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Year of Estd: 1/1/2009

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Corporate Van Lines
245 10th Ave
PatersonNJ 07524 USA

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Phone: 908-200-2392

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No Photo Scott
March 11, 2016


Overcharge, lose things, and damage ...

Worst moving experience ever. It doesn't matter that you measure out all the pieces that are being moved. On moving day the foreman comes to your house and will charge you at least 20% more just based on eyeballing your moving furniture. Then you will go back and forth with customer service to negotiate down and will end up paying more anyway. Then they lost my high chair in the moving process. In addition my nice wood furniture was scratched in multiple places. If you value any of your belongings do not go with this company. The moving industry does really need to be disrupted.

Origin : new jersey
Destination : california

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo Gil
February 5, 2016


Total Scam - AVOID

I made a big mistake when i chose Corporate Vanlines for my move. They damaged numerous items, lost others, left an entire pallet of my furniture back in NJ, charged twice the agreed amount, and held my belongings hostage until i paid them the doubled amount IN CASH at the time of delivery. Now, as i am finally garnering the emotional strength - having felt violated and foolish - to deal with filing a claim against them, i find that they have taken down their website, and their phone number is disconnected. So, it appears that i will be filing a claim against a non-entity. Beyond this horrible company, the moving industry needs to be far more regulated! Nearly all safeguards are to protect the moving companies, not the consumer. I could go on and on - but it makes me sick. Please, consumers, if you see an ad for Corporate Vanlines out of NJ - or whoever they are claiming to be now - DO NOT call or click on their link. Please do the research that i did not do.

Origin : Rhode Island
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $5,400.00

No Photo Stewart
December 24, 2015


Would highly recommend!

I would highly recommend Corporate Van Lines. Their estimate was right on the money and they charged a fair price. They arrived right on time and worked very hard (2 van loads full) in the sweltering heat. Would highly recommend! Thanks again Corporate Van Lines for making my move smooth!

Origin : NJ
Destination : Ny

No Photo Melissa
December 23, 2015


Worst move ever experienced!

While the staff that showed up at origination and destination were polite, hard working, and courteous the customer service and office staff should be ashamed to call themselves professionals! It took me days to get in contact with the office to schedule my delivery after my property was loaded and weeks to get in contact with anyone regarding the damages to my property. Adding insult to injury, the 3rd party claims company I was directed to offered a settlement of $66 as compensation for the several thousands of dollars in replacement costs for the damaged items which included my bed, flat screen television, and dining table. Its going on 4 months since the move and I am STILL in a dispute with the claims department.

Origin : Clifton, NJ
Destination : Alpharetta, GA

Quoted Price : $2,615.00
Actual Price : $363,591.48

No Photo John
December 13, 2015


incompetent, dishonest, do not care

I hired Corporate Van Lines to move my household from PA to Louisiana. They seemed legit, and sent me a link to their BBB rating of “A”. (Now, it’s “F”!) The phone rep, Ben Wallace seemed helpful and the quote seemed reasonable. So far so good. Moving day and the movers didn’t arrive as scheduled. I called and was told it would be the following day. Next afternoon they arrived in an unmarked truck. The guy in charge remarked how well packed everything was. They packed some large items as agreed in the contract. The two helpers who couldn’t speak English and immediately started turning boxes marked “fragile” upside down. They scratched the floors, helped themselves to my fridge and left cigarette butts everywhere. After the truck was loaded I measured 900 cu ft. of goods. I was paying over $5k, or $5.60/cu ft. Typical charges are $3.50/cu ft so half again more than the going rate and $1400 more than the estimate but too late, the contract was signed and the truck was loaded. Then they insisted on a tip before they left. On delivery day the driver was supposed to call an hour before they arrived. After waiting all day I finally called and was told delivery would be the following day between 9 and 12a.m. 12:00 arrived and no movers. I called and was told they’d be there around 1. 1:00 arrived and they called to say they were “lost”. They finally arrived in an Atlas Van Lines truck. Corporate Van Lines had contracted with Atlas without telling me. They would not open the truck until I paid my balance, cashier’s check only. I soon understood why they demanded final payment by cashier’s check. A lot of things were badly damaged and some items missing. Cleaning liquids had leaked all over. There was a lot of damage so I took lots of photos. Obviously the cashier’s check was their precaution against me canceling payment later. They knew I was going to be unhappy. Some of the worst damaged items were those packed by the movers. The packing I did was exactly as instructed by Ben Wallace. Corporate Van Lines uses movingclaims.net, a company in Miami, to handle its claims. The process is (intentionally) arduous and time consuming. The claim form says “You must retain all damaged items, parts

Origin : PA
Destination : LA

Quoted Price : $3,600.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Marcella
December 11, 2015


They were punctual and polite

I cannot say enough nice things. They were punctual and polite, efficient and super prepared. They obviously have this thing down to a science. They moved me in less than two hours. It was the easiest move I've ever made. I would absolutely use them again and will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.

Origin : Jersey
Destination : Newark

No Photo Anne
November 30, 2015


4 months later -- STILL don't have my ...

On June 25, 2015, the foreman Justin or "Jay" from Corporate Van Lines arrived at my house in PA with two helpers. We had 43 boxes in total as well as several pieces of furniture (98 items total). I had labeled each box with my name and had numbered each. Justin assured me that I would not incur any extra charges once my things arrived in Texas. On July 13, 2015, Morrison of Certified Relocations arrived with my things. He insisted that it would cost an additional $150 in cash to unload my items. I kept track of each item as it was brought into my house. Nearly every single piece of furniture was damaged and almost every box was falling apart. Additionally, I told the driver I was missing two boxes and he insisted I wasn't (only 41 boxes arrived). I called Morrison shortly after he left to confirm that I was, in fact, missing 2 boxes and he ignored my calls and texts. I then called Corporate Van Lines' customer service line and spoke with Lee. At first Lee said that the items may still be at the warehouse. A few days went by, so I reached out again. He said they were still looking. In the meantime, I contacted Justin to see if he could help. He said he knew where our things had been stored and would check the warehouse. Justin did not follow up. More days went by without any word. The next time I spoke with Lee he said there had been a huge mix-up with several orders but my boxes were still missing. After a few more days, I spoke with Lee and asked if my missing boxes could have be stolen by employees and he implied that there is a strong possibility, due to the tempting nature of the items. It has been 4 months since we alerted the company that we are missing items and have not received feedback as to their whereabouts. The company has not been proactive in helping resolve this matter. If you have hired this company in the last 4 months and have received boxes that aren't yours please contact me! missingboxespa2tx@gmail.com. If you are thinking about hiring this company DON'T!

Origin : Pennsylvania
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $4,171.00

No Photo A.
November 17, 2015


They were punctual and efficient!

So happy I used these guys. They were a pleasure to deal with-especially in such a stressful time. They were punctual and efficient, and fit my entire one bedroom into 1 load. I would happily use them again and recommend them to anyone!

Origin : Jersey
Destination : Newark

Quoted Price : $560.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo Renetta
October 21, 2015


Top notch work

I think the best thing I can say about these guys is simply this: I'm using them next time I move. They got me out of Greenpoint and into my new place in no time and even helped me set my bed up when we got there. It really couldn't have gone any more smoothly. Top notch, all the way.

Origin : New York
Destination : albnay

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $640.00

No Photo Jonah
October 19, 2015


They are nice/fast

Can’t say enough good things about these guys. I've used them twice now in less than a year and they are nice/fast/efficient and all around good dudes. My last move was into a 5th floor walkup and they powered through and got me in. Felt kind of awful watching by the van but they never complained.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NY

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $660.00

No Photo Hassan
October 13, 2015


The customer service was rude and they ...

Actually they delivered my stuff ... At the 10th date. ...Some stuff was broken. ...I didn't see any response from them. They said "Okay, send me the pictures of the broken stuff and missing stuff and we're gonna see what happened." ... I didn't receive any calls from them. And their customer service [is] not very respectful. They talk to me very rude, shouting ... They're not professional.

Origin : Northampton, MA
Destination : Knightdale, NC

No Photo Danyel
September 29, 2015


They were super friendly

These guys were awesome! I was freaking out about moving because I have had some bad experiences with NJ movers in the past, but they really blew away my expectations. They were super friendly and professional. I had my doubts when two skinny guys arrived at my door, but they moved my stuff like it was nothing (and I own some very heavy side tables and other awkwardly shaped furniture). I will never again use any other movers!

Origin : Jersey
Destination : Newark

No Photo Laura
September 25, 2015


Overall it was a good experience.

It was quite good. They were good at helping me... telling me what I had to do for the move. They gave me an inventory list and everything. The estimate they gave me was exactly what I paid. They showed up when they said they would and on the front end of the move everything was smooth. It took a little longer than expected to deliver my things, so I was without my things a bit longer than expected, but when it came everything worked out fine so overall it was a pretty good experience.

Origin : Philadelphia, PA
Destination : Ypsilanti, MI

No Photo I
September 23, 2015


They handled everything with such care!

These guys are the BEST. Efficient, reasonably priced, friendly and accommodating. There was a huge slushy snowstorm the day I moved but it didn't slow them down at all. They mentioned they had experience handling art and I think that's why they handled everything with such care and attention. They even helped getting my bolted TV mount off the wall, really went above and beyond. Would recommend to anyone.

Origin : Clifton
Destination : New Jersey

No Photo Robinson
August 21, 2015

It was worse than I expected.

My pick up date was changed without sufficient notice. For no reason I was forced to pick the date they had given me, which was earlier than planned or hire someone else. They were not only very rude, but also very inflexible which meant I had to change my plans and change other people's plans to be able to accommodate the day.

Origin : Blakeslee, PA
Destination : Oakland Park, FL

No Photo Lorriane
August 6, 2015


They are super chill

These guys rule. It was my first time using a moving service and it was fantastic. They are super chill, personable, and really knowledgeable. They were a little late to my scheduled appointment but were totally professional and apologetic about it. By the way they acted, I'm certain it doesn't happen very often. They were quick (about 2.5 hours) for a down sized apartment. Definitely would use their service again

Origin : Ca
Destination : New York

No Photo Feleciagrippo
July 21, 2015


They were quick and efficient

We needed a mover for a 1 room move and had to go about an hour and a half outside NJ. We called Corporate Van Lines and could not be happier with their service, personnel and price. They were quick and efficient and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend them wither it’s a small move locally or a bigger move far away. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Florida

No Photo Anonymous
July 7, 2015

Shelves from my cabinet are still ...

They lost the shelves of my china cabinet. I gave them a chance to find it and it's been a few weeks, and I don't know if they're making an effort to find them.

Origin : Bay Head, NJ
Destination : Palm Coast, FL

No Photo Ebonee
July 3, 2015


Best experience of all

I was recommended to Corporate Van Lines by a fellow colleague who used them last month and was very satisfied. They were very knowledgeable and gave many tips on how to save money and move things carefully. The men that came were gentlemen and considerate to how my items were moved. I have moved 3 times in NJ and this was hands down the best experience of all. Will definitely contact them when it's time to move back to Newark.

Origin : Newark
Destination : Manhattan

No Photo Archiboldmcmullan
June 20, 2015


They completed the job less hour

I wholeheartedly recommend Corporate Van Lines. From my sales person to the dispatcher to the three wonderful movers--all were professional and courteous. They completed the job within the predetermined timeframe. There were no hidden or additional fees. There was no damage to my belongings and my moving experience was easy and stress free.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New york

No Photo Rainechiozzi
June 13, 2015


My moving experience a very pleasant ...

Excellent service! Made my move super easy and smooth! The moving team was very efficient and careful. They arrived to my place on time, despite the horrible NYC traffic. They setup my furniture and boxes exactly the way I needed them to. They didn't complain about the 5 floor walk up either. Corporate Van Lines made my moving experience a very pleasant one, and I would definitely use them again!

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New York

No Photo Samantha
June 12, 2015


The guys were very, very nice.

It was fine, a couple of my items were missing but I reached out to someone and never heard back, but otherwise the guys that moved my stuff were very, very nice.

Origin : Exton, PA
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

No Photo Bibiana
June 10, 2015


Very smooth

Everything went well. The move was very smooth. They were very punctual and professional.

Origin : Princeton Township, NJ
Destination : Arlington, TX

No Photo Pat
June 9, 2015


For one thing we had a wood picnic table, the movers instead of picking it up and carrying it, he moved it end over end and rolled it that way. We had two bikes in the shed with flat tires. They rolled them to the truck with the flat tires. They three boxes on the truck. My husband had shot gun and rifles upstairs that weren't even on the list of things to take, and he went up there and the guys were up there taking pictures of them. They had no business doing that.

Origin : Otsdawa, NY
Destination : Naples, FL

No Photo Peytermaykis
May 18, 2015


They clearly care about quality service

I moved recently from New York City to New Jersey and was really pleased with Corporate Van Lines. The administrative staff was so flexible and up front in offering me a price for my move. The movers who picked up my furniture were so professional and courteous, and the movers who delivered it worked tirelessly to finish the move. Nothing was broken. They clearly care about quality service. I would use them again.

Origin : New York
Destination : New Jersey

No Photo Alfordkronecker
April 18, 2015


The movers were very nice

I was very happy with Corporate Van Lines. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and courteous-the booking representatives, reps who called 2 days then 1 day before my move to confirm the time and the 3 movers. The movers were very nice and careful with our things and everything got to our new apt safely. I highly recommend this company for your move.

Origin : Newark
Destination : Clifton

No Photo Ashilsilverberg
April 11, 2015


They were professional

I had a terrific experience with Corporate Van Lines. I relocated from Newark back to Chicago and was very satisfied with the performance of both the team picking up my belongings and the team delivering my belongings. They were professional, courteous and very efficient and went to great lengths to protect my furnishings. I would highly recommend their service especially for long distance moves.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New York

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