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Accuracy of Estimate 4.0
Moving Services 4.0
Packing Services 3.9
Professionalism 4.0

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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
Insurance: On file: 100000
Required: 150000
Year of Estd: 2/1/1999

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9AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday

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Credit Cards, Cash, Check

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Dummy MC MW
827 Ridgewood Avenue, Bldg 5A
North BrunswickNJ 08902 USA

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Toll Free: 866-343-1243
Phone: 732-940-4200
Fax: 732-940-4300

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No Photo Lucas
November 29, 2020


They are spectacular

I recommend Planet van lines. I have had them work for me a couple of times and I can proudly say that they are the best so far. With them comes no disappointment or heartache. I just hope they will continue offering their diligent services over and over again. If I am to relocate any time in the near future, I will have it done by Planet van lines. I wouldn’t want any relocation company to help out because I am in doubt if they will provide me what I was granted by Planet van lines. This company gave me a spectacular service. I did not even think it was possible at the onset. The timely services, the amazing discounts and the diligent service men provided an excellent service. I sincerely recommend them.

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Albany, NY

No Photo Jerald
November 26, 2020


Flawless till the end

Without a doubt if I ever need or know someone that needs a mover I would definitely recommend Planet van lines. My movers couldn't have been nicer or more efficient. They came on time, asked me a couple of questions and then they got busy and didn't stop until they were done. Nothing was broken or damaged. I was amazed at the speed that they worked and how organized and well mannered they were. If I had a concern, they stopped and answered my questions without acting annoyed or bothered. From the moment I talked to their rep at the office until my things were delivered I had an excellent experience. The quote that was given to me was higher than I actually had to pay so of course this made me happy too! I am extremely happy with this company and wouldn't hesitate to mention them to anyone that needs to move.

Origin : Kansas City, KS
Destination : Bronx, NY

No Photo Darin
November 22, 2020


I will recommend these guys

I had them move a 3 bedroom set from the storage (in Colorado) to my new house (Kansas). The turnaround time was less than what I was anticipating. The delivery was smooth and efficient. Undoubtedly the only good furniture moving experience I've ever had. I had a bedroom set that was bulky and awkward. Every piece was made with decorative glass. Nothing broken, everything delivered in a timely and pristine manner. They are professional and pleasant hard working people. I will always use and recommend these guys based on this experience of mine. Thank you Planet Van Lines!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Kansas City, KS

No Photo Sergio
November 19, 2020


Very good movers

We hired Planet van lines to help my daughter move from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. They arrived at the apartment on time, packed everything and were very pleasant and helpful. A few days later as planned, all her belongings arrived in Portland. The gentleman at this end was also hard-working, helpful and pleasant. I would definitely recommend Planet van lines and I would use them again. Initially, I made all the plans with the owner, who provided me with his cell phone number and their sales rep, packers and movers did the rest. I am highly impressed.

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Portland, OR

No Photo Elmer
November 19, 2020


This move was excellent

I am more than just happy and impressed with the way Planet van lines moved all our belongings. They have the most skilled and experienced movers who were always willing to give their best effort. They worked as a unit, never failed to manage any problems and showcased their skills. We received all our belongings in one piece and within the scheduled delivery time frame without paying more than the initial estimate. I rate them 5 stars around the board.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Alonzo
November 14, 2020


It couldn’t have gone any better

Moving interstate became easy with the moving team of Planet van lines. Thanks to my friend Harry for suggesting this awesome company. Their sales rep, dispatcher, estimator, packers, loaders, and drivers all did their job with the highest level of precision that is why it was a stress free move within the quoted time and amount and without any damage.

Origin : Myrtle Beach, SC
Destination : Newark, NJ

No Photo Donnasue
November 14, 2020


stay away from north american/fuller ...

Nathan Fuller Moving company associated with North American lied, cheated and never delivered a great deal of our property during our move from CA to OR. Nathan Fuller Never Delivered my iMac21 desktop computer which also involved identity theft. Their insurance carrier SIRVA is just as corrupt and had denied all thefts even though I have photographic proof. The total in damages and theft is more than $24,000. Stay away from these companies. You will never see or get your property returned or compensated for. I've been fighting this theft for almost a year. Our waterbed tubes were torn with the liner, all of my Sunflower dish sets were stolen. And we have to register with the IRS every year to protect our tax IDs as he stole the iMac. I never received the information booklet and now SIRVA refuses to compensate us for all the thefts and damages to our furniture. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, YOUR PROPERTY WILL BE STOLEN OR SEVERELY DAMAGED.

Origin : San Andreas, C
Destination : Eugene, OR

Quoted Price : $11,000.00
Actual Price : $16,000.00

No Photo Oscar
November 13, 2020


Picture perfect move

Moving from one to another with so many belongings and 5 cats was not an easy task. But the movers of Planet van lines did everything right. They managed the entire moving process very efficiently and made sure that we do not have to go through any stress. They packed the entire house, loaded all my belongings with extreme care and transported to the other end without any unwanted drama. The final cost stayed under the estimated amount which was a BIG surprise to be honest. I didn’t get any reason to complain. So full marks from my side.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Tucson, AZ

No Photo Jerome
November 11, 2020


Extremely efficient and very capable

Efficiency is something that comes with experience. The movers from Planet van lines have been doing this job for a long time to have gained enough experience. My move from Denver to Atlanta was so smooth and easy only because of them. They were so professional and skilled. Everything went like clockwork and they were done packing and loading all my belongings in only 3 hours. I received the delivery in Atlanta right on schedule and all my belongings were in very good condition. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a smooth move.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Kyle
November 9, 2020


Efficient and trustworthy

I feel quite uncomfortable having to trust complete strangers with all my valuables. But that comes with the territory of moving from one place to another. My moving experience with Planet van lines was stress-free, simply because of how at-ease they made me feel. They were very friendly and professional. But they were also very efficient at the job. They were taking such good care of my glassware. I was very happy that I got lucky with these movers. They helped me transfer all my belongings from Portland, OR to Colorado Springs, CO.

Origin : Portland, OR
Destination : Colorado Springs, CO

No Photo Robin
November 9, 2020


Cross country last second move

I hired a broker to move my daughter. She was flying out of Washington state to Connecticut on a Friday and 2 days before on Wednesday the broker still hadn’t found anyone so full house had called to see if we still needed a mover and I explained the predicament we were in. That was the same day the broker broke contract. Full house picked up my daughters things the following morning. Stored them for 2 weeks and then shipped them to us by the promised date.The most important thing was them helping us at The last second literally otherwise my daughters things would have been left on the street. They were quick friendly on time best quoted price and all her things were packed carefully and delivered in perfect condition. They were a life saver. It’s The first time we used a mover and after all the nightmare reviews on moving companies I was extremely nervous that something would go wrong. I’m so happy it didn’t. Thank you full house movers for a great first experience!

Origin : Washington state
Destination : Connecticut

Quoted Price : $2,054.00
Actual Price : $2,054.00

No Photo Michael
October 27, 2020



To whom it may concern, I am here at 743 PM still awaiting a callback on my move that was scheduled delivery today. I had contacted customer service twice today, once with a callback. This is after I had taken time away from work. This company has failed miserably for customer service and customer follow-up. I was told yesterday that my goods were on a local truck but had heard nothing from the company until I called today. So this experience shows me the rundown and how I believe it works...Primetime Movers (https://primetimemoves.com) does not move anything, but instead hires everything out to sub companies (I work contracts and this is common). The problem lies with they do NOT manage anything nor follow-up with customers. The key is manage. So as a customer you are left with lies and no contact. BTW their customer service line forwards to voice mail at this hour. DO NOT HIRE THEM TO MOVE ANYTHING unless you like being lied too and being pushed aside... I averaged two of the ratings because I have no idea where my stuff is...

Origin : Wilmington, Il
Destination : Chesapeake VA

Quoted Price : $1,307.00
Actual Price : $1,307.00

No Photo David
October 25, 2020



This company duped me. The sale rep Ryan was very pushy, and I should've trusted my gut. We went over my itemized list of boxes and furniture, and I was quoted 2400. Then two days before the move I got a quality assurance call to go over the final box count. Since I failed to mention a few items the first time, they added $600 to the quote by the end of the call. I was expecting that, and didn't complain. On moving day, a different company showed up (Landmark is a broker, not a moving company), the movers representing this other company (Black Bear moving

Origin : Oakland
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Rolando
October 8, 2020


Sales rep lied about quote and deposit

US Standard sales rep convinced me to cancel my reservation I made with another moving company. He stated that the price that was quoted was too low and that they would be increasing my price the day of the move. Therefore, he scared me into believing that they would do that. I paid a $600 deposit with US Standard to hold a reservation. I asked if I changed my mind could I get that deposit back, he stated absolutely. What he failed to mention was that I had only 72 hours to change my mind. He asked what was being moved. I advised him all furniture that was moving and gave details as to what it looked like. He asked if the couch was a two seater, three seater or a sectional. I advised him it was a three seater. Fast forward to the day of the move... The movers get there look at the furniture and tell me that the price was going to be higher than what was quoted. I asked it should not be since I sold items that was originally on the moving list so essentially I was less than what I originally advised. He tells me that if no one came out and looked at the furniture, there is no way to know how big the furniture was. I said then why ask the size of the furniture on the call? I ended up having to cancel them and renting a U-Haul and a trailer to tow my vehicle. I missed out on my deposit of $600. If I can rate them with zero stars, I would.

Origin : Reed st. Stratford CT 06614
Destination : San Antonio, TX

Quoted Price : $2,300.00
Actual Price : $4,800.00

No Photo John
October 6, 2020


Liars,Frauds,and Thieves

First National Van Lines are liars,frauds,and thieves. First off,please be aware that First National is a BROKER. They do not actually do the moving themselves. They give you a quote to get your business,then they outsource an actual moving company to do the move. That means if something goes wrong or there's a problem with the estimate on the day of your move,they are NOT available to help you. You're stuck working with the moving company to whom they outsourced the contract. In order to win our business,First National Van Lines intentionally misled us about the estimated cubic feet required to move our three-bedroom home from Atlanta to Minneapolis. By vastly underestimating the amount of space needed,their initial moving quote came in several thousand dollars below the competition,and so they won our business. But then came the day of the move. The movers inform us of the actual amount of space required to move our three bedroom house,and the actual total cost of the move. Nearly THREE TIMES what First National had quoted us. The moving company informed us that brokers pull this sort of stunt regularly. Often the unsuspecting customer doesn't find out about the actual cost of the move until their stuff is already on the truck,and then they are FORCED to pay the full amount if they want their stuff back. "And then,you can sue them afterwards," the moving manager told us. He also told us that this sort of lying,deceitful business practice is the NORM with First National. They get away with it by claiming,"Hey, it was just an estimate."I asked the moving manager why they kept doing business with such a shady company. "It was either that,or go out of business," was his excuse. I ended up renting my own U-Haul and had to drive it myself from Atlanta to Minneapolis. My fiancee and I will be registering a complaint with the BBB. If you do not want to get ripped off,work with a reputable moving company directly - First National Van Lines wins business by scamming you over. Also,do not believe these fake five-star reviews. Scroll to the one-star reviews for the real story. Oh,one more thing. We were supposed to move on a Saturday. First National told us that someone would call us on Friday to confirm the move time. 9pm Friday rolls around,no call. We spend an hour calling salespeople (since their offices are closed) trying to find someone to confirm if the move is happening. When we finally reach someone,they tell us,"Sorry, we'll be moving you on Sunday instead. We'll give you a discount because of the screw-up." Obviously we never received that discount either.

Origin : Atlanta, GA
Destination : Minneapolis, MN

Quoted Price : $2,850.00
Actual Price : $8,000.00

No Photo Erika
October 5, 2020


A complete scam!

I hope that NO ONE else experiences the depth of pain I have felt. Moving is emotional, this company plays on emotions and scammed me by missing my estimate by nearly $2,000. I moved out of a STORAGE unit - how can an estimate be inaccurate? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. And best part: they don't care, no conscience, and once you book, they won't answer the phone. A storage unit has exact dimensions, not possible to have a bid off by nearly 100% Read more at: https://www.mymovingreviews.com/movers/priority-vanline-inc-23236#162855

Origin : Wilton, CT
Destination : Austin, TX

Quoted Price : $4,089.00
Actual Price : $5,998.00

No Photo Arianna
October 1, 2020


Highly Recommended

They were absolutely great! They took the job very last minute and arrived on time. They were ready to work and had all the packing materials needed. They were extremely polite, friendly, and were very gentle with all of my items. They worked hard and finished in a timely fashion. I would definitely use them again and would most certainly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thanks for a job very well done! It made my move so much easier.

Origin : Brooklyn NY
Destination : Miami Fl

Quoted Price : $8,000.00
Actual Price : $8,000.00

No Photo Richard
September 28, 2020


Stay far away from US Pro Moving and ...

Shady company and nonexistent customer service. I fell for their scam. I set up a move on August 24 to move from Denver to St Louis. John the salesman was very personable and slick. I put down $572 was told there would be a pickup on Saturday September 26 or Sunday September 27 and the move would arrive in St. Louis on Friday, October 2. Rebecca then called and verified my move. She said the carrier would contact me on September 23 to verify the move. September 23 came and went. I was not called by any carriers or US Pro Moving and Logistics. I called both Rebecca and US Pro Moving and Logistics Customer Service on Friday, September 25 as well as all weekend. I did not receive a callback. I emailed John the sales rep and left a VM on his number. He never returned my calls. I texted and called Rebecca, she never returned any of my messages. I was finally able to get a hold of US Pro Moving and Logistics customer service on Monday, September 28 at 7:30 am Denver time. They said they were trying to contact the mover and gave me the carrier’s telephone number. I called the carrier out of Denton, TX, gave them the US Pro Moving and Logistics job number. They said they turned it down because US Pro Moving and Logistics underbid the job. Furthermore, they said they did not pick up on weekends. I called back US Pro Moving and Logistics Customer Support and they said they were working with the carrier in Denton, TX. When I told US Pro Moving and Logistics that I actually spoke with the carrier, but the customer service rep at US Pro Moving and Logistics said the carrier would call me right back (this was at 8:40 am on Monday, September 28). I was assured that the US Pro Moving and Logistics Dispatch Manager had found a carrier and my move would be picked up on Monday, September 28. I finally got a call from a Denver moving service at 9:10 am, he was apologetic and said he was just contacted by US Pro Moving and Logistics a few minutes prior. He said they would pick up my move but said it probably would be in storage for 21 days before it could be moved to St. Louis because they just found out about it today, Monday, September 28. The level of deception and false promises from US Pro Movers and Logistics surprised even me. I again called the US Pro Moving and Logistics Customer Service back on Monday, September 28 at 9:43 am and they said the 21 days in storage was acceptable and was within the DOT spread, whatever that means. I was told multiple times by US Pro Moving and Logistics that my move would be picked up by a carrier, not a local storage company, right up until 9:43 am this morning, then the story abruptly changed. I had to scramble and rent a U-Haul to move myself. That was my only option at this late stage because US Pro Moving and Logistics did not actually take any action on my move until I finally spoke with customer service on Monday, September 28. They had the ba

Origin : Denver
Destination : St Louis

Quoted Price : $1,673.00

No Photo B
September 23, 2020


Dishonest and Careless.....Beware!

They broke 5 glass items (1 antique glass vase - priceless), clearly marked on box. My leather bed frame and rolling tool chest were also broken. PLEASE do your research and even if they are insured it doesn't mean they will use their insurance to pay for anything they broke. Look for an honest company and get something in writing . I sent them an estimate for the items broken with pictures (well underestimated some of the priceless items broken) They wanted to settle with .60 on the dollar for the weight of each item so for my bill of $775 they wanted to give me $150?? They NEVER sent the check on 8/17/20 and on 8/31/20 when I inquired about where it was they never responded to my email. Moving is stressful enough, you shouldn't have to worry about careless movers putting your "glass" "fragile" boxes on the bottom of the stack! Look elsewhere I wish I had.

Origin : Bluffton, SC
Destination : Holiday, FL

Quoted Price : $2,350.00
Actual Price : $2,350.00

No Photo Julie
September 16, 2020



I got a quote from David Carter at Top 10 Van Lines of $1700 (BINDING quote it says on the contract! Ha!). I told him I was talking to another company, Cross country movers. He told me they were known for Up-charging on the day of the move. I don’t know why I believed him but I went with Top 10. On the day of the move, Green Planet Movers showed up. I didn’t realize we would be outsourced to another company! So when they do the walk through and look at the inventory, they immediately say it’s going to be more than we were quoted. Of course, David Carter hasn’t actually looked at our stuff, we trusted me to give him a quote and I honestly did that. But now on move day, these guys know that we will have to pay it because we have to move. It’s move day! I tried to call David and of course he was unavailable so I get a manager. Don’t remember his name but he obviously has no intention of righting this wrong. He was very rude and unapologetic! So what choice do I have but to pay these guys ?!?! Obviously we leave a balance until day of delivery, but at this point I’ve already paid $1350 and I don’t even know if I’ll ever see my stuff again. Also, David has said the stuff would be delivered in about 5 days. It was 15 days!! They were supposed to drive it up to the end of my driveway but then decided they didn’t want to drive up my road. If you can’t back up an 18-wheeler, you shouldn’t be driving an 18-wheeler!! My husband was home alone and had to meet them in a nearby parking lot, unload the stuff onto our flat-bed open trailer and haul it to the house himself !! Then we had to unload it when we paid for them to bring it in and set it up! Also, they cracked our TV. There’s no telling what our stuff went through or where it went in those 15 days. It was overall A horrible experience and a ridiculous example of classic bait and switch They know you’re not going to turn the movers away on move day as you have to move on that day most likely! And you’ve already paid a down Payment. So I will never again use a company that doesn’t come out and give a quote in person. BE WARNED!!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Nashville, TN

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $2,216.00

No Photo Robert
September 15, 2020


Scratched and Gouged my Hardwood Floor

Mistakes happen but these guys were too lazy to put a stationary exercise bike on a moving dolly at our new condo. They dragged the bike on its wheels and gouged the beautiful finished hardwood floor. We didn't notice the damage till they left and immediately called the company. It took three weeks for them to send someone out to asses fixing the damage but we still haven't heard back from them. Nothing but excuses- alex on vacation, busy, They are not accountable for their damages and just trying to skirt the issue. Now we have to sue them. I would be very cautious of using these bozos if you have a higher end property that you do not want damaged. Feel free to contact me and I will provide pictures

Origin : western Springs Il
Destination : Burr Ridge Il

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,278.00

No Photo Isabella
August 23, 2020


Poor quality,significant damage,and ...

Based on our real estate agent,we hired a local company,Fast Moving in Hackettstown NJ. They came across as competent and careful when I interview them. They promised extra care with our antiques and although $2000 more than another quote,I decided to use them because of their assurances and because they were local. They show up a day early to move me out. The owner Maria,lied and said they were going to break it up in 2 days because of heat. They moved us all out in a day because the lead mover was going on vacation! This left me in a very inconvenient place. They movers were rude except for 2 of them. They delivered 2 days late,did not put furniture they took apart together as promised,delivered damaged antique dresser and corner unit,crushed boxes,crushed crystal,missing boxes,and packed our printer in a dog bed without a box! Not professional at all. Deeply disappointing to have purchase insurance but they are not honoring it. Stay away from them if you are looking for quality movers. Read their reviews on Yelp..8 reviews and 4 are one star!

Origin : Morris County NJ
Destination : Fairfax County VA

Quoted Price : $10,800.00
Actual Price : $10,800.00

No Photo Mike
August 18, 2020


Worst Experience Ever...I'm Not Alone

SCAM ALERT…California Relocation Systems was the worst customer experience I’ve had had in my life. Beware of this company. When things go wrong with your move (and they likely will) you will be dealing with people that are both inept at their jobs and completely uncaring for the customer. Here’s what I experienced. Refer to the Better Business Bureau (F rating) along with other online reviews and you will see I’m one of many mistreated customers. • Changed quote (price/cubic foot) once truck was loaded, resulting in higher charge • Lost roughly 1/3 of all our items • Claim packet for lost items was received by them Feb 11th, as of Aug 18th they have not responded and will not answer any emails or phone calls • Only sent one mover to unload full truck at destination. Had to pay our painters to help move items Please read reviews on the popular review sites before calling them. That initial quote will prove to good to be true and cost you thousands of dollars later.

Origin : los angeles, ca
Destination : salt lake city, ut

Quoted Price : $9,460.00
Actual Price : $11,640.00

No Photo Jeff
July 28, 2020


Companies are a scam!

Jul 21, 2020 Long-distance move from Missouri to Colorado DONT HIRE THEM We were lead to believe this was a moving company. They are NOT A MOVING Co. They are simply brokers. Our property was contracted for pick up on or near June 27th. They contacted us the following week to tell us the truck was full and couldnt get our property. They then said it would cost nearly $1000 more to pick it up! I asked to have a manager call me....never happened. I write this on July 21st and still NO DELIVERY OF MY PROPERTY! When I call them, I get the typical answering machine, with NO RETURN CALL. They have transferred my property to another company now and I have no idea where it is. I had to pay over $3000 additional and still no delivery. This company will low bid and then screw up, and charge more, then sell off to another company that will gouge you. I am in process of hiring an attorney and going after them. Their associate Co, "Western" Movers, has taken the name of a lagitimate company affiliated with Allied van lines....Western van lines. When I actually contacted the legitimate Western Van Lines, I was informed that they had received numerous complaints about both of these groups. They told me they were using their bame and were not any affiliation to them. I immediately contacted the DOT to file a complaint, and found that these companies were a scam. They are currently over a month past due on delivery of my items and still have not given me a delivery date! Medal of Honor had the audacity to contact me and inform me that they were coming after me by way of their legal dept for slander. Ha, I hope so. It will make it easier to file a lawsuit against them to recoup fees paid for a service not rendered! I THINK ITS DISGRACEFUL THAT THEY USE THE NAME OF OUR MILITARY HEROES. THIS Co. IS DISHONEST AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!

Origin : Kansas City
Destination : Dillon, CO

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $3,400.00

No Photo Shannon
July 16, 2020


Horrible experience, waste of money

I highly do not recommend this company for moving needs. We were very disappointed in the service we received. They showed up with a truck 6 feet shorter than agreed ( breach of contract), a 4-Hour job took 7 hours, and very expensive furniture pieces were damaged. The screen Door was torn out of the hinges, and the entire piece of railing on porch completely ripped off when mind altered employee ran into it, as well as gouges in our wood floor at our new home. Company refuses to reimburse anything at all due to waiver clause and non admittance of movers to damages made. The principle of the matter does not concern them.

Origin : Colorado
Destination : Colorado

Actual Price : $981.00

No Photo Kimber
July 11, 2020


Moving Scam

Any person looking to move can do what this company supposedly does MUCH better and MUCH cheaper on their own. There is no reason to utilize this company or any like it. This is NOT a full service moving company. It is a broker. They only provide quotes, pick a subcontractor that they have no real relationship with or quality control over, then supposedly "manage" your move. Northern is only as good as the subcontractor they provide. The one for my job- Forward Van Lines- was terrible. Northern Moving Systems staff were NOT readily available to manage the problems that resulted. I was not informed at booking that a subcontractor would even be used, let alone provided with Forward Van Line's information so that I could check their reviews and service record. If you use this company, you are literally giving money away to a middleman for no reason. If your move happens to go well with them, it will ONLY be because the dice rolled in your favor and they happened to pick a decent subcontractor. Below is information I provided in reporting Northern Moving Systems to the Better Business Bureau and Department of Transportation. Contracted with Northern Moving Systems (Rob) for full-service interstate move utilizing FT professional movers for $2739 on 6-27-20, with arrival at origin btwn 3-5pm. I asked if truck/workers would be Northern or someone else. Rob said "Northern." I stated that I would NOT book for an AM arrival, as I was flying in after midnight. Was specific in giving inventory to Rob. He told me wrapping of glass, except wall mirrors was included. The written contract confirmed this. On 6-26-20, Amber called and gave arrival of 9-11am. Said it never could've been 3-5pm. Subcontractor- Forward Van Lines arrived 6-27 @~noon. Men were not FT movers. 1 was a laid-off chef, 1 had no experience. Their boss, Al, was on phone and worst customer service person I've dealt with. Refused to abide by contract, increased fuel/taxes for glass by ~$450. Stated "I don't care what's in the contract, that's not how this works." Refused to give final price until "After everything is on the truck and then we'll see." Rob had promised he'd be available for any issues; he did not answer phone or return calls. After furniture loaded, told I had "extra" items. Told Al I'd be filing a complaint. He yelled & cursed at me, then said "I'm cancelling your job!" I said, "Fine, do that." Told men to offload truck, as Al cancelled the job. It's illegal to charge more than 10% above quote or to amend quote after furniture loaded. Chelli at Northern gave $2800 increase. Al clearly cancelled the job as an intimidation tactic. He expected me to panic and agree to pay whatever price I had to for my furniture to be moved- not actually take him serious and have the truck offloaded- as evidenced by Al trying to hold my

Origin : Boynton Beach, FL
Destination : Davison, MI

Quoted Price : $2,739.00
Actual Price : $5,539.00

No Photo Patricia
June 29, 2020



Worse mover I have every hired. The miscalculation was typical but the stealing was the worse! The movers advised me that they have a problem with theft after they packed the truck. My boxes were opened and many items stolen. What wasn't stolen was unwrapped and therefore broken. The thieves actually left their box cutters in 2 of the boxes. Company bullied me into removing all my reviews and offered me $50 for a $5,000 claim. They totally lost entire box and are doing nothing to find it. I had several items mixed with mine and I had to tell them to take them. I wouldnt let this company move my trash to the curb!!!

Origin : Los Angeles CA
Destination : Chicago IL

Quoted Price : $4,321.38
Actual Price : $7,500.00

No Photo Abigail
June 15, 2020


Great team

This was the best moving experience I’ve had. They team of three guys showed up about 20 minutes early so they were ready to start promptly at 9. They were professional and extremely efficient. Our belongings were delivered at the absolute end of the delivery window but when they came they were so careful, professional and courteous even working in the rain and dark. Thank you to everyone for taking some of the stress out of this move!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Daytona Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $2,700.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

No Photo Laura
May 13, 2020


Horrible Scamers

Let me tell you a little bit about my move. But first let me warn you..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! that is of course if you don’t mind that your delivery date they promised is actually 2 weeks later..or you don’t mind the price changing 3 times, if you don’t mind any of you possessions being broken. After filling out an on line lengthy claim form only to be told “you’re missing some information" that’s fine I can do that.. and then getting an email back telling me I have to start from scratch with the online claim! You can't just add it too your current claim..nope! have to fill everything out all over again!!..I will end with the legs were broken off my armoire, glasses were broken, full length mirror shattered, bin lids broken and the beat yet the Orbit mover comes in with a dolly and runs the muddy thing on your light color carpet!!

Origin : Erie, PA
Destination : Bradenton, FL

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $3,938.00

No Photo Lauren
April 20, 2020


Stay Away!

I had hands down the worst experience with Oz Moving & Storage — ranging from being lied to and bullied and having items ruined. I was mis-sold services by the sales rep Bill (who is no longer with the company). He told me various untrue things that would be part of my moving package, including that the company had HQ and storage facilities in San Francisco, that Oz Moving was familiar with San Francisco in general regarding city ordinances, and that my items would be stored in San Francisco and not New York City. I even had to use an email from Bill to prove to the Oz Moving that I was not responsible for calling the city of San Francisco to reserve parking space for the moving truck. No customer of any moving service should be responsible for coordinating with any city for parking space. I complained to customer service and had an extremely unpleasant experience with Shadeequah and Allison. Shadeequah spoke to me on the phone with attitude that should not be held for anyone in customer service, almost in an bullying attempt when she said "Oh I know your account." She was extremely rude and unhelpful in the matter when I complained. I escalated the issue to Allison, who was further unhelpful. When on the phone with Allison, I had told her of my experience with Bill and the movers that picked up my items in New York -- her attitude was extremely poor and not conducive to anyone in the customer service industry. When I mentioned that I was in California and the time she was calling me at was an early hour, instead of apologizing or saying thank you for letting me know, she had the audacity to spew "Well how as I supposed to know?" which tells me that she should not be part of the customer service team and should not be customer facing. The attitude of the customer service reps was astonishingly bad. Furthermore, items were broken and ruined. The condition of the boxes was atrocious - you can tell that Oz Moving did not care of how they stored my items or loaded the boxes to the the truck -- boxes were smashed, handles were broken off of plastic bins and suitcases. My couch was ruined due to the dye from the blankets used to wrap the couch bled onto the couch's fabric. When I had professional cleaners assess the damage of the couch, they even said that “reputable moving companies doesn’t use such shoddy blankets in moving - the dye doesn’t transfer if the blanket is of quality material.” It was shocking how bad this company is at providing moving services. I felt used and manipulated by Oz Moving and would warn anyone that uses that - beware of poor customer service and moving services.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : San Francisco, CA

No Photo Chalaye
April 11, 2020


Too easy movers made it "too easy"

So these guys were great, they quoted me and my husband rightfully. Their hourly rate included packaging, and 3 moving professionals doing all the work. My husband is in the Army and after PCS'ing about a year ago to Clarksville, we decided to move closer to the base. These guys were awesome to work with, I loved that my final price was exactly what they initially said it would be! Would recommend https://www.tooeasymove.com/ to others

Origin : Clarksville, TN
Destination : Clarksville, TN

Quoted Price : $525.00
Actual Price : $525.00

No Photo John
April 2, 2020


Awesome Company

We contact Koa moving for our moving, from Honolulu to San Diego, they were extremely professional , friendly and very careful. All our belonges arrived on time and with out any damage. Great customer service. I highly recommend them as movers

Origin : Honolulu
Destination : San Diego

No Photo Lincoln
March 18, 2020


Non-existent claim service.

Submitted a claim for a ruined carpet. No response of any kind from the 'broker' for over 2 weeks. The Local Agent---Humbolt Moving and Storage, Eureka California--has done what they can to facilitate this claim. They have no response either.

Origin : Yellow Srings, Oh
Destination : Brookings, Or

No Photo Randi
March 16, 2020


Very Unreliable!!

I'm a repeat customer who was completely taken advantage of. They quoted me a cash price of $360 to load a POD which I agreed to. I also asked if they can thrown in the packing supplies since I was a repeat customer which they agreed to. After they finished loading my POD,they wanted to sell me 2 straps at $40 each to keep my furniture secure which they said was their cost. If that was their cost,they got screwed cause I was able to purchase the same straps at Lowe's for a quarter of the price. In addition,my cash price increased to $435 for the packing materials which should have been included. We settled on $400 which Included the tips for 4 guys. His justification was that I got 4 guys for the price of 2 and that he need to feed his family. Well,I wasn't told this upfront. Finally,did I mention they were 3 hours late. Yeah,he called to tell me they were running late and needed to stop for lunch before they started my move. So my 1pm appointment with them turned into a 4pm appointment. Well I also had things to do and had a 6pm engagement which I showed up for at 8pm. Yes,my time is just as valuable. So pretty much due to the greed of a small amount of money,a 5 star review turned into a 1 star,and that's only because I'm forced to leave 1star,and I will never recommend this company. I was also willing to use one of the guys and his buddies to help me unload my POD at my new destination and took his number. Well that's not happening. That paper was thrown away.

Origin : Ft lauderdale Fl
Destination : Packed a POD

Quoted Price : $360.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Robert
February 26, 2020



I called them on February 8 to get a quote to move a full 26foot box truck (4bedroom house). The sales person confused me by asking about inventory instead of truck size. On the quote he sent I failed to see that it was only for 395cubic feet and not 1700 cubic feet. So I electronically sent them $650. A couple days later another person called to again talk about inventory at which time I finally became aware of the deception.I them asked for my money back but they said there were no refunds. This is a horrible way to treat seniors. Loosing this money is a big hit to us. I would not recommend this company.

Origin : Crestwood Illinois
Destination : Holland Michigan

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

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