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License Info: US DOT # 3000931
ICC MC # 024036
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/30/2017

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D & J Moving LLC
4545 NW 103RD Ave STE 200
SunriseFL 33351 USA

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Toll Free: 855-378-3110
Phone: 954-417-4870

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January 9, 2019

The crew was very polite and nice.

They handled with a lot of care the furnitures and boxes. We even had boxes of lose glasses because we ran out of wrapping paper before they arrived, and nothing was broken. The crew was very polite and nice. Definitely will use their services again!

Origin : CA
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $8,799.00
Actual Price : $8,799.00

January 9, 2019

Thanks guys!!

The team was on time and ready to go. The new apartment has no elevator so the guys had to deal with the stairs. No complaints or overages and they really hustled. Would definitely work with him and his team again. Thanks guys!!

Origin : NJ
Destination : CA

Quoted Price : $7,832.00
Actual Price : $7,832.00

January 9, 2019

Great Moving team!!

They even provided boxes at the last minute. I will recommended them to others. The men who moved were very professional and they took into consideration all my requirements regarding the furniture. This was the second time I have moved with them and would use them again.

Origin : FL
Destination : NY

Quoted Price : $6,799.00
Actual Price : $6,799.00

December 28, 2018

2 thumbs up.

The moved very fast and stayed within the estimate. They moved my lazy boy couch, they broke it down and put it back together in no time. I would def recommend there team again and go back to D

Origin : NC
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $7,655.00
Actual Price : $7,655.00

December 28, 2018

Thank You!!

I had an excellent experience from start to finish. Not only are they reliable, fast, and efficient, but they were the least expensive. A great find!

Origin : NJ
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $4,399.00
Actual Price : $4,399.00

August 27, 2018


Items picked up on April, 16, 2018. Movers were 8 hours late. Had to make full payment. Told items were to be delivered within 10 - 15 days. After several calls, promises and flat out lies my goods was delivered on July 23, 2018. . Driver arrived alone and my son had to help unload. Had missing items and damage. Was told I would be compensated as of this date - nothing. Missing items were located and I was told they would be in route within a few days. Still no word 6 days later.

Origin : Clearwater, Fl
Destination : Mansfield, Oh

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

July 11, 2018

Thank you guys!!

I can't say how happy and painless my movers made this . They were very nice and accommodating. I would deff. Recommended them!

Origin : FL
Destination : NV

Quoted Price : $8,998.00
Actual Price : $8,998.00

July 11, 2018

Very Professional Movers!!

They managed to load all of our belongings down a tight, freshly painted and stained stairway without a nick or mark on anything, and carefully replaced everything they had moved out of the way. They came precisely on time, kept to the price, and worked with great efficiency.

Origin : MI
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $9,332.00
Actual Price : $9,332.00

July 9, 2018

Very Professional!!

I forgot to write a review on these guys. They did a great job moving us out of our 940 sq ft home which was stuffed both inside and outside to our 1400 ft home all done in one day by 5 pm. We had a lot of stuff. They were on time and worked until they were done!

Origin : AZ
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $7,676.00
Actual Price : $7,676.00

July 9, 2018

Awesome Movers!

They shrunk-wrapped our furniture, gave us boxes and wrapping tape and made our moving experience much less painful. On top of that, they were very reasonably priced. I plan to use them again when we have to do this in one year. Not looking forward to it but at least these guys will make it bearable.

Origin : TX
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $9,001.00
Actual Price : $9,001.00

July 9, 2018

Great Customer Service!!

Used this company twice. He and his crew are the best. Good communication with the client, on time and waste no time while they work. Also their fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a moving company.

Origin : FL
Destination : WA

Quoted Price : $9,800.00
Actual Price : $9,800.00

July 7, 2018

I highly recommend!

Owner and Crew were amazing! They made a stressful time for me so much less stressful. They were careful with my furniture and extremely professional. Thank you for going above and beyond!!! I highly recommend!

Origin : FL
Destination : HI

Quoted Price : $8,799.00
Actual Price : $8,799.00

July 7, 2018

They are the best!!

They took the entire stress out of moving. They were really kind, friendly and professional. No hassles, no nonsense, they are the best!

Origin : AK
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $4,344.00
Actual Price : $4,344.00

July 7, 2018

We are more than pleased.

They moved our home which was a lot of work because we were there over 15 years, and D

Origin : FL
Destination : ID

Quoted Price : $4,329.00
Actual Price : $4,329.00

July 5, 2018

Very Professional Movers!!

We feel so lucky to have them help us! They are very professional and polite. They arrived ten minutes earlier than scheduled, and kept moving very efficiently.

Origin : FL
Destination : TX

Quoted Price : $8,281.00
Actual Price : $8,281.00

July 5, 2018

They were extremely friendly and moved ...

They were extremely friendly and moved very quickly. We were moved and packed in our storage unit in 4 hours! They were efficient, but took great care of our furniture and belongings. We will be using this company again when we move into our new house.

Origin : FL
Destination : MD

Quoted Price : $8,776.00
Actual Price : $8,776.00

July 5, 2018

Top notch company to work with during ...

These guys were awesome! I obtained estimates from several companies. Decided to go with this company based on the great reviews. I found the pricing competitive. They were helpful and professional throughout the entire process. When i had questions, the response was prompt and courteous. The movers were very careful with our house and belongings. Excellent work! Top notch company to work with during your move. I would definitely use them again.

Origin : CA
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $9,887.00
Actual Price : $9,887.00

June 28, 2018

Very Happy Customer!!

Always on time, efficient and professional. Love this company! I recommend them to all my friends as well because they are so reasonably priced. Will continue to use them!

Origin : OH
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $7,688.00
Actual Price : $7,688.00

June 28, 2018

Great attitude and super customer ...

Great job with a small but difficult move. Team of three did excellent work handling some difficult pieces of furniture across several flights of stairs without a single complaint. Great attitude and super customer service. Well done!

Origin : FL
Destination : VA

Quoted Price : $8,911.00
Actual Price : $8,911.00

June 27, 2018

We couldn't be happier with D

We couldn't be happier with D

Origin : RI
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $7,655.00
Actual Price : $7,655.00

June 27, 2018

Customer of life!!

I move a lot. This company was the best I've used. They took such great care with every piece of furniture and every box. I will use them again!

Origin : TX
Destination : PA

Quoted Price : $5,600.00
Actual Price : $5,600.00

June 26, 2018

Worst service ever

Hired D

Origin : Texas
Destination : Pennsylvania

Quoted Price : $2,025.00

June 25, 2018

Highly Recommended!!

They were polite, courteous and great at communication. They called me a half an hour before they arrived and completed the job with ease. This is a great service to have living in the city, when I need small or larger items moved. Highly recommend.

Origin : GA
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $9,000.00
Actual Price : $9,000.00

June 25, 2018

These guys were great!

These guys were great!! They handled all of my items with care and made sure to wrap and protect all the furniture during the move. Once we got to my destination, it was a pretty tight doorway to get everything through, but they had the expertise to find the right angles to still get everything in the new spot. I even had an antique dining table that I did not want to part ways with that was the hardest item to get through the door. They did not give up! They took the time and due diligence to disassemble the table all the way to the base (which was not an easy task) and was a very complicated puzzle to put back together. I truly appreciate the care and effort they took throughout the move!

Origin : HI
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $8,544.00
Actual Price : $8,544.00

June 1, 2018

I remain appreciative

I am not the kind of person with a soft spot for travelling. Even worse, I do not like long distance relocations. So when I was given a job transfer from Alabama to Fairfax, I was so much worried of what to expect. I wasn’t sure of which relocation company to opt for. My younger sister suggested D & J Moving to me. I did not have any reason to object that because I did not have another one in mind either. I went ahead and hired them out. When that crew actually came over, they relocated me and my properties in a great style and with due diligence. I remain grateful for that.

Origin : Alabama
Destination : Fairfax, Virginia

Quoted Price : $2,900.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

May 24, 2018

Best experience

Being relocated by D & J Moving was one of the best experiences I have heard with service providers. Compared to the other relocation companies I had sought their services earlier on, this relocation company is better off. In terms of timeliness, they are the best so far. The whole process was done in a jiffy and within no time, I was comfortably settled in my new home. Their efficiency is also worth talking about. They were so efficient in their dealings. Not a single property of mine went missing. That give me all the reasons to prefer them over the other relocation companies.

Origin : Illinois
Destination : Grand Blanc, Michigan

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,450.00

May 22, 2018

They had done me proud!

I was prepared for the worst. Still, I was hoping for the best having heard that D & J Moving was reliable enough. I did not want to express any feelings that could betray my inner fears. I feared that yet again, I was going to be disappointed by a relocation company. I found a corner and watched them move things from my former house to the vehicle. From what I could observe, there were hopes. They were going to do it in good time and also do it perfectly. My predictions were not wrong because that is exactly what happened. It was all smiles when they were done. They had done me proud!

Origin : North Carolina
Destination : Binghamton, NY

Quoted Price : $3,200.00
Actual Price : $3,200.00

May 19, 2018

I absolutely recommend them

We had a very prompt move with D & J Moving. The manager called the day before in order to confirm the move. The crew arrived at my house pretty early and embarked on the job, which they did professionally and carefully all day long until everything was done. We had many things in our fully furnished four bedroom house, but these guys never tired until they accomplished the disassembling, parking and loading. The delivery was timely and they offloaded and reassembled everything like professionals. They helped arrange my new house and their pricing was very affordable. I absolutely recommend them.

Origin : Virginia
Destination : Maryland

Quoted Price : $2,700.00

May 3, 2018

The best relocation company so far

D & J Moving crew helped me relocate from New York to Georgia. It was a two-day job and it was rolled out perfectly well. I cannot remember getting into logger's heads with any member of the relocation team. They kept their space and I had mine too. What really intrigued me about them is their humility. All through the time they were working, they remained humbled and only made movements when necessary. Each individual member of the team was careful in his choice of words. It was such an amazing experience. In future, I would want to go through that. Better even, I don’t want my friends to be left out so I will hire recommend them to seek the services of this company for them to also realise the difference!

Origin : New York
Destination : Georgia

Quoted Price : $4,600.00
Actual Price : $4,800.00

April 29, 2018

I am forever grateful

The whole relocation experience was all perfect and I am so grateful for that. D & J Moving made me proudly and made my relocation appear extraordinary. I did not actually come to realize how unique and marvelous it was until my former neighbors called me aside and inquired more about the relocation. They were so interested in these people who had made my relocation appear so awesome and glamorous. I was so happy explaining to them all that I knew about this great relocation company. If an opportunity presents itself in the future, they will be my first consideration above any there company. If you really want to have a whole new relocation experience, try them out!

Origin : Rhode Island
Destination : Kentucky

April 28, 2018

Rare experience

I have relocated a couple of times but at no time was the movement as elegant and reliable as the last one. I looked out for D J Moving movers after being referred by my boss at work. We had grown to become friends and so he called me a side and told me he was going to connect me to the best deals that would give me value for my money. I was so enthusiastic when I made a call to their office. The lady on the line cleared all the doubts I had in mind. Within no time, we had agreed on the details and everything had been settled. A week later, a crew was sent down to our former residence in Alabama. They helped us out and ensured everything was done to perfection. Not even as single damage was incurred on arrival at Wisconsin, giving me all the reasons to smile.

Origin : Alabama
Destination : Wisconsin

April 13, 2018

Impressive services

If there's one service company that has impressed me in the recent past, I bet it is D & J Moving. I fell in love with the way they handle me right from the moment I got in touch to the very last minutes of the relocation. All the employees of D & J Moving were so friendly and ready to assist whenever possible. They did not complain about anything and they did the work as if their lives depended on it. If that is what everyone is guaranteed, I have every reason to reach out my friends for the same.

Origin : Iowa
Destination : Colorado

Quoted Price : $1,700.00

April 12, 2018

Beyond supervision

When it comes to the choice of service providers, you can trust me to be one of the best. I always take keen concentration on the slightest things that many professionals do assume. My encounter with D & J Moving however left me with nothing to supervise. I was with them right from the moment they arrived till the very last minutes they were leaving my new residence. They did not make a single mistake and thanks is what I have for them.

Origin : Delray Beach
Destination : Columbus

April 11, 2018

Very happy with results

From what the former clients were saying about them in the previous online reviews, I could tell that they had something unique and much more beautiful to offer. I had to try them out because I believe in seeing. I grabbed the first opportunity of doing so when my elder brother was moving out to Illinois. I suggested D&J Moving and he complied. What followed was a series of commendable job worth appreciating. The entire process took a considerably shorter time that left me wondering.

Origin : Douglasville, GA
Destination : Melrose Park, IL

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

April 10, 2018

I am proud of them!

They did me proudly. I had been stressed upon the week that I had contacted them. I had not relocated in a long time so I was not sure of what to expect. All I knew was that it was going to hectic. That is why I needed reliable movers to make the process more bearable. D & J Moving was there for me and they made it more than bearable. When all was done and I was settled in my new home in New York, I couldnt help but smile. They gave me reasons to smile when I had none. Arent they worth remembering?

Origin : Maryland
Destination : White Plains, NY

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