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Compton Brothers Moving-DFW LLC
801 Avenue H East
ArlingtonTX 76011 USA

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Toll Free: 855-390-0051
Phone: 214-556-1197

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No Photo Ike
July 26, 2016

DO NOT USE! Try serving legal ...

They damaged our furniture. Called them and they said get an estimate from Furniture Medic. Got estimate and sent pics to Mr. Compton. Damages were $2000, they offered $250. Tried suing. Lawyer address and their business address were both old addresses. They take your money and HIDE.

Origin : Houston
Destination : Arlington

No Photo Kirk
June 18, 2015



Origin : dallas
Destination : rather not say

No Photo Matthew
April 15, 2015

Check BBB

Don't make this site your only stop for info about Compton Brother's Moving. Do yourself a favor and check out the complaints against them on the BBB website. I had a TERRIBLE experience. Damaged goods, forged receipts, delayed move, lack of proper equipment, failure to get necessary documentation on their part for me to submit for reimbursement. These people are shady as a company and hire awful movers to do their work.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Earlene
March 17, 2015

They threw stuff around and threatened ...

They threw stuff in the storage room like high school boys. We got to get someone to go in there and straighten it up. If you opened the door, it'd probably fall out in the hallway. ... It is stacked any kind of way, it's just horrible. And then the price that we were quoted, he wants to charge her more. Then once we got home she paid him ten dollars over the moving fee. It wasn't even going to take him two hours. After we got home, he called my daughter back and told her he was going to turn her in to the... police department for… not paying him enough or whatever he was trying to say. So I called the manager, the man that I made the appointment with to move. He told me, he said that he didn't understand, the man had been with them all these years. I said, “Well you know, I don't know how long it’s been, I don't care how long he's been with them. I don't have time to call and complain.

Origin : Fort Worth, TX
Destination : Grand Prairie, TX

No Photo Erica
March 11, 2015

The movers were timely, fast and ...

It was good. The guys were really nice, really professional. The pricing was good. They came on time, they didn't take an extremely long time. They were personable. It was two guys, they were pretty good.

Origin : Arlington, TX
Destination : Arlington, TX

No Photo Elizabeth
February 24, 2015

Lead Mover became abusive. I felt ...

I choose this company because a great sales person (Gretchen) made me feel safe and confident that I was making the right choice... even when other companies tried to tell me that your company was the wrong choice The experience was not just bad, it was horrible. The ‘head mover’ (leader) became abusive, physically hostile, rude and made me feel threatened and scared in my own home when I disagreed to give him my credit card information as I was told I was going to be charged by the office.. I had the understanding that the move was going to be charged to my card after the fact. When the move was done at around 3am, and he wasn’t getting the credit card information from me he became demanding and started to become aggressive. He started to curse and scream at me and I felt totally scared. The other 2 movers just stood there and did nothing to stop the abuse. The reason this experience was so dramatic for me is because I felt powerless, helpless, abused, scared and threatened in my own home. I felt totally at the mercy of this abusive man who could not handle a simple disagreement with professionalism and grace but with brute force (hitting the kitchen counter and throwing boxes around), curse words, hostile physical demeanor and by raising his voice. I felt so scared and alone that I had to retreat to another room, away from him. I was shaking out of fear and helplessness. I was crying because I felt alone and scared. I paid this company for a safe and smooth move I never thought he would turn into an screaming, cursing and hostile person. I was scared in my own home... this is why I describe this experience as one of the worse in my life. To make it worse, after I talked to the person that claimed being the owner of the company, I realized I had no choice but to give in to this abusive person. The person claiming to be his boss (one he called), just kept telling me that if I did not give my personal information to this guy, he would load up the truck with my stuff and take it to a locker. It went from a long, but otherwise pleasant move, to this horrible experience where I felt threatened by this guy and totally helpless by this voice on the phone. When I gave the phone back to the mover (after I talked to the so-called owner), I heard the mover say 'ok buddy... great... thank you!' ... clearly talking to a friend that 'had his back' ... regardless of how horrible he had been to me. The person on the phone kept saying that the mover got upset because I did not want to pay... when it was the opposite... I did not want to pay because I had already given my credit card information to the office and then because he had become abusive and were leaving without finishing the work that they were expected to do. They did not build the bed or bring the armoire into the house… and left with a few things still in their truck. The person o

Origin : Grapevine, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $1,575.00
Actual Price : $1,650.00

No Photo Jon
January 30, 2015

I'd probably give them a 7 or 7.5 out ...

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being perfect, I'd probably give a seven, seven and a half. I have no quarrel with the price. Make sure there is a signed inventory list. Make sure there are clear procedures how to follow up if something is missing on delivery.

Origin : Pearland, TX
Destination : Forney, TX

No Photo Dustin
January 9, 2015

Absolute Worst Ever

Going back to my old moving company. They are dishonest people. And about as ghetto as they get. they really are straight out of compton. If you want a bunch of shady people moving your stuff, go right ahead.

Origin : Plano, Tx
Destination : Dallas, Tx

Quoted Price : $540.00
Actual Price : $570.00

No Photo Ahsan
January 7, 2015

They were OK

They were OK. They finished ahead of time. Pricing was good.

Origin : Garland, TX
Destination : Buckingham, TX

No Photo Anonymous
January 6, 2015

The movers did everything expected of ...

It just went well. I mean, they got there, moved everything and set up everything. So everything went well.

Origin : Garland, TX
Destination : Highland Village, TX

No Photo Sara
December 30, 2014

The movers were both polite and on ...

It was good ... They were there on time ... They made it all perfectly well ... They were also very polite ... It was a good price.

Origin : Terrell Hills, TX
Destination : Tomball, TX

No Photo Andrew
December 25, 2014


I worked briefly for this "so called company". Absolutely the worst ever! They lie to their customers and try to charge you for anything possible. They hire anybody off the street with no experience what-so-ever. They do not take care of their customers or employees. Please do yourself a favor and go with a real moving company that knows what they are doing.

Origin : San Antonio, Texas
Destination : San Antonio, Texas

No Photo Guy
December 24, 2014


On Dec 2nd of 2014 Compton Brother’s Movers handled our move. We paid more than what others charged due to their sales pitch. They stated that their movers were all trained and certified. (Whatever that means) We were given a 3 hour window in the morning for arrival. They showed up 2:30 hours in that window. Seeing that we were the first ones for the day, we expected it to be earlier than 30 prior to the latest part of that time. We were guaranteed 2 movers and a truck. What they showed up in was a Ford 350 and a severely beat up trailer. While the workers moved somewhat fast, so did the consumption of space in the trailer. We were unable to fit everything in there, which meant that we were either going to have to pay for a second trip, or try to move the rest ourselves. Seeing that the large furniture and heavy objects were moved, we opted to just spend the next 3 day completing the move ourselves than pay another $200+ for a second trip. At this point they ask if they could take an hour for lunch. We gladly agreed as they had been working hard, and want them to be able to recoup. We headed over to the new place and unloaded the small amount of items that we have in our small car. After a 2.5 hour lunch break, and wondering if they had just disappeared with our stuff, they finally showed up. They wanted to back the trailer in the back driveway, which I wondered about, but didn’t think it would fit with the large truck attached. When they attempted to back in, they cut across the yard and left a 9” deep rut in the yard. They were also unable to back the trailer up to the garage without the truck completely blocking the alleyway. They now had to move the trailer across the yard, making the rut now a foot deep and 8” wide and 8 ‘Long. Nothing like having to tell the new landlords that we just moved in and we destroyed the yard. After the failed attempt to back the trailer to the garage, they moved the trailer to the front, and started to unload. To save time, I helped carry things in from the Unlit, Splinter Infested, and Raggedy old trailer. Upon inspection, we could already see damage to our items. Such as the 8” of trim that was torn off the 120 year old dresser. The ONLY Items that we stressed about, the ONLY Items that we ask them to be extra careful with. Once they had unloaded everything but boxes, they ask again to move the trailer to the back. I explained that they cannot back into the drive way. They said they would only pull into the alley way and unload the 30 boxes that were left. I cringed and agreed as the move was already more than I have every spent and I have to pay for repairs to the yard now. As they were moving the trailer, I went into the back to move the car to the front to get it out of the way. Upon my arrival from the back of the house to the front of the house, I found that our Brick Mailbox had been torn down. I was absolutely floored. I looked around to see if there was a c

Origin : Frisco, TX
Destination : Frisco, TX

Quoted Price : $560.00
Actual Price : $540.00

No Photo Jinger
December 23, 2014

Very patient - they did really good!

They came in and they were very patient and they got everything loaded and were quick to unload. They did really good.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Hollis
December 22, 2014

I felt threatened by the uncareful ...

The pricing was okay, no problem with that. We had problems. I had to bribe the movers to do what they said they were gonna do and they weren't very careful. They tore up a step ... I felt threatened by them frankly.

Origin : Allen, TX
Destination : Shiloh, TX

No Photo Marcel
December 8, 2014

Great Company!

I was given a flat rate of $1500 for my move. The movers were very prompt and called about 45 minutes before they were at my home to let me know they were on their way and to verify that they had the correct address. They were very well mannered and showed that they knew what they were doing. They handled my furniture as if it were their own and wrapped it very well so that no damage would incur from the drive and handling. Overall it was a very stress free moving experience. My sales advisor was with me every step of the way and provided a wonderful and open line of communication. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking to move.

Origin : Beaumont, TX
Destination : Arlington, TX

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Rozina
December 8, 2014

It was very good

It was very good. They came on time and they didn't charge me any extra and they did a really good job. They packed and they did a really good job, they didn't break anything. Everything was fine.

Origin : Humble, TX
Destination : Carrollton, TX

No Photo D
December 2, 2014


I received calls from sales reps from this company for over 5 weeks before my move, promising heaven and earth, they talk very well and they are great sales people, but the delivery of their services is the worst ever. Never use this company. Patty called me to follow up on my move several times and close to my move I told her I was getting offers of 95.00/hr with and told by all movers my one bedroom fully furnished apartment with a queen size bedroom set should be completely moved with all furniture requiring assembly and disassembly done within 2.5 to 3 hrs. Patty went down on the hourly rate to 80.00 / hr. promising heaven and earth. We scheduled my move for Wed Nov 26 between 8 a.m.- 10 a.m. everyone was ready and we waited and waited and waited. At 10:00 a.m. I called Compton Brothers and they transferred me to the Austin person in charge, Tadd. He told me they (Patty and sales reps) had overbooked Austin but the movers would arrive within 2 to 2/12 hours after 10:00 a.m. around 1:00 p.m. I called Tadd again he said he was "trying" to get a crew out but it was going to be a while... (this was the Wed before thanksgiving and my plan and that of my helpers was to move me early because I was leaving town immediately after the movers finished and traveling 6 hours away from Austin and not returning until Sunday). At 2:55 p.m. on Wed 11/26/14 I called Compton Brothers (Tadd) again, Tadd told me he had nobody to send to move me out of my 1 bedroom apartment. Tadd seemed to be willing to hear me unleash all my frustration and sense of helplessness due to this Compton Brothers breach of our agreement and Tadd not delivering the service. In that conversation Tadd said, "the only thing I can do for you is to schedule you for Friday Nov 28, first thing in the morning" I asked him if he couldn't call even a competitor to move me as I had to vacate my apartment by or before Saturday and would not have enough time alone as all my helpers would be leaving town for the holidays. I also explained how much He and Compton Brothers has messed up my holiday weekend and left me stranded. Tadd again said "all I can do for you is schedule you for Friday Nov 28 first thing in the morning". I agreed and scheduled as I was not sure what else could I do, but I could not trust Tadd or Compton Brothers would send the movers Friday morning as they breached their agreement and lied to me all day Wednesday. I called the other movers I had been dealing with hoping one could move me out of my apartment either that late on Wednesday or Thursday. I was able to find a moving company that willing to move me on Thursday Nov 27 (thanksgiving day) at 8:00 a.m. they charged me a lot more of course, they could perceive I was stranded and in a bind. I was moved on Thursday morning and finished emptying my apartment all by myself as everyone had left town. I sent Patty an email with my complaint and asking to cancel Friday.

Origin : Austin, Tx
Destination : Austin, Tx

Quoted Price : $80.00

No Photo Beth
November 30, 2014

Worst Ever

Everything went smoothly until they showed up to my house with truck half the size of what I needed. when I called in to ask about it because now would take two trips and make double the price they were very rude. it was finally determined that they did send a smaller truck. my furniture was in hostage I had to pay. and I found damaged items after they left one TV, broken chair and a broken cabinet. I still haven't heard from him and its been 2 weeks.

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Austin, TX

Quoted Price : $280.00
Actual Price : $530.00

No Photo Matt
November 20, 2014

Worst Experience Ever!!!

I will make this short because I am not a review person per say however from start to finish this company is awful they were 3 hours late, and went to the wrong address. The movers were nice and friendly but only had 2 hours of sleep, they did not have any wrapping material so a complete bad start and I wish I would have ended it there. the move took twice as long and they did 1000.00 of damage to our furniture. After all was done we tried to make a claim and got the run around for a few months. Once our claim was in the paid 255.36$ of 1000.00 of damage and then to put everything into perspective it took them another 3 1/2 MONTHS!!! to pay. I really hope you heed the review and choose another company for my wife and I think this was the worst experience ever!!!!!!

Origin : Grapevine, TX
Destination : Addison, TX

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $800.00

No Photo Craig
November 18, 2014

The moving company was perfect.

Wonderful, painless, delightful .... It took them less time than they said it would and everything was 100% perfect. They were careful with everything, they were quick.

Origin : Lewisville, TX
Destination : Lewisville, TX

No Photo Jackie
November 12, 2014


Wow. if only i read the reviews before going w/ this moving company. they are by far the worst company i have dealt with. I scheduled this moving company about 1 month in advance. i was quoted $70/hr (for 2 hours)+25 trip = 165 charge and my movers were supposed to arrive between 8-10am. i thought this was a great price. 1. my movers did not arrive until 5pm 2. the manager tried to then charge me $90/her instead of the $70 that we originally discussed. good thing i had an email to confirm in writing what my price was otherwise i would have been SOL. 3. The movers were so slow. At one point, the guy was only moving 1 box at a time on the dolly when the dolly could clearly carry 4-5 boxes. I can tell that they were moving slow on purpose. my move should have took 1.5 hours because i didnt have many boxes and i sold the biggest items (bed,dresser tables etc) but w/ these guys it took 3hrs! 4. not only were they super super late, the movers even charged me for the extra hour. I know this is a normal charge, but i belive it was unfair because the movers were purposely moving slow, DO NOT USE COMPTON BROTHERS MOVING, even if it seems like they have the best rate, they will get you in the end by charging your for additional hours

Origin : austin, tx
Destination : pflugerville tx

Quoted Price : $165.00
Actual Price : $220.00

No Photo Tommy
November 9, 2014

dont pay help

I went to work for a subcontractor of Compton brothers moving and I have not gotten paid spoke with office manager and he said not their problem

Origin : dallas tx
Destination : dallas tx

No Photo Brad
November 5, 2014

I would use them again in a heartbeat!

They did a very good job. They had two guys, they were there when they said they'd be there. They ended up doing a bit more than what we had originally estimated and they still did a great job. They took things apart, put things back together properly, even hooked up the dryer and stuff. They did excellent, I would use them again in a heartbeat!

Origin : Grapevine, TX
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Breezy
November 3, 2014


I was originally hesitant to use Compton Brothers Moving due to the negative portion of the reviews, however a friend of mine had highly recommended them to me, and trusting that friend's advise, I reluctantly hired them for the job. My sales rep was great and even gave me a pretty fair referral discount! I have now used them twice. Once for me, and another for my mother in law. The representative that handled my move was very experienced, thoroughly informative, and professional. I booked 3 weeks ahead of time and she was great with following up with me each week until my move making sure they had all the necessary information correct. I chose an arrival time of between 11am and 2pm on a friday, and the movers gave me a call about 1:30pm to say they were on the way. They arrived around 2:15pm. No big deal. They were very professional and courteous and worked hard and nonstop. My move was estimated to have taken 4 hours max, however they were actually able to finish it in about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I was only charged for that amount, not the 4 origionally quoted hours. They even dis/reassembled my bed and washer and dryer for free. I would most definitely recommend them to move me or my friends and family again!

Origin : Burleson, Tx
Destination : Dallas, Tx

Quoted Price : $370.00
Actual Price : $306.25

No Photo Jack
October 16, 2014


MPANY If give it a Zero star if option available. We used Compton Brothers back in July to move to our new resident. It was less than 25 miles away. They were very pleasant when they want your business. This company is definitely the worst in the business. They showed up late, DAMAGED EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURES. They settle with the most ***** proposal. Not even worth penny on the dollar for the value of the damage. Beware of this company and DO NOT EVER USE THEM if you want your stuff not be damaged. I will spread the words to everyone I know and every review boards out there so that people know the truth about this scumbag. Again, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $180.00
Actual Price : $790.00

No Photo Irene
October 10, 2014

The guys were great!

My experience was good. My sister wasn't fully organized and it took longer than normal and the guys were great! The only thing is when they were bringing stuff in, they roughed up the gate at the apartment. And I know the insurance was in touch with the movers. The guys were great, the guys that worked with my sister were good, it's just my sister wasn't organized.

Origin : Katy, TX
Destination : Katy, TX

No Photo Anonymous
October 3, 2014

They were super nice but I'm not sure ...

They were nice guys. Towards the end of the move they seemed to get a little worn out. There were some things at the the end when they were like do you want us to transport this or are you going to? They got a little tired. There were a few dings here and there on some stuff but nothing too big. the guys were super nice but I'm not sure if I would recommend them to somebody or not.

Origin : Granbury, TX
Destination : Joshua, TX

No Photo Vaishali
October 2, 2014

Everything was taken care of - no ...

Two guys came on time, the packing and everything, there was not much luggage we had, but the packing was done in a good way. But the time exceeded, about two or three hours, but that's not a big deal. The overall experience with the guys was good. Everything was taken care of, there was no scratches or anything on the furniture so I'm happy about that.

Origin : Buckingham, TX
Destination : Allen, TX

No Photo Anita
September 26, 2014

It went pretty smoothly

It went pretty smoothly. It didn't really have a lot of stuff so it went kinda quick. The movers were friendly. They did wrap the furniture. My couch arm was was ripped but I can't say it was them because it could've happened before.

Origin : Carrollton, TX
Destination : Addison, TX

No Photo Beth
September 25, 2014

It was a good experience minus some ...

It was okay. It was a pretty easy set up. Other competitors had contacted me and they offered the lowest price out of all those. I was given a decent time window of when I wanted to move. The only (not necessarily) downside, I was told the actual movers would call a half hour before they arrived and they actually arrived 45 minutes before the time window and they didn't call. Fortunately I was home, but if I hadn't been home they would have just left and I would have had no movers. And they quoted me a price per hour but then they didn't tell me that I would have to pay in cash and that additional hours would be at a higher rate. They gave me a reduced rate for the first hour but then after that it was more expensive. And the move started out okay, and it ended well. Look, I know you're paid per hour but you don't have to sit in your truck to increase the time, like that's not respectful towards a customer just to make it longer so you meet a certain time frame. But other than that the gentleman that came, they were pleasant. I had to move things into a storage unit and they placed things as I wanted, they didn't hassle, they were friendly. So for the most part it was a good experience.

Origin : Irving, TX
Destination : Irving, TX

No Photo Karla
September 25, 2014

I was very happy with everything.

It was easy. They were very cooperative, they wrapped everything in shrink wrap that needed to be done. No scratches, no problems. Everything went well.

Origin : Fort Worth, TX
Destination : Hurst, TX

No Photo Tanjaree
September 18, 2014

Mediocre, I've had better.

It was mediocre. I've had better. The move itself was about 13.5 hours. I guess based on the information I had given, the guy had called to give an estimate, somehow either I or he had grossly underestimated the truck size that would be required, because the movers had to make 2 trips and we're about 50 miles distance from where I moved to and from. That was quite a hassle to say the least. I have items that are scratched up.. it was an experience. I'll say that.

Origin : Grand Prairie, TX
Destination : Mckinney, TX

No Photo Cynthia
September 17, 2014

They were rude at first, due to a ...

At first the address was messed up so they spent quite a while trying to find the place that I was at. So when they got there they were very, very, upset already. They were kind of rude in the beginning but I understand because they were driving around for two hours. But the person on the phone messed up the address. Aside from that, everything else was fine.

Origin : Buckingham, TX
Destination : Buckingham, TX

No Photo Mike
September 11, 2014

I watched them waste half the day ...

They were three hours and 50 minutes late showing up on a day I took off work to make the move. It was supposed to be a four hour move that they made last about eight and a half hours. And the pricing I'm not going to complain about because he wanted to change me the eight and a half hours and I told him I wasn't going to do it because I watched them waste half the day doing stupid stuff. So, the pricing came out about what was estimated, which is alright. But they destroyed two of my tables, knocked a hole in the front of a bar. I got scrapes on the wall going up the stairs that I'm going to have to paint. It was just terrible and I'm experienced at this. This is the sixth time that I've hired a mover to move and this was the absolute worst.

Origin : Seabrook, TX
Destination : League City, TX

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