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Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
Insurance: On file: 100000
Required: 150000
Year of Estd: 2/1/1999

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9AM to 6 PM EST Monday to Friday

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Credit Cards, Cash, Check

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Dummy MC MW
827 Ridgewood Avenue, Bldg 5A
North BrunswickNJ 08902 USA

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Toll Free: 866-343-1243
Phone: 732-940-4200
Fax: 732-940-4300

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No Photo Christi
July 29, 2022



We had so many issues with this AWFUL SCAMMING moving company!! First off, we were quoted 9k for our move and it ended up being over 17k to move from CA to TX!! This was absolutely insane and everytime we turned around, we were getting upcharged. It seemed like they were taking advantage of us because my grandma was the one who hired them and my mother dealt with them as well, but as soon as my uncle showed up, the owner of the company was more than happy to give him his business card and tell him if we needed anything, to reach out. I HAVE LEFT HIM VOICEMAILS AND TEXTED HIM AND HE HAS NEVER CALLED ME BACK EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE WOULD A WEEK AGO. It seems like the owner John only had respect for my uncle. The way they packed our things was clearly for their monetary benefit - they didn't pack the drawers or empty spaces with belongings like anyone in their right mind would (except for one mover who said he would save us money by packing things in ONE of the shelves) because Erica said they wouldn't and she seemed to be super money hungry, they made us put every single thing in boxes (even things that made no sense to box up) and in the next breath told us that we needed to pay for these boxes, told us that we "added things" from one day to the next - the main mover Marcus walked around the first day and said he could fit everything in a trailer even though we told them beforehand that we needed a truck but they only brought a trailer. Then, we asked to receive our things on 6/29 but we didn't get them until 7/9. When we received our belongings, multiple items were damaged beyond repair, and they lost my mom and grandma's bed parts so we had to drive 2 hours to IKEA to get the parts so they could sleep in their beds multiple days later. It seemed like the movers just didn't want to put them together. They told us it would take 12 hours to unload our things, but only took 4 with multiple breaks they took included. They left multiple items unwrapped, and left the pizza that they forced me to buy them (and never paid me back for) on our front lawn, water bottles in our street, and the furniture wrapping trash on our front lawn as well. The main mover was really rude and told me he wouldn't move my bed if it didn't fit a certain way, saying "I only move one time" while putting his finger in my face. He was also being rude to my grandma when they found that one of her items was broken - he was handing a broken piece of it to her telling her she needed to put it together, instead of trying to fix it himself. When he was leaving, my mother called to him and asked if they were going to clean up the trash and he just shook his head and got in his truck and left. He had us fill out paperwork of the things that were damaged so far and said we would have to file a claim for anything else we found, insinuating that he would submit the original issues for refund and get it within a couple days for the beds, and a week for everything else. Of course, this was n

Origin : California
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $9,000.00
Actual Price : $17,000.00

No Photo Blanca
July 27, 2022


Great service

H recently hired Pro Movers Inc to handle my local move in Costa Mesa. The movers were kind, on time and worked very hard. Loved their service.

Origin : 92626
Destination : 92626

No Photo Robert
July 21, 2022


Bait and Switch

Carefree Movers accepted my job from a broker for a 1 day move and then did not honor it. They said they needed more money for an expedited move and I said I have a contract with a price for a 1 day move. My belongings were picked up on 6-3 and were supposed to be delivered 6-4, but were delivered 7-9. No refund, no apology. When the drivers delivered my belongings, I was out of town and had my brother receive the shipment. The drivers made my brother sign the paperwork before they would unload anything and made him pay an extra 300.00 for pure extortion. Then they never set anything up and lost or kept my bedframe. Carefree Movers, STAY AWAY!!!!

Origin : Rocky River, Oh
Destination : Dekalb, Il

Quoted Price : $2,648.00
Actual Price : $2,948.00

No Photo Mark
July 20, 2022


Do not use Top Moving Van Lines

Even though the broker took pictures and quantified, then the moving company took pictures and quantified, the pricing kept increasing, including the day of. They refused to take everything. Packing and handling was awful and a lot of damage to the furniture and a lot is still to be delivered. Somethings were "packed" with tape. Extremely unprofessional and non-responsive. They back you into a corner.

Origin : Galveston, TX
Destination : Crofton, MD

Quoted Price : $7,797.00
Actual Price : $17,957.00

No Photo Spencer
July 17, 2022


Don't use International Van Lines

This was the worst experience I ever had with a moving company. My wife had booked a move with International Van Lines. The salesperson did a sales job on us promising different things they did not keep. My wife asked the salesperson about making sure everything was are paying for will be delivered, the salesperson reassured us that will happen. My wife also mentioned that we have a very old antique armoire that needs not only to be shipping but also taken apart and reassembled in our new home, the salesperson reassured us that will be no problem. My wife put down the deposit and signed the contract for International Van Lines to be our mover. The day comes for the move and International Van Lines calls and tells us that there is will be day delayed for the move. Then the next day the mover shows up but it was not International Van Lines, it was some monkey company they subcontracted with called Wayflowers Van Lines. We did not agree on another company moving us. The movers came into our house and started taking boxes out and wrapping furniture. They started loading their truck. In a few hours, one of the movers told us that they ran out of room and need to come the next day and it will cost us more. The mover promised that everything will be picked up the next day if we paid more. We agreed to pay more, which doubled the price, and sign another contract. The next day the mover came with his crew starting pack more things and taking more boxes. Later he again and said that we were not going to not finish the job for the main reason is that he needed to make room on the truck for another customer and that he would have to even charge us more by coming a third day. We told him no we won't pay anymore. He then called his boss and told he has to leave to another pick up. His truck only had 1/3 of it was full. He also said he knew nothing about the armoire and could not take it. The mover got into his truck and left us stranded at our house. We had to rent a 26-foot truck and I had to load the rest of the furniture and things myself! What was the point of hiring a mover for this! Watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawALykIExs

Origin : N/A
Destination : N/A

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $12,000.00

No Photo James
July 17, 2022


A lot Better Than I Expected.

Typically I tend to go with major names like Allied and Mayflower, but I was not prepared to pay the prices they charge this year at all, so I began looking for alternatives. That is when I found Midland, which was thousands less for the same level of service. The sales rep was very knowlegable and explanatory throughout the process. Move day went off without a hitch. Everything was dissasembled as promised and carefully wrapped up, then loaded into the truck. On delivery, they set everything up for me a sorted my boxes. Definitely 10/10 Would reccomend.

Origin : Longmont, CO
Destination : Holt, MI

Quoted Price : $9,500.00
Actual Price : $9,300.00

No Photo Bonny
July 11, 2022


WORST MOVE EVER (military family)- ...

NEGATIVE STARS “We Care For You” is a misnomer. This company does not care AT ALL. We are a military family who has done dozens of moves over our career and this was the WORST move experience we have EVER had. Our disaster move began mid-February, 2022. We moved from South FL to Western KY. Our movers showed up in two small trucks and demanded that half be paid in cash or a cashier’s check before they would even start and their quote was THOUSANDS of dollars more than originally quoted. WE had already packed out 95% of our personal items into boxes and they only needed to do furniture and a few big items packed out (which is why our quote ultimately turned out to be a “bait and switch”). When they finished, they had filled up one small truck and part of the other truck but it was efficiently packed to maximize space. We were told that we were being charged for additional “cubic feet” of truck space not for the second truck. We were told that we would have a month of free storage but when we asked about when our storage started and when we could expect our goods, the dates and rates and stories changed. The WORST of our experience was unload and since then. They showed up in RENTAL (Ryder) trucks (our “storage” had consisted of things being moved from one truck that was parked in a garage to the rental trucks). They charged us extra for stairs and long carry (we do live on the 4th floor of an apartment with 4 flights of stairs, BUT the building next door that is directly connected to our building ended up letting us and the movers use their ELEVATOR for 95% of the move but we still got charged for stairs and long carry and had to pay CASH). Once again, they wouldn’t even start unloading until we signed their (BLANK) documents and paid them the remaining balance in cash or cashier’s check. The moving truck and the movers were in FULL view from our living room window and we observed the movers literally DROP things off of the back of the truck to unload. The move took almost the entire day and they left several boxes and items IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK unattended, in the downtown area where we live for hours. Our landlord and other people who live in the building came to check on our progress and were present when the movers decided to take a break to SMOKE POT which is ILLEGAL in Kentucky. You could smell it from the open windows of our apartment. The movers also BLATANTLY LIED TO US and said that they “do not put boxes into the rooms, they just stack them neatly in the corner of one room” which, after all of the military moves we had done sounded like total BS, especially since we had paid for a “full service move”. To that end, not only did they not finish the job by not putting boxes in the rooms, but after they started to unwrap our furniture and practically EVER PIECE was broken/damaged and they could tell we were getting more upset with every piece that was unpacked so they hurried through the rest of the move, left without finishing ass

Origin : Boca Raton, FL
Destination : Paducah, KY

Quoted Price : $11,500.00
Actual Price : $17,500.00

No Photo Robert
July 10, 2022



These people damaged an original oil painting purchased in 1976 for $70 ($358 in today's dollars) and awarded us exactly $50. Avoid them. They are bad news.

Origin : Buffalo Grove IL
Destination : Palm Coast FL

No Photo Laura
July 5, 2022



Copying and pasting review to keep from having to type it all a third time. I was promised by the "salesperson" that did my quote, a "hero moment". If he meant hero as in heroic damages, he was very correct. If he meant, "best move ever". He was more wrong than I've ever seen. There is more damage on this move than ALL the moves combined that I've ever made. Broken legs on solid walnut furniture, missing parts to everything, broken glass that was packed UNDERNEATH ALL my cast iron cookware, squashed boxes, demolished shelving units. None of the hardware is with the furniture. Where is it all!? I don't get it!! You promised the best crew you have. If this is the best, you need to retrain or fire and rehire people that actually care about the customer paying thousands of dollars to have you take care of and move the precious antiques and family pieces that we discussed multiple times before we decided to go with you. And you want to talk about padding the bill?! Multiple boxes that are half full. I know, I can file a claim but some of this stuff is not replaceable. What then? I know how that works, you pay a pittance and walk away. Unfathomable!!! I cannot even understand how things were packed or rather, NOT packed, just tossed in boxes all jumbled and smashed. I hated moving companies before, you promised a "hero moment" to make them all better. Heh, your "trained" people packed A HALF EATEN DONUT!!?? the coffee grinder? instead of just wrapping it intact and keeping it together, a piece of it was in three separate boxes. WHY? Malicious intent. Cannot prove otherwise. Just plain meanness. So far, the trash that I've found packed in the boxes that the movers packed: A half eaten donut An empty sprite bottle Empty tape rolls An empty candy bar wrapper Seriously, @Move4LessNV??!! Cannot even count the stupidity of how things were or rather WERE NOT packed. Your brilliant packers packed the shredder that had shredded paper in it, UPSIDE DOWN in the 5 cf box that had less than half a box of stuff in it. So padding the bill too, eh? The bill padding is ridiculous. IDK how many boxes I've found half full or less. People looking for movers? Just rent a U-Haul and do it yourself. Hire the guys hanging around at Star to help with the heavy stuff and if you aren't comfortable driving the truck, pay them to drive for you and fly them home if you're moving across country like we did. You'll save yourself so much heartache! At this point, I'm so angry and sad with the whole situation. I know the claims will be a battle and most of it will be denied and what about the stuff that can't be replaced? Just disheartened. Steven Bradshaw, Shame on you! Maggie and Noe, you can pass that message on to him since he is no longer with the company. His "hero moment" turned into a worse nightmare than we've ever had with

Origin : Henderson, NV
Destination : Arkansas

Quoted Price : $18,000.00
Actual Price : $20,000.00

No Photo David
June 15, 2022


Run away!!

Do NOT use this brokerage firm! They have disregarded my attempts to get my deposit reimbursed even for a good and valid reason. Once you make that deposit "to lock in the price" on your quote, they state that they can reimburse you, if management wants to do so. Frankly, this is a good con job while they get to keep your deposit money. In my case. $2995. gone! Run away to a legitimate direct moving co.

Origin : Dahlonega, Ga
Destination : Shreveport, LA

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $7,900.00

No Photo Stefan
June 6, 2022


Finally a honest and experienced ...

We moved from Fenton,MO to Charleston,SC last week and I was beyond happy how everything went!! This is my fifth move and all of the previous ones were a nightmare,but George and his guys did an amazing job of not just moving us but making sure there is not a single headache during the process!

Origin : Fenton, MO
Destination : Charleston, SC

Quoted Price : $7,600.00
Actual Price : $7,600.00

No Photo Anthony
May 29, 2022


Bait n Switch shop. Stay away

Get ready for the BAIT AND SWITCH Apex is not the moving company, they are brokers, their estimates are meaningless. When the real movers get there, the price will double! IF you are hapoy getting lied to and want to use this company. Make sure you insist on having an inspection BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM A PENNY. GET EVERYTHING IN writing BEFORE U sign anything. My "locked in estimate" went from $9800 to $16,000 on the day of the move. They loaded boxes of worth less clothing first and then didnt have room for my furniture. Last minute had to get a 2nd trck and then still had to sell furniture at 10 cents on the dollar to the new owners! Horribly run company! Dont trust a word that comes out of Mike or Rustys mouth.

Origin : Blackwood, nj
Destination : Naples, FL

Quoted Price : $9,880.00
Actual Price : $15,260.00

No Photo Amanda
April 18, 2022


Best movers I have ever used

The stress of moving after 22 years in the same house, packing, organizing, MOVING! Then the new house, where does it go? Nothing is familiar! Liberty was the BEST PART OF THE MOVE! I cannot rave enough about John and the rest of the team! Professional, compassionate, understanding. The moving was the lease stress thorough the whole process. From Larry the account rep who answered all question and gave a unbelievable bonded price! Nothing hidden, no extra charges at the end. Highly recommend! Thank you Lady Liberty Moving

Origin : hollywood fl
Destination : Philadelphia PA

Quoted Price : $4,900.00
Actual Price : $5,250.00

No Photo Yvonne
April 15, 2022


3/4 lost; 1/4 damaged

On a recent move (July 2021, finally delivering 1/4 of items in March 2022) from Connecticut to Ireland, they lost 3/4 of our shipment and destroyed the remainder due to shoddy packing. The packers arrived three hours late, then basically threw things into boxes and loaded it into their truck, telling me they would “repack at the warehouse.” They didn’t. Owners Helen Shany and Ayal Shany have refused to help recover my things. They have been gaslighting and victim blaming throughout this heartbreaking experience, even threatening (by phone, which I should have recorded). Subsequently I have found out they have over a decade of complaints against them, operating under different company names. The “service” they have provided has bordered on criminal. They will sound reassuring and make promises to get you to pay up and then basically get rid of your belongings and tell you to try and claim insurance without any apology or effort to recover your items. You might get pittance back for your items but they still get paid the full amount for the services they neglected to provide https://www.complaintsboard.com/move-management-horrible-movers-appear-again-c710182. https://www.movingscam.com/forum/search.php?keywords=Helen+Shany

Origin : Watertown, CT
Destination : Dublin, Ireland

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $6,000.00

No Photo Sue
February 5, 2022



We hired a moving crew, not a wrecking crew!!! We hired Taylor & Son's Moving on Friday, 6/25. Both my husband & I called the contact person for the company regarding the dissatisfaction with the service. Below is list of issues we encountered, damages we sustained to our property, etc.: • The movers did not show up on time so we had to call & find out where they were numerous times. They finally arrived 30-40 minutes late. • As soon as they started to move our items, they began to damage things - walls, etc. Attached you will see a series of pictures showing the damages. We spoke to one of the movers and asked him to be more careful. We then called & spoke to our contact person from the company asking if he could reinforce the same with the movers. Neither conversation changed the situation and more damages ensued. Additionally, parts of our master bed, workout equipment are missing so they are no longer able to be used. • One of the movers was definitely out of it most of the time he was there and seemed to be on his phone a lot and not helping. We paid for 3 movers, not for someone to not work while on site and for us to move ourselves. • We allowed the movers to borrow 8 blankets to help protect our items going in & out of the truck. These blankets were not returned and are in the possession of the movers. They cost approximately $300. We hired a moving crew, not a wrecking crew!!! So, not only do we have damages to our items, damages to walls, doors, but we do not have our blankets. And on top of all of that, we had to pay for extra time for the movers just to get the job completed. To say we are frustrated, dissatisfied, and upset with Taylor & Son's Moving is putting it mildly. We hired a moving crew, not a wrecking crew!!! We believe our experience warrants an explanation, review of costs paid, and return of our moving blankets. We expect a response and action taken as soon as possible. We certainly do not want to see this happen to another customer – this is why we are sharing our experience. We hired a moving crew, not a wrecking crew!!! We hired Taylor & Son’s as movers. We did not expect to babysit the moving crew. We all know moving usually entails new owners. Your crew damaged our property and interior of the house. These damages caused issues when the buyers did their walkthrough at settlement. We hired a moving crew, not a wrecking crew!!! When we called to finalize the bill, the person on the phone said they would compensate us 30 minutes of paid time. 6 hrs X 3 guys plus us two owners at 6 hrs total for 900 sq ft is ridiculous. Minus 30 minutes is a real insult to a sellers and movers process. 30 minutes does not cover the damages created by your moving crew. To us, it’s all about communication - it’s a two-way street. Customer to b

Origin : Lester, PA
Destination : Lincoln University, PA

No Photo Lauren
January 6, 2022


Horrible company!

Everything they said to me was a lie. After I signed the co tract, they increased the price. When I tried to cancel, it was too late. They kept my $2,500 deposit! They were nasty and threatening. I wrote negative comments and opened up a BBB case. They said they would refund my money if I closed the case and removed my reviews. I did and then they refused to give me my money back. I guess I’m the dumb one. I just want to warn what a despicable company this is.

Origin : NY
Destination : SC

Quoted Price : $5,300.00
Actual Price : $7,600.00

No Photo Mike
January 3, 2022


Worst experience ever!

One of the worst experiences I’ve had as a consumer. Do not, I repeat, Do not use First National Van Lines (FNVL) if you care about you belongings. This review is for First National Van Lines but my bad experience came from MoveOn Mover who FNVL contracted with.  I would like to start with a couple of observations. 1. This industry's business plan is not built on repeat business. (How many times are you going to do across country move?) 2. When you read the reviews of moving companies, they all have negative reviews along with some positive ones. 3. There is a difference between a broker like FNVL and full service movers. After about a month of researching movers and brokers, I selected FNVL in part because of reviews, costs and my contact with an agent who I will not name. My conversations with the agent were positive and he always responded promptly to any questions I had. This all changed once I decided to go with them and paid my non refundable deposit. FNVL brokered my move (California to Louisiana) to MoveOn Movers. I had a detailed list of items that were to be picked up and made moved. When the movers showed up today, they said I will need an additional 200 cf (approximately). This will be an additional $1140 if 200cf is needed. As you can see below, Diane said I did not need a revised quote based on what I was adding because "there were very few changes to justify a revision. There is no updated contract as you will have more then enough space for everything to fit," I cannot believe that 11 additional boxes and a backpack will take up 200cf. I was prepared to pay an additional $400 because of what I was adding. That is why I have a $1850 money order to pay the movers tomorrow. But now to hear that I may end up paying a total of $5,792 instead of the $4,652 (almost 25% more) means that I was going to end paying more even if I did not add anything because I was not given an estimate that was accurate. After paying the movers $1850 tomorrow I will still owe $2530 on delivery for a total of $4380 (if the 200cf is needed). This is a big difference from paying $1650 each at pick up and delivery for a total of $3300. I know I am contracted at $5.7 cf and I am alright with that. What I am disappointed about now is that my original estimate was low and when I tried to to get updated I was provided an estimate of $4652. Let me also state that in some of the reviews of FNVL, there was feedback that they lowball estimates and charge higher on the back end. I had some additional items to add and sent them to MoveOn Movers. I tried to get an updated estimate from MoveOn Movers. I was told that there would be no revision of the estimate because the additional items were few. I had a $3500 Cannondale bike (itemized) "lost" floors scratched and and a china cabinet crushed due to improper packing and only having one person on the delivery end compared to 3 picking it up. My claim was settled for $17

Origin : Pinole, CA
Destination : Addis, LA

Quoted Price : $3,300.00
Actual Price : $4,652.00

No Photo Name
December 23, 2021


Thieving Criminals

I contracted with a broker, Atlantic Moving Co who then hired carrier AMB Transportation (US DOT 3521179) out of Garfield, NJ to transport my move. AMB lost my belongings and sent them to another person. For the past several months the general manager Rob has not disclosed the location of my belongings and has not been responsive. AMB's manager, Rob and the owner, Sarah Zuniga are dodging law enforcement now. Attempts to reach them are unsuccessful and their business address is a house whose residents are unaware of this company. This company has another hostage complaint lodged against them with the federal regulatory agency, FMCSA. YET, Atlantic continues to hire AMB to service people's moves. Whichever broker you choose to go with, ensure before signing, that it will not be done by the thieving criminals at AMB Transportation. Avoid Atlantic and AMB at all costs.

Origin : MA
Destination : NC

No Photo Angelica
November 2, 2021


Terrible moving company!

With this company, the customer is always WRONG!! Absolutely the worst experience that I have ever had with a moving company. I made a deposit weeks in advance, and when trying to confirm when the movers would arrive, just days before, they tell me they have no record of my deposit ( which I can see went through just fine in my online banking app). Then, they will make no adjustments to their schedule to "fit us in", even though we only need them for a few hours. THEY WILL NOT EVEN REFUND MY DEPOSIT, EVEN THOUGH IT IS THEIR SYSTEM WHICH IS AT FAULT! Completely scam-y. Don't risk your move being messed up like mine.

Origin : 15089
Destination : 15438

Quoted Price : $100.00
Actual Price : $100.00

No Photo Gail
October 18, 2021


watch out for subcontractors

I contracted with ALL COAST MOVING on 6/15/2021 to move my goods. I received a revised estimate on 6/23/2021 It turned out that All Coast subcontracted to J

Origin : Tucson AZ
Destination : Georgetown TX

Quoted Price : $2,687.22
Actual Price : $2,687.21

No Photo Cynthia
October 4, 2021


Most awful company in business!

IVL is the most awful company imaginable. They cancelled two days before our move which was a blessing in disguise. You wonder why their ratings are high? Well, they admittedly cancelled me because I posted my concerns on their FB. Got the call one hour later. I truly believe their reviews are padded. The first question I asked when I booked them was “are you moving us?” Yes, yes. Three weeks before the move they told us we were contracted out and then we were contracted out again because of insurance. They really sound convincing or our relocation specialist Diego did. We cancelled them early because of lack of communication and rebooked after he convinced us it would be better. The account manager never communicated with us until she cancelled. She communicated more with us then then than EVER. She never returned phone calls. Karen threatened to report me for cyber stalking. I notice on a BBB complaint that the compliance office threatened another customer saying he was trying to extort money. No moral fiber or integrity in that organization. No attention to detail. That was the issue with my insurance. They knew from the beginning that I had bought BAKER insurance. I then had problems with their contracted companies not being insurable. A few days before the move Karen finally responded all was in place. I called Baker, and guess what NO. So they changed carriers again. I am convinced if I had not called, the movers would have showed up two days later and I would have been screwed. Attention to detail? The clock crater left a message last night he was comping to crate the clock today. They didn’t cancel the poor guy. There is no way to explain how awful they are. Do yourself a big favor—-don’t believe their positive reviews. If you read negative reviews, there is a common thread in them all, and we experienced much of the same. I slept better last night than in MONTHS after we secured a new mover. I don’t think I even realized how much they had stressed me out. I do not know how they stay in business. I really don’t.

Origin : Opelika AL
Destination : Spotsylvania

Quoted Price : $12,000.00

No Photo Tommy
October 2, 2021



This company is dishonest. They are hard to deal with. DO NOT USE THEM

Origin : Pembroke Pines, Fl
Destination : Pembroke Pines, Fl

Quoted Price : $350.00
Actual Price : $614.00

No Photo Jeff
August 9, 2021


In a word...TERRIBLE!

We have moved several times over the years, at least 12 times, from local to long distance moves. Four Paws was by far the worst move brokers we've ever experienced. They were very communicative when selling their service, but non-existent after they had our deposit. We were sold a 3-10 day move, with full "premium" pack for what seemed a reasonable amount...not too cheap, not too expensive. After deposit was paid they were impossible to reach for details of the move. Didn't tell us when the packers/movers, Back Breakers out of Virginia, were showing until just a couple days before the move. We never did know who the movers were until they showed up, which was half a day late. They're 2 hour pack (we had just a small 1br apt, not much to pack) took 5 hrs. They were supposed to give us 3 days to reach destination but after packed said it would be 2 days (from NY to FL). When we couldn't make it in 2 days, because of my disabilities, they charged extra $400. The "movers" did not have the inventory list we gave Four Paws, nor were they even aware they were to pack us. They had literally no paperwork, not even a receipt book. They want half the remaining balance at pack and the other half on delivery. I would not give them a dime until they went and purchased an actual receipt book so I had proof of payments. The unpack went relatively smoothly, as you might expect, but lots of broken and damaged items, including a flat screen smart TV. They did not reassemble disassembled furniture as contract said they would. Back Breakers themselves, mostly kids, were hard workers, to their credit, but were by no stretch of the imagination professional movers. Of course there was no response to repeated emails and calls to both Four Paws and Back Breakers, to report damages. After a few days we were finally able to reach someone at Four Paws who gave an email address to report damages to. That was 2 weeks ago and, you guessed it, no responses...completely ghosted! They are an unscrupulous company that lie and misrepresent and should be avoided at all costs!! Also, be sure to heed reviewers, although the review sites I checked for them, obviously now, had been stacked with no doubt paid "reviewers" that gave them glowingly positive reviews with only a couple bad ones sprinkled in. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, DEAL WITH REAL MOVERS ONLY...NOT BROKERS!!!

Origin : Buffalo, NY
Destination : Daytona Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $3,600.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Jerry
August 7, 2021


Horrible Move

Do not, under any circumstances, use J

Origin : Bishop CA
Destination : Deerfield WI

Quoted Price : $13,000.00
Actual Price : $13,000.00

No Photo Buck
August 1, 2021


Bait and switch

Bottom line up front: Priceline Logistics LLC is a bait and switch company. Having said that, its my fault – I should have read ALL the reviews and found someone reputable. My story is like so many on here; they quoted me a decent price, upped the price a bit just before the move, then upped it again on the day of the move. I felt sorry for the movers, as they seemed to genuinely feel sorry for how things were going. I booked the move for the third week of July around six weeks prior. I took pictures of everything (98% of my stuff was in storage, the other 2% at the AirBnb I was staying at), and was quoted $6,574, minus tariff discount of $2,524, plus fuel surcharge of $405 and a “binding estimate fee” of $1,521.37, bringing the total to $5,476 (yeah, the math doesn’t work, I’m just reading off the estimate they sent me), of which I paid a down payment of $1,689.37. This was 23 June. On 19 July, Jim Miller, the “Senior Relocation Specialist” called and informed me that the estimate will have to bumped upwards – nothing on paper, just a phone call to inform me I’ll need to pay another $500. I had a hundred things going on at that exact moment, so I okayed it – stupid of me, but I guess I’m the trusting kind of guy. Keeping track? That’s $2,189.37 I’ve paid these people. Now comes moving day. The crew was to meet me at the storage unit, as that was where the majority of my stuff was located. They arrived, and the head mover guy called in to “dispatch”, who informed him to take pictures. Mind you, I already took pictures – Jim Miller told me it was required to move forward with the moving request. The head mover guy did so, then was told to go to the house (my AirBnb) and take pictures there as well. I was a bit ticked off at this point – we’re here now, lets load up the truck! So we went to the house, the head mover guy again took pictures of my few items there (a queen mattress, a bed frame, four small tables, a coffee table, a TV, a futon, four boxes). Then he was told to tell me the price went up another $1800 and is now (this is from memory, as it was not on paper) $7,400ish. All of my stuff in storage, plus what was in the AirBnb went into a ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT prior to putting it in storage and moving into an AirBnb for a few months. I asked for an explanation, mover guy attempted to get them to call. I called them, no answer. I gave them a half an hour, no call. After that, I told the movers to leave, then rented a Penske truck and hired a couple of people to load the truck. A day later, I contacted Priceline and asked them I expect a full refund of the $2,189 they owed me. So far nothing. I don’t feel I am not liable for anything, what do you think? Don’t be fooled by these unscrupulous people. Don’t deal with them, and pass the word to any family and friends that are ready to do a move. If you are military, don’t mess with this company.

Origin : Fayetteville, NC
Destination : Panama City, FL

Quoted Price : $5,476.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Anne
July 28, 2021



This company is horrible. At first they were as lovely as can be. They stated their credentials, how they were the best in the business. We told them we had to move our townhouse and my dad's home. We got rid of a lot of stuff, so we figured it was about a 1 large 3 bedroom home move, spread across two places. They gave us a quote of $11,000. We paid the initial deposit, then they called back closer to the time, demanded another $2,000, and bumping up the price to $16,000. We weren't happy, but time was of the essence because we had booked my father on a flight to arrive in Maine the following Saturday, and my family would drive out. The company said the truck would most likely arrive the morning after we got there. As the week of the move approached, we received no update phone calls or emails. We had to chase them. Expecting them Saturday morning, we called them and were told the truck broke down states away and couldn't get fixed. Maybe tomorrow they'd be there. We explained we HAD to stick to the schedule, since my dad was arriving in Maine, and in addition, he is a dialysis patient and needs to be treated every other day. After all, this move was now quoted as over $15,000. Sunday came. No truck. My husband was literally begging the dispatcher for a truck. We had to get going. We were told there was nothing they could do. My husband said that wasn't good enough. Finally they promised us they'd get a truck to us on Monday (remember we were to leave Saturday). But, they said by getting a truck up there at that time, we would have to wait up to 30 days for our truck to be delivered to our destination. What? They NEVER told us that previously. Now they were saying they'd have to pick up additional orders, and wouldn't know when our things would be delivered. We packed for the week of traveling to Maine by our vehicles, not for a month's wait for our stuff! Monday afternoon comes, and 3 unprofessional looking young men shuffled into the house, taking photos. Making my husband wait, they sent the photos to their boss in Florida, who called a half hour later and stated we would have to pay an ADDITIONAL almost $5,000 to the already $16,000 quote! My husband said: "Absolutely not, no way," where the guy on the phone said: "You'll never find anyone cheaper." They knew we were in a bind with the time constraints, but we refused to be taken advantage of, which we totally feel we were. But their strong arm tactics didn't work. They then said they were keeping our over $5,000 deposit, which we immediately went to the bank and put a dispute on it. They breached their contract by not showing up on time and demanding more money on the spot! Meanwhile, we had to rearrange my father's care, his dialysis, his flight, and we ended up renting our own 26' truck and 2 professional laborers to help us move. For the life of me, l cannot give any good qualities to this company.

Origin : Two Harbors, MN
Destination : Caribou, ME

Quoted Price : $16,000.00
Actual Price : $21,000.00

No Photo Lisa
July 28, 2021


Please read before hiring Green Van ...

I used Green Van Lines and would not recommend them to anyone, especially if you are moving out of state and want to have a positive moving experience. Things I learned: There are three separate departments (sales, dispatch, claims). No one oversees your move from beginning to end and no one cares what the last department promised you. Don’t believe anything the salesperson tells you (Kevin Coward out of Dallas). Once they have your items, you are at their mercy. I was promised a delivery of my items Memorial Day. Turns out that movers don’t work on that holiday. Dispatch informed me of this a few days after my items were picked up. She also let me know that they had 14 business days to deliver my items. It did not matter what Kevin promised me. Kevin stopped returning my calls and emails to check on the progress. Buy the extra insurance. My very expensive King size mattress was ruined and they lost the part that holds the mattress on the adjustable base. I also had a table that was damaged beyond repair. If I’m lucky, I will get pennies on the dollar for my items. There was only one piece of furniture that the moving men who delivered my items had to put together. They needed to attach my headboard to the adjustable base. They left the headboard leaning against the wall and threw all the brackets and screws under the bed and took off. Once you submit details and photos of your lost or damaged items, the claims department has 60 business days to process your claim. AND, once you email everything in, you have to call them (they have limited hours) to make sure they have received your email so they can retrieve it. The moving men who delivered said they themselves would never hire a company to move anything they cared about. Apparently moving companies get so desperate they hire folks off of Craigslist to deliver your prized possessions. Buyer beware. Green Van Lines touts “eco-friendly practices”. Nothing was digital—there is a ton of paper wasted on handwritten paperwork—and lots of it. The only thing “green” about the company is the name.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Denver, CO

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,800.00

No Photo Cm
July 13, 2021



Most horrendous moving experience EVER!!! From packing to (non) delivery. We have been waiting a month now since our goods were packed and picked up. We have had 5 scheduled delivery dates, all of which have been ignored. Customer service does not know where the driver is and is unable or doesn't have access to their phone. Phone calls and emails are ignored. They contract with the military but have no respect nor regard for the people who have to take leave for delivery. Packing was just like throwing things in a box, if that. They did nothing to stop furniture from getting scratched and put heavy things on top of light (top load only) boxes. RUN AWAY from this company.....they are just the WORST!!!!

Origin : San Diego, CA
Destination : Vancouver, WA

Quoted Price : $10,000.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Benjamin
July 3, 2021


They really screwed me

I scheduled a pickup date with Cardinal Van Lines about six weeks in advance, and was told they would call me about 48hrs ahead of time to confirm the pickup time (so date is set, with a backup date, but not the time). Instead, they call me less than 24hrs in advance and cancel on me, citing mechanical failures. Instead, they offer to reschedule me more than week later, or only refund the deposit I paid. The problem is my lease was up long before the reschedule date, leaving me completely screwed. I had already driven from CO to KY to start my new job, and now I had to fly back to CO at the last minute ($600 one way), on a holiday weekend, load up a U-Haul and drive it myself! They refused to offer any further compensation and weren't even apologetic about completely screwing me over. I would've been better off selling everything and buying new stuff when I got here. They also never answer their phones and take forever to respond to emails. Cardinal is a terrible company and I cannot recommend against them strongly enough.

Origin : Colorado Springs, CO
Destination : Lexington, KY

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Cheryl
July 2, 2021


Not a reputable company BEWARE!!!

I contracted this company because they were the first to respond. I accept responsibility for being naive but the company misrepresented themselves and I want to warn others not to work with these people. They inferred that were the company that would move my things. They were not, they were only an intermediary and thus charged me $1230.00 to find me a moving company, something I could have done on my own.

Origin : Charlotte, NC
Destination : Dumfries, VA

Quoted Price : $1,230.99
Actual Price : $8,336.60

No Photo Arielle
July 1, 2021


Amazing Experience

I was so happy when Stanley's Moving

Origin : 10022
Destination : 33009

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $6,000.00

No Photo Brian
July 1, 2021


Horrible experience

Beware. I placed the move order between Tennessee and Georgia with a very nice lady at Brightline who asked me a series of questions and I received a quote. It seemed reasonable. I accepted it and booked it. I especially liked it because I was told it could be delivered in the 2 days I needed, with no hidden fees, and no cost per stair. Later, I found out it was all lies. Fast Forward to moving day. • The movers showed up 30 minutes after the max time they would be there. Putting everything behind. They did call, but still were late. They were nice and helpful, but it wasn’t about their personality. • The movers looked around, verified the inventory, and then said, yep you guessed it, double the price. So a move that started around $3,000 was now almost $8,000. The number of items didn’t change, the size of the materials didn’t change, the amount of space didn't change, just cost more or they couldn’t move us. There were things like bulk item charges, step counts, things like that. The couch was the same size as a normal couch. Regardless, all these hidden fees came out to an extra 4000 on the day of the move. All the things that raised the cost were disclosed before the quote. • I also found out that the movers were a different company called Insta movers. And everything that had been told to me by Brightline was not applicable. I contracted with Brightline. I was told that they didn't control that and we had to pay the movers what they were demanding. This tells me the price and delivery we contracted with meant nothing In addition, things I were told on the phone, changed when movers arrived. Here is just three examples of at least 15. • Moving milk carts, on the phone they told us to wrap them before the move, we did, but when movers showed they said had to be in boxes and charged to box them. They put one item in the boxes and charged us for more boxes. • I was told that when the movers got there I could pay via Venmo or another electronic method. They showed up and said I couldn’t, they did take my credit card info down on paper. Still makes me nervous to think about it. • Items that were on the list already, nothing new, we were told they quoted it wrong and should have charged us more. So the movers did because apparently they were subcontractors and had different rates. Of course, they know we are stuck, things are on the truck and we have no choice but to pay. I file this review to ensure that everyone stays away from Brightline Moving and Insta Movers. Very friendly people and that's how they suck you in, but no trust in their ability to quote and they farm out their movers who then extort people on their stressful moving day. Where's my stuff you might wonder. Days went by and I heard nothing. Eventually, I was contacted by a person I never talked to before asking me why I didn't contact her. I didn't even

Origin : Memphis, TN
Destination : Smyrna, GA

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $8,000.00

No Photo Lindsey
June 16, 2021


Worst Moving Company-SCAM

This company is a scam. They tell you a fake price and have a criminal third party company pick up your items. They only took half of my items and brought them to me 30 days later broken and water damaged. Neither company will give a refund. They have an F rating on the BBB. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Origin : Logan Utah
Destination : Kansas City Missouri

Quoted Price : $2,000.00
Actual Price : $6,000.00

No Photo Tracy
June 13, 2021


Very Impressed

The gentlemen showed up on time and where on the go until the move was complete. They were very professional and cautious with my belongings. I am highly satisfied with the service that I received and would recommend this company to anyone in need of movers. Also,I would definitely use this company again for my next move. Tracy Conway Very satisfied customer

Origin : Laurel, MD
Destination : Windsor Mill Maryland

Quoted Price : $1,130.00
Actual Price : $1,155.00

No Photo Tania
June 9, 2021


Progressive Van Lines

Progressive Van Lines was the absolute best company I could’ve ever used for my family. They made everything simple and the move was flawless. Competitive prices, professionalism and easy to talk to, especially Thomas Frost, he is the best! We can’t say enough good things about this company, will recommend to all friends and family, and use their service again for all my moving needs.

Origin : Stuart Fl
Destination : Port Saint Lucie Fl

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