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Accuracy of Estimate 3.6
Moving Services 3.7
Packing Services 3.8
Professionalism 3.7

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Best Offer Moving
12154 Darnestown Rd Ste 343
GaithersburgMD 20878 USA

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No Photo Edith
October 3, 2016


They scratched up my walls and left ...

I had numbered and labeled my boxes to correspond to the floor they needed to go on. I don't know if these guys just didn't know how to speak English but the boxes, they didn't make it there. Sometime during the move, they got tired because there are a lot of stairs here. So, they just ended up leaving everything in the garage. So, my garage is still full to this day with boxes. And it's just me so it's hard for me to get to all of it right now. I'm moving it as I can. They also scratched all my walls. I moved into a brand new place, no one has ever lived in it. They scratched up all my walls. Put dents in the walls. Scratched up my staircases. It was just terrible.

Origin : Wdbg, VA
Destination : Wdbg, VA

No Photo Bryn
February 29, 2016


They were far from professional and ...

They did not have the proper moving supplies and they gouged a wood floor and caused about $1,500 worth of damage ... They slid a piece of furniture across the floor without using coasters underneath. When they unwrapped it they broke off the coaster that's built onto the furniture. ...They were far from professional.

Origin : Lake Ridge, VA
Destination : Lake Ridge, VA

No Photo Sean
September 22, 2015



WARNING THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, AND WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU OUT OF MORE MONEY... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I purchased a deal using Angies list and pre-paid for the services to have Best Offer Movers move me from a two bedroom apartment to a condo. When i purchased the deal, i was told by the company that the movers will be at my place between 3-5, but someone will contact me on the day of the move. Fast forward to the actual day of the move. I received a call from Karina at 4:30 informing me that the movers will be late. At this point I become worried, because most apartment and condo complex have noise ordinance rules and moves are to be done between certain hours to limit the disruption to other residences. Karina informs me that the movers will be at my place at 6pm, and at that point informed her that this would be unacceptable as I am not able to move after 7pm and also my move would take 2hours. I asked because of the inconvenience can she send an additional guy so that the move can be done quickly, at this point Karina becomes irate with me She tells me that she cannot send an additional person and if I did want the job to move quickly it would cost me an additional $100 or she can take $7 off the service as a discount. At this point I tell her that I do not want to pay an additional $100 and that if she can just admonish the movers to hurry to my place so that the move can be done quickly as I am on a time contract. I receive a call from Karina 5 minutes later advising me that she was able to find another crew and the would be at my place at 5pm. I waited about 15minutes and my friend and I made two trips to my new place in our cars because we had no idea what time the moving crew would show up and I was thinking if I could help move some things, it would take less time for the actual crew. The crew showed up to my place at 5:50pm The actual move: 3 men show up and proceed to hand carry my things to the truck downstairs. They did not bring dollies or any other form of moving equipment. They basically hand carry my things which in my opinion allows them to Milk the clock in order to be able to charge you for more time. Towards the end of my move the guys bring up 1(one) dolly for my sofa and my beds. At this point I am appall, but I can't complain as I am afraid and intimidated by the guys who basically spoke another language (Russian I believe). I asked the movers if they can take my flat screen TV’s as I noticed they had been left amongst other items and I was told "Can you just put them in your car". I again did not want to argue so I agreed and took both of my flat screens to my car. I go back upstairs and I see that all of my wall pictures are still in my apartment. I go back and ask the guys to not forget my pictures, and I again was told "YOU SHOULD PUT THOSE IN YOUR CAR". Again, I didn't argue and proceeded to put the pictures also in my car. You can read the remainder of my review on Angies or yelp

Origin : Rockvillle, MD
Destination : Gaithersburg MD

Quoted Price : $270.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Angei
July 1, 2015


It wasn't spectacular service but it ...

It was satisfactory. It wasn't spectacular service but it was OK. They stuck to the contracted price and that is a plus. Except for that they rushed a bit and did cause a bit of damage to my walls as a result of rushing. That was about it--I wasn't displeased with the move and I wasn't extremely pleased with the move--but I was OK with it.

Origin : Forest Hts, MD
Destination : Forestville, MD

No Photo Kelly
April 27, 2015


Bait and switch mover

I had gotten estimates from several moving companies, and this company had the lowest quote with $97/hr rate but it REALLY turned out to be more like $200/hr rate after including the extra charges and the most EXPENSIVE of all the estimates I got. First, they have HIDDEN FEES! If I am paying for the time required to move things and hired 4 men because I had heavy items, what is the purpose of $150 “bulky item” fee that was NEVER disclosed by Karina? It just showed up in the final bill. Second, their packing material fees are ridiculously high! They charged several hundred dollars for things like tape and saran wrap used to wrap all mattresses, sofas, etc. Third, the guys went to lunch and came back 1 hr and 40 min later and included those hours in the bill. Then the “foreman” mover gave me free 35 min of time at the end to make up for it. The 3 “helper” movers were great.

Origin : Silver Spring, MD
Destination : Silver Spring, MD

No Photo Kim
April 1, 2015


I'm completely satisfied with my ...

Working with Best Offer was great! Everyone I dealt with during the whole moving process was always completely professional, and very helpful. The office representative kept me informed and updated with emails and was always to give me thorough answers on any question right away! On the morning of the move, they called us 30 min before arrival and actually came on time, as promised. They had all the packing supplies needed for any furniture that still needed to be packed. All three were experienced, courteous and fast. They were also very careful with our belongings and packed delicate items carefully. I'm completely satisfied with my moving experience!! And if you are still in search for an reliable company to do your move, call them!!

Origin : Frederick, MD
Destination : Frederick, MD

No Photo Garry
March 18, 2015


Guys are excellent!

Best Offer Moving was my excellent choice for the move! I had to move to a two different locations in two separate days and they couldn't have been better. I spoke with Alex on the phone several times - he was so helpful and conscientious. He get into every detail, and was so helpful and professional on the phone. When the crews arrived on each day they were the same - helpful, conscientious, friendly, with a professional and positive attitude! They were wonderful. I will call them for every move I have to do in the future - could not recommend them enough!

Origin : Bethesda, MD
Destination : Great Falls, VA

No Photo Loretta
March 9, 2015


These guys are great!

I've used to move a lot before, including cross country moves and have faced a lot of unprofessional movers. It was not a surprise to find another scratch or break after everything is done. But guys from this company were super careful! They were fast, professional and friendly! The price was fair enough and they always asked before using any extras. I'll definitely use them again and will recommend to everybody! Good luck with your business! Thank you!

Origin : Mclean, VA
Destination : Arlington, VA

No Photo Robert
December 15, 2014


Pretty good... efficient.

It was pretty good, they left a little early... from what I thought. They left some stuff still packaged, but it was good, they were efficient.

Origin : Falls Church, VA
Destination : Fairfax, VA

No Photo Mary
November 4, 2014


Happy with my choice)

I am definitely happy with my choice of the company). Guys were very helpful and organized on the day of the move. Everything went very smooth) They took such a great care of all my belongings and my family, that I will use this company in the future with no doubts!

Origin : Arlington, VA
Destination : Alexandria, VA

No Photo Elizabeth
November 4, 2014


I appreciate the help that Best Offer ...

I would like to tell how much I appreciate the help that Best Offer Moving have provided to me on this weekend. It was a last minute booking because of a family problems, but it didn't effect the move or price thereafter. Everything was very professional. Movers came on time, called before arriving as promised. Foreman explained me one more time all the details of the paperwork. I showed them what exactly I need to move and to pack. It was really stress-free experience. Thank you again for such a great care!!

Origin : Arlington, VA
Destination : Washington, DC

Actual Price : $815.00

No Photo Donnie
November 3, 2014


I am satisfied)

My move happened a while ago. With help of the guys from Best offer moving it was really easy) This experience changed my opinion about hiring somebody to do the move. I've used to move myself before, and thanks god I didn't do it this time. It took me only a day to make everything happens. I was professionally taken care of) It's good to see what you are paying for. The estimate was right what i expected. Very good service, hard working guys, attentive customer rep. I am satisfied)

Origin : Mclean, VA
Destination : Mclean, VA

Quoted Price : $425.00
Actual Price : $488.00

No Photo Karen
November 3, 2014


Thank you

I totally disagree with 3 stars for this good company! All the details of the upcoming move were patiently explained to me by Karina over the phone. Once i received the email, i verified all of the information that was printed in the email and didn't find any surprises or hidden fees. So after numerous calls from different companies I finally decided to go with Best offer moving. They arrived at a scheduled day as we agreed between 8 and 8-30 in the morning. The moving crew was of a 3 guys. They appeared to be very professional and fast. All my worries disappeared in a middle of the moves, when i realized, that all my belongings are safe in their careful hands. Once all was packed and loaded in the truck, we delivered everything to another address, where the truck was unloaded and all the furniture and boxes were put in the right place! Thank you so much for the great experience!!! Can't say absolutely anything bad about them.

Origin : Gaithersburg, Md
Destination : Potomac, MD

Actual Price : $875.00

No Photo Sylvia
October 30, 2014


It was terrible, I had to end up ...

It was terrible, I had to end up firing them. They didn't give all the information up front and it was a lot of inaccurate information. So I didn't use them, I ended up moving myself. They didn't tell me a whole lot of stuff that they should've told me before I chose them. The woman told me that they would give me free boxes on the day of the move. I said I need the boxes before I move if you're gonna give me any because I want to be all packed up when you get here. So she still said that they'll bring a few free boxes the day of the move. The day they came I said where's your free boxes and he said that they don't give any free boxes. Well good thing I didn't believe them. The other thing was that they did not disclose to me that it was mandatory that I use plastic covers for my mattresses, which they said to me the day they came. [They said] you just have to pay for these covers or we can't move your mattresses. So I didn't use them, I think they hid a lot of stuff.

Origin : Greenbelt, MD
Destination : Greenbelt, MD

No Photo Erica
October 29, 2014


I'll definitely use them again and ...

I hired Best Offer for my move couple of days ago. Everything was great: polite workers, quality service, good prices. My move wasn't a big one and guys didn't try to work slowly just to extend the time. The team was very hard working and attentive. All in all a reliable company. I'll definitely use them again and recommend as well.

Origin : Potomac, MD
Destination : Bethesda, MD

No Photo James
October 17, 2014


Great Movers!

I can say a lot about Best Offer Moving, but what is most important is that they are honest! I knew all details of how everything works, all details of what the price will be based on. Nice attitude, quality service. Everything was done very efficient. Thank you, and I'll definitely use you again!

Origin : Bethesda, MD
Destination : Bethesda, MD

Actual Price : $890.00

No Photo James
September 18, 2014


Great job, fair price!!

I was choosing between couple moving companies for my move from a 3 bedroom house in McLean to another house at the same area. Best Offer was the company I've chosen. First of all because of an excellent customer care over the phone, second of all because of their recommendation! All furniture was carefully packed. They have had all necessary materials to protected all of the fragile items with extra care. Everything was boxed. The job was completed very professionally. You can see they know what they are doing. Great job, fair price.

Origin : McLean, VA
Destination : McLean, VA

No Photo Diana
September 16, 2014


The movers damaged my brand new front ...

My experience was okay, except they damaged the front door of mine and we have reported it, but nobody wants to repair my door. We took out insurance but they said it only took care of the things they moved. That was a brand new door. I'm highly upset.

Origin : Forestville, MD
Destination : Marlboro, MD

No Photo Ronnie
August 28, 2014


Good experience!

It was a good experience. They were good, they were on-time, relatively quick in getting the furniture moved.

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Angela
August 15, 2014



This is my first time using their service!! They came on time and show up to work professional and fast. You can easily see that they've worked for a long time and knows how to do their job. Today I had the pleasure of Denis, Vlad and Andrey as the three gentleman helping me with the move. They managed to load up my storing pod like a total Tetris machine! My stuff is safe and organized and I can't wait to call them up again next month when my new house is ready. They are some of the efficient workers I have ever seen. You can't beat the price either. I used their full packing service option, so everything was carefully wrapped and packed with bubbles and shrink to be sure it will be safe in a pod, and I got as many boxes as I needed for all my belongings, for only $135 an hour. Thats great! No extra charges, no other fees, just hourly price))) I did my research and they are the cheapest hourly movers in DC area - and after my experience today - the most fantastic quality. They made the entire experience so pleasant and easy! I cannot say enough about Best Offer Moving. If you are ever going to need movers...You must call these guys.

Origin : Arlington, VA
Destination : Arlington, VA

Quoted Price : $810.00
Actual Price : $810.00

No Photo John
August 11, 2014


Terrible Moving Experience

I scheduled my move with Karinna of Best Offer Moving a couple of weeks prior to my move date in July 2014 by paying a deposit (equal to one hour of labor). After scheduling my move, I also suggested this same moving company to my roomate who was moving in August 2014; my roomate also scheduled his move with Best Offer Moving. The day prior to my move, at approximately 6pm, I received a call from Karinna explaining that the movers would not be able to make their scheduled 8am appointment but could make it from 3-5pm on the scheduled move date. I would not accept this (I had taken off work; reserved the loading dock at my new apartment for a specific time frame and could not reschedule because their office had closed already; and had to be out of my old apartment by the move date) so Karinna made a few phone calls and was able to keep the 8am appointment. The movers showed up on time (at approx. 8:15am) and were very nice. They even hung in there when I had to wait an hour to get into my new apartment. They completed the job, and I paid them a tip (only because they did work very hard and were nice). My roommate called a day prior to his move date in August 2014 to confirm the appointment. Karinna stated that everything was fine with the appointment. On the day of the move, my roommate received a call from Karinna stating that the movers would not be able to make the 1-3pm appointment but could come between 3pm and 5pm; her excuse was that the client(s) had to make a another stop to pick up other furniture and was able to pay them on-the-spot so the company agreed to make the additional stop. Relunctantly (and without any other options), my roommate agreed to the new time. Later in the afternoon, Karinna informs him that the movers also cannot make the 3-5pm appointment but that she could guarantee 6pm. Highly frustrated (note: my roommate also had a loading dock reservation at the new apartment as well as had an 8pm birthday dinner to attend), my roommate agreed to the new time. A short time later, my roommate gives Karinna a call to make sure that the promise of a 6pm arrival could still be met; Karinna could no longer promise the guaranteed time of 6pm. With no other option, my roommate scheduled with another company (Twins Moving & Storage, Capitol Heights, MD); last minute, they were able to accomodate him on the following morning with no problem. He called Karinna back to express his frustration with the company for waisting his time and requested a refund. Karinna stated that she could not refund his deposit because she did not have his information on file because his information was "on the truck." He reminded her that she had sent him a confirmation e-mail containing his information when he initially scheduled a move with the company; she then agreed to process the refund. If you don't have time for the run around, please don't waste your time with Best Offer Moving!

Origin : Glen Burnie, MD
Destination : Hyattsville, MD

Quoted Price : $255.00
Actual Price : $595.00

No Photo Karen
August 11, 2014


Great Service

I just moved from Alexandria to Fairfax and hiring movers from Best Offer cost me much less than I expected). It was a great company to work with. Karina walked me through all the details and explained everything, so I was not surprised after. Super responsive over email and phone. The team was timely and as promised, they called prior to arriving so you're not sitting around all day wondering where they are. Movers did a fantastic job. Everything was carefully wrapped and delivered. It seemed like they really respected my house, they were cautious both moving out and in. They were super nice, hard-working, and professional, even working in 90 degree temperatures. Andrey, Vlad and Steve were more than we could have hoped for! I couldn't say enough great things about this company. I already referred them to my brother and sister-in-law, and they booked Best Offer Moving Company on the spot for their move in a few weeks. While moving is never fun, they made it as painless as possible!

Origin : Alexandria, VA
Destination : Faifax, VA

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