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License Info: US DOT # 2530259
ICC MC # 879230
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 10/5/2015

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Fine Line Relocation Inc
7317 La Manga Dr
DallasTX 75242 USA

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Toll Free: 800-820-5077
Phone: 469-320-9375
Fax: 866-752-3797

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No Photo Belinda
December 7, 2016


Still waiting for compensation 5 ...

Do you like sleeping on a bed? Sitting on your sofa? Thanks to Fine Line Relocation, I not only sleep on the floor now but was also delivered no seating, and my winter wardrobe is lost and it's getting cold. All totaled, Fine Line Relocation cost me close to $10,000 in destroyed and missing property. You see, they did something they claimed they did not do: they brokered my job out. They hired a company whose driver had slept only 2 hours before driving from Dallas to Houston to pick up my belongings and transport them back to Fine Line's warehouse in Dallas for storage. He crashed the van into an 18-wheeler parked well off Interstate 45, sheared off the passenger side of the "box" dumping 1/3 of the van's contents all over the freeway at 1:53 am just 10 hours after leaving my house. What did he do in those 10 hours? Why travel around Houston picking up 2 more households' furniture, of course! So along with my housemate, 4 households' worth of belongings in total were dumped on the side of the road to be scooped up into earth movers and taken to the dump in order to clear the roadway. How did I find out? Did Fine Line Relocation do the right thing and notify me that there'd been a mishap and assure me that they were onto investigating what happened? NOOOOOO! I found out from a compassionate police officer who happened to pick up some photos fluttering about and was determined to get them back to their rightful owners. He called me a full 5 days after the accident and was surprised that my moving company hadn't notified me or any of the households involved. When I asked the staff at Fine Line Relocation why we hadn't been notified, they claimed that 97% of people would not want to know their belongings had been involved in a road accident if no other information was available. They cited no source for this statistic. Fine Line Relocation charged me full price for my move - despite the fact that my belongings were kept in Police Impound for 3 weeks - and for the record, that's out in the open, not in their climate-controlled facility that I paid for! When they recovered what was left of my things, they delayed delivery of them 11 days after my requested delivery date. I received pieces of a bed frame, pieces of a sofa-futon, pieces of a desk, pieces of a bookshelf and damaged boxes, retaped with items missing from them. I am still missing 12 boxes of belongings and a lingere chest. Oh, and my boxspring was damaged beyond repair. If you want to pay someone twice the originally quoted to destroy your belongings, then refuse to answer phone calls or recompense you for your losses, then Fine Line Relocation is the company for you!

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Jacksonville, FL

Quoted Price : $1,150.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Rebecca
October 4, 2016


Horrible. Please Don't Use Fine Line ...

Please do not use this moving service. They were five hours late for pickup. They should have around between 6-9 am in the morning but arrived past 1 pm instead. We had to drive across country the same day with three kids and a dog so time was of essence to us. Once the movers arrived, the boss supposedly calculates all of your boxes, furniture, etc. We had more boxes than expected so we knew our move would cost a tad bit more than the quote. However, the mover calculated our move to cost double the original quote. I couldn't figure out how it was possible until I realized, all too late, that they overcharged us for the cubic feet. The mover charged 4.5 cubic feet for all of our boxes rather than charging for their actual cubic feet! Some boxes were x-small, small and medium. So, the cubic feet should have corresponded. At pickup, the mover gave me an ultimatum: either pay double the original quote or pay him $300 cash under the table and he will give me a base (label) rate for the move. Of course, we were stressed out with the kids and the movers were so late. We really needed to get on the road and the mover took advantage of that. We withdrew $300 cash and gave it to him so that he would charge us a base rate. The mover acted like he was giving us a special deal and his intent was to take advantage of us. Our delivery took longer than 21 days to arrive. Upon delivery, our TV stand was broken and Versace china set had a few plates broken. Our other furniture was scratched up a bit. You have to fill out a claim form that is very lengthy and time consuming, difficult process if any of your items are broken or damaged. I emailed and called the moving company several times concerning the ultimatum that was given to us. One representative, named Carmen, told me in e-mail that if I send her back some sort of proof that her company would cut us a check for the loss. The only proof I had was the withdrawal receipt corresponding to day and time of move. This proof wasn't enough for Fine Line Relocation. This morning, I left a voicemail because its hard to get someone on the phone first try. I did receive a call back. The rep. verbatim said, " Who in their right mind would pay cash under the table and not call our office instead to report the incident?" She then continued to insult my intelligence in a similar matter in a loud tone and voice. I hung up. Please, save yourself the trouble and deal with another company. The original estimate might sound good but once the drivers arrive to pick up your move, you have to be really experienced in moves and know what you are doing in order to not be taken advantage of.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Naples, FL

Quoted Price : $1,450.00
Actual Price : $3,000.00

No Photo Steve
August 27, 2016


What a relief!

Hello all, I just wanted to take a second and share with everyone my moving experience with Fine Line Relocation. I have nothing to complain about, everything went just as perceived. I couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome of my choice. They had such a wonderful and friendly group of men. The men were so speedy and quick! I had no problems with this company. It was a huge relief that I found professional people I can rely on.

Origin : FL
Destination : TX

No Photo Dexter
August 22, 2016



I emailed several companies and I got the best quote from Fine line relocation. They came out and did an estimate which was cheaper than other companies. On the moving day, they showed up on time and wrapped all the belongings in my entire apartment within several hours. It was an easy and smooth move. Nothing got damaged nothing got lost. I could not have chosen a better company. These people were nice, fast, professional and efficient. Their quote was the best too. I will definitely use Fine line relocation again if I need a move!

Origin : TX
Destination : TN

No Photo Mark
August 13, 2016


Moving is now easy

Moving is now easy thanks to Fine line relocation! We had a very good time with them. They helped us move from TX to MS. They did a spectacular job. The guys were on time, made the move happen without and mess ups. Took good care of our stuff and helped us decorate the new place. What else do I need? And the price was also reasonable. So thank you again Fine line relocation for being there for us. We shall certainly recommend you to all. Take care, Best of luck.

Origin : TX
Destination : MS

No Photo Kevin
August 7, 2016


Great Movers

I heard so many horror stories that made me very scared. Jumbo Moving helped through my fears. Their team is excellent. They were efficient, fast, and hardworking and I can’t believe that I actually enjoyed the move. I cannot thank fineline relocation enough. I usually don’t write reviews but this time I could not resist myself. My move went smooth as it can get. If you are looking for a quality mover, I recommend fineline relocation.

Origin : GA
Destination : TX

No Photo Allison
July 26, 2016

Several of my things broke.

The movers arrived about an hour and a half outside the window they told me they would arrive in. When they came to move my stuff, they said they would come between four and six and they came about 7:30 that night to move my stuff, so they were late and didn't call to tell me they would be late. When they came to move my stuff the driver was rather aggressive and telling me that they estimate they had given me was false and that the price for my move would be about three times as much as what they had quoted me. So that was a bit of a surprise.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Parker
July 25, 2016


They amazed me

I think it’s extremely important to have faith in the people who are essentially taking all your belongings away from you for a while. I just couldn’t fathom the idea of having to trust the unknown men from moving companies. But it was a big move across America and I just needed the help. After much deliberation, I decided to hire fine line relocation for their really good reputation. They really lived up to it. The crew was extremely friendly and the foreman made me feel very much at ease. As I saw them packing and loading everything, I got a sense of how professional they are. It is their job after all and I really had nothing to worry about. Besides, the men were anything but untrustworthy. They delivered everything on scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. They pleased me completely.

Origin : TX
Destination : UT

No Photo Robert
July 22, 2016


I am satisfied

We moved very easily. All the credit goes to Fine line relocation for being so efficient and reliable. I knew they were going to be good when I first called them and the man on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All four movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They finished loading everything in record time and set off. They arrived there even before we did. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I am happily recommending them to everyone.

Origin : TX
Destination : NM

No Photo James
July 20, 2016


They were fantastic

I had given fine line relocation possibly the biggest task of their lives. I had a house full of belongings that all needed to be moved. The men arrived on time on the moving day. They started packing everything very meticulously. The same type of things went together in the boxes. They were particularly careful with the breakables. The delivery was made after 3 days. Nothing was missing, broken or damaged. These movers are so efficient. I will definitely hire them again if needs be.

Origin : TX
Destination : IN

No Photo Martin
July 18, 2016


Quite an enjoyable move

Fine line relocation is simply a fantastic moving company. Their quote was quite low given the market standard. The customer service was prompt and provided me a really low estimate. The movers arrived right on time on the moving day. They were very well equipped and took very less time to finish packing everything. The loading process went smoothly as well. They delivered everything on the promised date and all my valuables traveled well. I really couldn't fault them for anything.

Origin : TX
Destination : NC

No Photo Kishore
June 14, 2016


Dont go with this company

I had a real bad experience with this moving company. They will initially quote for something and later try to increase the price while pickup. Even the delivery guys are very rude. They asked for 350$ for keeping the stuff at home. But i dont have that much cash at home and they left the luggage in first floor itself. They will try to squeeze the money at the time of delivery. Also one box is completely missing and one table got damaged. DONT GO WITH THIS COMPANY

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Michael
June 10, 2016


Worst Moving Company Ever!

I have never used a moving company before this and will probably never again! I added my move information to a general moving site and was called by a number of businesses, both local and national. I answered a call from Fine Line Relocation and I spoke with someone very eloquent and seemingly nice/trustworthy. We went over the items I had in the house and he send my a quote for $1370. He said I needed a down payment of 10%, which I obliged. I did not hear anything from them until the day before the move when he sent me a lengthy contract with many hypothetical scenarios that likely would not be included. The next morning, the movers showed up and seemed somewhat untrustworthy. The leader quickly looked through my things and then began to re-do the quote to his specification and ended up saying I had more than I did and additional services were to be charged. All said and done, he quoted me at $2500. I informed him of my original quote and told him I did not agree to the increased square footage and additional fees added. He informed me that they would not honor the original quote. Since my move out walk through for my apartment was at noon and I was to start work within the next few days across the country in Maryland, I decided to pay the new charge. Since then, the person I originally spoke with has not answered any calls concerning this matter and the main line people at the headquarters have given me a major attitude. Finally, just today I received an email that my things were in transit and that I MUST pay in cash or money order.

Origin : Chicago
Destination : Maryland

Quoted Price : $1,370.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Danielle
June 8, 2016


Pick up was fine but drop off wasn't a ...

My experience with them was good up until a point. Pick up was smooth. The drop off, because I live in Jersey City - it's like New York City setting. They couldn't drop off my things at my front door. I had to pick up my things and rode on my own. I think it would have went better if I was made aware that in inner city settings, there's a higher chance that they wouldn't be able to unload at my new place. It would have helped me a lot and saved me quite a bit of stress. So that was my main complaint. Pick was up fine, just delivery and unloading was just not the best experience.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Jersey City, NJ

No Photo Anonymous
April 25, 2016


For the most part they were good.

It was good. The items were delivered very early. There were some things broken ... But they are good.

Origin : Plano, TX
Destination : South Portland, ME

No Photo Tina
April 13, 2016

They keep promising to deliver my ...

I still have not received my stuff. ...Every time I call they say they'll get it on the next truck and then when I call to follow up "It didn't make it on the next truck."

Origin : Alvarado, TX
Destination : Milford, NH

No Photo Erica
April 6, 2016


Shipped a CVO Softail Convertible ...

Planning a move was really a tough job. We needed to weigh the odds and search thoroughly who is the best in the field. We narrowed our options and decided to go for Fine Line Relocation Inc. The moving quote was not that much different from the actual cost and its free from hidden fees and charges. The service that was provided was without a doubt first rate, the crew did a fantastic job of preparing our furniture and loading and unloading our belongings for our move. My husband a precious CVO Softail Convertible that I included in the shipment. It was too late when he remembered to exclude the cycle and have too much worries because its quite an expensive motorcycle. Thank God it arrived in one piece and in perfect condition. Great job to the moving and delivery team of Fine Line. We are very happy of your service.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : San Jose, CA

Quoted Price : $8,590.00
Actual Price : $8,640.00

No Photo Liza
February 12, 2016


Thumbs up for a small job.

It might just be a small job but they never treated it different from the usual and handled it very well just how I like it to be. During the move I forgot two boxes from my sister's condo which is originally in our contract and they went their way to meet me and loaded the boxes late at night. I am so happy because I met a very considerate moving company and very sensitive in customers needs and knew how to take care their belongings. Thanks and more power to Fine Line Relocation.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Lewisville, TX

Quoted Price : $1,544.00
Actual Price : $1,580.00

No Photo Whitney
January 4, 2016


I would wholeheartedly refer others ...

They were very courteous,friendly, hard working and most of all very professional. I really appreciate the intricate information they were able to provide while we were under negotiations on price quote. Most of the movers I asked for quote the price is over ten thousand dollars but they gave a very affordable price. So when the move started and when they arrived, they worked very efficiently. Although they work as fast and as hard as they can they were also very cautious with my furniture. They worked as a team and knew what they were doing. I would wholeheartedly refer others to their service.

Origin : Tyler, TX
Destination : Herdnon, VA

Quoted Price : $8,220.00
Actual Price : $8,390.00

No Photo Vernie
December 28, 2015


positive move!

I seek the services of Fine Line Relocation recently and although some hiccups along the way, overall it was a very positive moving experience. First of all, I never seen a moving company as prompt and professional as they were. They took care of the furniture from the pickup and handled like it was a very fragile item. I am too paranoid when it comes to my stuff and as much as possible I needed a lot of information on whom I am trusting my belongings so I asked too much questions and they positively answered and dealt with all my concerns and queries.I was not around when it was delivered to Alabama but my mom had a positive feedback as well. She said that they were early, polite and clean people. Through this review I want to congratulate Fine Line for the job well done. Thank you for the awesome service.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Albertville, AL

Quoted Price : $6,270.00
Actual Price : $6,335.00

No Photo Heather
December 24, 2015


great job guys

I was recommended to try fine line relocation by a good friend of my family....We moved from Plano TX to Chicago, IL it was fast and efficient. Everyone at fine line was so helpful specially Michael,he came over to do an estimate in our house and he arranged for us to be picked up after 2 days which really helped us as we needed to move out and be in Chicago for my husband new job(thanks Michael) in every step of the way. We had 5 amazing guys, They arrived on schedule and took almost all day to move our 4700 s/f house full of stuff into the trucks. They moved quickly and efficiently and wrapped up the entire house in one day doing a full packing service for us as protection. We were very impressed with their careful handling and attention to detail. There price was on the higher side of quotes that we got but my husband insisted that u get what u paying for....was he right! This company clearly values honesty and integrity, that they even discounted the price a bit at the end (which we didn't even ask). at delivery we had a different crew delivering our furniture's and they were very patient with me telling them where everything goes considering I was by myself because my husband started his new job and couldn't take off work that day. I recommend this company to EVERYONE, they want above and beyond our expectations. one of my sons end tables was damaged when they delivered us and what they did was amazing.....2 or so hours after the guys left I got a call from one of there customer service asking me if it will be ok for a furniture store to pick up the piece and fix it in the next few days, I WAS SPEECHLESS. as I said before I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY, THANKS GUYS FOR A GREAT JOB DONE, heather

Origin : plano tx
Destination : chicago il

Quoted Price : $12,182.74
Actual Price : $11,628.61

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