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Year of Estd: 6/19/2002

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Franklin Van Lines
3900 East 45th Ave
DenverCO 80216 USA

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Toll Free: 800-980-4162
Fax: 800-980-4162

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No Photo Juan
January 29, 2018

They lost a lot of my items and I paid ...

They lost a lot of my items. They lost very critical components for my bed. They made me buy new covers for the mattresses. But the mattresses are all destroyed. they came to house all wet and ripped. covered in Duck tape. I paid them 3,000 dollars and they promised to take good care of my things. The quoted me for 2,000 but they charged me extra because they said I had too many things apparently. Everything was so compacted all my belongings were on top of my mattresses. It was a disaster. It took them a long time to get and everything came damaged. I have to call them and order a report. They even broke the cooking pot. It is supposed to be round, it looks like a D.

Origin : Saint Paul, MN
Destination : Corpus Christi, TX

No Photo Judith
December 26, 2017

I couldn't get in touch with anybody

The day they said they would deliver, they wouldn't commit to a date from the time they picked it up and I couldn't get in touch with anybody through or via email or through anything no one would respond. When I tried going through customer service they told me to go through the website. And of course no one responded. I was this close to calling the police I felt like I got robbed.

Origin : Huntley, IL
Destination : Brandon, FL

No Photo Scott
November 6, 2017


Victor Thompson is a fraud doe not stick to the company's policy's Fraud Fraud, don't use this company

Origin : Colorado (CO)
Destination : Virginia

No Photo Reza
August 27, 2017

DO not use Franklin Van Lines

On the pickup day before loading the truck they increased the first estimate by 50%. The driver said I will not load the truck if you do not agree with this increment. It was Saturday and I had booked my hotels on my way to the destination and my lease at origin was up, so I had no other choice but to agree. They asked me to sign a couple of forms and was told that these are all about what we talked about before such as delivery in 4-5 days, payments, …..The first available delivery date has been July 25th and as of today they have not delivered it (the contract says delivery in 21 days at max). As far as I learned the only thing that you may get is $30.0 compensation/day!!!! I asked for insurance and they told me as you have packed your belongings yourself we do not sell you the insurance!!! The fee for your payments with credit card is 5% and they do not tell you anything beforehand, you will learn later after reviewing the contract. You should agree not to dispute the transaction in any condition!!! They work based on CF instead of pounds and I am not sure if they have a physical office. These are the criteria of movers that you should stay away from them as the experts say: When I called the company to get update on my shipment someone picked up the phone and said we are another company that will carry the shipments and we do not ship your furniture as we do not have the truck while I had dialed the Franklin Van Line phone number (800-980-4162). The company is registered in Florida: But the address on the website is in Colorado: The people who were my contact for shipping do not reply my emails nor return my calls. You can file a complaint at only once and when you read the details the bottom line is: we only convey your complaint to the mover and it is totally up to the mover to respond you. Based on the contract you can file a complaint in court against the company only in Florida.

Origin : Omaha
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Christopher
August 22, 2017

Worth it!

They are really worthy for five stars. This was our second move with Franklin van lines. I didn't hesitate to call them for the second time. I need to move and it was urgent this time. Fortunately they agreed to work on such short notice. It was urgent for me to relocate back home. This time also they performed a hassle free move for us. I forgot to say about their quote which was competitive enough but there were no hidden or artificial charges. They provided us wardrobe boxes too. The guys delivered all my belongings with no lost or scratch. I wouldn't think twice to hire them the next time.

Origin : CO
Destination : AZ

No Photo Benjamin
August 12, 2017

Need a good moving company?

After reading the reviews and quotes I decided to choose Franklin van lines to move my belongings for me. These guys are the best. Their great service, good pricing, and great behavior makes them the best. My friend had used them, my mom used them, and now I've used them, and we are all satisfied with the service level and punctuality. The moving was smooth and I like to thank them for providing us a picture perfect move. I will strongly recommend there service to any and all people in need of a good moving company.

Origin : CO
Destination : FL

No Photo Dane
August 8, 2017

Customer Service

Franklin Van Lines picked up my furniture in Kansas to move to our new home in California. It has been 28 days and we haven't had a single update. I have called more than 2 dozen times and have failed to get someone on the phone to update me on this shipment. I have emailed and left dozens of messages without a single response. If you are interested in having a company give you poor customer service, no updates, and no peace-of-mind, choose Franklin Van Lines.

Origin : Kansas
Destination : California

Quoted Price : $2,100.00
Actual Price : $2,100.00

No Photo Anthony
August 6, 2017

They are my favorite

Franklin van lines is my favorite. Though I used them just once and that was also very recently but still they have a special place. I am talking about a few weeks ago when I was in a difficult situation. I had to move my belongings at a new place but I had very little time and money available to get the job done but I had to make the move to get away from a crazy lover. Though I called several moving companies but they did not show interest. But when I called these guys and discussed and my move, they immediately wanted to take on the challenge. That was a great relief for me and when I saw them doing a splendid job. I was stunned! I never thought of having a perfect move within such short notice and poor budget.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Oklahoma City, OK

No Photo Pradeep
July 28, 2017

Not on Time, Delivery Was Good

Spoke initially they given one quote and they forgot to mention difference of quote in items. Then they came up for packing they said they wont be able to wrap special items until we charged extra. They weren't on time for the pickup either.

Origin : BLM, IL
Destination : Hollywood, FL

No Photo Richard
July 21, 2017

Worth the extra penny

I had other cheaper offers but I never go for the cheapest, I always go for the quality and that is why I hired a reputed company which is Franklin van lines. They did not let me down. They have showed their skills and experience and made sure I get what I asked for. Packing, loading, moving, unloading were effortlessly done and they also saved my money and time with their great service. It was nothing less than a wonder to have all my belongings back in great condition considering there were plenty of fragile and vulnerable items. Thanks for the quick move and thanks again for taking the stress out of me.

Origin : CO
Destination : MI

No Photo Catherine
July 16, 2017

Recommended for all

I can’t express my gratitude enough for them. Last month I was in a really bad financial situation yet, my husband got his new job and we had no choice but to move. We needed an affordable company because we were on a tight budget, and even though we transferred some things ourselves, we needed professionals for the big belongings. Franklin van lines did a fantastic job and in the end we paid quite an affordable price. I hope this is helpful for people on a budget who have to move.

Origin : CO
Destination : AZ

No Photo Daniel
July 7, 2017

Great process

This was the third time I've used Franklin van lines and they did always a great work. We wanted to pack before the move day this time. They gave us a number of boxes to expedite the process and made it all easy. They only took a few hours to load our tons of items. It's always inspirational to experience such honest service. I will never use another moving company so long as they're around.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Orlando, FL

No Photo Peter
June 20, 2017

I am lucky that I have found them!

Before I hired Franklin van lines I researched a lot. I read so many horror stories of lost shipments, broken items, poor service and hidden costs about many companies. But this moving company had very good reviews, so I went with them. On the moving day, the guys came on time, they were cheerful and polite. They wrapped the furniture nicely. They did the packing and loading very quickly and carefully. I was sure nothing would get damaged! Upon delivery I directed them to put the boxes in the various rooms and they listened without thinking twice. Nothing was broken, nothing was missing! Literally nothing! It was the best moving of my life and I was happy with the move! Anyways, thank you all for such a professional service.

Origin : CO
Destination : AL

No Photo Stephen
June 12, 2017

Organized move

My wife and I are very happy with the entire process of moving and if it wasn’t for this brilliant team, our move would not be such a success. They are the real deal! Organized and punctual! Efficient, funny, caring and smart. They have massive skills and knowledge! They managed to deliver everything on time and without a single dent! We highly recommend Franklin van lines!

Origin : CO
Destination : AZ

No Photo Martin
June 7, 2017

No extra charges

It was fun working with their crew who helped us with our move. They ensured that proper packing was done. We were surprised at the great service and how quick they were. Very hard working crew on both sides! There were no "extra" charges from what we were originally quoted. I would not hesitate to recommend Franklin van lines to anyone requiring a good moving service.

Origin : CO
Destination : AZ

No Photo Archie
May 11, 2017

High standards

They are just great. They have high standards. They know what they are doing. A few weeks back my wife and I used them for our long distance move. The move was like a breeze. No trouble anywhere. They did the move for us like pros and like the best friendly team ever. They were so fun to work with. And they are so efficient for the task! No damages anywhere. We got damage free and stress free moving experience. Franklin van lines definitely gets our recommendation.

Origin : CO
Destination : CA

No Photo Brian
April 24, 2017

I am impressed

Like many others I hate to move. But I had to go through this boring and unproductive event last month. Fortunately everything went fine while moving to a new place. It was completely special. Movers came on time and they began their work immediately. I felt that they knew what they were up to and they were managing the move very efficiently. They packed, moved and stored all my belongings without a single scratch and they were also quite fast. Finally I got a move that I was looking for. From my yesterday’s experience I can say that this is a very good moving company.

Origin : CO
Destination : TX

No Photo Martin
April 23, 2017

This is a great company

I am not regular to relocate. I have relocated to a new apartment after 13 years.I had no idea about which moving company to use for my best. Thanks to my friend Bill for suggesting me Franklin van lines. I called them and spoke with their sales guy. He was smart enough to figure out my needs and offered me a deal which seemed to be customized just for me.I assigned them for the move. Like my friend said, Franklin van lines delivered the best possible service.They never let me feel the heat of the move. Their movers were lightning fast, calm and focused and equally skilled. They have delivered all my belongings in one piece and made sure that no damage done to anything. I was very happy with such awesome service and a very reasonable price. I am obviously going to recommend them and I will definitely use them if I need to move again.

Origin : TX
Destination : CO

No Photo Malli
April 22, 2017

Dont go with Franklin van lines

They lie about price.they estimate less price and charge more on the day come.they will give you surprises.

Origin : kansas
Destination : Georgia

Quoted Price : $1,890.00
Actual Price : $2,900.00

No Photo J
April 20, 2017

Thank you so much for your help!

My experience with this company was incredible. Everything that was promised came true! My sales rep Jacob was with me from start to finish as he promised me! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Would highly recommend this company to anyone moving long distance!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $4,895.00
Actual Price : $4,895.00

No Photo Mickey
April 12, 2017

Don't believe them

They charge you for the truck wether it is filled are not. When you try to get help from customer service they send you to their complaint department when you ask any questions about your charges. Measure your truck and take lots of pictures because they will over charge you.

Origin : St charles,mo
Destination : Fort myers,fl

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $8,900.00

No Photo David
April 7, 2017

Incredible efforts

Franklin van lines did a great job so I feel they deserve a positive review. This company is the best company for moving and packing supplies. The movers worked out the type of move that would work best for what I had available to pay and even came in under budget! I got a full pack and they were real careful with wrapping all of my belongings up. They provided us a first class service. I was very pleased and I would recommend them to other people.

Origin : CO
Destination : TN

No Photo George
April 7, 2017

Highly recommended

I have seen movers who are quite literally college boys who move belongings on the side. Considering that, if a moving company gives you professional and experienced movers, it's good enough. Franklin van lines were hired by me to deliver my belongings interstate. Their quote was rational and the customer service was apt enough. The movers arrived an hour later than the scheduled time. However, they did call me and apologized ahead of time. Besides, the efficiency the four men displayed while packing and loading all my belongings, I can totally forgive them for being late. The delivery wasn't delayed though. They delivered all my goods in excellent condition and on time. I'm quite pleased to recommend them.

Origin : AZ
Destination : CO

No Photo Joseph
March 27, 2017

Lowest quote, highest quality

It wasn't a very big move for me as I relocate quite often. So I figured I would hire the company who quotes me the least. Franklin van lines surprised me with their efficiency at the price that they quoted. I was prepared for hidden charges once they reach the new house but surprisingly there was none. All my belongings were packed, transported and delivered on time and on budget. It's good to see that some companies still care about their quality of work than how much money they are making.

Origin : CO
Destination : KS

No Photo Gary
March 25, 2017

Worst moving company I ever dealt with.

They are the biggest liars and thieves. They broke my furniture and stole some of it. The salesman victor thompson is the biggest liar I ever spoke too,doesn't return calls after he makes the deal. Please don't ever use this company for your move!!! They are the worst.

Origin : Colotado
Destination : New york

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Richard
March 19, 2017

Amazing move from start to end

Franklin van lines handled my daughter’s move. I was there to help my daughter. But I had to do nothing. Even my daughter did nothing. The movers were very experienced and professional. They managed everything very efficiently and did everything with a great attitude. None of my daughter’s belongings were broken. After the relocation was complete, I visited my daughter’s house. All the furniture was completely unharmed. It was amazing. I recommend this company from the bottom of my heart.

Origin : CO
Destination : MI

No Photo Thomas
March 17, 2017

They were flexible and I appreciate ...

I liked Franklin van lines for their flexibility. Everything about the move was completely seamless. The movers were on time. They were very friendly. They called and reviewed my items before the move. My household items were delivered in the time frame they outlined with no damage. They helped me to organize my belongings. . I sincerely appreciated all of the effort and time they spent helping me.

Origin : FL
Destination : CO

No Photo Deepak
March 15, 2017

It was alright.

Experience was in two points, it was really good. Only one thing is that like when the driver reached my home, he was asking for more cubic feet. And the estimate that was provided to me, and driver said it is less. And then I with the driver, and he got convinced. Only that experience was bad with me. Otherwise the rest of the things went pretty fine.

Origin : Greenfield, WI
Destination : Marshallton, DE

No Photo Benjamin
March 12, 2017

Well-organized relocation

I knew about how well reputed Franklin van lines was, so I used them. Every person that I dealt with was very professional. They did it as quickly as they could and as professionally as they could. I just have one concern though. From the start of the inventory, loading and unloading- we give this company a rate of 5 star. They were just really easy to work with. They gave me a good rate and I compared it to other companies and to the cost if I did it by myself. The customer service is great and the communication from them was priceless.

Origin : CO
Destination : MO

No Photo Haneet
March 9, 2017


Let me start by saying how disconnected the different departments of this company are. The sales people will say anything to make you chose them, which includes defaming other companies and making promises over things they have no control over! But if you still want to go with them because of a less expensive quote, don't go with Victor Thompson as your sales rep. He will avoid your calls (he put me in the block list during the time of delivery) and lies through his teeth. Now the details, I moved from Colorado to Michigan and chose them as they worked with me to calculate every little thing and I didn't want any surprises. They promised me a smaller trailer (42 feet) to avoid shuttle fee, a quick delivery (4 days) and included long carry and stair fees to have a final binding estimate. The trailer that came was actually 54 feet and thus, lead to an additional $300 shuttle fee, the driver said that they have no right to include the carry and stair fee as he does that. I tried calling 4 different people (Victor Thompson, his manager and 2 people from the Customer Service department) and all but one ignored my calls. The customer service rep said that the amount is included and when the truck driver asked for a message confirmation to avoid later conflicts, he disconnected the call! The driver then informed me that all he can do is leave everything outside the apartment building and leave! I ended up paying him extra money to bring everything up to the apartment. This whole fiasco lasted 6 HOURS. I really advise anyone going for this company to not rely on what the sales people say, not to ask them to include shuttle and other fees. Do that estimate on your own and be prepared.

Origin : CO
Destination : MI

Quoted Price : $1,597.64
Actual Price : $2,272.64

No Photo Warren
March 7, 2017

Incredible movers

My movers from Franklin van lines were excellent. They were friendly and efficient. I heard horrible story about movers. But I was happy with my movers. They were a little late, which gave me more time to get things finished, but they more than made up for it in speed! I asked them to put all my garage boxes in my spare room, which is upstairs and they put all the boxes where I asked them! I would like to recommend them everyone.

Origin : CO
Destination : AZ

No Photo Fabian
March 3, 2017

I was not satisfied

They delivered my stuff incomplete. There was a lot of stuff missing and broken. I brought something from Europe that was 3500 years old. I called them to give feedback and where are the missing parts. They sent me a link to put a claim. And I am waiting for that. They kept changing the prices. The crew behavior was poor, not helpful, very demanding, but not helpful.

Origin : Alex, MN
Destination : Cuchillo, NM

No Photo Frank
February 25, 2017

Unforgettable experience

It has been a month now if I am not wrong since the day I relocated to my new home. The thing that has stuck in my mind, apart from my lovely neighbors, is the relocation accorded to me by the team from Franklin van lines. My quick settlement can be attributed to the smooth and flawless relocation that day. They were detailed and careful to ensure that I did not lose anything on the way. All my properties were safely relocated, and for that, I am grateful and will not forget.

Origin : CO
Destination : TX

No Photo Karthik
February 25, 2017

Fantastic Movers

Even when the truck broke down TWO times (air brakes once, and flat tire) they were excellent. They were always communicating with me throughout the process, and they delivered my stuff in just 2 days. (Pick up Thurs, drop off Saturday) Friendly, professional, and just the best!!! Could not recommend these guys more. Special shout-out to Charlie and Yoni.

Origin : Mission, KS
Destination : Brentwood, TN

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,400.00

No Photo Erick
February 20, 2017

Phenomenal job

For our last move, the group of gentlemen that was sent by Franklin van lines to pack up and move me was simply excellent! They took their time in making sure that everything was properly packed, loaded and unloaded the next day. Even though I moved to a 3rd floor apartment, they were amazing and very diligent to make sure that all was delivered and unharmed. They were very pleasant and professional and I definitely would use them again and wouldn't think twice to recommend them.

Origin : CO
Destination : UT

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