wasn't that good was they were running late and didn't tell me. ... Everything else was very good.

Origin : N Swanzey, NH
Destination : N Swanzey, NH

No Photo Susan
September 1, 2015

They were on-time, professional and ...

They were on time, there were three of them, they wrapped my furniture themselves and it was about 20 miles away (where I moved) and it was all done in an hour and half. They had to go up to the third floor to move me in and they placed furniture where I wanted it and they were very professional, polite and caring.

Origin : Holderness, NH
Destination : N Woodstock, NH

No Photo Nicki
August 7, 2015

They were polite and professional.

The main person, Esteban, was very polite and very careful. The other two people were very business-like, worked on the hottest day of the year and did a wonderful job.

Origin : Lynn, MA
Destination : Lynn, MA

No Photo Sangeeta
July 27, 2015

They did it well, I'm happy with them.

They told me in the first place that it was going to be late, but I didn't have an option. They told me it was going to be three people, but there were two, but it went very well. I'm pleased with whatever they have done. It went until midnight, but they did it. And they did it well, so I'm pleased and happy with the movers.

Origin : York, ME
Destination : York, ME

No Photo Anonymous
June 16, 2015

They did a great job.

They were really fast and efficient. They were there when they said they'd be. But they sent me a quote based on three movers and only two movers came. But they still finished in less time than they quoted me.

Origin : Topsham, ME
Destination : Pejepscot, ME

No Photo Richard
March 3, 2015

They were quick and their pricing was ...

They were quick, they were very fair value price and they did the job as I needed it done.

Origin : Merrimack, NH
Destination : Weare, NH

No Photo Anonymous
February 9, 2015

The rates were good. All in all I was ...

Their pricing was very competitive and I felt like their rates were good ... They were timely and they didn't really waste any time on the job, so we were satisfied.

Origin : North Sudbury, MA
Destination : Framingham, MA

No Photo Jackie
February 2, 2015

Really good and professional!

Yes, very [satisfied]! They were really good, professional! They were just, they arrived on time and they were just serious about the work. There was no fooling around. The performance was really good. I would use them again!

Origin : Manchester, NH
Destination : Manchester, NH

No Photo Bob
November 20, 2014

Our mover was quick and the pricing ...

The gentleman who moved our property did an excellent job, took good care of our belongings and did so in what I thought was a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable price.

Origin : Sanbornton, NH
Destination : Meredith, NH

No Photo Rebecca
October 29, 2014

The pricing was great compared to ...

They were really efficient, they were really kind. My only complaint would be that they broke the drawers of my dresser because they didn't take them out right, but whatever, we fixed them, it was fine. The price was great, especially compared to other people in this area, so, yeah. I would use them again.

Origin : Hudson, NH
Destination : Salem, NH

No Photo Anonymous
October 3, 2014

They were friendly and had a good work ...

The two young boys were excellent, they were hard workers and had an fabulous work ethic. The supervisor didn't work quite so hard, he didn't really help them out when they needed it. He didn't really help them with the really heavy furniture which I couldn't believe. They got my stuff from one place to another, more damage than I would've liked, they underestimated how much it was going to cost, but they got my stuff there and they were friendly so it was fine.

Origin : Searsmont, ME
Destination : Camden, ME

No Photo Anonymous
September 4, 2014

I wouldn't use them again

It went pretty good. They showed up pretty much on time, the only thing was they rated 3 guys and a truck with their quoting and when they showed up it was only 2 guys. I don't know quoting or anything like that but it ended up costing a little bit more. My husband actually did a lot of work too. Nothing was damaged. The movers that came were the owner of the company and one other guy. The owner didn't really do a whole lot, he stayed upstairs and just kinda put stuff out in the hallway and told the other guy what to do. Then in the end he asked for a tip. Overall I wouldn't use them again.

No Photo Katherine
September 2, 2014

A lot of stuff was damaged

It took way too long. They were distracted they were talking about drugs for most of the time and a lot of stuff was damaged. Some of the furniture was damaged and then they took off a large chunk or plaster from the ceiling in my house. They rushed out when they were done. The two boys were hard working then the other guy just kinda made them do all the hard work and just sat back. My mom had spoken to them and they had agreed on $375 and then ended up charging more.

Origin : Littleton, NH
Destination : Easton, NH

No Photo Cheralyn
August 25, 2014

The crew was extremely unprofessional.

They were very slow, very nonchalant, took frequent breaks, person on the phone, all that stuff. It was very unprofessional. They had the cheapest quote. I'd say you get what you pay for.

Origin : Norwood, MA
Destination : South Quincy, MA

No Photo Helen
August 15, 2014

There were no problems at all

They showed up on time. They had their truck and everything, they had 3 guys. The move was done in about three and half hours and they didn't break anything. It went very well, there were no problems at all. All three movers were kinda fun-loving. We chit-chatted with them, they were great. We had to pay a little bit more because they had to tape up some boxes and it took half an hour longer than what they expected but it pretty close to what they quoted though.

Origin : Concord, NH
Destination : Concord, NH

No Photo Anonymous
July 3, 2014

It went well

It went well, I had some trouble with my furniture getting up into my apartment but I had a feeling that was gonna happen. I didn't mention this to the movers but they still complained about it. They were very nice and they came in on a Sunday because they lost track of my appointment. They actually missed my appointment completely, so that was a bit frustrating because I had my whole weekend set aside. The problem was I scheduled it for one date and then I called them asked them to do another date, they said yes but they never actually in the book scheduled it on that date. It ended up costing more because they took so much time trying to fit the furniture up the steps, which they couldn't get anyway, the landlord actually had to put it through a window for me.

Origin : Reading, MA
Destination : Wakefield, MA

No Photo Kathy
June 27, 2014

I was very disappointed

I was very disappointed. They couldn't find my house, they were actually in Lowell instead of Dracut and I said did you type it in your gps and he said yes. We are on a cul-de-sac it shouldn't be very difficult to find my house. By the time they got to my house we were behind schedule. Then they couldn't back the truck up, they ended up ripping up our front lawn and hitting the front steps and bending the railing that was on the stairway. So after we got through that fiasco they were loading up stuff and what not, and then in my opinion the person who was running the show spent more time on his cell phone texting than he did doing anything else. Then we had everything loaded and we kept the stuff overnight in the truck. They were suppose to come back at 2 o'clock the next day to move us into our new house and they never called never did anything, they did not show up until 4 o'clock. Here we are wondering what's going on nobody was answering their phones, nothing. They finally show up and they bring the stuff in and not to mention when they taped up some of my furniture they used sticky tape. It ripped the varnish right off of my bookcases and stuff. I had emailed them, I had talked to them, I had reconfirmed with them, and I got email responses saying yea we'll be there you're all set and then you know it was just disappointing. I definitely would not recommend them to anybody.

Origin : Dracut, MA
Destination : Dracut, MA

No Photo Matthew
June 4, 2014

My items were damaged after the move,

In all honesty, one of my flat screens got scratched. I had a brand new top load freezer, it died. I didn't realize these things were damaged until well after we had gotten settled so it was too late to make a claim on it, but there was nothing wrong with those items until after the move, but I have no way of proving it. The people he had working for him were inexperienced, they weren't movers. They had no idea what they were doing.

Origin : North Weymouth, MA
Destination : East Weymouth, MA

No Photo Anonymous
May 16, 2014

They worked hard we just a few issues

The truck was a little undersized, so we actually weren't able to move everything so we had to rent another vehicle to go get the rest of the stuff. The guys were pretty good, they were late though. So they were late and they didn't have a big enough truck.They worked really hard we just had a few issues. Since they got there late they finished late, so it set everything back. I paid by hourly rate.

Origin : Carrabassett Valley, ME
Destination : Poland, ME

No Photo Anonymous
April 21, 2014

They were extremely rude

I'll never hire them again because they were rude. The owner was here during the move, and was extremely rude, and some of my things got broken. I had packed my items but they were throwing the boxes around. I would not recommend them to anybody.

Origin : Biddeford, ME
Destination : Biddeford, ME

No Photo Anonymous
April 2, 2014

I can't say that I would recommend them

The guys were nice enough and they worked hard but several of our items were broken. Despite that we did pay them very well, we tipped them very well, but we were unhappy with some of the items that were broken. There were several items that were damaged. We basically chalked it up to them not doing that well a job securing things and driving to our house is very hilly terrain so maybe it was a combination. I would say we had some dissatisfaction given the fact we paid a good amount of money to them to get it done. I can't say that I would recommend them. They need to improve how they secure certain items. We had two table legs broken and we had multiple pieces of small wooden furniture that had broken. This was pretty durable furniture, pretty solid stuff, it wasn't cheap stuff. They need to improve on securing their stuff. The bottom line is I don't think I'd recommend them. They were good enough guys, they were nice, they worked hard but their method for packing the truck is lacking.

Origin : Norridgewock, ME
Destination : Dennistown, ME

No Photo Paula
March 20, 2014

Very slow and damaged a lot of my stuff

They scratched up a lot of my stuff. They were very slow. He quoted me one price, it came out to another higher price. It wasn't very good. My husband had to help them move the stuff. My washing machine--he kept on telling them how to get it out of there, they weren't listening. I didn't like them at all, not at all. I would never use them again. They rented a Ryder truck, they came here with no blankets for my stuff, nothing. A lot of my stuff got broken. They were slow, they stood around. They stood around in my bathroom trying to figure out how to get the washing machine out, my husband was telling them how to do it and they weren't listening. It was terrible. The guys were nice, they were polite the two helpers he had but beyond that, the guy that was running the thing he just stood in the truck. I wasn't happy at all. I mean they were polite and nice and all, but they were very slow. He quoted me one price, and I said $400 would cover it he said yeah, well it ended up being more than that when they were done. And I packed everything up myself.

Origin : Derry, NH
Destination : Derry, NH

No Photo Anonymous
March 12, 2014

Went really smooth

It was fine, it went really smooth, the timing was good, it took about standard time to move my things, I didn't have any issues with customer service or the crew members, and the pricing was better than the other companies I had looked at.

Origin : Kensington, NH
Destination : Hudson, NH

No Photo Orlando
February 14, 2014

It was a tough job but they got it ...

They were fantastic. They worked perfectly and they were just fantastic. The crew members were good, and they got a good tip also because it was a very hard job. It was a move to the third floor and we felt really bad for all of the stairs -- it was really tough work. Everything was all packed and wrapped already, it was in storage. We first moved from PA to MA and everything went into storage and almost a month ago we moved to an apartment because we were in our daughter's house. If I recommend them to friends and family I would tell them to hire them, they are good! The price -- I don't consider it bad because it was a lot of work, almost 8 hours, but they were perfect, the time was perfect and the price was perfect. I have nothing against them.

Origin : Acushnet, MA
Destination : New Bedford, MA

No Photo Joseph
October 17, 2013

Disappointing experience

It was not great. They charged more money. So I am just disappointed. I didn't receive all the services that I requested.

Origin : South Chelmsford, MA
Destination : South Chelmsford, MA

No Photo Elkinsette
October 17, 2013

Satisfied with their service

My move was pretty good. They showed up before the scheduled time. They helped and stayed two hours a little overtime. They helped me to get all my stuff out and put it in the house. So I was satisfied. I did refer them and they totally screwed my friends over. So I certainly wouldn't recommend based on that. It is literally three weeks after my move I referred them and they didn't show up, didn't call and said that they weren't gonna show up because they don't want to drive to Boston now. I would recommend them again. Price was reasonable. I did receive all the services that I requested. I did all my packing myself and my unpacking on my own. The crew was pretty good. They didn't do anything inappropriate. They were nice about the process.

Origin : Groton, MA
Destination : Groton, MA

No Photo Nancy
September 18, 2013

Did a nice job

They did a nice job. They were reasonably priced yet they were professional. They were helpful. I received all the services that I requested. There wasn't much that they needed to do with regards to packing because I was moving from a storage unit. It was already pretty well packed. I didn't need them to do much in the way of packing. The crew was good. They were on time. They were friendly. I would recommend them. The price came in at what they estimated. I don't have lot of moving services to compare it to because I have never really used a moving service.

Origin : Salisbury, MA
Destination : Amesbury, MA

No Photo Dennis
September 18, 2013

Cordial crew, great service

The experience was great. They were more than willing to do a small job. Most moving companies don't want to do anything under eight hours. These people came and we were done in probably four hours, possibly four-and-half, five hours. It was a small move - two college girls from one street in Bangor to another street in Bangor. Price was very reasonable. I have received all the services that I have requested. As a matter of fact, there was a little time left and they asked us if they could do anything to help us out - position stuff or bring anything back to the apartment or anything else because they hadn't used all their time. They were very professional. They were very easy to work with. They didn't seem to mind us being more or less in the way several times. They were very cordial and went about their business and very friendly. Packing was done to my satisfaction.

Origin : Bangor, ME
Destination : Bangor, ME

No Photo Michelle
May 15, 2013

Courteous and careful service

They were very nice. They were very careful with my furniture. They worked really hard. I was very happy. Price was a little bit of a surprise. It was about $600 more than I thought it was gonna be but I did ask them to do a little bit more than initially I had anticipated. So in all fairness I think it was pretty fair. It was little weird for them to show up with a U-haul truck instead of their own. It made me wonder if I had made the right decision. I was looking for more value than anything. So I figured I probably gonna get what I paid for. The gentleman that worked for the owner - they did a great job. They are very courteous and careful. No suggestions. They were very careful. The U-haul was a little odd. Yes packing was up to my satisfaction. Nothing was damaged. That's all I care about.

Origin : North Andover, MA
Destination : Forge Village, MA

No Photo Larry
April 18, 2013

Not at all a good experience

It was kind of bad. They were pretty good as far as moving. They overcharged. Yes I was not satisfied with the estimate. Considering it was pretty good. The staff were semi-professional. They left a lot of marks on the wall. No I won't recommend them to my friends or family. They left a couple of marks - one on my stairways and like I said on the walls. Actually the ceiling upstairs they bumped it couple of times.

Origin : Raymond, NH
Destination : Raymond, NH

No Photo Beverly
November 5, 2012

I am happy that pros did the work ...

My recent move went very smoothly and exactly as I planned it to happen. The movers were prompt, and they were extremely hard-working. They were friendly and eager to help us. The movers didn't complain at all and followed our instructions. I had a pleasant moving experience, and I would like to recommend them to anyone who wants a pro to do their move.

Origin : Gloucester, MA
Destination : Beverly Farms, MA

No Photo Eleny
October 24, 2012

Fast and professional service

One of my neighbors has referred me this company for my move. I am pretty much impressed with their service. The crew were very friendly and arrived on time. They were fast and conducted themselves professionally. My move went as planned and there were no damages to my property or furniture. Moreover, the pricing is cheap compared to others. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants professionals to do their move in a smooth manner.

Origin : Concord, NH
Destination : Manchester, NH

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