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Always Affordable Moving and Storage
335 High Street Unit B2
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No Photo Susannah
April 20, 2022

Buyer beware!

This is going to be a lengthy review to discourage you from using East Coast Van Lines. The good, the bad and the ugly! We made a quick decision to move from OR back to New Orleans. Due to the rural area where we lived, getting a UBox or Pod was not an option. I received several quotes online and went with one that was in the middle of the range. That company was a broker who used Affordable/East Coast Van Lines. We were able to book the service with a really quick turn around. When the guys who packed our stuff arrived, the were efficient and only required us to purchase their boxes for things we did not have boxed. The wait time for our stuff to arrive was not too bad either. All problems began with the delivery! The 2 men unpacking our stuff were older men that we were actually worried about because some of our stuff was heavy. It took 4-5x the amount of time it took to be packed. Some of the damage was noticeable-a broken chunk off of a coffee table, almost all plastic packing totes were broken, our file cabinet was bashed in. When unpacking, I don't think that there was one box that was left unscathed. Worse than the broken boxes though were the missing boxes. We did not notice that we were missing boxes until we began unpacking. When the movers left, they told us we had 120 days to make a claim for missing and damaged items. If approved by an adjuster, damaged items are paid at $.60/lb. Our adjuster denied the claims for the 3 missing items even though we were able to provide exact packing numbers and contents because the delivery sheet was signed. If you are considering this company, I would NOT sign for your items until everything is accounted for. Coincidentally, one of our missing boxes was a PlayStation....which has been signed online and is currently in use, along with a selection of games! And that was denied......buyer beware!

Origin : Depoe Bay, Or
Destination : New Orleans, La

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Bill
June 3, 2014

love it

it was the best esxperience

Origin : springfield, nj
Destination : chatham, nj

Quoted Price : $60.00
Actual Price : $60.00

No Photo Hammad
March 16, 2014

Unprofessional movers

My recent move from VA to NC was the worst moving experience I ever been associated with. I never wrote a review in my life, but this experience was so bad that I feel the need to let my anger out....I am the type of person that won't complain because I understand sometimes things don't go the way you plan. However these movers RIPPED ME OFF!!! They quoted me $1145 and we gave them a pretty good estimate of what we have, nothing heavy or unusual, normal furniture and other stuff. We sold our sofas and other things we weren't planning on bringing along with us to our new home. So other than bedroom furniture, treadmill, boxes and a small dining table and chairs there wasn't man things. But somehow my actual price soared over $2200. Secondly the movers they sent were the most unprofessional movers I have seen. When I moved into the home, it took the movers around 3 1/2 hours that included sofa set and other stuff that we sold. But the movers Always Affordable Moving sent us took them over 7 hours...and we had more than 80 percent of stuff already packed in boxes. They would literally take smoke breaks every 15 min. Maybe other movers in this company are professionals and do their job right but the ones I got were the worst...they look like russian mafia rejects. I know they ripped me off...I was expecting maybe close to $1500 because you never know how much stuff you really have until you start packing but I am sorry $2200 is outrageously too much especially when I had no sofa set...can't imagine if I did probably be over $2500. They may be overall good moving company but I know based on my experience I wouldn't ever trust them again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Origin : Fredericksburg, Va
Destination : Cary, NC

Quoted Price : $1,145.26
Actual Price : $2,200.00

No Photo Gregory
November 5, 2013

Great Job!

In terms of pricing, services provided and terms and conditions, few companies can be compared. I went with Always Affordable Moving after price matching with 2 other reputable companies. My items arrived timely and customer support kept me updated along the way. It was a small move, but I felt they did it as if my business was worth 20 times over.

Origin : NJ
Destination : PA

Quoted Price : $1,658.00
Actual Price : $1,658.00

No Photo Nancy
October 18, 2013


If you are looking for a reliable moving company then just appoint Always Affordable Moving. They are astonishingly superb. Couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to employ them for my 3 bedroom apartment move. I found them professional, time bound, caring to my children, belongings and even to my pet. Furthermore, while reaching destination, I checked the inventory and found everything is ok and none of them faced even a single scratch. Recommended!

Origin : NJ
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $2,550.00
Actual Price : $2,550.00

No Photo Egoodson
October 7, 2013

Excellent Experience!

Always Affordable Moving are Excellent! I used them for my move from NJ to WV and they did a fantastic job. They called and said they were running 30 minutes late due to traffic, it was good service to call and let us know... Other than that, great nice guys, worked hard and finished on time. Couldn't ask for better than that. Thumbs up!

Origin : NJ
Destination : WV

Quoted Price : $2,654.00
Actual Price : $2,654.00

No Photo Davd
September 25, 2013

Highly Recommended!

We used Always Affordable Moving for a move across states that included placing a large amount of our items into storage for a couple of months. These guys were professional and hard working at all times. They helped us pack some loose items remaining in the old house...and they helped assembled some furniture when we arrived at our new house. Excellent experience and highly recommended.

Origin : NJ
Destination : TX

Quoted Price : $2,930.00
Actual Price : $2,930.00

No Photo Harold
August 29, 2013

Great Movers

I got 3 bids from moving companies and Always Affordable quote was perfect for me. We didn't go with the cheapest moving bid, but in the end we paid a bit more and got more than we thought. Our move ended up going great and I was thankful I found and choose Always Affordable Movers.

Origin : NJ
Destination : OH

Quoted Price : $2,156.00
Actual Price : $2,156.00

No Photo Joe
August 23, 2013


These lovely humans just helped me move into my new apartment. I was still finishing packing when they got there, it was no big deal. It took me longer to figure out how to put my iMac back into the box than it took them to move my items downstairs. They were very polite, professional and nice to be around. they even caught my cat-who can get out of any room, even if the door is shut-before he managed to escape into the street! They are fantastic.

Origin : NJ
Destination : AL

Quoted Price : $2,456.00
Actual Price : $2,456.00

No Photo Betty
August 15, 2013

Great Movers!

When I found out I had to move at the end of the June, I thought I was dreaming to find a good mover with so little notice but I gave Always Affordable Moving a call. The movers were friendly and easy to get along with but not to the point of impacting their productivity or loosing focus on the task at hand. I found them to be efficient and hard working with the required equipment and experience. Handled my belongings with the care I would myself, they got me to my new location safely, on time, and without incident.

Origin : NJ
Destination : AL

Quoted Price : $2,358.00
Actual Price : $2,358.00

No Photo Diana
August 2, 2013

Great Experience!

My move was very fast, efficient, and smooth! Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. My possessions were handled with care and it was a very professional and pleasant experience. I will definitely give Always Affordable Moving my business again for my future moving needs and will recommend them to my friends. Overall, I had a great experience and am thoroughly satisfied. My move was very smooth and I could not be happier with their service. If you are having a long distance move, I strongly suggest using their moving services.

Origin : NJ
Destination : GA

Quoted Price : $2,165.00
Actual Price : $2,165.00

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