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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
Insurance: On file: 100000
Required: 150000
Year of Estd: 2/1/1999

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9AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday

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Credit Cards, Cash, Check

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Dummy MC MW
827 Ridgewood Avenue, Bldg 5A
North BrunswickNJ 08902 USA

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Toll Free: 866-343-1243
Phone: 732-940-4200
Fax: 732-940-4300

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No Photo Michael
October 16, 2019


Thanks for your responses

After paying for professional movers. Roadrunner sent out unskilled, uninsured day laborers out to my home. They not only did 10’s if thousands of $’s in damages but they stole my family silver. My personal insurance company is covering most of the damages with the exception of the building exterior and the silver theft. Roadrunner thinks I’m a moron and that they are going to only pay .60 a # for over $ 20,000 in sterling silver. They thought they would be foolish enough not to they that they can send whatever criminal into my home and they can steal whatever they like and I’m bound to a .60 per pound clause due to loss. Thanks to you all I have absolute verification they are as incorrect as they are they are dirty and totally unethical. Also thanks to the responses to my prior review, I now have a lawyer and a contact in the moving industries governing body “The Department of Transportation” Please if you’re considering using Roadrunner, call text or email me. Michael Wright michaeljwright@yahoo.com (962)330-7576. I have so many pictures and texts and emails and voice Mails from the people in this company without a conscience. I’m certain I can persuade you to go elsewhere and maybe help save some one else from losing their precious family heirlooms . I have Names and police reports. You really, really don't want to get involved with thsee scammers. their precious family

Origin : St. Louis
Destination : St. Louis

Quoted Price : $5,050.00
Actual Price : $5,050.00

No Photo J
October 8, 2019


Worse experience ever

Duluth, Ga office%0d%0aIf we can save one person the headaches they caused please read. Most unprofessional business I’ve dealt or heard of dealings with. Brian Booker (supposedly the owner’s son) will tell you whatever he can to get your business and money. Taylor follows suit with false promises also. One excuse after another why they don’t show up on time. After they have your money you better have a different phone number, because each time you try and call Brian or Taylor, or they won’t answer. Taylor will over talk you and blame you and try and degrade you for their poorly run business. Another little trick they have, you have to pay with cash or check, that way you can’t dispute anything and they won’t set a delivery date until after the check clears, if that soon. Can’t tell you how many different delivery dates we were told. They also won’t even up the door to the truck when delivering until you pay the balance in cash or money order, so you have no re-course for damaged/missing items, like we had. And surprise the price doubled over the estimate, the driver made that comment before they even saw all they had to put on the truck. Don’t expect it to be delivered anywhere close to what they promise the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time.%0d%0a

Origin : georgia
Destination : kentucky

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Alisa
October 7, 2019


Awful slimy broker company, made move ...

We had an awful, stressful, nightmare of a move using Worst Cross Country Movers. As soon as we singed a deal with Becka, (a complete liar! i was shocked at how she said everything I wanted to hear to seal the deal and then none of it was true!!) our quote disappeared from online and we were unable to access our paperwork. When we asked to see our contract, we were given a completely different version with a fake "e-signature" on it. When another company that is NOT qualified or BBB accredited came to pick up our stuff on move day, they increased our quote by almost double, making our 700 cubit ft move into 1200, and costing us double. The company wouldn't load the truck until we signed on the new estimate, and when we called Best cross for help, Becka was "unable to assist us" and "did not handle calls after the sale". She didn't speak to us one time during our hell of a move. BCC changed its customer service representatives about 4 times, as one got sick, one was fired (after threatening that they would cancel our move on move day if we didn't agree to the new estimate amount", etc. We were forced to sign the new estimate and work with a completely separate and unqualified company, Black Bear Moving and Storage (also really unprofessional and awful, also unrated with the BBB). This experience was awful and Best Cross country was unable and unwilling to help they literally said, "there's nothing we can do, our hands our tied "on multiple occasions when we wanted to know when we could expect delivery. Delivery of our vehicle and our furniture to NY was a complete mess, wherein we had to go pick up our car at a queens terminal, they charged us extra for a shuttle service of our stuff into manhattan even though they were aware of our move into manhattan from the day of contract, and were completely unavailable and unhelpful throughout. The company that was sent to deliver our stuff came in a budget rental truck with two skinny guys who didn't speak english and who picked fights with our doormen. our stuff came broken and lost and damaged, and there has still not been any word, offer of peace or help from either company. The "Uzbeck express" brothers who delivered our stuff were extremely lazy and rude and left our furniture piled in the middle of our apartment, refused to put it together, left blankets and plastic on it. At the end of the day we were screwed over $3,000, and ended up with extreme stress, frustration, and broken damaged items. This was a disaster, but I learned never to go with the quote that is curiously low. Trust your stuff to a long standing qualified company (DO NOT USE A BROKER, especially not best cross country), who's prices are middle line and reasonable. Please head our warning, save yourself and your stuff and make your move worry free. Pass on this company!

Origin : Los Angeles CA
Destination : New York NY

Quoted Price : $4,300.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Char
September 30, 2019


All my Sons Movers

A Family member hired this company to move her,one of the Movers (Sandra) came with a MAJOR attitude. After a very rude conversation with my Family member she told the two other movers to take the stuff out of the moving truck unwrap her stuff and take it back in her house cause they were leaving. There company would be great if they got rid of SANDRA. As long as she is there I will not recommend this moving company. She made the moving experience miserable. She has no business working with the public.

Origin : Salt Lake City Ut
Destination : Bountiful Ut

Quoted Price : $1,905.00
Actual Price : $2,235.00

No Photo David
September 19, 2019


Purple Heart Moving Group terrible ...

David Clay Sep 19, 2019 Local move within North Carolina This will be lengthy but please read it in its entirety to save yourself time, money and tremendous heartache. This review includes terrible service, fraudulent business practices verging on extortion, extensive damage to walls and even broken stone steps all with a shrug from the delivery driver. This is a brand new home. I booked a move from CO to NC explaining that I would be in NC and not able to be present for the pack and load. I was told everything I needed to hear during the initial conversations. From we will walk you through this to consistent updates to personal care and being assured of a highly professional company. Well, NONE of that was true. I was lied to, ignored, patronized and left with no options. My biggest concerns were they did not follow their own policy which left me without the opportunity to adjust my inventory prior to the arrival of the packers. So the 'estimate' jumped $4,000. I did have more items than the initial inventory but once the packers arrived Purple Heart told me they were out of the equation. This left me in a vulnerable position since I was out of the state and my house was closing the next week. I had no time to secure another moving company once things started to go bad with Purple Heart. The care of my belongings was worse than neglectful. I left specific instructions on how to handle some antiques but these were ignored and an actual crowbar was used to take apart an antique desk, breaking two pieces that needed to be fabricated to allow the desk to be put back together. Boxes I had packed were all opened and most of the boxes I packed were dumped into large wardrobe boxes. I do mean dumped. No packing paper. Books on top of glass decorations, lawn equipment in with art work to name a few. Some of the boxes weighed over 160#. Leather furniture cut, torn and EVERY piece of furniture was scratched or broken. Purple Heart uses jobbers and day labor to complete these moves. They used a company that is located near their office in Florida not a local moving company, hired temporary help to load my belongings into Enterprise rental trucks. They put my items out for bid for the transportation to NC. An owner/operator who also worked for Boost Express took the job. Once picked up I was told the driver was going to Pennsylvania to deliver another load then to me. Weeks later I received a call that the delivery would happen on Monday between 10-11am. Making arrangements to be there at 10, I waited until 3pm for their arrival. The 'team' they were to arrive with was the driver and one person, taking two days to unload. **Throughout this process, I NEVER spoke to a manager or supervisor. I made multiple calls and sent emails attempting to speak to someone who could help me. I was told that Kristen Kelly was the only supervisor that would talk to customers. I was only able

Origin : Colorado Springs, Co
Destination : Troutman, North Carolina

Quoted Price : $9,800.00
Actual Price : $14,200.00

No Photo Nagender
August 22, 2019


Beware of Green Movers Of America

Hi,%0d%0aThis is the worst mover I’VE ever come across. They will take the advantage of your situation and will ask for the money and you won’t have any other option but to give them.%0d%0aThey quoted 2200USD for my house hold move from Devon, PA to Carmel, IN. I ended up paying 4438 USD. I gave the complete list of all my house hold articles and all the conditions(that need door to door service, 3rd floor to 2nd floor, Shuttle required both side etc) upfront and those were included in original contract. I paid 20% as advance. But they came up with different quote on pick up and entirely different quote while delivery. Since I had all packed stuff and I had to vacate the house, I had to give extra money to them.%0d%0aPls DO NOT GO FOR SPONSORED REVIEW, BEWARE OF GREEN MOVERS OF AMERICA.

Origin : Devon, PA
Destination : Carmel, IN

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $4,438.00

No Photo Mike
August 12, 2019


Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service. Packed very well and moved everything safely without any damage.

Origin : Myrtle Beach, SC
Destination : Myrtle Beach, SC

No Photo Jerry
August 12, 2019



They were efficient, professional and friendly.

Origin : Fort Wayne, IN
Destination : Fort Wayne, IN

No Photo Stewart
August 12, 2019


!! Highly Satisfied!!

Did everything very smoothly without breaking anything. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Origin : Essex, CT
Destination : Essex, CT

No Photo Danny
August 8, 2019


Very nice customer service!!!!

Very nice customer service. These movers were very friendly and very professional. They did the job on time nicely without any issues. I'm happy with the services provided by them and I would recommend these movers to others.

Origin : Selbyville, DE
Destination : Selbyville, DE

No Photo Linda
August 8, 2019


Hassle-free move!!

Very Professional. Wrapped and packed well without any damage. Hassle-free move. Good Job!

Origin : Burlington, NC
Destination : Efland, NC

No Photo Mike
August 8, 2019


"Very friendly movers"

They were good and very friendly. No issues with them.

Origin : Norman, IN
Destination : Seymour, IN

No Photo Anonymous
August 8, 2019


Very Good!

Very Good Movers. Excellent Team Members. Hassle-free Move.

Origin : Plymouth Township, OH
Destination : Medina, OH

No Photo Sherri
August 8, 2019


Prompt and very fast!

Efficient and well-organized. They were on time, packed everything neatly and quickly. Nothing got damage.

Origin : Suitland, MD
Destination : Seabrook, MD

No Photo Mary
August 8, 2019


Guys were great!

The guys were great. They came and loaded everything nicely without any damage. But only thing I was not satisfied with these movers was the price. They gave me one price and ended up with another. This is the only thing I was not happy with these movers. Rest of the things were fine.

Origin : Manistee, MI
Destination : Manistee, MI

No Photo Sudhir
August 8, 2019



Excellent! Hassle-free service. Everything went smoothly.

Origin : Bloomington, IN
Destination : Edison, NJ

No Photo Jiafan
August 7, 2019


Very Helpful!!

They were very helpful. They came on time and packed well, loaded and unloaded all our items. Everything was good!

Origin : New Albany, OH
Destination : Perrysburg, OH

No Photo Betty
August 6, 2019


"Very careful in handling stuff"

Actually, it was raining at the time of moving, but the crew members were excellent, they came on time, took care of everything and moved our stuff smoothly without any damage. I would definitely recommend these movers to my friends and relatives if they needed.

Origin : Lithonia, GA
Destination : Buford, GA

No Photo Anonymous
August 6, 2019


"Courteous & Professional"

They were on time and did the job on time. The crew were courteous and professional. They moved everything safely within the estimated time. I was really happy with the services provided by these movers and will definitely recommend these movers to others if they needed.

Origin : Brandon, FL
Destination : Seffner, FL

No Photo Logeshini
August 5, 2019


Nice Movers!!!!

These movers were nice. The crew members were fantastic. They were very gentle and polite while moving goods. Thanks to the whole team for your support!!!

Origin : Cranbury, NJ
Destination : North Bergen, NJ

No Photo Ruby
August 2, 2019


"Pretty Nice Movers"

Pretty nice experience. They were good, efficient and did a great job!

Origin : Glenn Springs, SC
Destination : Moore, SC

No Photo Susan
August 1, 2019


"Very Please with their Services"

Very pleased with the services provided by the company. Excellent customer service and very good team. It was a wonderful experience with them.

Origin : Keystone, PA
Destination : Chambersburg, PA

No Photo Christina
August 1, 2019


Fabulous team!!!

I was okay. The guys were fabulous except some of my furniture got scratched when it was unloading from the truck but that's fine. No other issues with them.

Origin : Mahwah, NJ
Destination : Orlando, FL

No Photo Cathy
August 1, 2019


Hassle-free move!!

The team came and packed 2 days before the move. They were nice, polite and very helpful while moving things. Prompt arrival and Hassle-free move. It was good experience with them.

Origin : Wake Forest, NC
Destination : East Durham, NC

No Photo Anonymous
August 1, 2019


"Reliable and Quick services"

I was looking for the reliable and quick movers to get the job done. We found the right movers for us. Quick services at very reasonable price. Highly satisfied with them.

Origin : Edmond, OK
Destination : Edmond, OK

No Photo Susan
July 31, 2019


Efficient and Flexible!!

"They were on time, efficient and flexible. The team was good and polite. They packed everything carefully and moved all the stuff without any damage"

Origin : New Boston, OH
Destination : Sciotoville, OH

No Photo Janae
July 31, 2019


"Great Experience"

These movers were professional. They came on time, packed everything carefully and loaded all my stuff very quickly and moved them to our new place safely. It was great experience with these movers.

Origin : Jacksonville, FL
Destination : Orange Pk, FL

No Photo Jack
July 31, 2019


Crew were Excellent!!

I was disappointed with the prices. They gave me one price and ended up with another but the crew members were excellent. They did a great job. They were professional, efficient and well organized. Thanks to the team! Good Job.

Origin : Pembroke Pnes, FL
Destination : Boynton Beach, FL

No Photo Holly
July 30, 2019


"Quick and Professional"

These movers were professional, quick and polite. They did a good job!!

Origin : Columbus, OH
Destination : Columbus, OH

No Photo Dwayne
July 30, 2019


Professional Movers!

I was happy with the services provided by these movers. They helped and handled everything carefully while moving my stuff. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Origin : Lehigh Acres, FL
Destination : Land O Lakes, FL

No Photo David
July 30, 2019


I'll use them again!!

These movers were great and great customer service. They wrapped everything carefully. They worked very hard and moved all the stuff without any damage. I would definitely use them again.

Origin : Olympia Heights, FL
Destination : Coral Gables, FL

No Photo Anonymous
July 30, 2019


Good Moving Experience!

It was a good move. Prompt arrival. Nice packing and handling. No damage to our items. All of our belongings were delivered in perfect condition. Everything went well.

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Arlis
July 30, 2019


Efficient, prompt and well organized ...

The service was efficient and well organized. They were professional. They were on time, worked on time and moved all the stuff on time. No delay. It was good experience with them.

Origin : Fort Myers, FL
Destination : Homestead, FL

No Photo Jeffrey
July 30, 2019


Good Job!!!!

Everything was good. The crew members did a great job. I had no problem with anyone. Highly Recommended!

Origin : Morganville, NJ
Destination : Fort Lauderdale, FL

No Photo Neeraj
July 30, 2019


Very Professional!

It was nice experience with them. They did a good job and very professional. They took proper care in handling and moving the stuff. Everything was good. No issues with them.

Origin : Lake Placid, FL
Destination : Lithia, FL

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