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Backdahl Uptown Transfer, Inc. Location


Backdahl Uptown Transfer, Inc.
3040 4th Ave. S.
MinneapolisMN 55408 USA

Contact Info

Phone: 612-827-3826
Fax: 612-827-3827

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June 3, 2016


Broken Items on local move

I was a customer of Uptown Transfer for a move from Apple Valley, MN to Farmington, MN which were only about 10 minutes apart from point of origin to destination. This was a move that involved an overnight stay because I was closing on a new home. The movers arrived at my home unprepared for the move with other items loaded on their truck. They did not even know what they were going to move. They had no tools and had to borrow my tools to disassemble my bed and other pieces of equipment. They did not have hanger boxes which they had promised to deliver when they arrived the day of the move. Multiple items were broken some beyond repair. Items were removed from the truck and taken back to their warehouse supposedly for repair. These items were not surveyed by me so I don't even know the extent of the damage to the item. They have made a claim to repair and return the items that were loaded back on to their truck for repair. I would not recommend this company at all. It isn't good.

Origin : Apple Valley, MN
Destination : Farmington, MN

Quoted Price : $810.00
Actual Price : $817.00

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March 4, 2015


Don't hire this company, the grew will ...

I hired three guys and a truck. These guys stole 2 coats, a pair of gloves that were in one coat pocket, they also went in a cedar chest and stole a antique hello kitty phone and two antique wall plaques (the plaques were 75 years old). I have no ideal what else was stolen. It took me two weeks to notice some things were gone. I spoke with Eddie Banes and Dennis Backdahl " the owner of the company". They moved me on Friday Jan 30th 2015, by Monday I had unpacked everything and called to report some of my stolen items. They questioned all three men which lied and said they hadn't taken my items. I offered to hire someone to come to the company and administer a lie detector test at my cost to prove my point. Which they refused and offered me $50 for all my items. This company never offered me any additional insurance at the time of purchase. These guys left to go to lunch with all my items on this loaded truck for 30-40 minutes.... then they came to my new address to unload. That stop could have been a drop of for all my stolen ITEMS. These movers steal and the company owner allows it. I had used this company 14 months ago and didn't have any issues, because I had my grown son's watching everything. The second move I just trusted the Company.... way to much with my stuff. I will never use this company again to move one box for me.

Origin : Golden Valley, Mn
Destination : Brooklyn Park

Actual Price : $996.75

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