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Professionalism 5.0

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Year of Estd: 11/1/2014

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Big Bens Moving & Storage, Inc Location


Big Bens Moving & Storage, Inc
20801 Nordhoff St. Unit B
ChatsworthCA 91311 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-618-7514
Phone: 818-483-8198
Fax: 818-483-8199

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No Photo Nicole
April 7, 2019


Helpful Customer Service!

Orderly, and conscientious of everything including my possessions, the walls and the floors of both houses. Truly awesome to work with.

Origin : Chatsworth, CA
Destination : Rochelle Park, NJ

No Photo Lynette
April 5, 2019


Beautiful Moving Company

If you are looking for a moving company that will not let you down at any point then you need to try Big Ben’s. These guys have never let me down.%0d%0a

Origin : Chatsworth, CA
Destination : Lafayette, IN

No Photo Michaiel
November 21, 2018


Absolutely the best moving service

All of my moves except this last one have been painful in one way or another. But thanks to these guys, my most recent move was so successful, and painless unlike my other previous experiences. Thank you!

Origin : Lakeland, FL
Destination : Seattle, WA

No Photo Ruth
November 19, 2018


Excellent Quality Service!

Big Ben’s is the best moving company I have encountered in the recent past. The crew members went about their work professionally, and they followed my instructions to the letter. I will definitely hire them again because I am confident in their capabilities.

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Crown Point, IN

No Photo Anna
November 9, 2018


Fantastic service!

This move was fun, easy, and affordable. The entire crew was pleasant and they were genuinely happy to be there. Great work ethic by the way!

Origin : Freehold, NJ
Destination : Belvidere, NC

No Photo Alex
November 3, 2018


They are a very reliable company

I appreciate that this company is fully licensed and has experience with commercial moves. I needed to move my business from downtown LA to the outskirts, not a huge move, but considering we were taking up three floors of a sky rise, still a fairly large task. Big Ben’s crew came in however, and planned everything out then moved everything with efficiency, proving to me this is not their first rodeo. They are a very reliable company and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to move my business.

Origin : Downtown, LA
Destination : Outskirts, LA

No Photo Marcia
November 2, 2018


Good job, guys!

My friend was looking for recommendations for a relocation company, and I suggested Big Ben’s. He was so impressed with how they worked on his move, that he took me out for drinks simply for recommending the company to him. Good job, guys!

Origin : Oakland, CA
Destination : Greenleaf, KS

No Photo Stephanie
October 24, 2018


I hired the right company

You guys did an amazing job. The crew was on time, extremely organized, polite, and very flexible. The whole thing was easier than I had anticipated.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Jackson, MS

No Photo Romaine
October 22, 2018


I’m satisfied

I have tried a couple of moving companies before, and I thought that this one would be as bad as the other ones. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are

Origin : Pomona, CA
Destination : Freehold, NJ

No Photo Darlene
September 27, 2018


These guys are honest and professional

Big Ben’s Moving Company is the only moving company I would recommend to friends, family and strangers within the state who might be looking to move across state. These guys are honest and professional, and their work always speaks for itself.

Origin : Pomona, CA
Destination : Fresno, CA

No Photo Angela
September 25, 2018


I’m extremely happy with them

Thank you guys for keeping your word and delivering all of my stuff when you said you would. I am thinking of using your storage services as well next time, and I am hopeful that that experience would be as pleasant as this one.

Origin : Pomona, CA
Destination : Nashville, TN

No Photo Julia
September 23, 2018


I am really happy with the exceptional ...

Wow! What a wonderful moving experience. The crewmembers arrived on time and packed everything up according to my exact specifications. The crew moved quickly and everything was done within no time. All of my things arrived on the other side safely and on time. I am really happy with the exceptional job that the guys from Big Ben’s did, and I will be more than happy to recommend this company to anyone who might be looking for a moving company.

Origin : Washington, MD
Destination : Weybridge, VT

No Photo Mallory
September 19, 2018


Extremely happy with the service

For as long as I have been a Utah resident, Big Ben’s Moving has always been my number one choice when it comes to moving and storage. I have used their different offerings a couple of times, and I am extremely happy with the service I have received each time.

Origin : Chico, CA
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Kyle
August 30, 2018


Outstanding moving experience!

Best move I have probably ever experienced and that says a lot considering that I have moved more than ten times in my life. These guys are attentive, responsive, and highly effective working as a team. I will definitely be hiring this company for my future office moves.

Origin : Landover, MD
Destination : Lynbrook, NY

No Photo Jay
August 28, 2018


Wonderful job done

The crewmembers arrived just on time, they packed all of my things carefully and in no time, they were on the long journey towards my new apartment. They kept me informed throughout the journey, which helped allay any fears that I had about the safety of my things. Thanks, guys for the wonderful job done.

Origin : Woburn, MA
Destination : Marquette, MI

No Photo Michaiel
August 27, 2018


Thank you, Big Ben

Having lived in Michigan nearly all of my life, it was a bit heart-breaking to have to move away to another state. I am so thankful for the team from Big Bens; the driver was excellent, and he cheered me up about the move. I stopped feeling bad after he reassured me and the rest of the moving experience was splendid! Thank you, Big Ben.

Origin : Caro, MI
Destination : Lakeland, FL

No Photo Betty
August 26, 2018


Best Moving Company

Lucky I is all I can say. I found the best moving company in the state and they were super kind and affordable. Thanks, guys for a wonderful job and for ensuring that my move was this smooth.

Origin : Alhambra, CA
Destination : Abilene, TX

No Photo Lori
August 25, 2018


Excellent moving work

They worked with my schedule and they gave me an excellent price. It was cheaper than all the other companies I had inquired from, and they did a top notch, high quality job on my move.

Origin : Lakeland, FL
Destination : Chico, CA

No Photo Louvenia
August 23, 2018


Best moving company in the state

I appreciate the flexibility this company afforded me when I hired them for my last move. I had to reschedule two times owing to work related reasons but they did not get annoyed or refuse my business. It was a truly a wonderful opportunity to work with the best moving company in the state.

Origin : Alhambra, CA
Destination : Kenner, LA

No Photo Virginia
August 22, 2018


Best moving experience

I am so glad I found this company’s ad and chose to give them a call. That was the best moving experience of my life, and I am glad that I chose this company.

Origin : Chico, CA
Destination : Landover, MD

No Photo Angela
July 30, 2018


Reputable Moving Company

I have moved nearly four times across different states, and I had almost given up on finding a reputable moving company. It seemed everytime I moved, I would have to bear with broken glasses, broken furniture, and broken dreams. But, I am pleasantly surprised with the work done by Big Ben’s, and they are the only company that I will trust with my moves in the future.

Origin : Rochester, NY
Destination : Saint Louis, MO

No Photo Gloria
July 28, 2018


Superb Service!

I moved state recently, and I honestly feel that it would have gone the wrong way if I had chosen a different company. I chose Big Ben’s because my boyfriend had used the company before, and he kept insisting that it was the best company out there. Turns out he was right, and I have no regrets at all.

Origin : Alhambra, CA
Destination : Sanibel, FL

No Photo Jannette
July 26, 2018


Safe & Affordable Moving Company

I had so many questions about my move, and the customer care representatives at Big Ben seemed eager to answer all of them. I am sure this company has hundreds of moves every month, but they make you feel like your move is the most important thing at the moment. And they keep all their promises including when they will deliver your stuff to your new location. This company is worth recommending to everyone who is considering a move.

Origin : Chico, CA
Destination : Ft Lauderdale, FL

No Photo Lana
July 22, 2018


They are very good!

These guys are well-organized and are very genuine about their whole service package. I especially appreciate the fact that there were no hidden costs, which usually catch you off-guard once the move is complete. Keep doing what you are doing, Big Bens Moving; you are making a lot of people happy.

Origin : Boston, MA
Destination : Hickor, NC

No Photo Lavern
July 20, 2018


Honest and reliable movers

After going through several reviews on long-distance moving companies and getting recommendations from a couple of friends, I decided to settle on Big Bens. The crew is excellent at packing, trucking, unpacking, and arranging. Everything arrived neatly packed and in one piece. They even helped me unpack the heavy stuff! If I ever have to move again, Big Bens will be my first call.

Origin : Chico, CA
Destination : Caro, MI

No Photo Brandy
July 18, 2018


Best moving experience ever

There is no comprehensive manual on how to select a moving company, and that is probably the reason so many people end up with their things stolen or broken or misplaced. Luckily, you do not need a manual when companies like Big Bens are in existence. I did a thorough background check on several moving companies, and Big Bens emerged the best. The experience was worthwhile, and I am so glad that I made the right decision.

Origin : Hickory, NC
Destination : Boston, MA

No Photo Rebecca
July 11, 2018


Very Professional service!!

The night before my move I had the worst nightmare possible. I dreamt that all of my stuff got stolen by the moving company! The next day I was all jittery because of the dream because I thought that it was some sort of premonition and I was so close to canceling the entire move. However, the Big Ben movers who arrived at my home to pack up my stuff noticed how apprehensive I was and they took every measure to calm me down. It worked! I’m now completely settled in my new place with all of my stuff intact, and I could not be happier with the service from Big Bens Moving.

Origin : Chico, CA
Destination : Washington, MD

No Photo Janet
July 9, 2018


Honest Moving Company!

The most impressive bit of having hired Big Bens to help me move my things across state was the fact that the estimate and the actual cost were pretty much the same. Wow! I did not expect that because some of my friends have told me how they ended up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars above the initial estimate they were provided by a moving company. I’m glad I chose an honest company to work with.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Alhambra , CA

No Photo Amelia
July 7, 2018


Wonderful Moving Experience!

If you are planning a big move anytime soon, please consider Big Bens as your moving company of choice. I had told my brother the same thing because I had had a wonderful experience moving my things with this company. Unfortunately, he did not take up my recommendation, and some of his really precious items somehow disappeared while in transit. Please, do not end up like my brother, trust Big Bens!

Origin : Brisbane, CA
Destination : New Berlin, WI

No Photo Margaret
July 5, 2018


It was a pleasant experience

I hired Big Ben’s last summer to move me to a new state and it was a pleasant experience. The crew made me feel like we were on the same side, and they were even giving me recommendations on how to cut costs while moving. I am definitely using this company again when I have to move.

Origin : Wakefield, MA
Destination : Fort Myers, FL

No Photo Sheryl
July 3, 2018


Thanks for all the help

The wonderful crew from Big Ben’s did what they were expected to do and much more! Thank you for how well you packed my things, transported them, and assembled them. Thank you also for the fun we had; this was the most fun I had ever had moving.

Origin : Rochester, NY
Destination : Hickory, NC

No Photo Janet
July 1, 2018


Good Service and use them again

I hired Big Ben’s Moving several weeks ago to help my son move state. He had to sit several exams during the week that he was supposed to move, and I thought it best to hire him some help. The crew came and packed as he went studied for his last paper; he says they didn’t bother him at all. His things also arrived safely at his new apartment, and I was there to receive them and make sure everything was in order. It was such a seamless process, and we are both impressed by Big Ben’s.

Origin : Alhambra, CA
Destination : Walthill, NE

No Photo Mary
July 1, 2018


Excellent moving experience!

I highly recommend Big Ben’s to anyone who is about to make a move across state. We had to be in our new home and out of our old one within a very specific time frame, and Big Ben’s was able to cover that with a very well thought-out moving plan. They are also very detail-oriented, and this was beyond impressive.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Brisbane, CA

No Photo Mary
July 1, 2018


Friendly and helpful company!

Moving from Chatsworth to Troutman seemed like an uphill task, but, Big Ben’s made it incredibly easy for me. They came to my old apartment, packed all of my things up in such an efficient manner, and within the stipulated time, they had arrived at my new place in Troutman. They also helped me unpack and arrange my things. It was such a pleasure working with this company, and I am recommending them to anyone who is making a big move across state.

Origin : Chatsworth, Ca
Destination : Troutman

No Photo Peggy
June 29, 2018


Authentic and reliable moving company

If there is one thing I loathe about moving companies is that they put different people’s stuff in the same truck at the same time. That is usually a recipe for disaster because the moving crew is bound to mix things up, and you are most probably not going to get all of your stuff back. When I was asking for an estimate from Big Ben’s I raised this issue, and they promised that it would not happen. True to their word, it did not, and all of my stuff arrived safely.

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Maple Heights, OH

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