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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
Insurance: On file: 100000
Required: 150000
Year of Estd: 2/1/1999

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9AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday

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Credit Cards, Cash, Check

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Dummy MC MW
827 Ridgewood Avenue, Bldg 5A
North BrunswickNJ 08902 USA

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Toll Free: 866-343-1243
Phone: 732-940-4200
Fax: 732-940-4300

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No Photo Julie
September 16, 2020



I got a quote from David Carter at Top 10 Van Lines of $1700 (BINDING quote it says on the contract! Ha!). I told him I was talking to another company, Cross country movers. He told me they were known for Up-charging on the day of the move. I don’t know why I believed him but I went with Top 10. On the day of the move, Green Planet Movers showed up. I didn’t realize we would be outsourced to another company! So when they do the walk through and look at the inventory, they immediately say it’s going to be more than we were quoted. Of course, David Carter hasn’t actually looked at our stuff, we trusted me to give him a quote and I honestly did that. But now on move day, these guys know that we will have to pay it because we have to move. It’s move day! I tried to call David and of course he was unavailable so I get a manager. Don’t remember his name but he obviously has no intention of righting this wrong. He was very rude and unapologetic! So what choice do I have but to pay these guys ?!?! Obviously we leave a balance until day of delivery, but at this point I’ve already paid $1350 and I don’t even know if I’ll ever see my stuff again. Also, David has said the stuff would be delivered in about 5 days. It was 15 days!! They were supposed to drive it up to the end of my driveway but then decided they didn’t want to drive up my road. If you can’t back up an 18-wheeler, you shouldn’t be driving an 18-wheeler!! My husband was home alone and had to meet them in a nearby parking lot, unload the stuff onto our flat-bed open trailer and haul it to the house himself !! Then we had to unload it when we paid for them to bring it in and set it up! Also, they cracked our TV. There’s no telling what our stuff went through or where it went in those 15 days. It was overall A horrible experience and a ridiculous example of classic bait and switch They know you’re not going to turn the movers away on move day as you have to move on that day most likely! And you’ve already paid a down Payment. So I will never again use a company that doesn’t come out and give a quote in person. BE WARNED!!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Nashville, TN

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $2,216.00

No Photo Robert
September 15, 2020


Scratched and Gouged my Hardwood Floor

Mistakes happen but these guys were too lazy to put a stationary exercise bike on a moving dolly at our new condo. They dragged the bike on its wheels and gouged the beautiful finished hardwood floor. We didn't notice the damage till they left and immediately called the company. It took three weeks for them to send someone out to asses fixing the damage but we still haven't heard back from them. Nothing but excuses- alex on vacation, busy, They are not accountable for their damages and just trying to skirt the issue. Now we have to sue them. I would be very cautious of using these bozos if you have a higher end property that you do not want damaged. Feel free to contact me and I will provide pictures

Origin : western Springs Il
Destination : Burr Ridge Il

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,278.00

No Photo Isabella
August 23, 2020


Poor quality,significant damage,and ...

Based on our real estate agent,we hired a local company,Fast Moving in Hackettstown NJ. They came across as competent and careful when I interview them. They promised extra care with our antiques and although $2000 more than another quote,I decided to use them because of their assurances and because they were local. They show up a day early to move me out. The owner Maria,lied and said they were going to break it up in 2 days because of heat. They moved us all out in a day because the lead mover was going on vacation! This left me in a very inconvenient place. They movers were rude except for 2 of them. They delivered 2 days late,did not put furniture they took apart together as promised,delivered damaged antique dresser and corner unit,crushed boxes,crushed crystal,missing boxes,and packed our printer in a dog bed without a box! Not professional at all. Deeply disappointing to have purchase insurance but they are not honoring it. Stay away from them if you are looking for quality movers. Read their reviews on Yelp..8 reviews and 4 are one star!

Origin : Morris County NJ
Destination : Fairfax County VA

Quoted Price : $10,800.00
Actual Price : $10,800.00

No Photo Mike
August 18, 2020


Worst Experience Ever...I'm Not Alone

SCAM ALERT…California Relocation Systems was the worst customer experience I’ve had had in my life. Beware of this company. When things go wrong with your move (and they likely will) you will be dealing with people that are both inept at their jobs and completely uncaring for the customer. Here’s what I experienced. Refer to the Better Business Bureau (F rating) along with other online reviews and you will see I’m one of many mistreated customers. • Changed quote (price/cubic foot) once truck was loaded, resulting in higher charge • Lost roughly 1/3 of all our items • Claim packet for lost items was received by them Feb 11th, as of Aug 18th they have not responded and will not answer any emails or phone calls • Only sent one mover to unload full truck at destination. Had to pay our painters to help move items Please read reviews on the popular review sites before calling them. That initial quote will prove to good to be true and cost you thousands of dollars later.

Origin : los angeles, ca
Destination : salt lake city, ut

Quoted Price : $9,460.00
Actual Price : $11,640.00

No Photo Jeff
July 28, 2020


Companies are a scam!

Jul 21, 2020 Long-distance move from Missouri to Colorado DONT HIRE THEM We were lead to believe this was a moving company. They are NOT A MOVING Co. They are simply brokers. Our property was contracted for pick up on or near June 27th. They contacted us the following week to tell us the truck was full and couldnt get our property. They then said it would cost nearly $1000 more to pick it up! I asked to have a manager call me....never happened. I write this on July 21st and still NO DELIVERY OF MY PROPERTY! When I call them, I get the typical answering machine, with NO RETURN CALL. They have transferred my property to another company now and I have no idea where it is. I had to pay over $3000 additional and still no delivery. This company will low bid and then screw up, and charge more, then sell off to another company that will gouge you. I am in process of hiring an attorney and going after them. Their associate Co, "Western" Movers, has taken the name of a lagitimate company affiliated with Allied van lines....Western van lines. When I actually contacted the legitimate Western Van Lines, I was informed that they had received numerous complaints about both of these groups. They told me they were using their bame and were not any affiliation to them. I immediately contacted the DOT to file a complaint, and found that these companies were a scam. They are currently over a month past due on delivery of my items and still have not given me a delivery date! Medal of Honor had the audacity to contact me and inform me that they were coming after me by way of their legal dept for slander. Ha, I hope so. It will make it easier to file a lawsuit against them to recoup fees paid for a service not rendered! I THINK ITS DISGRACEFUL THAT THEY USE THE NAME OF OUR MILITARY HEROES. THIS Co. IS DISHONEST AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!

Origin : Kansas City
Destination : Dillon, CO

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $3,400.00

No Photo Shannon
July 16, 2020


Horrible experience, waste of money

I highly do not recommend this company for moving needs. We were very disappointed in the service we received. They showed up with a truck 6 feet shorter than agreed ( breach of contract), a 4-Hour job took 7 hours, and very expensive furniture pieces were damaged. The screen Door was torn out of the hinges, and the entire piece of railing on porch completely ripped off when mind altered employee ran into it, as well as gouges in our wood floor at our new home. Company refuses to reimburse anything at all due to waiver clause and non admittance of movers to damages made. The principle of the matter does not concern them.

Origin : Colorado
Destination : Colorado

Actual Price : $981.00

No Photo Kimber
July 11, 2020


Moving Scam

Any person looking to move can do what this company supposedly does MUCH better and MUCH cheaper on their own. There is no reason to utilize this company or any like it. This is NOT a full service moving company. It is a broker. They only provide quotes, pick a subcontractor that they have no real relationship with or quality control over, then supposedly "manage" your move. Northern is only as good as the subcontractor they provide. The one for my job- Forward Van Lines- was terrible. Northern Moving Systems staff were NOT readily available to manage the problems that resulted. I was not informed at booking that a subcontractor would even be used, let alone provided with Forward Van Line's information so that I could check their reviews and service record. If you use this company, you are literally giving money away to a middleman for no reason. If your move happens to go well with them, it will ONLY be because the dice rolled in your favor and they happened to pick a decent subcontractor. Below is information I provided in reporting Northern Moving Systems to the Better Business Bureau and Department of Transportation. Contracted with Northern Moving Systems (Rob) for full-service interstate move utilizing FT professional movers for $2739 on 6-27-20, with arrival at origin btwn 3-5pm. I asked if truck/workers would be Northern or someone else. Rob said "Northern." I stated that I would NOT book for an AM arrival, as I was flying in after midnight. Was specific in giving inventory to Rob. He told me wrapping of glass, except wall mirrors was included. The written contract confirmed this. On 6-26-20, Amber called and gave arrival of 9-11am. Said it never could've been 3-5pm. Subcontractor- Forward Van Lines arrived 6-27 @~noon. Men were not FT movers. 1 was a laid-off chef, 1 had no experience. Their boss, Al, was on phone and worst customer service person I've dealt with. Refused to abide by contract, increased fuel/taxes for glass by ~$450. Stated "I don't care what's in the contract, that's not how this works." Refused to give final price until "After everything is on the truck and then we'll see." Rob had promised he'd be available for any issues; he did not answer phone or return calls. After furniture loaded, told I had "extra" items. Told Al I'd be filing a complaint. He yelled & cursed at me, then said "I'm cancelling your job!" I said, "Fine, do that." Told men to offload truck, as Al cancelled the job. It's illegal to charge more than 10% above quote or to amend quote after furniture loaded. Chelli at Northern gave $2800 increase. Al clearly cancelled the job as an intimidation tactic. He expected me to panic and agree to pay whatever price I had to for my furniture to be moved- not actually take him serious and have the truck offloaded- as evidenced by Al trying to hold my

Origin : Boynton Beach, FL
Destination : Davison, MI

Quoted Price : $2,739.00
Actual Price : $5,539.00

No Photo Patricia
June 29, 2020



Worse mover I have every hired. The miscalculation was typical but the stealing was the worse! The movers advised me that they have a problem with theft after they packed the truck. My boxes were opened and many items stolen. What wasn't stolen was unwrapped and therefore broken. The thieves actually left their box cutters in 2 of the boxes. Company bullied me into removing all my reviews and offered me $50 for a $5,000 claim. They totally lost entire box and are doing nothing to find it. I had several items mixed with mine and I had to tell them to take them. I wouldnt let this company move my trash to the curb!!!

Origin : Los Angeles CA
Destination : Chicago IL

Quoted Price : $4,321.38
Actual Price : $7,500.00

No Photo Abigail
June 15, 2020


Great team

This was the best moving experience I’ve had. They team of three guys showed up about 20 minutes early so they were ready to start promptly at 9. They were professional and extremely efficient. Our belongings were delivered at the absolute end of the delivery window but when they came they were so careful, professional and courteous even working in the rain and dark. Thank you to everyone for taking some of the stress out of this move!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Daytona Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $2,700.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

No Photo Laura
May 13, 2020


Horrible Scamers

Let me tell you a little bit about my move. But first let me warn you..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! that is of course if you don’t mind that your delivery date they promised is actually 2 weeks later..or you don’t mind the price changing 3 times, if you don’t mind any of you possessions being broken. After filling out an on line lengthy claim form only to be told “you’re missing some information" that’s fine I can do that.. and then getting an email back telling me I have to start from scratch with the online claim! You can't just add it too your current claim..nope! have to fill everything out all over again!!..I will end with the legs were broken off my armoire, glasses were broken, full length mirror shattered, bin lids broken and the beat yet the Orbit mover comes in with a dolly and runs the muddy thing on your light color carpet!!

Origin : Erie, PA
Destination : Bradenton, FL

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $3,938.00

No Photo Lauren
April 20, 2020


Stay Away!

I had hands down the worst experience with Oz Moving & Storage — ranging from being lied to and bullied and having items ruined. I was mis-sold services by the sales rep Bill (who is no longer with the company). He told me various untrue things that would be part of my moving package, including that the company had HQ and storage facilities in San Francisco, that Oz Moving was familiar with San Francisco in general regarding city ordinances, and that my items would be stored in San Francisco and not New York City. I even had to use an email from Bill to prove to the Oz Moving that I was not responsible for calling the city of San Francisco to reserve parking space for the moving truck. No customer of any moving service should be responsible for coordinating with any city for parking space. I complained to customer service and had an extremely unpleasant experience with Shadeequah and Allison. Shadeequah spoke to me on the phone with attitude that should not be held for anyone in customer service, almost in an bullying attempt when she said "Oh I know your account." She was extremely rude and unhelpful in the matter when I complained. I escalated the issue to Allison, who was further unhelpful. When on the phone with Allison, I had told her of my experience with Bill and the movers that picked up my items in New York -- her attitude was extremely poor and not conducive to anyone in the customer service industry. When I mentioned that I was in California and the time she was calling me at was an early hour, instead of apologizing or saying thank you for letting me know, she had the audacity to spew "Well how as I supposed to know?" which tells me that she should not be part of the customer service team and should not be customer facing. The attitude of the customer service reps was astonishingly bad. Furthermore, items were broken and ruined. The condition of the boxes was atrocious - you can tell that Oz Moving did not care of how they stored my items or loaded the boxes to the the truck -- boxes were smashed, handles were broken off of plastic bins and suitcases. My couch was ruined due to the dye from the blankets used to wrap the couch bled onto the couch's fabric. When I had professional cleaners assess the damage of the couch, they even said that “reputable moving companies doesn’t use such shoddy blankets in moving - the dye doesn’t transfer if the blanket is of quality material.” It was shocking how bad this company is at providing moving services. I felt used and manipulated by Oz Moving and would warn anyone that uses that - beware of poor customer service and moving services.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : San Francisco, CA

No Photo Chalaye
April 11, 2020


Too easy movers made it "too easy"

So these guys were great, they quoted me and my husband rightfully. Their hourly rate included packaging, and 3 moving professionals doing all the work. My husband is in the Army and after PCS'ing about a year ago to Clarksville, we decided to move closer to the base. These guys were awesome to work with, I loved that my final price was exactly what they initially said it would be! Would recommend https://www.tooeasymove.com/ to others

Origin : Clarksville, TN
Destination : Clarksville, TN

Quoted Price : $525.00
Actual Price : $525.00

No Photo John
April 2, 2020


Awesome Company

We contact Koa moving for our moving, from Honolulu to San Diego, they were extremely professional , friendly and very careful. All our belonges arrived on time and with out any damage. Great customer service. I highly recommend them as movers

Origin : Honolulu
Destination : San Diego

No Photo Lincoln
March 18, 2020


Non-existent claim service.

Submitted a claim for a ruined carpet. No response of any kind from the 'broker' for over 2 weeks. The Local Agent---Humbolt Moving and Storage, Eureka California--has done what they can to facilitate this claim. They have no response either.

Origin : Yellow Srings, Oh
Destination : Brookings, Or

No Photo Randi
March 16, 2020


Very Unreliable!!

I'm a repeat customer who was completely taken advantage of. They quoted me a cash price of $360 to load a POD which I agreed to. I also asked if they can thrown in the packing supplies since I was a repeat customer which they agreed to. After they finished loading my POD,they wanted to sell me 2 straps at $40 each to keep my furniture secure which they said was their cost. If that was their cost,they got screwed cause I was able to purchase the same straps at Lowe's for a quarter of the price. In addition,my cash price increased to $435 for the packing materials which should have been included. We settled on $400 which Included the tips for 4 guys. His justification was that I got 4 guys for the price of 2 and that he need to feed his family. Well,I wasn't told this upfront. Finally,did I mention they were 3 hours late. Yeah,he called to tell me they were running late and needed to stop for lunch before they started my move. So my 1pm appointment with them turned into a 4pm appointment. Well I also had things to do and had a 6pm engagement which I showed up for at 8pm. Yes,my time is just as valuable. So pretty much due to the greed of a small amount of money,a 5 star review turned into a 1 star,and that's only because I'm forced to leave 1star,and I will never recommend this company. I was also willing to use one of the guys and his buddies to help me unload my POD at my new destination and took his number. Well that's not happening. That paper was thrown away.

Origin : Ft lauderdale Fl
Destination : Packed a POD

Quoted Price : $360.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Robert
February 26, 2020



I called them on February 8 to get a quote to move a full 26foot box truck (4bedroom house). The sales person confused me by asking about inventory instead of truck size. On the quote he sent I failed to see that it was only for 395cubic feet and not 1700 cubic feet. So I electronically sent them $650. A couple days later another person called to again talk about inventory at which time I finally became aware of the deception.I them asked for my money back but they said there were no refunds. This is a horrible way to treat seniors. Loosing this money is a big hit to us. I would not recommend this company.

Origin : Crestwood Illinois
Destination : Holland Michigan

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Vivienne
February 7, 2020


Keystone Movers

Some proven advice about movers: Do not fall for FLATERATE Moving slogan . They are expensive,and not reputable firm. They left 4 packages on their trolleys with their moving material doorside and never brought them into apartment .building . We reported missing pkgs the next day,we retraced their steps and discovered the gross negligence . Their foreman admitted culpability but management has been jerking us around with empty promises that resulted in duck and cover response.at present. You are as good as your last move,our experience is F for failure . Go somewhere else,save yourself trouble ! Please share and forward to any group . We consumers need to protect one another . Thank you Sent from my iPhone

Origin : New York
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $1,769.00
Actual Price : $1,769.00

No Photo Laurel
December 22, 2019


Worst Experience Ever

Guys who came to home nice enough but 2 days of packing turned into 3 resulting in more cost for lodging. Two weeks of "free" storage turned into dozens of damaged items from lack of care during handling Have had 3 other interstate moves before without any damage or missing items. Go with nationally recognized company!!

Origin : Sharpsburg, GA
Destination : Munroe Falls, OH

Quoted Price : $5,700.00
Actual Price : $8,300.00

No Photo Sharad
December 22, 2019



It is stressful to move family households specially along with a kid, from one state to another and when you engage moving professionals there is hope that, certain aspects of the move will be taken care, i.e Movers will abide to what is promised in the sales pitch over the phone. Move will be smooth. You would leave for the new place in time, and your stuff will arrive in time at your new place. What more to ask… When you try to find the reliable movers over phone, you rely in general on the business ethics and believe what’s being sold over the phone will be correct, however I found everything the opposite way so far. In my selection of movers I choose perennial van lines over a 2 hour call with the sales agent Daniel Chase for the following reasons: -Reasonable Price with the inventory provided over phone (however we had over estimated certain households things which were dropped off on the final day) -Assurance of help with the Move -Assurance of Quality Control i.e. last minute inventory check etc -Assurance of Movement of the my stuff to the nearest storage in Tennessee as we need things quickly for the Kid -Fantastic Customer care service None of the above points which were put out as on a sales pitch held up so far: -Quality Assurance did not call a day before to finalize the inventory list. -When the actual vendor carrier (500Move Relocation Network) showed up inventory list was referenced to be incorrect. -New inventory was done on the day of the move. (we had less items though) -Carrier vendor agent who showed up commented on size (its too big) of Doll house which was already added in the original inventory. -Carrier vendor agent who showed up commented on size (its too big) of sectional couch with ottoman already in the original inventory. -Carrier vendor agent who showed up commented on bed being platform with head board and not box (which was not a problem while doing inventory on phone) -Carrier vendor agent who showed up commented on changing extra for pacing TV even though we had TV box. -Prices were then renegotiated at the spot and were increased from the original quote. -I was told my stuff will not be moved to TN and will be stored in AZ until I provide an address I had to go along with what was renegotiated at the last moment because we had to move with a kid, I felt very much manipulated, disturbed and cheated with the experience, as all what I was made to believed over the phone call did not turn out to be true. Customer care experience so far has not been great, 1 week after updating my new address there was no schedule for my delivery (move not started yet from AZ by the carrier vendor) As we settle in this new place with the kid, I had to buy things immediately for the household to get thing moving, which I already possess, if only we could get out stuff in time….

Origin : phoenix
Destination : memphis

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,770.00

No Photo Scott
December 20, 2019


Avoid this company like the plague

We used this company to store and delivery my daughter's belongings while she was home from Colgate University for the summer. The company is based in New York City, but does a lot of work upstate on college campuses. They came and picked up her belongings before the summer. In September, they delivered them back to her, but one of the boxes was not hers. She called the company, and they came and picked up the box and delivered it to whomever it belonged to, but never came back with her last box of her belongings. When my wife called the company to inquire about when the last box would be delivered, the owner Matthew Rojas called her a liar, and my daughter a liar and said they were making up this whole story. We have tried for four months to get the company to find our last box or reimburse us for the approximately $500 worth of stuff they lost, but they won't do it. We asked the Better Business Bureau for help, but the company ignores their letters and phone calls so the BBB has a record of the problem but can't do anything. The NY State Attorney General also has an open file on them also, but can't do anything until they get more complaints about the company. If you have had any problems with this company, I would urge you to contact both the BBB or NY State Attorney General's office. You should not do business with this company. You can use another company, or bring your things to a storage facility yourself. It will be slightly less convenient, but at least you know you'll get your things back, and you'll save money on the delivery charges.

Origin : Colgate University, Hamilton, New York
Destination : Colgate University, Hamilton, New York

Quoted Price : $200.00
Actual Price : $250.00

No Photo Lim
November 4, 2019


Singapore Movers

Thank you so much for a great move. The whole moving experience went so well. The Singapore movers presented up on time and worked steadily. Skill was excellent in every aspect. They treated our stuffs like they were their own. Thank you again for helping with my move. Really friendly and professional - I'd definitely use https://www.movers24seven.com/ team again.

Origin : Jurong
Destination : Pasir Ris

Quoted Price : $250.00
Actual Price : $250.00

No Photo Jerry
October 29, 2019


SSM Moving

Rightway Movers and Storage After just dealing with a horrible experience in April of 2019 with a previous moving company from Austin, TX to Poplar Bluff, MO, we sold our home 3-1/2 months later. We were planning our move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With the other moving company ordeal still ongoing, we decided to stay away from the best price “cheap” movers. We researched top 10 moving companies on the web throughout a 3 week process. We had looked through the list and came across Rightway Moving and Storage. I put in the information on the web and received a phone call back very quickly from Mark Stevens. He identified himself as the owner of Rightway Moving and Storage and the Executive Director. I told him of our upcoming International Move to Mexico with long term storage needed in Laredo Texas. I also told him of our horrible experience with our previous moving company. Mark told me that they infact do military moves all over the world and they are not like all the other companies. For a white glove move, he told me that my home goods would get GPS tagged on all large pieces of furniture and that every box would have a tag on it as well. All boxes were to be labeled and inventoried separately for customs, and a master copy made up as well. Mark Stevens told me that I could call anytime day or night and get the status of our home goods at any time. Mark said that there would be no 3rd parties involved. It would be solely with Rightway Movers the whole time. We were to have 2 month free “Climate Controlled” storage in Southern Texas, with long term available after that. Mark gave us a couple of phone numbers, including his cell phone. He said he was not a broker at all and once again said he owned Rightway Movers and they are professional international moving company that services the military, retired, active, and former military. These services were all to be nearly $17,000 for our move from Poplar Bluff, MO to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the time of me speaking with Mark, I had not secured a home yet in MX, therefore the reason for long term storage. I told him I did not have a physical address yet. He said no problem. He would use 00000 for the zip code, which indicated international. I told him I would think about it and let him know. This was toward the end of the week. He left me several voice mails regarding our move to Mexico and even acknowledged that it was to Mexico. He called me back on late Friday towards the end of June of 2019. He left another message that all the rates were going up and we needed to book and secure the contract. We went ahead and booked with them. The contract was $17,769.00 and move date Aug 09, 2019. He requested $6,300 up front and then ½ of the estimated balance on pickup date and final ½ upon delivery and inspecting all the contents. On Job # RW4043053. Now comes the pick up date. SSM Moving & Storage called me 2 days prior to pickup and t

Origin : Missouri, US
Destination : Puerto Vallarto, Me

Quoted Price : $17,769.00
Actual Price : $27,197.00

No Photo Tim
October 27, 2019



Please note, most of the reviews of United American Moving come from the same IP address (except the negative pieces). United American Moving, not movers but people to avoid. United American Moving does not move people. They are brokers. They contacted me about a move. J.P. was the contact. He gave me a quote that was too high. I said no. He arrived at a reasonable price and, I accepted. I figured they sold unused space at the last minute. We had a last-minute job due to an ultra-fast job offer and relocation. I put down a 1/3 downpayment, (signed electronically) My contract subsequently disappeared. I was told to contact customer service. I did and, no contract was sent, no contact, no callback, and no response. JP, the aggressive and voracious sales-person vanished as well. The actual moving company didn't show up, and when they did, a week later (not their fault) they reported that JP Hernandez, of United American Moving, gave an illegitimate estimate. The real price of $3,840 would be around 3 times higher. The mover also stated that his company (legitimate) had nothing to do with United American Moving. My bank is now investigating. I've contacted Florida's, Attorney General. I'm lucky to have legal training. Stay away from United American Moving.

Origin : New York
Destination : Baltimore Maryland

Quoted Price : $1,440.00
Actual Price : $2,947.00

No Photo Troy
October 27, 2019


Honest and Great Moving Team

So I don’t put a lot of time into reviews but felt that this company deserved it. First scheduling was easy and all the cost were upfront and accurate. They are the only moving company in the whole area that does not charge their hourly rate from when they hit the road and they had the lowest hourly rate after that. Ian(owner) and Kai showed up on time, were super professional and treated all of our items like they were theirs. They communicated really well together while planning and lifting. These guys honestly did a really good job and have all the tools to lift the awkward and heavy items. HOWEVER, I highly recommend that you pack first and get things ready so these guys can come do what they are best at, move you. We were all ready and they got things going quick and carefully. Took less time than I expected and had a great time talking with them during the process. Sandpoint, Newport area and more I would assume, this is the team to get, honestly. Thank you for your kindness with the family and our worldly possessions. Don’t plan to move for a long while but highly recommend them!

Origin : Newport WA
Destination : Newport WA

Quoted Price : $475.00
Actual Price : $475.00

No Photo Michael
October 16, 2019


Thanks for your responses

After paying for professional movers. Roadrunner sent out unskilled, uninsured day laborers out to my home. They not only did 10’s if thousands of $’s in damages but they stole my family silver. My personal insurance company is covering most of the damages with the exception of the building exterior and the silver theft. Roadrunner thinks I’m a moron and that they are going to only pay .60 a # for over $ 20,000 in sterling silver. They thought they would be foolish enough not to they that they can send whatever criminal into my home and they can steal whatever they like and I’m bound to a .60 per pound clause due to loss. Thanks to you all I have absolute verification they are as incorrect as they are they are dirty and totally unethical. Also thanks to the responses to my prior review, I now have a lawyer and a contact in the moving industries governing body “The Department of Transportation” Please if you’re considering using Roadrunner, call text or email me. Michael Wright michaeljwright@yahoo.com (962)330-7576. I have so many pictures and texts and emails and voice Mails from the people in this company without a conscience. I’m certain I can persuade you to go elsewhere and maybe help save some one else from losing their precious family heirlooms . I have Names and police reports. You really, really don't want to get involved with thsee scammers. their precious family

Origin : St. Louis
Destination : St. Louis

Quoted Price : $5,050.00
Actual Price : $5,050.00

No Photo J
October 8, 2019


Worse experience ever

Duluth, Ga office If we can save one person the headaches they caused please read. Most unprofessional business I’ve dealt or heard of dealings with. Brian Booker (supposedly the owner’s son) will tell you whatever he can to get your business and money. Taylor follows suit with false promises also. One excuse after another why they don’t show up on time. After they have your money you better have a different phone number, because each time you try and call Brian or Taylor, or they won’t answer. Taylor will over talk you and blame you and try and degrade you for their poorly run business. Another little trick they have, you have to pay with cash or check, that way you can’t dispute anything and they won’t set a delivery date until after the check clears, if that soon. Can’t tell you how many different delivery dates we were told. They also won’t even up the door to the truck when delivering until you pay the balance in cash or money order, so you have no re-course for damaged/missing items, like we had. And surprise the price doubled over the estimate, the driver made that comment before they even saw all they had to put on the truck. Don’t expect it to be delivered anywhere close to what they promise the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time.

Origin : georgia
Destination : kentucky

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Alisa
October 7, 2019


Awful slimy broker company, made move ...

We had an awful, stressful, nightmare of a move using Worst Cross Country Movers. As soon as we singed a deal with Becka, (a complete liar! i was shocked at how she said everything I wanted to hear to seal the deal and then none of it was true!!) our quote disappeared from online and we were unable to access our paperwork. When we asked to see our contract, we were given a completely different version with a fake "e-signature" on it. When another company that is NOT qualified or BBB accredited came to pick up our stuff on move day, they increased our quote by almost double, making our 700 cubit ft move into 1200, and costing us double. The company wouldn't load the truck until we signed on the new estimate, and when we called Best cross for help, Becka was "unable to assist us" and "did not handle calls after the sale". She didn't speak to us one time during our hell of a move. BCC changed its customer service representatives about 4 times, as one got sick, one was fired (after threatening that they would cancel our move on move day if we didn't agree to the new estimate amount", etc. We were forced to sign the new estimate and work with a completely separate and unqualified company, Black Bear Moving and Storage (also really unprofessional and awful, also unrated with the BBB). This experience was awful and Best Cross country was unable and unwilling to help they literally said, "there's nothing we can do, our hands our tied "on multiple occasions when we wanted to know when we could expect delivery. Delivery of our vehicle and our furniture to NY was a complete mess, wherein we had to go pick up our car at a queens terminal, they charged us extra for a shuttle service of our stuff into manhattan even though they were aware of our move into manhattan from the day of contract, and were completely unavailable and unhelpful throughout. The company that was sent to deliver our stuff came in a budget rental truck with two skinny guys who didn't speak english and who picked fights with our doormen. our stuff came broken and lost and damaged, and there has still not been any word, offer of peace or help from either company. The "Uzbeck express" brothers who delivered our stuff were extremely lazy and rude and left our furniture piled in the middle of our apartment, refused to put it together, left blankets and plastic on it. At the end of the day we were screwed over $3,000, and ended up with extreme stress, frustration, and broken damaged items. This was a disaster, but I learned never to go with the quote that is curiously low. Trust your stuff to a long standing qualified company (DO NOT USE A BROKER, especially not best cross country), who's prices are middle line and reasonable. Please head our warning, save yourself and your stuff and make your move worry free. Pass on this company!

Origin : Los Angeles CA
Destination : New York NY

Quoted Price : $4,300.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Char
September 30, 2019


All my Sons Movers

A Family member hired this company to move her,one of the Movers (Sandra) came with a MAJOR attitude. After a very rude conversation with my Family member she told the two other movers to take the stuff out of the moving truck unwrap her stuff and take it back in her house cause they were leaving. There company would be great if they got rid of SANDRA. As long as she is there I will not recommend this moving company. She made the moving experience miserable. She has no business working with the public.

Origin : Salt Lake City Ut
Destination : Bountiful Ut

Quoted Price : $1,905.00
Actual Price : $2,235.00

No Photo David
September 19, 2019


Purple Heart Moving Group terrible ...

David Clay Sep 19, 2019 Local move within North Carolina This will be lengthy but please read it in its entirety to save yourself time, money and tremendous heartache. This review includes terrible service, fraudulent business practices verging on extortion, extensive damage to walls and even broken stone steps all with a shrug from the delivery driver. This is a brand new home. I booked a move from CO to NC explaining that I would be in NC and not able to be present for the pack and load. I was told everything I needed to hear during the initial conversations. From we will walk you through this to consistent updates to personal care and being assured of a highly professional company. Well, NONE of that was true. I was lied to, ignored, patronized and left with no options. My biggest concerns were they did not follow their own policy which left me without the opportunity to adjust my inventory prior to the arrival of the packers. So the 'estimate' jumped $4,000. I did have more items than the initial inventory but once the packers arrived Purple Heart told me they were out of the equation. This left me in a vulnerable position since I was out of the state and my house was closing the next week. I had no time to secure another moving company once things started to go bad with Purple Heart. The care of my belongings was worse than neglectful. I left specific instructions on how to handle some antiques but these were ignored and an actual crowbar was used to take apart an antique desk, breaking two pieces that needed to be fabricated to allow the desk to be put back together. Boxes I had packed were all opened and most of the boxes I packed were dumped into large wardrobe boxes. I do mean dumped. No packing paper. Books on top of glass decorations, lawn equipment in with art work to name a few. Some of the boxes weighed over 160#. Leather furniture cut, torn and EVERY piece of furniture was scratched or broken. Purple Heart uses jobbers and day labor to complete these moves. They used a company that is located near their office in Florida not a local moving company, hired temporary help to load my belongings into Enterprise rental trucks. They put my items out for bid for the transportation to NC. An owner/operator who also worked for Boost Express took the job. Once picked up I was told the driver was going to Pennsylvania to deliver another load then to me. Weeks later I received a call that the delivery would happen on Monday between 10-11am. Making arrangements to be there at 10, I waited until 3pm for their arrival. The 'team' they were to arrive with was the driver and one person, taking two days to unload. **Throughout this process, I NEVER spoke to a manager or supervisor. I made multiple calls and sent emails attempting to speak to someone who could help me. I was told that Kristen Kelly was the only supervisor that would talk to customers. I was only able

Origin : Colorado Springs, Co
Destination : Troutman, North Carolina

Quoted Price : $9,800.00
Actual Price : $14,200.00

No Photo Nagender
August 22, 2019


Beware of Green Movers Of America

Hi, This is the worst mover I’VE ever come across. They will take the advantage of your situation and will ask for the money and you won’t have any other option but to give them. They quoted 2200USD for my house hold move from Devon, PA to Carmel, IN. I ended up paying 4438 USD. I gave the complete list of all my house hold articles and all the conditions(that need door to door service, 3rd floor to 2nd floor, Shuttle required both side etc) upfront and those were included in original contract. I paid 20% as advance. But they came up with different quote on pick up and entirely different quote while delivery. Since I had all packed stuff and I had to vacate the house, I had to give extra money to them. Pls DO NOT GO FOR SPONSORED REVIEW, BEWARE OF GREEN MOVERS OF AMERICA.

Origin : Devon, PA
Destination : Carmel, IN

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $4,438.00

No Photo Stewart
August 12, 2019


!! Highly Satisfied!!

Did everything very smoothly without breaking anything. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Origin : Essex, CT
Destination : Essex, CT

No Photo Mike
August 12, 2019


Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service. Packed very well and moved everything safely without any damage.

Origin : Myrtle Beach, SC
Destination : Myrtle Beach, SC

No Photo Jerry
August 12, 2019



They were efficient, professional and friendly.

Origin : Fort Wayne, IN
Destination : Fort Wayne, IN

No Photo Sudhir
August 8, 2019



Excellent! Hassle-free service. Everything went smoothly.

Origin : Bloomington, IN
Destination : Edison, NJ

No Photo Sherri
August 8, 2019


Prompt and very fast!

Efficient and well-organized. They were on time, packed everything neatly and quickly. Nothing got damage.

Origin : Suitland, MD
Destination : Seabrook, MD

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