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License Info: US DOT # 2827240
ICC MC # 943974
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/1/2015

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Around The Clock Moving Services Inc
16509 78th Ave
Fresh MeadowsNY 11366 USA

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Toll Free: 800-220-5126
Phone: 631-704-4683

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No Photo Carolina
October 21, 2016


Not that good

It was not that good. They kept changing the time for delivering my stuff. The vouchers they sent initially was changed when they delivered my things.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Rudy
October 7, 2016



Well I'm back to repost my horrible experience. I took it down because the company said they would reimburse me for all my destroyed and stolen property but that was a month ago and our check was supposed to be received about a month ago. Once again this company has shown its incompetence and lack of care for customers. This was the worst experience ever. To start off, we were quoted $1,000 for a move with packing included according to their well-trained employee. We asked several times if the price was correct because it seemed really low. He said it was so we hired the company. When the move date came the movers said they broke down and rescheduled for next day. When they finally arrived they were totally unprepared. The truck was too small for our size house. We told them it was a five bedroom but the head mover said his boss changed it and said it was three bedrooms. They also had no idea they had to pack either. They called the boss and our quoted price quickly jumped up to $7,500 because their employee didn't do his job right. These sorry jerks didn't even have enough boxes for the move I had to go buy some more. So once the truck was loaded we realized there was a lot left behind since they didn't have enough truck space. On the invoice it clearly said five bedrooms but some jerk took the liberty to downgrade our home. It wasn't until the next day we were able to speak to someone. They were unsympathetic to our issues and asked for another won to come back out at this point I was stuck and had to get my stuff moved which they knew and took full advantage of. So they come back out and once again move some of our stuff because they said we reached our weight limit keep in mind no weight limit was ever established due to the incompetence of these shady employees. Back and forth we went speaking with the owner and some rude asshole named Adam trying to figure out why they are so shady in the meanwhile I believe this is how my Xbox one was stolen by one of the movers because I wasn't able to keep my eyes on them instead I have to talk on the phone with the company. I think all the company's actions were premeditated. When we arrived at our destination nobody in this shady company could give us a arrival date for our stuff. Then we get a call saying the truck broke down again in Indiana. Once it finally arrives we are told the remaining balance had to be paid before they unloaded our stuff. So I have to pay before I can make sure all my stuff arrived which it didn't. Even after we paid the movers we still had to wait an hour before they could unload because they were unprepared and had to hire movers off Craigslist how shady. The unload took all day the Craigslist help abandoned him after all was off the truck so he was stuck assembling our furniture. Oh wait we were stuck assembling too. After we played for them to do it. This was the most SHADY UNPROFESSIONAL company I've ever had to deal with.

Origin : Buffalo, Ny
Destination : Oklahoma

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Jessica
October 3, 2016



I wish I could give a -10 review. They arrived almost 2 hours late on moving day. Joe originally quoted me $3,200 and when he got to our place he said it was going to be $8,000 instead. Obviously, I said no way and then he said $5,000 and we both signed off on it. Midway through the move, Joe said, "You have so much stuff I have to charge you another $400." WHAT?! No way and we told them to take our stuff off the truck so unwillingly they continued. I reminded them SEVERAL times to remember to take our bikes and of course, at the end of the move, they forgot. We never got any calls or had any calls returned when we tried to get an ETA on when our things were arriving. Finally, we get a call from the driver and he says he will be there on Monday. No call no show. Then he said Tuesday - same thing. Finally, on Thursday the driver arrives. Before the driver unloaded anything they said I had to pay in full and in cash. Meanwhile they forgot to get our bikes so I called Adam and said I will pay $1,500 now and when I receive my bikes, I will pay you the other $500 and he said, "No. If you don't pay in full, we will not unload the truck and will take everything back to storage. Take my word that we will pick up your bikes and it will be on the next truck out." Guess what??? We had to pay in full but they NEVER went back to pick up our bikes. I WOULD NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. Best part of it all, every time I get a hold of Adam.. he's in the hospital or having surgery but to trust him and everything will be taken care of. Also, I was told that Joe got fired and that's why he hasn't answered any of my calls. Upon completion of my move, my 46" TV miraculously disappeared (even the driver said there were only 2 TV's loaded onto the truck), my mattress was ripped, they destroyed my lamp - they just threw the lamp shade and the stand in a box with no wrapping and broke the sofa legs.Also, the driver and the worker who were unloading the truck said to me "Buy us some pizza because we are starving." Excuse me?! Take your money and go somewhere else. This is the worst company ever.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : California

Quoted Price : $3,200.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Kathleen
September 8, 2016



I WILL BE AMAZED IF THIS POST ISN'T REMOVED BY AROUND THE CLOCK MOVING. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! When moving my son to Philadelphia on Aug. 1, I stupidly used this company. They called us on the morning of Aug. 1, saying that we'd get our belongings either at Noon or between 4-5. WRONG. NOBODY CALLED. When I FINALLY got a person to pick up the phone (Aug. 2, 3:40 pm), I was told the shipment had been delivered. WRONG. The person went to check the records, and came back insisting I had my stuff! (Seriously? Why call if I had my stuff? Then why did we sleep in a naked apartment, on a hardwood floor on Aug. 1?) After finally getting in touch with the driver, I was told that they were in PA the night before, in another town, but weren't able to make the delivery, due to some laws about how many hours they are allowed to drive. So, instead, they drove all the way to Connecticut, which was where he was, waiting to get someone to come with him to Philadelphia and make the delivery. At 3:45, I was told they would be there in an hour. WRONG. I made THREE calls to Around the Clock Moving, the morning of Aug. 2, and left messages that were never answered. My son and I went to sleep AGAIN on the hardwood floor. I received a text from the driver at 12:27 am. Aug. 3, saying they were in the area, "but it's late." I called him and told him to make the delivery NOW. They made the delivery, BUT FIVE ITEMS WERE MISSING. I realized things were missing, about five minutes after they left, but was told they couldn't come back, because they were heading to Florida. (So much for that law limiting driving time....) When I called the company on Wednesday, I told them I wanted them to bring back the sofa the movers weren't able to get up the stairs, at no cost to me, as a result of the horrible "service" and to compensate for my damaged physical condition from sleeping on the floor. I've had back surgery, knee surgery this past May and have two herniated discs in my neck. Sleeping on the floor aggravated my pain. They said they would charge me $250 instead of $500. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So, here I am, three weeks later, after speaking with them several times (out of 15 calls, total), having sent them a letter of complaint and some texts, still with missing items, a sofa that was taken out of the lobby where they left it (even though my son had a sign on it), still having pain issues from two nights as a result of their crappy communications with their drivers and, me. SERIOUSLY. FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION (MENTAL AND PHYSICAL) DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT use these people. They are cheap, I'll grant you that, but I obviously got (or for the five missing items, didn't get) what I paid for.

Origin : Long Island, NY
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

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