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Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 3051481
PUC T-0191680
Year of Estd: 3/13/2017

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Best Fit Movers LLC
8400 Miramar Rd #202A
San DiegoCA 92126 USA

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Phone: 858-683-6314

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No Photo Brian
October 9, 2020


Still the same hard working team

It wasn't my first time moving with these guys, so I was expecting everything to go smooth and nice. They are so friendly and hard working every time. I really like that they manage to keep their prices down and still do a great job!

Origin : San Diego
Destination : San Diego

No Photo Laury
October 1, 2020


Best movers I've worked with

These guys really gave 100% to make sure they fit the timeline and that nothing is damaged. We really enjoyed working with them as they are serious and very hard working. Considering the national situation we really appreciated that everyone wear masks and gloves!

Origin : San Diego
Destination : San Diego

No Photo Samantha
September 28, 2020


Great movers

A friend recommend them for my move and after getting a very good quote form them I decided to give them a try. I wasn't disappointed. These guys are very serious movers, they don't waste time, plan everything ahead and move very efficient. I will recommend them to others as well!

Origin : San Diego
Destination : San Diego

No Photo Jenn
September 25, 2020



DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This is the WORST moving company I have ever worked with and they will SCAM you. This is not a professional moving company and I hope you consider what I have to say before using them. I recently moved in August and had such an awful experience that I feel the need to warn others. To set the context for this review, I have a one bedroom condo and the movers didn't even move most of my living room furniture so I wouldn't even consider this a fully furnished one bedroom. Everything was boxed up and completely ready to go when they got there. First, it took them OVER 7 hours to complete a 1 bedroom (not even fully furnished!) move. Since you pay by the hour, this is absurd and was not expected based on the amount of furniture/boxes I had. In the end, they charged me over $1,000 for a one bedroom move! The movers did not come prepared. When it came time to take my bed apart, they had no tools. What moving company does not show up with tools!? I had to go track down my neighbor to ask if we could borrow tools to disassemble my bed. In addition, they did not wear face coverings the entire time and my HOA (at both my old and new condo) was very upset about this. They did not take care of my things and they literally dumped all of my furniture and boxes into my living room or bedroom and did not bother to arrange anything or ask me where the furniture belonged. Since they were so slow, I was taking my own boxes/furniture off of the elevator and arranged/moved all of my own furniture including my bed/dresser/desk which were not light/easy for me to move. I unwrapped every single piece of furniture as well. Unfortunately, during the move, every piece of my brand new bedroom furniture was damaged. At the end of the move, the mover could not figure out how to quote the price because I was trying to pay with partial cash (cheaper rate but didn't anticipate a $1,000 bill!) and partial credit card. He called his supervisor who I could hear on the phone was extremely rude to him. I asked for a copy of the invoice and did not get it until weeks later. After numerous phone calls to ask for some of my money back and for a copy of the bill, I finally did get a copy of the bill and they charged me the credit card rate for the entire time even though I paid cash for a few of the hours. I was told multiple times that their billing department would correct this over payment and I would be refunded but I was not. In the end, they offered me a small settlement to settle for my claim for my furniture damage and complaint of how long this move took. It was nowhere near a reasonable amount but I had called so many times and complained so many times, I did not have it in me to keep fighting with them. I actually have a full time job and could not continue taking time out of my day to follow up. In my numerous calls to this company, I rarely received follow up phone calls and if I did, it was to say there was no update

Origin : San Diego, CA
Destination : San Diego, CA

Actual Price : $1,100.00

No Photo Leon
February 13, 2018


Best Movers

In the past ten years, I have relocated three times using different companies. My last relocation was facilitated by Long Distance Movers and I must admit I liked what I was offered. Not a single flaw was evident in the relocation from San Diego to Sacramento. All was carried out as planned. The crew arrived early enough; creating an ample time for the tedious work. They carried it out in a manner that left me wondering how possible it was. Five-star rating for this company; they are the best. Nothing stresses me up like relocation. I wasn’t lucky the first two times I had sought the services of other companies. It's either they got late to work or had something damaged in the process. The Long Distance Movers was suggested by my eldest sister who happened to know everything about them. She enlightened me on all that I needed to know. I am so glad; thanks to their prompt response and unwavering sense of dedication. You delivered the best and I have no doubts on that.

Origin : San Diego, CA
Destination : Sacramento, CA

Quoted Price : $2,850.00
Actual Price : $2,850.00

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