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4.0(7394) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 4.0
Moving Services 4.0
Packing Services 3.9
Professionalism 4.0

74% Recommended based on user reviews

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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
Insurance: On file: 100000
Required: 150000
Year of Estd: 2/1/1999

Hours of Operation

9AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday

Payment Options

Credit Cards, Cash, Check

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Dummy MC MW
827 Ridgewood Avenue, Bldg 5A
North BrunswickNJ 08902 USA

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Toll Free: 866-343-1243
Phone: 732-940-4200
Fax: 732-940-4300

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No Photo Rodney
March 21, 2023


Amazing Experience With This Company

After much research on long distance moving companies in our area, we discovered Cheap Movers Club. They were incredibly easy to deal with. They even came to our home to provide an onsite estimate. The pricing was transparent and the actual workers were some of the best I've ever seen. There were no damages at delivery and it arrived in a timely manner. Highly recommend.

Origin : San Francisco, CA
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $5,400.00
Actual Price : $5,400.00

No Photo Mr
March 10, 2023


The best full service movers, local ...

The best full service movers, local and long distance, and one of the best businesses in NYC. Respectful, kind, and great at their jobs! I've hired them 2 years in a row. First time was for a high stress move from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I originally found them through a service offered/used by the apartment complex I was moving into. Ivan was my email contact. Mike and Marco were my movers and helped me finish packing. Very professional, responsive to all questions, on time, just the right degree of friendly, discreet (which was important to me), everything was packed well, and the move went very smoothly and quickly. The company actually charged less than the estimate, because I didn't have as much stuff as I thought I did. (Everything you own always seems infinite and overwhelming - to you - I suppose.) By the second move - across country, with a lot more furniture

Origin : NYC
Destination : Orlando, FL

Quoted Price : $8,000.00
Actual Price : $8,000.00

No Photo Doug
February 3, 2023


Worst Move Ever

BEWARE of apparent Fraud and Predatory Practices by True Blue Moving Group, LLC of Greenacres, Florida, hereafter called TBMG. We were originally quoted a total of $4621.60 for the move what was the equivalent of a Studio Apartment (actually a One Bedroom, but no bed, chest of drawers or bedside tables). I had forgotten a couple of items and called back and got a new Estimate/Bill of Lading for $5232.50 This was in line with other estimates we had received and so we paid a deposit of $1881.00 by credit card and booked a pack up date of either the 28th or 29th of May, 2022. We were supposed to have our total broken into three payments. Deposit, Pickup, Delivery. More on that later. Without calling us, the packers showed up on the 27th and said that they were there to pack us and move us. Well, we were certainly not happy with that, as we had given two dates, as they had specified. The packers came up to the apartment and looked through all the rooms to “make sure they had the stuff they needed and that it looked the right amount etc.” They also indicated that we would be the first pack and load of the day, so we should see them fairly early. On the 28th, they did not show up on time and we called the Driver/Lead. He said that they “decided to pack someone else first in another location”. We raised the roof, and they reluctantly agreed to come to us first. On arrival, they said that someone had stolen their packing supplies and that they had to “buy more” and began the “sob story”. After packing up and loading 80% of the boxes etc., the Driver/Lead said that we had way more stuff than was on the original estimate/bill of lading. He then said that it was almost DOUBLE what we had told the sales/scheduling person at TBMG at the beginning. He said we could agree to the increase, with a new Bill of Lading and cost OR they could unload it all on the street. His excuse was that he was only a contractor and could not fix anything. He also continued the sob story about how much work it had been and hinted that if they did not get a good tip, they would not be incented to take good care of our belongings. I complained to the corporate office/Manager at TBMG and they said there was nothing that they could do, because the packer/mover was a contractor and not them. We were already incredibly stressed and out of time, so we agreed. This brought the estimate to $10,279.00!! a MORE THAN DOUBLING of the original estimate. More predatory practices ensued at this point. The Driver/Lead went through a bunch of garbage about how much he was “taking off” of the bill for this that and the other thing, so it was so good… NOT. Additionally, at this point, the Driver/Lead also insisted on CASH payment or a Postal Money Order and of course that is the same as cash. I called again to the corporate office and even though we were previously assur

Origin : San Francisco, CA
Destination : Conifer, Co

Quoted Price : $4,622.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Colin
January 16, 2023


Great service

Guys were punctual. Nothing was damaged. Nothing went missing. I really don’t know what else you can hope to expect from a moving company. Highly recommended.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $6,500.00

No Photo Jenna
January 11, 2023



The only thing I didn’t like was the hidden fees when it came to the quoted price then the actual amount I was to be charged. The team was good, did their job quickly

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Nathan
January 6, 2023



From the first phone call to the last box, they made a very stressful time for me go absolutely seamless. Each person involved in the move was professional and treated my things like they were their own. I would definitely use them again.

Origin : Tulsa, OK
Destination : Tampa, FL

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $6,500.00

No Photo Jared
January 3, 2023


Great experience

Guys were super nice, efficient and worked very hard for us on our recent move! The crew that came where awesome. They wrapped what needed to be wrapped, professional in their job and very nice. Also the office people where very nice as well and super helpful.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Charlotte, NC

Quoted Price : $8,500.00
Actual Price : $8,500.00

No Photo Luise
December 28, 2022


Great moving job

The 3 men Gerson,Pedro and Lisandro were extremely professional. They called to let me know they were on their way. Arrived on time. Gerson went over the paperwork and explained everything in detail. They packaged and wrapped everything so securely that left no doubt that anything would be broken. Polite,efficient and would highly recommend. I’ll keep this contact for the future.

Origin : Rockville Md
Destination : Highland beach Florida

Quoted Price : $1,850.00
Actual Price : $2,100.00

No Photo Jacob
December 3, 2022


Great choice

Choosing last minute movers was a great choice of mine! The service I’ve received was definitely efficient. The helpers were fast, respectful and very responsive. I’d recommend them in a heart beat.

Origin : Springfield, MO
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $6,500.00

No Photo Anne
November 25, 2022


No communication, terrible customer ...

My mother hired Trans Van Lines to move the contents of her 3-bedroom house from Florida to Georgia following the death of my stepfather. Their initial estimate was less than that of another company she had engaged and they said that they would deliver her furniture between 0-7 days. As soon as she signed the contract, all that changed. The estimate thus far has exceeded what she was told. Instead of 0-7 days, it’s now 0-7 *business* days, and the count doesn’t start until payment is processed, not when my mother paid the down payment or the date that they picked up the furniture. We are now on Day 10/Business Day 6 with absolutely no information as to when the furniture will be delivered. My mother has spoken with their dispatchers on multiple occasions with little response other than “Don’t worry.” I asked to speak with their dispatcher this morning, as she was speaking over my mother and refusing to answer any questions. She tried the same tactic with me, but when I asked for a timeline as to when this matter would be escalated, she hung up on me. I called their main customer service line to try to speak with someone else, preferrably a supervisor or manager, and wound up talking to the same person. Because this line was recorded, she didn’t hang up this time, but still repeated the same line that they had no information regarding when delivery would be scheduled or how to escalate the situation when they passed their 7-day window. We are still waiting. I feel that this company is taking advantage of my mother because of her age. I would recommend steering clear of this company, especially if it involves moving elderly family members. They don’t seem to care whether they deliver the contents of people’s homes and their customer service is non-existent. Their dispatchers are argumentative and unhelpful.

Origin : Jacksonville, FL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $7,822.00

No Photo Kathy
November 22, 2022


Do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT ...

The truck won't show up within the three days, but they won't call you to tell you that. You have to call them and then you hear "the lights in the dash are all flashing." So, you tell them, you have to go home, please return your money and they won't do it. Somehow it is your fault that the move can't be made, because you HAVE to go home and can't wait 4 more days for a different truck to get there. Your fault so there is no way you are going to get any of your money back. I wish I had checked reviews before I booked with them. I am not the only one out here that had a terrible experience with them. Some guy heard other employees laughing in the background at his conversation when he was trying to get his money back from them. Please spend the time to find a company that is not going to treat you like this one does. I ending up paying $1534 for NO service, just heartache. I never did get my deceased brother's tractor moved back home.

Origin : Portland, OR
Destination : Iowa

Quoted Price : $4,034.00
Actual Price : $1,534.00

No Photo Emily
November 22, 2022


Excellent experience

We had an excellent experience with Open Road Relocation. This is the second time we’ve used them. They are prompt, professional, fairly priced and courteous. The crew was great, and took special care to not damage our home or furnishings. Thank you, guys!

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Charlotte, NC

Quoted Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Newt
November 19, 2022



These guys were amazing. They were on time. They knew what they were doing. Got the job done! We will use them again.

Origin : Columbus
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $6,900.00
Actual Price : $6,900.00

No Photo George
November 17, 2022


Great choose

We chose Open Road Relocation, and they completely exceeded our expectations! They were not only affordable, they were hard working, thorough, and so careful with all our belongings!!! They finished on time and we were so thankful for their assistance!

Origin : Kanzas City, MO
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $5,500.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Ana
November 15, 2022


Rápida y correctamente

Me gustó mucho la empresa, trabajan rápido. Sin pérdida de cosas Recomendaré a mis amigos Gracias, muchas gracias Read more at: https://www.mymovingreviews.com/movers/open-road-relocation-llc-33730#261400

Origin : Birmingham
Destination : Washington DC

Quoted Price : $4,400.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Jeannette
November 15, 2022


A horrible moving experience

Top ten van lines This was a horrible experience with top 10 van lines from Miramar,Florida. We hired them to move 30 boxes and one glass chair from New Jersey to Florida. They kept my boxes in a warehouse until I paid them an extra $400.00 in cash if I wanted the boxes delivered once it arrived in the state. We only had one piece of furniture delivered- a glass chair. Although it was well wrapped the employee of the moving company put a sign on the chair " be very careful. This chair is going to trump tower and they are personal friends of trump." Consequently someone took a hard object and ramped the chair. This chair was a piece of art. I asked the mover in New Jersey if there is insurance and he said replacement value. We can not even get the owner to give us the name of his insurance company nor did he offer any compensation. The owner won't even return our calls. They are not reliable nor a responsible moving company. I would not use them and I am planning to take them to small claims court.

Origin : Long Branch New Jersey
Destination : Hollywood Flory

Quoted Price : $1,750.00
Actual Price : $2,150.00

No Photo Austin
November 5, 2022



We couldn’t believe how fast these guys were this morning. Such care, so professional. Will be recommending them to anyone and everyone! Will be only using this company in the future.

Origin : Denton TX
Destination : Philadelphia

Quoted Price : $4,800.00
Actual Price : $4,800.00

No Photo Paul
October 31, 2022


Great work

The gentleman who came out and the woman on the phone were very personable. When my daughter told me that they had a change of plans, they did not have a problem.

Origin : Denver
Destination : San Jose

Quoted Price : $6,800.00
Actual Price : $6,800.00

No Photo James
October 29, 2022


Quickly and professional

Efficient, careful, friendly and organised - can’t really fault them. The team made the move significantly less stressful.

Origin : Oklahoma
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Henry
October 25, 2022


The best moving company

Best movers I've ever had.... and I've had a lot

Origin : Washington DC
Destination : Dallas

Quoted Price : $7,000.00
Actual Price : $7,500.00

No Photo Max
October 25, 2022


Professionals in their field

Extremely pleased with the services provided from start to finish. It was a very seamless process and a seamless move. All for a very reasonable price. Will use them again!!

Origin : Columbus
Destination : Kansas City

Quoted Price : $7,900.00
Actual Price : $8,000.00

No Photo Alex
October 24, 2022


Well done!

Elite movers is perfect, from punctuality to packaging, till delivery, everything was perfect. Highly recommended.

Origin : Indianapolis
Destination : Miami

Quoted Price : $10,000.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Harold
October 24, 2022


Great service, great price

These guys did a fantastic job—especially considering that the weather on my move day was so hot! I will definitely refer them and use them again! I appreciate the fast service and you guys helping me out. Great service, great price.

Origin : Orlando
Destination : Dallas

Quoted Price : $7,500.00
Actual Price : $7,500.00

No Photo Manny
October 23, 2022


Professional and organized.

very professional and polite . on time and hard working .

Origin : Lodi ca
Destination : DALLAS

Quoted Price : $7,100.00
Actual Price : $7,700.00

October 23, 2022


Fast and reliable moving

I had the Best experience with @Open road relocation! First I spoke to Suri who helped me set up everything. She took all of the stress out of setting up the move by making everything simple and easy to understand and by patiently answering all of my questions. When the day came Max, Alex and Justin provided us with courteous efficient service from the time they arrived until the moment the last box was placed into my storage box. Unlike other movers I have worked with in the past these guys did not take take extra time away from my move to do anything unnesessary. They were very focused and professional. At the end of the move I paid what was expected. Nothing hidden, no surprises. I am so thankful that I chose @Open road relocation.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Dallas

Quoted Price : $7,900.00
Actual Price : $7,900.00

No Photo Sergei
October 23, 2022


Fast and Professional

"Open road relocation" was awesome guys , on time good packing and fast delivery ! I will be using them for all my future moving needs. My estimate increased $100 as I was not able to getting around to packing the TV which I was told about ahead of time. Use these guys!!

Origin : Nashville TN
Destination : Houston TX

Quoted Price : $5,500.00
Actual Price : $5,600.00

No Photo Mike
October 17, 2022


I was happy with my movers

So I booked my move with a broker. Never moving Cross country before I was not aware that another mover would show up to my move. Carefree called me to confirm the pick up time. I added some things to my move from going to an estate auction with my mom. (Big mistake I knew I would buy something) Carefree did a walk through video of the items I was taking and my move price never adjusted. I had to sign a new contract with them and they explained to me I would have a delivery spread. They had up to 30 business days to get my stuff to me and it only took them 13. They wrapped my furniture in blankets and shrinkwrap and even taped the boxes for me that I didn't have any tape for. The movers were patient with my children getting in the way and worked around my big dogs barking all day long. The delivery driver called me to let me know he was going to be in my area 3 days before he delivered. He answered all my silly questions and my phone when I called him back with more. I was happy with my services. I seen the bad reviews for carefree but I am so glad that my move was not stressful and the company took care of my belongings.

Origin : Des Moines Iowa
Destination : Phoenix, Az

Quoted Price : $7,600.00
Actual Price : $7,600.00

No Photo Christi
July 29, 2022



We had so many issues with this AWFUL SCAMMING moving company!! First off, we were quoted 9k for our move and it ended up being over 17k to move from CA to TX!! This was absolutely insane and everytime we turned around, we were getting upcharged. It seemed like they were taking advantage of us because my grandma was the one who hired them and my mother dealt with them as well, but as soon as my uncle showed up, the owner of the company was more than happy to give him his business card and tell him if we needed anything, to reach out. I HAVE LEFT HIM VOICEMAILS AND TEXTED HIM AND HE HAS NEVER CALLED ME BACK EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE WOULD A WEEK AGO. It seems like the owner John only had respect for my uncle. The way they packed our things was clearly for their monetary benefit - they didn't pack the drawers or empty spaces with belongings like anyone in their right mind would (except for one mover who said he would save us money by packing things in ONE of the shelves) because Erica said they wouldn't and she seemed to be super money hungry, they made us put every single thing in boxes (even things that made no sense to box up) and in the next breath told us that we needed to pay for these boxes, told us that we "added things" from one day to the next - the main mover Marcus walked around the first day and said he could fit everything in a trailer even though we told them beforehand that we needed a truck but they only brought a trailer. Then, we asked to receive our things on 6/29 but we didn't get them until 7/9. When we received our belongings, multiple items were damaged beyond repair, and they lost my mom and grandma's bed parts so we had to drive 2 hours to IKEA to get the parts so they could sleep in their beds multiple days later. It seemed like the movers just didn't want to put them together. They told us it would take 12 hours to unload our things, but only took 4 with multiple breaks they took included. They left multiple items unwrapped, and left the pizza that they forced me to buy them (and never paid me back for) on our front lawn, water bottles in our street, and the furniture wrapping trash on our front lawn as well. The main mover was really rude and told me he wouldn't move my bed if it didn't fit a certain way, saying "I only move one time" while putting his finger in my face. He was also being rude to my grandma when they found that one of her items was broken - he was handing a broken piece of it to her telling her she needed to put it together, instead of trying to fix it himself. When he was leaving, my mother called to him and asked if they were going to clean up the trash and he just shook his head and got in his truck and left. He had us fill out paperwork of the things that were damaged so far and said we would have to file a claim for anything else we found, insinuating that he would submit the original issues for refund and get it within a couple days for the beds, and a week for everything else. Of course, this was n

Origin : California
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $9,000.00
Actual Price : $17,000.00

No Photo Blanca
July 27, 2022


Great service

H recently hired Pro Movers Inc to handle my local move in Costa Mesa. The movers were kind, on time and worked very hard. Loved their service.

Origin : 92626
Destination : 92626

No Photo Robert
July 21, 2022


Bait and Switch

Carefree Movers accepted my job from a broker for a 1 day move and then did not honor it. They said they needed more money for an expedited move and I said I have a contract with a price for a 1 day move. My belongings were picked up on 6-3 and were supposed to be delivered 6-4, but were delivered 7-9. No refund, no apology. When the drivers delivered my belongings, I was out of town and had my brother receive the shipment. The drivers made my brother sign the paperwork before they would unload anything and made him pay an extra 300.00 for pure extortion. Then they never set anything up and lost or kept my bedframe. Carefree Movers, STAY AWAY!!!!

Origin : Rocky River, Oh
Destination : Dekalb, Il

Quoted Price : $2,648.00
Actual Price : $2,948.00

No Photo Mark
July 20, 2022


Do not use Top Moving Van Lines

Even though the broker took pictures and quantified, then the moving company took pictures and quantified, the pricing kept increasing, including the day of. They refused to take everything. Packing and handling was awful and a lot of damage to the furniture and a lot is still to be delivered. Somethings were "packed" with tape. Extremely unprofessional and non-responsive. They back you into a corner.

Origin : Galveston, TX
Destination : Crofton, MD

Quoted Price : $7,797.00
Actual Price : $17,957.00

No Photo Spencer
July 17, 2022


Don't use International Van Lines

This was the worst experience I ever had with a moving company. My wife had booked a move with International Van Lines. The salesperson did a sales job on us promising different things they did not keep. My wife asked the salesperson about making sure everything was are paying for will be delivered, the salesperson reassured us that will happen. My wife also mentioned that we have a very old antique armoire that needs not only to be shipping but also taken apart and reassembled in our new home, the salesperson reassured us that will be no problem. My wife put down the deposit and signed the contract for International Van Lines to be our mover. The day comes for the move and International Van Lines calls and tells us that there is will be day delayed for the move. Then the next day the mover shows up but it was not International Van Lines, it was some monkey company they subcontracted with called Wayflowers Van Lines. We did not agree on another company moving us. The movers came into our house and started taking boxes out and wrapping furniture. They started loading their truck. In a few hours, one of the movers told us that they ran out of room and need to come the next day and it will cost us more. The mover promised that everything will be picked up the next day if we paid more. We agreed to pay more, which doubled the price, and sign another contract. The next day the mover came with his crew starting pack more things and taking more boxes. Later he again and said that we were not going to not finish the job for the main reason is that he needed to make room on the truck for another customer and that he would have to even charge us more by coming a third day. We told him no we won't pay anymore. He then called his boss and told he has to leave to another pick up. His truck only had 1/3 of it was full. He also said he knew nothing about the armoire and could not take it. The mover got into his truck and left us stranded at our house. We had to rent a 26-foot truck and I had to load the rest of the furniture and things myself! What was the point of hiring a mover for this! Watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawALykIExs

Origin : N/A
Destination : N/A

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $12,000.00

No Photo James
July 17, 2022


A lot Better Than I Expected.

Typically I tend to go with major names like Allied and Mayflower, but I was not prepared to pay the prices they charge this year at all, so I began looking for alternatives. That is when I found Midland, which was thousands less for the same level of service. The sales rep was very knowlegable and explanatory throughout the process. Move day went off without a hitch. Everything was dissasembled as promised and carefully wrapped up, then loaded into the truck. On delivery, they set everything up for me a sorted my boxes. Definitely 10/10 Would reccomend.

Origin : Longmont, CO
Destination : Holt, MI

Quoted Price : $9,500.00
Actual Price : $9,300.00

No Photo Bonny
July 11, 2022


WORST MOVE EVER (military family)- ...

NEGATIVE STARS “We Care For You” is a misnomer. This company does not care AT ALL. We are a military family who has done dozens of moves over our career and this was the WORST move experience we have EVER had. Our disaster move began mid-February, 2022. We moved from South FL to Western KY. Our movers showed up in two small trucks and demanded that half be paid in cash or a cashier’s check before they would even start and their quote was THOUSANDS of dollars more than originally quoted. WE had already packed out 95% of our personal items into boxes and they only needed to do furniture and a few big items packed out (which is why our quote ultimately turned out to be a “bait and switch”). When they finished, they had filled up one small truck and part of the other truck but it was efficiently packed to maximize space. We were told that we were being charged for additional “cubic feet” of truck space not for the second truck. We were told that we would have a month of free storage but when we asked about when our storage started and when we could expect our goods, the dates and rates and stories changed. The WORST of our experience was unload and since then. They showed up in RENTAL (Ryder) trucks (our “storage” had consisted of things being moved from one truck that was parked in a garage to the rental trucks). They charged us extra for stairs and long carry (we do live on the 4th floor of an apartment with 4 flights of stairs, BUT the building next door that is directly connected to our building ended up letting us and the movers use their ELEVATOR for 95% of the move but we still got charged for stairs and long carry and had to pay CASH). Once again, they wouldn’t even start unloading until we signed their (BLANK) documents and paid them the remaining balance in cash or cashier’s check. The moving truck and the movers were in FULL view from our living room window and we observed the movers literally DROP things off of the back of the truck to unload. The move took almost the entire day and they left several boxes and items IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK unattended, in the downtown area where we live for hours. Our landlord and other people who live in the building came to check on our progress and were present when the movers decided to take a break to SMOKE POT which is ILLEGAL in Kentucky. You could smell it from the open windows of our apartment. The movers also BLATANTLY LIED TO US and said that they “do not put boxes into the rooms, they just stack them neatly in the corner of one room” which, after all of the military moves we had done sounded like total BS, especially since we had paid for a “full service move”. To that end, not only did they not finish the job by not putting boxes in the rooms, but after they started to unwrap our furniture and practically EVER PIECE was broken/damaged and they could tell we were getting more upset with every piece that was unpacked so they hurried through the rest of the move, left without finishing ass

Origin : Boca Raton, FL
Destination : Paducah, KY

Quoted Price : $11,500.00
Actual Price : $17,500.00

No Photo Robert
July 10, 2022



These people damaged an original oil painting purchased in 1976 for $70 ($358 in today's dollars) and awarded us exactly $50. Avoid them. They are bad news.

Origin : Buffalo Grove IL
Destination : Palm Coast FL

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