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License Info: US DOT # 2542894
ICC MC # 885564
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 2/18/2015

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EZZ Moving & Storage Inc
1727 Gorman St Apt A
RaleighNC 27606 USA

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Toll Free: 877-860-7729
Phone: 954-762-7065

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No Photo Mark
August 24, 2021


There should be zero stars available. Damaged most of my items. Lost a few as well. Boxes were ripped open. They kept my stuff for over a month. No return calls. Bad company.

Origin : Illinois
Destination : Kentucky

Quoted Price : $4,900.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Blake
April 20, 2020

Moving Scam and Leaking Truck

My review is too long to post here but here is the end experience: Then prior to leaving they then wrote in the total to $4100 which actually doesn’t add up and forced me to pay it on the spot to leave. This would mean I had over 1000 cubic feet. So originally, they said I had 800 cubic feet but then the total reflected more. If you aren’t tracking I don’t blame you and that’s the whole game they have. f. I explained this to AAA Moving Group, LLC and they refunded me $200 saying it was the difference… g. The movers at our house damaged a closet door which we had to repair prior to leaving the home. h. When the movers left I told them we needed delivery by the 12th of December. The Dispatch Operator Alex agreed. First pressing for 5 days after that date. i. The next few weeks we did not hear back from Orbit when we called… Over 6 times. j. When we finally got ahold of AAA Moving Group, LLC days after our expected delivery they told us sometime the following weekend or week. Which is the week of Christmas. We then got another call by AAA Moving Group, LLC closer to the date that said Friday or Saturday. Our stuff did not come until Sunday the 22nd. Which is 10 days past our expected delivery date. Associate 3 reminded me this was not in my contract though the company they hired, Orbit, told me that would be the date. 7. Our Stuff Arrives a. If you think the first part of this is bad you would be right but it is nothing compared to what we found next. b. Mover, yes one person, arrives an hour after the time we had been told they would come. He arrives alone and says another mover is coming. c. A guy pulls up in a card with a cigar not dressed as a mover or in any type of uniform. He was hired locally. He smoked outside our home with all the doors open while moving our stuff. We have a 4-month old. This same individual locked his keys in his car and went to all my new neighbors’ home to ask for tools to break in. About 2-3 hours after the move was over he called a locksmith. d. The two men started unloading our stuff—first they had to move two other deliveries out of the truck in the rain and into my garage to get to my items. These other people’s items were rained on and tossed off and on the truck. e. Items started coming into the house and as you can imagine we thought this whole thing was almost over. Until they started unwrapping and unloading our furniture—much of which was broken, gouged, scuffed, stained, and unrepairable. The West Elm items were damaged (most items are only about 1-2 years old):

Origin : Michigan
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $1,900.00
Actual Price : $4,100.00

No Photo Matthew
March 5, 2017

DO NOT USE. The only people they make ...

DO NOT USE EZ MOVING AND STORAGE INC. There is no reasonable option that you could possibly be considering that would not be better than using this company. Their name is the biggest misnomer of any company I have ever done any type of business with. The only people they make anything easy for is themselves. We hired EZ Moving and Storage Inc. to move our belongings to a new state and to store it for about a month. They underestimated our costs in their estimate by approximately $1000, despite us calling them back and telling them that they were underestimating the volume of our belonging and emphasizing that we had a 2800 square foot house. When we argued about the increase in price when it showed that we were right, they at first tried to say a contractor had given us the quote and they couldn’t be responsible for the quote. However, we told them that we had contacted their company directly and they had been the ones who had given us the quote. They then said that we should have gotten a walk through estimate and we told them we were never told that was an option despite us telling them that they were underestimating the volume of our belongings. Unfortunately the problems didn’t stop there. Our contract stated that they had 7-14 days from the moving date to deliver our belongings, which we notified EZ Movers was July 2. It took multiple phone calls and reminding them that July 16 would be 14 days but they did come to our new house on July 15, which was within 13 days of the move in date. However, things went downhill from there. The truck was an 18 wheeler with our stuff in the back portion of the trailer and another family's belongings in front that they were to deliver to a different state. They collected the remainder of the $3641 cost before they started unloading the truck. However, as they were removing the final items of ours from the truck my wife noticed that a large number of our belongings were not on the truck. When she questioned the movers they had no idea where the rest of our belongings were. She had to make multiple phone calls to their headquarters, as they did not return her calls, before she was able to reach someone. They told her that they still had the rest of our belongings but could not fit them all on the truck with the other family's belongings. It was clearly evident that they were perfectly aware that they were not sending us all of our property but they didn't even have the common decency to tell us because they wanted to be sure to collect the money first and just let us figure it out for ourselves. My wife was obviously unhappy but was relieved when she was promised that the rest of our belongings would be delivered 4 days later on Tuesday July 19. Tuesday came and nobody showed up, nor did they call, nor did they return our phone calls. When she was finally able to reach someone days later, the lady said she had just returned from vacation and didn't know anything about it.

Origin : Lexington, SC
Destination : Lilburn, GA

Quoted Price : $2,579.00
Actual Price : $3,641.00

No Photo Courtney
February 21, 2017


My complaint is actually too long to put in here (2 full pages typed).In Summary, I was quoted $2847.17 for an 18 wheeler to come and move my things along with 4 guys to load/unload and a driver. Instead, I got a 26' box truck with someone else's items in the front, with one driver and one guy to load. They were a day late in arriving to load. They doubled the price and called me as we were in route telling me to go directly to a Wells Fargo and deposit cash into their bank account if I wanted to see my things. We had to get rid of a lot of furniture and items because it would not fit in the small truck and they refused to bring a bigger truck. We were to be 100% out of our apartment the day before they finally showed up. We had many broken items once we unpacked. Most of my plastic totes were crushed and broken due to the way they packed the truck. I have a very high dollar King bedroom set that they damaged. And I am unable to retrieve any of the money from what they damaged.Cathy Russo was the sales agent. (Never answered my calls after she finalized the order).Alex was the Dispatch Manager (Refused to answer my calls or call me back).Juan was the mover. (Complete asshole, laughed and told me many times that he did not care about my things.)James was the driver. (Seemed ok.)NEVER USE THEM, THEY ARE A JOKE AND THEY WILL FIND ANY REASON TO DOUBLE THE PRICE.

Origin : Kennesaw, GA
Destination : Ashburn, VA

Quoted Price : $2,847.17
Actual Price : $4,766.00

No Photo Sarah
November 22, 2016

Do NOT use this company

This company is by far the worst company out here. Not only was our quoted price almost double upon delivery,almost all of our belongings were damaged. We paid extra for crating some fish walk mounts and they never were crated,they were unrecognizable upon delivery. These items can never be replaced. Our bed was broken and completely unusable,our dressers and tables wee completely gashed up. They demanded full payment upon delivery before they would unload anything,when I asked about wanting to see the condition of my items,the driver stated he could not unlock the truck until full payment was made. What do you do at that point? They have all your belongings,I called the customer service number and was hung up on not once but twice. The lady was completely rude. When I realized the damage,I called to make a police report,which we are using in a civil case against them. The claims department could not get authorization from the company so they can't process our claim. When the guys were unloading our items they were very careless,and I was told by the driver that the 2 guys that loaded our items both quit the next day. They hold no employees accountable for their actions,the lady who hung up on me was the manager of that says anything. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Origin : Bel Air,Md
Destination : Hephzibah, GA

Quoted Price : $2,756.00
Actual Price : $5,204.00

No Photo Guy
October 5, 2016

Damage,Damage and More Damage

This had to be the worst moving experience. I signed a contract with a mover in NY but they outsourced it to these people that want to call themselves professional movers. The only thing they are professional at damaging people's belongings and holding their possessions for ransom. I had some items that were antique that were three generations old and it had scratches that cannot be repaired, I tried filing an insurance claim and the owner told the insurance company he would handle in house and he offered pennies on the dollar for which wouldn't even replace one of the pieces that was completely destroyed. Filing a complaint with FMSCA . For whom ever reads this review unless you don't value your belongings, DON'T USE EZZ MOVERS.

Origin : Raleigh NC
Destination : Manhattan, NY

Quoted Price : $2,138.00
Actual Price : $2,561.00

No Photo Deborah
September 2, 2016


I originally booked my move with Plymouth Relocation Services and was never told that they were sub-contracting my move to EZZ Moving.

Origin : Charlotte, NC
Destination : Jacksonville, FL

Quoted Price : $1,644.00
Actual Price : $2,426.64

No Photo Mary
August 8, 2016


DO NOT USE, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY TELL YOU. I booked this company over the phone, went through every item to be moved, was given a price of $1990 and a pick up date - and told my items would be delivered on an exact date - and given a back up date by the salesman. The company did not show on the date promise, nor did they answer my calls. They showed up 4 days later (after I raised heck). They then loaded all my items completely - THEN the driver proceeds to tell me my quote was under and the cost would actually be $3771 - I argued this with the driver, who clearly admitted to me that the salesman will give you a quote to get your business, however when they pick up, the price is always inflated - again, they have my items on the truck - I tell him I will dispute with his manager. Not to mention, watching the movers drop and throw my boxes onto a truck - no telling if anything will still be in tact when received. 2 hours after they leave, I receive a call from dispatch, stating my items will be delivered 10-14 business days after pick up - I told her I was given an exact date - she says, "well that is not how we handle this". I ask to speak to a manager, and am assured one will call me. I have now left 18 messages over a 14 day period with no return calls. I have sent 6 emails, with no response. I have called from other peoples phones, as I have realized they screen calls - when I speak to dispatch, I am told a manager will call - NO CALL - was even hung up on during last call. I work from home, and am unable to work until I receive my delivery. I have filed a claim with the BBB and the state of NC Justice department. This is the most unethical, unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I have NO idea when my items will arrive, NO resolution on cost - and after much (unfortunately after the fact research) and uncovered this is a regular practice for them - price hikes, no return calls, no response. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL BE VERY DISSATISFIED! I warn you, as I don't want anyone to go through the troubles I am experiencing with them, and others have experienced in the past - this company needs to be put out of business for unethical practices

Origin : Virginia Beach VA
Destination : Jacksonville FL

Quoted Price : $1,990.00
Actual Price : $3,771.00

No Photo Mimi
July 22, 2016

Nightmare Move EZ Movers and Storage ...

Stay Away!DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH Your STUFF under no means necessary!Savannah Van LINES misled us.We thought that they were doing our move.We asked to pay for insurance and the total move that we were told would be $1600 up front.They told us to wait until the day of the move.They asked us to pay $500 towards the move and we did.Close to the move we called and called Savannah Van Lines to get the time window for the movers...they were hard to reach.We emailed them and they called to say that they would call the day of to give us thr time.The day of the move a dumpy white truck with no lettering...only 2 laminated signs on the doors that read EZ Movers and Storage (they also use the spelling EZZ Movers and Storage).In addition to thr truck was a regular car. All of the guys, there were 5 at first, looked non professional with regular clothes on.Only one guy had a T shirt on that said EZ movers.I noticed that half of them didn't speak English and asked how would my boxes be labeled...I was told it would be taken care of later.None of my stuff was packed by room...random stuff was put in boxes and none of my glass items were bubbled wrapped or put in news paper.Shoes were thrown in boxes with spices and dresses...many items were not boxed at all...just put in plastic tubs/baskets that I had around the house.This explains why I was finding pieces of games, toys from my kids, etc. laying everywhere...the hallways, the stairs, the garage, the yard. Minimal wrapping of furniture meaning top or bottom or no padded, quilted wrapping at all. Everything has I own now has been damaged on down to pictures that were not wrapped...wood furniture scratched, scrapped, dented, etc. I was quoted $1600 and after 3/4 of my house was packed on the truck they jumped the price to $7000. Since I had 2 days to be out of the house and they started vandalizing my furniture as they began to throw it off thr truck... $300 dining room chairs, etc. that were not wrapped, we negotiated to $5000. Nothing was repacked even if it was at all. When I asked for insurance, they crossed out the option for full replacement and said only option 2 was available which was .60 per lb. I told them that would not cut it so they said that Bakers International could cover me...I called Bakers the next day since it was after 8pm. These folks said that they couldn't cover me since they need 24 hours notice before thentering move to give me coverage...so Savannah Van Lines and EZ Movers swindled me from receiving coverge as promised. Then, they left 1/4 of my house and said they didn't have space on thr truck....they came back the next day and still didn't get everything. I had to leave without them packing my entire house as was the agreement. They were unavailable when I tried to complain. They would not tell nor show me where my stuff was so that I could see it. We had to get the police involved to obtain their real address:6217 Westgate Rd., Raleigh, NC 27617. Al or Alex is a shittalker/liar!

Origin : North Carolina
Destination : NEwing York

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Abdul
July 18, 2016

They charged extra and did not deliver ...

The amount we told them what we do have, They told us this was the amount $855 we have to pay, they ask us for 8 medium boxes. We gave them 6 small boxes...The less amount of the stuff. After they put everything on the truck they said we had to pay an extra $800. And he took finally $400 or $500 extra from us. The got the delivery last Friday except for the table legs and the vacuum cleaner. They didn't show up and we had to call to ge tthem to show up. We were supposed to get the delivery on the 25th of June.

Origin : Gainesville, FL
Destination : Raleigh, NC

No Photo Yvonne
July 18, 2016


This is a horrible company! My move was sold to EZZ Moving by Plymouth Relocation Services. They came to pick my things in a trashy looking beat up dirty truck. Once they arrived, EZZ Moving tried to change my original "binding" estimate from $2326 to $6078. After two hours of arguing, I finally got them to agree to the original "binding" estimate. The movers were sloppy and even had the audacity to sit on my couch in their sweaty dirty clothing and fell asleep. BE AWARE of the insurance document that they try to get you to sign stating that if they break your items they will not pay you the retail value of your items, and they will ONLY pay you $0.60/pound. Additionally, I was promised a certain delivery date and when that passed, no one answered the phone and after my 14 attempts to reach them, I was told that I would be dispatched in when they could fit me in. This is certainly NOT the white glove service that I paid for! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! SPREAD THE WORD!

Destination : NORTH CAROLINA

No Photo Lindsey
July 8, 2016

I was not satisfied. They are a ...

The sales agent told us a price after we gave him detail for detail for everything we had and we spent numerous and countless hours and days on the phone with him and when the movers came in to pick up our stuff they increased the price enormously. It went up actually $1500 on top of what they initially said it was going to be. So I'm not satisfied with that company, I would never refer them, I would never use them again. They took 2 weeks to deliver my stuff when the agent told us that it would be 7-10 business days from the day they pick up my stuff. Then I got a call back saying that it was from the first day that I picked. And then when I got my furniture a lot of it was broken. Nails and screws were missing the boxes were all torn up. A couple of my kitchen squares were broken. So no I'm not satisfied, I would never use them again I think they are a horrible company and they need to be shut down.

Origin : Plaza, CT
Destination : Tampa, FL

No Photo Shannon
July 6, 2016

Over charged, damaged items, missing ...

It took 23 days to receive my stuff. Which was damaged or missing. Boxes were crushed and it looked like items were left out in the rain. They never weight the truck coming to Florida. During my 23 day wait I demanded it be weight upon arrival and departure. They would not unload the truck until I paid my balance. After the truck was weight in NJ before and after the weight was less than my estimate. The owner refused to refund my money. This was the worse experience with a company I have ever had. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM EVEN IF A FEW GOOD REVIEWS. ALSO DO NOT USE NURIZON VAN LINE. THEY ARE OWNED BY SAME COMPANY/PERSON.

Origin : Florida
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $2,900.13
Actual Price : $4,500.00

No Photo Jennifer
June 1, 2016

Go far far away from this business

The company was over 5 hours late on pick up date. Did not abide binding contract, was extremely rude, and threatened to withhold items. Please know your rights I went to https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move. But it was already after the movers had all of my items. They also lost some of my paintings and tried to switch it with $20 paintings.

Origin : Maryland
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $2,437.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

No Photo Andrea
May 5, 2016

Courteous and efficient. Great ...

Oh it was great. Their staff was polite and they were courteous. They were excellent. Both the people who picked up my stuff and the people who delivered it. They did have one problem on the way down, their truck broke down. But they stayed in touch with me and let me know it would be an extra day and that my stuff was safe and they would have somebody there with it the whole time so there would be no issue of it being stolen. As soon as the stuff was picked up by another truck they let me know and that it would be transferred to another truck by a professional. They have people who are trained to move the stuff and people who are trained to unpack the stuff. They don't just have unpackers move the stuff. Nothing was damaged. They made sure that everything was put where I wanted it. I referred them to a friend who also moved down here, him and his fiancee and they were satisfied as well.

Origin : South Chelmsford, MA
Destination : Southport, FL

No Photo Deanisha
April 20, 2016

I liked the moving company, I just ...

The only bad taste that they left in my mouth is because the initial quote that they gave us was about $900 cheaper than when the movers actually came and moved our stuff. ...Otherwise the interaction with the moving company and the movers themselves, they were great. Very personable, very helpful. They made sure that they stayed in touch.

Origin : Weymouth, MA
Destination : Forest Park, GA

No Photo Jodi
February 21, 2016

Burn it first

I booked this through Nurizon Vanlines and was told they were a carrier but turns out they are a broker who sold our move to EZZ Moving and storage Inc. they arrived in time but only sent 2 men who complained how much they wanted to be done the whole time. They did not wrap half of my furniture and then they promised a delivery in FL on Friday and didn't show up till 5:30 PM on Sunday. Every single piece of furniture was damaged and none of the hardware to put my beds together was there. The driver called the owner and he said he wasn't going to do anything for us. They not only overcharged us by 1300 compared to the quote but I might as well have sold everything and bought it all new and it would have been cheaper than using this scam of a company.

Origin : Charleston, SC
Destination : Apollo Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $2,098.00
Actual Price : $3,474.00

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