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Accuracy of Estimate 2.9
Moving Services 3.3
Packing Services 3.7
Professionalism 2.9

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Champion Movers LLC
4420 Andrews St Ste C
North Las VegasNV 89081 USA

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Phone: 877-419-6683
Fax: 702-876-2382

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No Photo Lisa
April 12, 2021


Champion has not delivered in 21 days ...

Champion Movers' manager, Tonya, has made such a mess of my move that it is now impacting my real estate agents' sales commission as well as costing me a plane ticket for this coming weekend to list my house for sale with Gavish Century 21 in Henderson. I am formally requesting that Gavish no longer recommend Champion Movers to their clients because of the way my move has been so poorly managed. No one gave me a date of delivery and still has not given me a date of delivery (a firm date) even though Champion has been in possession of literally everything I own since 3/24/21. Today is 4/12/21 and I still do not know when or if the truck will arrive. I have spoken to their horrible manager Tonya three times, and each time she has played games on the phone with misstating dates and expectations. She has not resolved anything in a professional manner. I still do not know when or if my household belongings will arrive to my new address in GA. They have now cost me a plane ticket worth $350 for travel to Las Vegas in order to list my house for sale with Gavish, as I cannot go there this weekend if I am still waiting indefinitely here in Atlanta for Champion movers who may or may not arrive. Since March 29th, I have slept on the floor of my new place with no furniture because of Tonya's poor management. I hope that Gavish realty will NEVER put one of their clients through an experience like this again. Gavish Realty knows that I am asking, in a formal manner, for Gavish to stop recommending Champion to their clients. We all want an explanation of why this is such a horrible move, and why Tonya has continued to not do her job or keep Champion's commitments. When I signed this agreement with Champion Movers, they told me this would take 7 days from pickup and that is why I agreed to hire the company. I am now on day 19 of NV law that says 21 days maximum for a move. Tonya is continuing to play games with the timeframe, stating that that date range only applies to business days that the office is open. However, she said the movers might deliver on a Saturday or Sunday. So if they are working, those are legally business days too. My next step is to file a formal complaint with NV regulatory agencies as well as legal action for monetary damages like you have now cost me in terms of the plane ticket I can no longer use. Formal complaints have been filed with the NV Transportation Authority, the NV Dept of Consumer Affairs and the BBB. We all would like to see helpful resolution in this matter, immediately, as Tonya informed me this morning that my furniture is still sitting in their Las Vegas warehouse today, as it has been since 3/24. All of this is completely unacceptable and I will be pursuing every legal remedy under Nevada jurisdiction along with every business aspect I can with your referral sources to ensure that NO ONE experiences

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $4,600.00

No Photo Sk
August 18, 2020


Scammers!!!! DO NOT HIRE!!!

Worst moving company ever! The movers and drivers were excellent, management and customer service is horrible, the worst experience ever! They're only nice until you hire them. They will charge you thousands in extra hidden costs, they will not deliver withinthetime frame they provide....driver was not on time then called to say he'll arrive in 2 hours and I had to be ready or there will be extra fees. No advance call as promised. Don't use this company!!! they'll give you a low quote and end up charging you extra, I ended up paying double the quote, they kept addingcharges after the puck up. The staff refuse to escalate issues and will tell you that the company owner is not interested in customer feedback or speaking to customers, they wont provide a number or contact info for complaints so no one can really help you. My valuable furniture was broken and damaged. Don't waste your money and time. Run!!!! Horrible business!! They do not take accountability for anything!

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $1,900.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Lisa
August 13, 2020


Worst Company Ever!

Run,run run! Don't even get a quote! You will be swindled! We received an in-home binding quote. When they came out - they brought two trucks,told us we would be charged EXTRA (per weight) should we go into the second truck. I told them we had a binding quote since we did an in-home,they said it didn't matter,that is just an estimate,they will charge us based on what they ACTUALLY move. Obviously,we had to call the manager to get this rectified and I did not end up having to pay for the second truck but then they told me AFTER they loaded all my stuff that I was going to be in around 23,000 pounds,WAY over the estimated 13,000 pounds originally quoted. And he told me that was being generous! Obviously,I wasn't going to pay that - so I made them weigh trucks which came in around 17,000 pounds total! And this was AFTER he told me it would be a big mistake for me to weigh the trucks,because it would come back at around 28,000 pounds and once they weigh the trucks I would be stuck paying for that so I better just accept the 23,000 pounds. Luckily,I didn't take the bait and had them weigh the trucks and was lucky I did. The guy managing the project was the worst human on the planet from the beginning,he came with an attitude and left with an attitude. You will be swindled by this company,even if they give you a binding quote. They also refused to wear booties,so they DEMOLISHED my carpet of the house we were selling and we had to pay to get it cleaned - they never paid for it to this day,even after they said if they ruined it,they would. Trust me when I say,you will regret every second you work with this company. Not only are the people horrible but price gauge you,when you have no other choices on your move day is astronomical! I've moved 10 times in 10 years and I can say this is the worst of the worst. The owners also own Planet Movers,so watch out! They are the same company - so stay clear there too. It's all attitude the entire time,lying,and overpromising. Uploaded pictures of the condition of my carpets after they were done - they then claimed they didn't damage them,because they put down clean plastic wrap which was a joke. There was one person who actually took care to not ruin my carpets and the rest just took their dirty black shoes all over my white carpet and left their trash everywhere! You will see in the pictures everything they left behind. (yes,I have pictures of my original carpet taken the day before as well) OH,they also state they take down TV's while they are selling you,but then don't do it. There was one guy who was actually nice so he did it for me - considering I was moving across country alone with my twin 15 month olds and trying to get moved out of a 3000 sq foot house by myself and these guys did the bare minimum. This is one company I hope doesn't destroy moves for other people in the future and just shuts down. READ THE REVIEWS! I made the mistake of ignoring

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Detroit

Quoted Price : $7,700.00
Actual Price : $9,600.00

No Photo Heather
September 5, 2019


Great movers!

Very professional and efficient! Good coordination from one state to another. All of my things arrived on time and safe. Everything was well wrapped and had no damage. I was very impressed. The driver and. Overs were Great!!

Origin : Ohio
Destination : Arizona

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

No Photo Rachael
June 21, 2019


Buyer Beware!

The moving company did show up on time and pack our furniture well, no issues there. Luckily because of previous issues with moving companies on different moves, my husband accompanied the truck to the weigh station while it was empty and then again after it was filled with our items. We received a copy of both weights. Our move was June 10, currently we have been advised the Movers will not be able to make it to deliver our items until June 23rd or June 24th. That is within the timeline defined in the contract, so while that is inconvenient it’s not a problem. The problem is they are trying to charge us for an additional 1200 lbs, which works out to $800. I probably would not use this company again because it takes so long for delivery and customer service is bad- giving attitude and not calling back when they said they would, and trying to overcharge us. Update: The driver Alvin (that was tipped $50) lost our paperwork apparently that had the weight for the truck on it. So we sent our copies to Tonya, who passed the issue on to Tracy, her supervisor. With that un refutable evidence, they decided to change the price per pound from 0.66 cents to 0.69 cents. Summer, the customer service rep that initially took our quote, assured us multiple times it would be 0.66/lb. This is a sheisty, dishonest company- buyer beware!

Origin : Winchester, Ca
Destination : Twin Falls Idaho

Quoted Price : $3,960.00
Actual Price : $3,740.00

No Photo Megan
July 6, 2018



I'd give no stars if it was an option. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Save yourself the bait and switch. First issue was they showed up at 5pm on a Sunday for a whole house pack out and move. They immediately said they could only work for 3 hours and had to come back the next day. Per my moving agreement and the sale of my house, I had to be out of there by Sunday. Now they put my in breech of my settlement contract on the close of my house. Next issue, I was quoted way under my weight and packing estimate for a whole house (3 bedrooms). I packed about half of my house out myself leaving the items that were hung on my walls and the kitchen left to pack. My estimate was $500 for whole house packing. When the movers got there the bait and switch began. See pricing list below. Some of these boxes and packing fees are onward of $50!!!!! For one box!!!! I told them to stop packing after 4 wall (mirror) boxes had me almost at the half way point of my estimate. I ended up having to pack out my entire kitchen and multiple other items myself until 1am in the morning. I'm also pregnant on top of this and my husband had to relocate early due to his job. We hired this company to make my life easier due to the baby. Nope! The next day they said it was only going to take 3-4 hours to finishing loading the truck. Wrong again. Try 8 hours and I missed a whole day of work that wasn't expected. They little packing they had left was horrendous. I am expecting everything I own to be damaged and/ or broken. I had to ask one of the packers to wrap a glass lamp in paper. He rolled his eyes and said paper wouldn't do anything. He then shoved it in the box and dumped my $800 rooma (unwrapped) right on top of it. I saw boxes busting at the seems where they tried to fit as much as possible, again unwrapped, in a box. I am beyond worried about how my stuff will arrive next week. So after it was all said an done, I was told my weight had exceeded the estimate by over 2000 pounds and I was looking at $1600 more than quoted. That's a lot of money to be off on an estimate. I had reached my final straw and had no choice but to agree to pay it. They left and said they had a pick up 2 hours away from me and my items would have to go to Las Vegas where their warehouse is, taken off the truck and put on a new one that was heading out to the east coast. Next bait and switch, my closing date on my new house got pushed back. The movers said to just call and adjust the date. As long as the goods hadn't left yet I was fine. Nope! Wrong again. I called to push my date back 6 days and now they want to stick me with another $350 storage fee that they said I've already incurred when they off loaded the truck YESTERDAY!!!! This is ridiculous. This company has no customer service, they refuse to help, they don't take responsibility for any of their mismanagement or mistakes. I hope this review saves someone from going through the stress I have. I was

Origin : Scottsdale, AZ
Destination : State College, PA

Quoted Price : $3,300.00
Actual Price : $5,200.00

No Photo Cynthia
June 12, 2018


Awesome Just Awesome

I had to move some stuff to to Call. Called several places they all wanted me to wait couldn't book it. New planet came through for me in more than one way. Beat every One's price quote that I got , that alone was enough but the timeline and professionalism of the people there really terrific

Origin : Las Vegas NV
Destination : California

No Photo Fran
March 14, 2017



ONLY reason for price difference was unexpected VERY long walk btwn my apt

Origin : Reno, NV
Destination : Buffalo, NY

Quoted Price : $1,880.00
Actual Price : $1,923.00

No Photo Michael
July 27, 2016


Great Company

the best we have used in 18 years which represents 20 moves with name brand company's none came close to Champion movers very efficient great movers highly recomend you have great crews thank you Michael

Origin : Las Vegas NV
Destination : Care Free AZ

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $2,200.00

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