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Delivery Doctors Movers
3500 E. Kleindale Rd.
TucsonAZ 85716 USA

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Phone: 520-322-4488
Fax: 520-322-0619

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No Photo Jonathon
June 2, 2015

Service depends on type of move

I have used Delivery Doctors in the past for an in town move. They did a great job, were quick, and very polite. This time I was moving out of state and had my own moving trailer, but wanted to use them to load the truck. I booked them and they showed up and immediately got to work. When having them pack a truck, you have to sign a form waiving them of any liability for broken items, etc. I don't really understand it, but ok. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch them, as I was keeping an eye on kids and still packing things in the house. Once the majority of all boxes and all furniture and appliances were loaded, we told them they could go and we would finish the rest of the items. They were just small boxes, etc. They had packed all of our stuff and it was almost all in the trailer, unfortunately, it took up more of the trailer than anticipated. No big deal. They left and we were on our way. When we received our trailer to unload at our new home in another state, I was shocked to find some of the things they did. I found that a piece of furniture had been broken. It was broken when I found it in the trailer and there was no way that it could have broken in transit. When we tried to hook up the water line from our refrigerator to the wall supply in the new house, we noticed that the water line on the back of the refrigerator had been pulled apart. It was obvious that the movers had pulled the refrigerator so far that it stretched and broke the plastic water line. It was a cheap fix, but pretty irritating. When I got toward the front of the trailer, I found boxes that we had clearly marked as "Fragile" on all sides in 3-4" letters in black marker. These fragile boxes were at the bottom of stacks of boxes, with at least 5 or 6 other boxes stacked on top. I was pretty upset. Luckily nothing had broken because we had wrapped everything in a lot of bubble wrap. And the boxes on top were not light either. Several of the fragile boxes were crushed. But despite the carelessness of the movers, nothing was broken. After unloading everything and taking photos as I found things, I contacted John at Delivery Doctors and told him about the problems we had. His first response was that we signed a waiver not holding them responsible for anything. Thanks for your concern. I told him that I understood, but being in customer service as well, he may want to know of these issues so they could be avoided in the future. I also told him I was not looking for any compensation, just to let him know and let the crews know. He asked me to email him photos and that he would talk to the crew and get back to me. Nearly 2 months later, I was finally able to speak to him on the phone after leaving a couple of voicemails and no return calls. John stated that he talked to the crew and there was nothing left to discuss. I again reminded him about the biggest issues of the fragile boxes being at the bottom of pile

Origin : Tucson, AZ
Destination : Midland, TX

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