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Accuracy of Estimate 3.9
Moving Services 4.0
Packing Services 4.2
Professionalism 3.9

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License Info: US DOT # 2962412
ICC MC # 5503
Insurance: On file: $750.000
Required: $750.000
Year of Estd: 4/30/2015

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Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving Inc
5300 Powerline Rd
Fort LauderdaleFL 33309 USA

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Toll Free: 954-325-7501
Phone: 954-325-7501

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No Photo Jonathan
April 19, 2021


Very punctual!!!

Best movers I have ever experienced in last 6 years! They were very punctual, fast and kept me updated throughout the whole process. They were able to move my 2 bedrooms apartment within 6 hours , which got 2 elevators and a long walk . They were absolutely professional and careful They did an EXCELLENT JOB. I highly recommend them.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Clinton, MD

No Photo Albert
April 19, 2021



They were super easy to work with. They gave me quote over the phone. It appeared FAIR and REASONABLE. We exchanged a tiny bit of paperwork, and two weeks later the movers showed up exactly on time. They were fast, efficient, friendly, they just knew how to move my stuff. They blanketed and wrapped all of my furniture and took good care not to damage my belongings. Easy to work with, fair pricing, good service. NO STRESS!!!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Pensacola, FL

No Photo Joe
April 16, 2021


Well prepared and well trained!!!

Last week my friend moved from FL to NYC. I had always done the moving myself, but, this guy had a ton of stuff. His parents couldn't make it in, and my parents were busy. Against my will, we had to hire a company. I looked online and spoke to a couple of friends and eventually came across Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving. All I could say is EXCELLENT. These guys arrived on time, prepared, and well trained. I was anxious about them breaking my friends bed, but these movers were extra cautious. These guys were real movers. They were also friendly, something I did not expect. The price paid was reasonable for this kind of moving service. I would highly recommend this company.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Karencarter
April 13, 2021



Absolutely amazing! If I could give them more than five stars I would. The movers were quick, reliable, efficient, accommodating and very helpful. They were able to dismantle the bed and table and put it back together without a problem! They had all the supplies necessary to take care of everything. NO HASSLES WHATSOEVER! I will definitely use them again for my next move!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Sara
April 13, 2021



Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving was by far the MOST AFFORDABLE OPTION we came across and the company was very transparent throughout the process. The delivery was done in a timely manner and before, during, and after the move, they were great with communication. We've referred you guys to a friend of ours - thanks so much for the great work!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Tanishaadams
April 7, 2021



The crew were great! They showed up on time and were VERY DETAIL ORIENTED. They consistently asked questions to make sure things were wrapped, packed to my satisfaction, pointed out any signs of prior damage, which made for a SUPER SMOOTH PROCESS. On top of that they were very nice and overall pleasant to work with!!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Pensacola, FL

No Photo Mrtango
April 5, 2021


They took very good care!

They were very polite, clean and professional. They took VERY GOOD CARE of all of my expensive and heavy furniture and even took my king size bed frame apart and put it all back together in the new place. That was not an easy task but they had the RIGHT TOOLS to get the job done right. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their next move.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Irvine, CA

No Photo Evelyn
April 5, 2021


This one is by far the best movers!!

Awesome job guys! Highly professional movers! They arrived right on time and are very efficient and professionals!! I had a house full of furniture moved from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Dallas, TX and I was very happy with their service. I've used many different movers but this one is by far the BEST! I will recommend this company to anyone who is looking for the best movers!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Alisbah
April 1, 2021


Thanks for making it such a stress ...

This is the 2nd time we've used Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving and they've maintained their high quality, professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness. Thanks for making it such a stress free move! Can't say more good things about this company and its professional moving team. I would highly recommend them.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : San Francisco, CA

No Photo Clarkson
April 1, 2021



These guys are exceptional with both customer service and execution. The front office are HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL and PATIENT. I am very impressed with this company and will not hesitate to use them again in the future as well as recommend them to anyone in need of moving services. Thanks guys!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Bobby
April 1, 2021



This was my 5th professional move, and these guys handled everything efficiently. There were NO SURPRISES, they arrived 15 minutes early, nothing was damaged and all my things was handled with great care. This was the first time I found out it was actually possible to disassemble the couch. Without that, it might not have even been possible to move the couch. I can't say enough good things about them. I'll be using them for my next move.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Pensacola, FL

No Photo Alexandermiles
March 28, 2021


Answered very quickly !

Cheney Bro Moving answered quickly was able to accommodate us and provided an incredibly reasonable rate to move us from FL to IL. The mover team communicated with us as they made their way to our pickup and then did an AMAZINGLY QUICK, EXPERT AND PROFESSIONAL JOB packing up our things and moving them into our new home. Stress free experience at a price that felt well below what if was worth. Thank you so much!!

Origin : Fort Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo George
March 13, 2021


Great service

My name is George Stern and I know a good mover myself when I see one because I was a mover myself. I moved with Cheney bro world-wide moving from miami fl to Chicago il and the service was excellent. My movers were dressed in uniform also they were on time all my items were property package and crated packed up on the truck and and transported to my new location. My price didn't change not even one Penny because while I was packing I keep them updated with all the additional items to update my list. I know that there are some terrible moving companies out there however when these guys arrive and started working I was very happy and my mind was at ease I was very happy with my service. Thank you Cheney brothers for this wonderful experience. I would recommend them to my friends and families, thank you Cheney bro world-wide moving staff for your service.

Origin : Miami fl
Destination : Chicago il

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

No Photo Kim
January 12, 2021


Do NOT use Cheney Bros!!!!

I have moved several times over the coarse of my years. I have never experience none of the things that I encounter with Cheney Bros Moving company. I have read other comments regarding this company and I can say that my experience is similar. First of contact with Chris O. I walked through every room and gave him a play by play of every piece of furniture in my home. I had two stops; some furniture to go into storage and the other to come to Va. I knew I had been had when TWO movers arrived 3 DAYS LATER THAN my promised day to have movers arrive to my home. This delay was a serious inconvenience to my family, including a 26 month of baby! Two movers came to move a 4 bedroom home. They were told that they had arrived to pick up a load equivalent to an one bedroom. From there, the price started going up. Needless to say, we could not reach Chris O to discuss what I now call straight out dishonesty. My family and I were then in a bind. We were 3 days late from being on the road to travel to another state and we had to move!! To think that I had spoken to another moving company and contemplated going to that company! Chris O assured me that Cheney Bros had the best customer service and lowest prices. Yes, it starts with a low price that I feel was intentionally lower to pull you in and then the scam starts. Chris O is not a nice guy. Will never use this company again. NEVER and will let anyone who is willing to listen know.

Origin : Atlanta
Destination : Va

Quoted Price : $1,644.00
Actual Price : $2,936.17

No Photo Carol
January 10, 2021




Origin : Fayetteville NC
Destination : Clinton MD

Quoted Price : $1,199.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

No Photo A
January 7, 2021



NEVER use this company

Origin : Florida
Destination : Maine

Quoted Price : $995.00
Actual Price : $2,298.00

No Photo Allissandra
December 25, 2020



Beware this is not a legit company luckily I filed a report with the police and they will soon be visiting the company’s location to shut them down . If you see them call the police they do not own a moving truck and they are not a legit moving company . They damaged all my furniture and belongings and will not answer my calls . Luckily I am a major in the army and jag will be pursuing a criminal case against them

Origin : Stuart
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $3,000.00

No Photo Sarah
December 23, 2020


Horrible, do not use

This company is a dishonest, deceitful scammer. I requested quotes for an interstate move through a referral service. Didn't think I could afford it. Chris O with Cheney Brothers was one of the first to call. He claimed they already had a truck going the route I needed and they need to fill it to not lose money, so he ordered me a deal. $3k and free bags for our mattresses. I explained we had a 4/2 1700sf home. I texted him a list of every piece of furniture we own and guesstimated 50 boxes. I was told by competitors who called that they this deal was an underestimated. Chris O said he was the owner, not just a sales rep, and not to listen to people who bad mouth other companies. He told me that we would have our own compartment in the truck and they never mix belongings. I was given 2 possible pickup dates and told is be given 24 hours notice for pickup. I was called 48 hrs in advance and told a 4-6pm pickup time. The day of pickup the driver called to say they would arrive in 3 hours, 2.5 hours ahead of schedule. They arrived in a 26' Penske truck. Alarm bells started ringing. This is the truck we planned to rent for our house alone. They opened the door to reveal it was already 1/2-2/3 full!!! Definitely no separate compartment. I immediately called Chris O on his cell and desk lines, left messages. I called dispatch. The 2 movers counted my boxes- I was 50 over my guesstimate. No way that alone was the reason my stuff wouldn't fit. They had SEVERELY AND KNOWINGLY underestimated me. Dispatch was polite and said no problem, they'd work on another truck and call me back. The movers loaded about 15 boxes into the truck. Dispatch called back to say that upon visual estimate, it would cost me 10k instead of 3. 7k more for being 50 boxes over. Ridiculous!!!!! Chris O is supposed to be a professional at estimating. We were prepared to pay $500-$1000 more, not more than triple the quote! My husband told her to have them unload our stuff and leave. We are out our $100 deposit, and the $50 we gave the on site staff for being nice even though their company is crap. Dispatch said they'd charge us labor for the boxes that were needing unloading. My husband said he'd unload them himself then. In the meantime Chris O called back. I shared the situation with him. He told me hold tight and he'd call back. After 20 minutes with no response and their truck and movers on my driveway, I called him. His response was to text me the number to dispatch. I called dispatch again. Same lady. I asked her if she had a much more reasonable quote for me and she said "No, the truck is going elsewhere, have a nice day" and hung up the phone. These people are shysters of the worst kind. I should have never used them when I couldn't find any reviews for them on the web. They are somehow associated with Cheney Bros Inc, the food distributer. When we arrived the next day at Penske to pickup our DIY moving truck, their tractor trailers were parked everywhere.

Origin : Pensacola FL
Destination : Powell WY

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

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