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No Photo Will
December 31, 2020

Don't do it!

I booked my move with Camille and was estimated $210 for the entire move. This was strange since all other estimates were closer to $1,000. I asked questions about insurance and professionalism just to be sure. I should have listened to the voice in my head saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". The day of my move the company did not show up within the window. I called, texted, and emailed several times all to no avail. Finally 2 hours after my suggested window the company told me that they were 1 hour away. I cancelled my move with them and found something last minute but reliable. Dont book with this company. Highly unprofessional!

Origin : South Ozone Park
Destination : Ozone Park

Quoted Price : $210.00

No Photo Subha
November 13, 2020

Absolute Fraud, Bait and switch

They quoted me 210 for a move within the same community. Two guys showed up late and looked at our stuff and started putting extra charges on every item. For example, they said they need an extra 40 to move a chair because they would have to carry it. We had an Ikea bed which they said would cost extra because they would have to disassemble and assemble. I have never met any moving company that charges extra to take apart furniture, carry, and then put it back again. They would come at a time when you would have no option but to pay the extra charges. This is a bait and switch operation which is fraudulent. We called another moving company and fortunately they agreed to do the job within a short time frame. Please stay away from these people.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $210.00
Actual Price : $600.00

No Photo Gessel
August 24, 2020


Victor quoted me originally for $760, I asked him if wrapping of my furniture would be included in the price, he said yes! The day of the move came, they sent a smaller truck then what he had previously confirmed, so they had to do 2 trips, which was their fault. He called me at the end of the night to go over the bill, at this point I was soo exhausted from the move that I didn't question it much and paid the man. The next day I went over in my head the conversation him and I had. I tried calling him numerous times, he never got back to me and finally a week later, he said the overchange was for the additional man hours and packing, he kept saying "I didn't pack anything", I was like what you mean I didn't pack!? All my things were in boxes and in bags, he said I didn't pack my furnture, How was I suppose to pack my furnture, He clearlying said that the movers would come and wrap it and that was included in the price.. A long story very short. Stay away from them!

Origin : Island park, NY
Destination : Holbrook, NY

Quoted Price : $760.00
Actual Price : $2,730.00

No Photo Sina
June 7, 2020

SPAMMER For sure/ Victor is a FRAUD/ ...

Awful experience. Victor is a spammer. Even he never clearly tells the company name. I though he was drunk,while he was talking. Never ever use this service. Number is (646)-483-8300

Origin : Bellerose, NY
Destination : Bellerose, NY

Quoted Price : $210.00
Actual Price : $210.00

No Photo Dani
May 9, 2020


This is all a scam. Quoted $285 (but I’ve moved enough to figure they’d get me on some stuff, so I estimated I’d pay $400). They only sent a crew of 2 people for a 3-4 person job, so it took twice as long, plus they said I didn’t “pack up”. Apparently “packing up” includes wrapping my bare mattress, wrapping my TV’s... I have moved many times in my life and I’ve never felt so scammed in my life. I talked to Michael on the phone who was basically mocking me saying, “oh I know, I’m so sorry, but you signed the paperwork”. It’s legitimately a SCAM. Please done make my mistake and Please PLEASE use a different company. I am in disbelief. I am a fair person and I feel sick over the fact that people do this to other people. I didn’t have enough money to tip the guys that worked their asses off. How do you live with yourselves?

Origin : Asbury park, NJ
Destination : Ocean Township, NJ

Quoted Price : $285.00
Actual Price : $850.00

No Photo Sterling
May 2, 2020


VICTOR originally quoted me $285 for Saturday 2 PM move. Four hours, two guys. 2 PM rolls by, no one’s here. I call Victor to ask when they’d get here and he said they were running late and would be here by 4. 4:15 PM rolls by, again, no one shows. The driver calls me to tell me he’s upstate and that he’d be here in an hour and a half, which happened at the exact same time I texted Victor and asked him where they were and he told me they were almost here but they were stuck in traffic. I asked for a price reduction because they were so late and he said he would talk to his boss about giving me a reduction. The guys FINALLY arrive at around 6:10, and then they see all of the boxes in the apartment, start talking to each other in Russian, and then call Victor to tell him they weren’t going to do it. They tell me they couldn’t do it because they were too tired as it was their third job of the day. I told them that’s not my problem and that they were over four hours late to begin with. I called Victor, who said that it was a job for three guys and said he was sending three guys to move. They got here (and by they i mean two guys, even though Victor said that he was sending three) at 7:15, and again they came in, looked at the things they had to move, and then left to call him. Victor called me and said that he “didn’t know” that my apartment had one flight of stairs and the one we were moving to was a third floor walk up, despite never asking in the first place. He said that he could send another three guys but that they charge for each flight of stairs and then told me the price would be $680. After this nightmare that had just occurred twice, and him telling me year he would get a price reduction for the drivers being incredibly late, I was appalled. I demanded to speak to his boss and was adamant. He said that he was speaking for his boss and his boss was in Miami. I told him I don’t care and that I wanted to speak to him and not hear from a third person. He put me on hold for five minutes to call his boss and then told me his boss didn’t want to talk to me and that they were sticking to the $680. I told him they were all disgusting human beings and that I’d be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. In the end, my roommate and I are stuck in an apartment for another night on an expired lease, sleeping on a plastic covered mattress after having to scramble and find new movers at 8 PM, six hours after we were supposed to be ready to leave. They purposely don’t ask you for crucial information that effects the price (flights of stairs) so that they can lowball you a price and then double/triple the price at the last second when you have no choice but to accept, however I didn’t give them a dime of my money. I’ve dealt with my fair share of bad customer service experiences, but this is by far the absolute worst. Note: Victor referred to the company as “Anything Moving and Storage”, probably to avoid people knowing about these reviews.

Origin : Prospect Heights (Brooklyn NY)
Destination : Bay Ridge (Brooklyn NY)

Quoted Price : $285.00
Actual Price : $680.00

No Photo Lynn
March 28, 2020

The worst moving and storage ...

With respect to the moving aspect, Victor from Anytime moving and storage quoted me one price ($ 210) and I end almost paying triple the price ($ 576). Prior to start of the actual moving process, Victor stated that the travel and overtime was one in the same. come to find out, they were 2 different charges. In the process of moving, my head board and foot board got damage. The damage was showed to the mover that spoke English, I think his name was Khamil or something similar. I texted the pictures of damages to Victor. I got zero response. I paid the above company for moving and storage services. On the day of the move, I learned that I could not move into my  new residence and I needed a place to store my belongs.  I spoke with Victor from Anything Moving and Storage (646-483-8300) and asked him if  he had any storage space.  He stated that he had a 10 x 10 locker  for 190 dollars.  He   charged me a  $ 190 for rent, lock  storage, taxes, and insurance for a 10 x 10 storage space.  Victor stated that in order for him to reserve the locker, I needed to Zelle him the aforementioned amount to hold the locker.  I Zelled him the amount and he texted an address for the storage locker is.  After the items were moved from the apartment and onto the truck.  Victor informed the drivers that it would be too late to move the items into the storage locker and that it would need to be stored overnight onto the truck and moved into the storage unit first thing the following day.  I was texted another address ;it  for another storage company (Cubesmart) .  I was never given a reason about what happened to the locker at the first address.   When I got to second address, I discovered that Victor reserved a locker under the driver name.  I only discovered that because I got there before movers got there.  If I got there later, I would be none the wiser. Who knows how many other people he has done this to.  Essentially, Victor from Anytime Moving and Storage tried to lease a locker under his driver's name with my belongings which I was told by a Cubesmart employee is illegal.  I  would not be able to access  my belongings without having the driver meeting me at Cubesmart.  I also discovered that the first month cost only $56.59 for locker, lock, rent, insurance and tax. I called Victor and expressed my displeasure and requested $ 133.41 zelled back to me.  I did not feel that it is fair that he charge me 190 for something he paid $56.59.  After dodging my call and his driver's calls for an hour and a half,  he told me that the extra $ 133.41 was a finder's fee  I never signed a lease with Anytime Storage yet I paid 190. My overall experience with this company was horrid. thank you

Origin : brooklyn, ny
Destination : queens, ny

Quoted Price : $210.00
Actual Price : $576.00

No Photo Bob
January 30, 2019


They were 6 hours late, doubled the price at the door, when I said no, they left, and then stole my $50 deposit. Terrible experience start to finish.

Origin : Brooklyn, NY
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

Quoted Price : $150.00
Actual Price : $310.00

No Photo Steave
October 14, 2016


The price was too good to be true. After arriving 90 minutes late,the price doubled when we were told "free wrapping" meant only with blankets. Then,after leaving overtime rate blank when signing the initial contract, they filled in a rate much higher than what they charged per hour before. Then, after the owner told me we could use our credit card to pay if we also paid the tax,he changed his mind and told us he would put our stuff in storage if we didn't give him all of our cash on hand. Really awful dynamic between the movers and their boss,who forced them to enforce all these changes. Would not recommend EVER!

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $325.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Steve
October 4, 2016

The whole experiance

First of all, they were supposed to be there by 8am. They arrived at 1pm, saying they couldn't wake up the driver. Then they could not take my refrigerator because it was too heavy for the two men that were there. By the way my daughter,my niece, and one man moved it the next day. They tried every method possible to push it passed the three hours I was quoted. I only had a bedroom, kitchen table, and two chairs to move. My daughter and her boyfriend helped the movers so they could get it done. They had no straps, covers, or hand truck to move anything. What a disgrace.

Origin : Montclair, nj
Destination : Old Bridge, nj

Quoted Price : $285.00
Actual Price : $285.00

No Photo Yanick
September 21, 2016

So unprofessional

Anytime moving and storage is the worst! They came late, hiked up the price after having given us a quote and signed for it. Quoted and signed for $750 attempted to charge $1,600!!!! We helped them move sooooo much! They didn't even take all our things we had to hire another mover to come get the rest. They moved slow took smoke breaks to make the time go by so they can hike the price up and pass time!. Horrible service. They even tried to charge me for the time spent arguing!!!! Damaged our furniture, messed up the walls to the place I was leaving.....Don't waste your energy time nor money.

Origin : Bellerose, N.Y
Destination : Elmont, N.Y

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $860.00

No Photo Karissa
September 21, 2016


Anytime moving and storage is the worst! They came late, hiked up the price after having given us a quote and signed for it. Quoted and signed for $750 attempted to charge $1,600!!!! We helped them move sooooo much!They didn't even take all our things we had to hire another mover to come get the rest. They moved slow took smoke breaks to make the time go by so they can hike the price up and pass time! Horrible service. They even tried to charge me for the time spent arguing!!!! Damaged our furniture, messed up the walls to the place I was leaving.....Don't waste your energy time nor money.

Origin : Queens Village NY
Destination : ELMONT NY

Quoted Price : $380.00
Actual Price : $850.00

No Photo Lp
September 15, 2016

Worst Company ever!!

The movers were late and triple the price of the quote, threaten to keep our stuff if we didn't pay and spend most of the time doing nothing to pass time so the balance could be higher. Worst company ever.

Origin : Spring Valley, NY
Destination : Troy, NY

Quoted Price : $550.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Tyrone
August 10, 2016

It was okay, it was a short move. The ...

It was okay. We were moving just down the block. The pricing was a little higher than I expected it to be.

Origin : Brooklyn, NY
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

No Photo Sixto
July 7, 2016

Could be better but it was OK.

It was OK. Could be better but it was OK. I'd give it maybe two or three stars out of five.

Origin : Williamsbridge, NY
Destination : Williamsbridge, NY

No Photo Dmitriy
July 2, 2016


"Jacob" and I agreed on a 2pm move, they were over 2 hours late. The 2 men helping me was Vova (who barely spoke any English or Russian, and Joe who wound up doing 80% of the work. I was quoted $500 when they arrived late i told and said it was unacceptable and then he was hagling for an complimentary extra hour of service. I told that means nothing to me and made him lower the rate, one of them went in to my freezer and cut himself and wound up getting some blood on my furniture. Vova, drove the truck and was more focused on selecting a song to listen to then the road. We almost gor in to a car crash. All this idiot wanted to do is smoke cigarettes and i told him just to stop and leave my house, his partner and i finished the job ourselves. When i called Jacob to tell him about the blood he didnt care and told me to file an insurance claim. STAY AWAY!!!

Origin : Long Island, NY
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $580.00

No Photo Ilona
June 7, 2016

Moving Refrigerator

I needed to move just one piece of furniture last Saturday. I found ANY TIME MOVING

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

Quoted Price : $180.00

No Photo Anonymous
April 6, 2016

I was very satisfied with them.

They were one of the first ones to contact me, and they gave me a much more competitive price than anyone else. When they came they did an excellent job and I was very satisfied with them.

Origin : Merrick, NY
Destination : Freeport, NY

No Photo Riza
March 15, 2016

They tripled the quote.

I got a quote and while they were about to get my things into my apartment they wouldn't take it up into my apartment, until I agreed to more than triple the amount of what they quoted.

Origin : E Atlantic Beach, NY
Destination : Roosevelt Island, NY

No Photo Gregory
February 10, 2016

Professional and fast

Professional, fast - they were on-time. It was done within an hour and it was a great experience I would use them again.

Origin : Port Jefferson Station, NY
Destination : Port Jefferson Station, NY

No Photo Kumar
December 24, 2015


DO NOT HIRE THEM!!!!!! just horrible. the estimated time given was 3 hours for the move and they took more 5 hours and charged double the money for the whole move. They never gave full details about extra hours price, which is more than total move price. Ridiculous. Plus they broke my coffee table, scratched my queen bed, fish tank and not doing refund to me. Its been 2 months since I am calling them and everytime the owner asks me call after 2 days. Take my advice better to do the move with any other damn movers but not them

Origin : brooklyn
Destination : bronx

Quoted Price : $350.00
Actual Price : $700.00

No Photo Venkat
December 22, 2015

They were on-time... it was good.

They were on-time and they finished the job within the slated time and they moved all the things. .. It was good.

Origin : Hicksville, NY
Destination : Bellerose Village, NY

No Photo Robert
November 11, 2015

A little rocky at first, but done in ...

It was a little rocky, they got there late, they were stuck in traffic arrived about an hour and half late. But otherwise, they were very good, two guys had everything done in two and a half hours and everything went pretty smoothly.

Origin : S Farmingdale, NY
Destination : E Meadow, NY

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