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Accuracy of Estimate 4.8
Moving Services 4.8
Packing Services 4.9
Professionalism 4.8

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License Info: US DOT # 2944979
ICC MC # 996670
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 11/16/2016

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Global Moving LLC
2303 W Morehead, St Suite 200
CharlotteNC 23208 USA

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Toll Free: 888-687-7486
Phone: 888-687-7486
Fax: 704-496-2166

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No Photo Darwin
March 1, 2021


Great Movers!

The other movers ended up charging me more through hidden extra costs. Lesson learned: careful of simply switching movers to save money without knowing what additional charges may apply. global moving are honest.

Origin : NH.Nashua
Destination : NY.Buffalo

Quoted Price : $2,750.00
Actual Price : $2,750.00

No Photo Ricky
February 26, 2021


Nice Job!

The movers came on time and went straight to work. They were fast, efficient, and extremely careful with my stuff. When booking the move, the online chat was manned by helpful and cheerful staff. I will use global moving again for future moves.

Origin : MN.Duluth
Destination : NY.Buffalo

Quoted Price : $2,550.00
Actual Price : $2,550.00

No Photo Esther
February 25, 2021


Smooth Mover!

Brilliant Service all-around. Everything was great. Very easy to book and great service from the driver. I don't know how to thank them all enough. I will use them again without any doubt!

Origin : IL.Centralia
Destination : IN.Hammond

Quoted Price : $2,320.00
Actual Price : $2,320.00

No Photo Alison
February 24, 2021


Great Mover!

The organization and coordination from the Global Moving team were excellent. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Global Moving for either domestic or international movers. Very helpful, patient, and polite. All the team was top-notch.

Origin : NY.Cohoes
Destination : MI.Adrian

Quoted Price : $2,845.00
Actual Price : $2,845.00

No Photo Zula
February 19, 2021


Smooth Work!

Easy to book, and reliable service provided. Very professional, helpful, polite, and hard working. Every step of the way! Must hire moving company!

Origin : SC.Camden
Destination : MI.Adrian

Quoted Price : $2,850.00
Actual Price : $2,850.00

No Photo Colton
February 18, 2021



I got quotes from several other moving companies, and Global Moving came in over $100 less and could move it the same day. In less than 2 hours, we had three movers able to carry our sofa up in under an hour. They were great! Recommend them to all.

Origin : MA.Worcester
Destination : IL.Rockford

Quoted Price : $2,870.00
Actual Price : $2,870.00

No Photo Wilfred
February 17, 2021


Well Done!

They Arrived on time, all went according to plan. I have used N Company a few times now and have always been impressed with prices and service.

Origin : CA.Sacramento
Destination : NY.Buffalo

Quoted Price : $2,650.00
Actual Price : $2,650.00

No Photo Cesar
February 16, 2021


Good Job!

Fantastic service, far better than I expected. global moving made the move stress free, extremely professional. I don’t know how to thank them all enough. You all are rock stars!

Origin : CA.Sacramento
Destination : NJ.Paterson

Quoted Price : $2,450.00
Actual Price : $2,450.00

No Photo John
September 18, 2020


Be very careful when picking a moving ...

My move with Global Moving LLC Charlotte NC was horrendous, to say the least. They had so many positive ratings which I guess are paid responses since the service I had was so bad. After my goods were picked up there was no communication from this company at all other than unkept promises. It took informing them I spoke with an attorney to get them to release my goods which I had already paid for the move in full at the time of pick up as they required as the goods were going into free storage. I called for my first day of delivery on August 4th and 5th for August 12th and finally got my goods on August 30th and the move was not even completed, they left my stuff outside on the lawn and the driver left. There is a list of things missing over $2,000 including a security camera system, fine china, and other miscellaneous stuff. The pickup documents show 81 items leaving my home and the count on items delivered was only 78 and the driver did not count or look at the list of items nor did he have me sign anything when they arrived. I contacted both the driver and the company to see if they would look for any additional items with no returned information. There were little to no returned calls from Doug Pihlgren the operations manager or Christie Strong who did my initial booking during this entire process after the goods were picked up even after repeated phone calls and emails to the company and the individuals. To top this entire fiasco off with this company the driver arrived with no help or equipment to unload the truck. I a disabled and was helping him unload things and called an got an additional 2 people to help him and once they arrived he got in his truck and left with all my things sitting on the lawn to my building. I texted and called the driver to find out what was going on and a day later he called me telling me it was a misunderstanding and he thought he could leave cause I had help another lie. Well don't know about you but that is an incomplete move in my opinion. In my opinion, they should not even be in business. I have filed a claim with their insurance company for the replacement value of my missing goods. The company offered me an insulting offer of $150. returned for what they put me through which is an insult to the quality expected, care of my move, and my integrity due to their incompetency. Not considering the lost items they are are also requesting I not let anyone know how horrible this entire situation was. They are not taking into account my professional time trying to get answers and contacts as well as the fact the company never finished the move, my costs to get people to move the belongings back into my home for me. I have nearing 40 hours in an effort of dealing with this situation and trying to get people to call me back and answer emails and texts the amount offered would equate to less than the minimum wage. You can tell a reputable company from the irreputable just by their offer – I just bought a kitchen

Origin : Winston Salem, NC
Destination : Phoenicia, NY

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,400.00

No Photo Janelle
September 11, 2020


Unprofessional and Inefficient: Takes ...

Global moving is a low quality moving service. They put all my things on the wet front lawn,broke items without telling me (but left the broken pieces for me to pick up after),left their trash of used razor blades,tape,packing papers,etc on the floor and walls and doors and lawn for me to pick up when they were done,raised the price of my "binding quote" upon arrival,before even beginning packing because my estimate was a "significant underestimate" even though they had not begun packing and despite having a video recording estimate of ALL of my possessions completed by their own people and telling me how much it would cost to pack everything AND I removed items before their arrival. They also told me they were "done packing" THREE TIMES only to have me complete a walk through and see full closets,the basement,area rugs,and garage were not picked up. I felt like i had to micromanage the process because they were not doing what they were required to do. As soon as I raised a concern I couldn't reach anyone for assistance. Eventually Global connected me to a customer service operator who hung up on me and told me he had intentionally delayed delivery because I had not paid. I forwarded him all receipts showing timely payment in full. He confirmed i paid and then said I had not confirmed delivery date. I told him I was available for immediate delivery and communicated that to several others including his two predecessors,and he confirmed that his paperwork says "ASAP." He started to tell me that he didn't have any of the paperwork from my move because the individual who processed the paperwork did not "mail it" in time...they apparently are a logistics company who does not use computers. I eventually told him I understand there are a lot of paperwork processes in place,but that did not care about that at the moment and just wanted to know my delivery date since I had a contract for delivery on Saturday,and would like to know if it is on time. He started yelling at me and told me that if I didn't care,then he didn't care. I asked him to provide me with the reference number for the call because I would be referencing it in my complaint,and he hung up. I have not been able to contact anyone else at the company and am calling the police to follow up tomorrow.

Origin : Valparaiso, IN
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Rich
September 2, 2020


Avoid this company like the plague

Damages and lost items, horrendously inaccurate estimate, nonexistant claims process, and a refusal to pay for lost and damaged items. Read the BBB complaint against this business before using them.

Origin : Mishawaka, In
Destination : Loveland, CO

Quoted Price : $4,100.00
Actual Price : $6,000.00

No Photo Carroll
June 19, 2020


Extremely nice and polite and friendly ...

Made my move so easy and took care of my things better than I would have been able to if I moved things myself. Miguel and his crew were rock stars. They literally had almost our entire living room loaded onto the truck in 20-25 minutes. They were very fast and efficient but also really careful.

Origin : FL
Destination : IL

Quoted Price : $4,600.00
Actual Price : $4,600.00

No Photo Angelo
June 18, 2020


Can’t wait to use them again!

They showed on time, did the job super-efficient and clean. All my items were professionally wrapped and boxed up and the two worked nonstop until the job was done. Moving has many different problems occurring and they always have a solution. You guys are real gems!

Origin : NC
Destination : MI

Quoted Price : $4,200.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Victoria
June 17, 2020



I was misinformed of the charges I would have to pay and was severely overcharged. I paid nearly double!! The movers were rude and left garbage. My experience with Global Moving LLC. Has been less than satisfactory. As any logical person would do, I researched a few quotes from other moving companies and found Global Moving LLC. the most reasonable for my budget, quoting me at $2989 for 510 cu ft/63 items (2 bed apartment). I was met with Todd Daniels initially however Christie Strong (Daniel's Manager) proceeded with my quote and transaction soon after. During the first phase of the process, I was adamant about my fear of surprise charges and or poor communication between myself and the company due to past experiences. After she reassured that Global Moving would take care of me and that she would be available for any questions or concerns I had anytime!!!! On the day of the move I was charged $2000 for the extra space needed for my belongings. I made sure I personally packed everything so that the movers would have less to worry about. I even used my own materials to avoid additional charges for packing material. And that didn't make a difference!! Not only did I have questions and concerns the day of my move (May 23rd), but also when my belongs arrived to the destination (June 12). Christie and Todd were nowhere to be found. I was given the run around by staff and only heard back from Christie once and that was when my belongings were in transit two weeks after they were picked up. She said she had been out of town and that she would review my case and get back to me. To this day, I have yet to hear back. My fears were then more so confirmed once my things arrived. I was met by two rude truck drivers who demanded their pay before service with an additional $375 for "long distance" walking from their truck to the storage unit. Because their 18-wheeler could not fit into the storage facility I had to come out of pocket a substantial amount. Also the storage unit provided them large flat-bed dolly's to help move my things from the truck to the storage unit. I expressed to Christie long before that I was a single mother who is giving everything I had for this move. I had nothing left in my account at that point and had to make emergency calls to get the money as soon as possible in order to retrieve my property. They threatened to take my property back to their warehouse in North Carolina and I would then be forced to pay an additional transportation fee. The service was awful and the movers left a large pile of tape and garbage in my unit, telling me it was my problem. My lamps were also damaged in the moving process. The entire experience left me paying a total of $5701.

Origin : Atlanta, GA
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

Quoted Price : $2,989.00
Actual Price : $5,701.00

No Photo Wayne
June 15, 2020


Good luck with your move!

The movers came on time for the pick up as well as the delivery, there were no hidden costs, no damages done to my belongings or missing items. Moving is stressful no matter how well things go but these guys really put you at ease. I cannot recommend Global Moving enough.

Origin : CA
Destination : VT

Quoted Price : $5,500.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Henry
June 12, 2020


They are an excellent movers

They arrived on time. They are very punctual and they packed all the luggage safely. They take care of our stuff more than we did. They are super conscious with their work. These people are highly recommended.

Origin : OH
Destination : IL

Quoted Price : $3,800.00
Actual Price : $3,800.00

No Photo Peter
June 11, 2020


They were very fast and polite

Super careful about bumping our newly painted walls and got everything inside without a scratch. All my stuff arrived in the same condition it was before it was moved. I'm glad I won't be moving again for a long time but for an extremely stressful day, these 3 guys really put me at ease! Plus speaking with M is always a pleasure. Thanks

Origin : VA
Destination : MI

Quoted Price : $6,100.00
Actual Price : $6,100.00

No Photo Shawn
June 8, 2020


Best money I ever spent!

Not only was the scheduling super easy and fast. They had availability within a week of my request and for a Saturday. The movers were professional, kind, and lighting fast and took care of my stuff! I highly recommend Mark and his Company they exceeded my expectations and honored their estimated cost.

Origin : OH
Destination : NC

Quoted Price : $2,530.00
Actual Price : $2,530.00

No Photo Kevin
June 5, 2020


Highly recommend

Crew were friendly, fast, diligent and super helpful. I was overwhelmed and not as prepared for the move as I had hoped and planned to be. Mark took charge and helped me get organized and prioritize. After using Global Moving, I will never ask another friend to help me move again. Well worth the money!!

Origin : WA
Destination : AZ

Quoted Price : $2,300.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Howard
June 4, 2020



Hands down the best moving experience I have ever had! The team was very professional and was very careful with all of our belongings! Our movers worked literally all day for us and did it with the best attitudes. I would recommend them to anyone ever moving. I called about five moving companies and they were the best prices as well!

Origin : FL
Destination : AZ

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,400.00

No Photo Paul
June 3, 2020


Crew did a good job

Mark coordinated the whole move. Also their prices are better than anyone else. No hidden fees or charges. Best movers I've ever used. I will certainly be calling them the next time I move!

Origin : AZ
Destination : NC

Quoted Price : $2,680.00
Actual Price : $2,680.00

No Photo Mary
May 29, 2020


Thanks guys!

Max and his team worked diligently and spent time to wrap all of my furniture with plastic wrap since I was moving into storage. They were quick, didn't break anything and were the best price I found. Will absolutely tell more people about this company and will use again!

Origin : AZ
Destination : OH

Quoted Price : $1,960.00
Actual Price : $1,960.00

No Photo Joseph
May 28, 2020


Extremely efficient!

We hired them based on their awesome reviews and when they showed up in their large semi-truck, they impressed me. Their customer service and competitive pricing not only saved our lives at a very stressful point in time (moving houses) but the follow-up and customer service was beyond expectations. Will recommend them!

Origin : AZ
Destination : IA

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

No Photo Betty
April 1, 2020


Highly recommended!

I was using movers for the first time and my friend recommend me to call Global Moving for moving process. The people were very nice. I was very stressed but Global Moving cleared all our difficulties and gave us all information about the moving process. Because of their given details my moving process was stress free.

Origin : Boca Raton, FL
Destination : Melbourne, FL

Quoted Price : $1,420.00
Actual Price : $1,420.00

No Photo Roger
March 10, 2020


Highly recommended!

My items all survived the long distant trip and came to me the same way they left. Global Moving were a joy to work with and had no issues throughout our time. I’m satisfied with the service and grateful for the information they provided. They were in uniform and ready with the wrapping materials and binding tapes. Everything went as per schedule.

Origin : AZ
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $1,240.00
Actual Price : $1,240.00

No Photo Lori
February 15, 2020


Outstanding job!!

The Global Moving and their team were great. They were very respectful with my property and great at their jobs. They were very professional but more importantly they were very patient with me and the confusions of my move. Very happy with the service and would definitely recommend the team to everyone moving.

Origin : Kingsport, TN
Destination : West liberty, KY

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $2,200.00

No Photo Luis
February 11, 2020


The hardwork movers!!

Global Moving were my first choice simply due to the rep I dealt with. He was very informative and detailed in explaining the process and charges this was a very stress-free move and I highly recommend Global Moving to anyone. Global Moving are the best kind of movers who managed everything for their client.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Rio rancho, NM

Quoted Price : $2,000.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo Arthur
February 11, 2020


Great experience.

Great experience. Everything made it to our new house in a timely manner and nothing was damaged. I would recommend these guys and if we move again we will use their service. A+++

Origin : AZ
Destination : NC

Quoted Price : $6,522.00
Actual Price : $6,522.00

No Photo Elaine
February 10, 2020


Very Happy Customer!!

The movers were excellent. They were efficient and very communicative throughout the process. I do plan on recommending them to others.

Origin : NC
Destination : DC

Quoted Price : $7,611.00
Actual Price : $7,611.00

No Photo Lynn
February 10, 2020


Great Movers!!

He was quick to reply and accommodate my short notice for service. The workers were punctual and quick. I would use his company again.

Origin : NC
Destination : MA

Quoted Price : $5,422.00
Actual Price : $5,422.00

No Photo Samatha
February 9, 2020


The crew were polite, efficient and ...

The crew were polite, efficient and immensely helpful. My move entailed carrying up 3 flights of stairs and was completed as estimated and on time. Would highly recommend.

Origin : TX
Destination : NC

Quoted Price : $6,566.00
Actual Price : $6,566.00

No Photo Marian
February 9, 2020


Very happy with the job they did for ...

Excellent job done! Came before time and also offered a flat rate u like other companies. Manager was very nice and accommodating. All guys worked hard, especially the lead guy. Very happy with the job they did for us today.

Origin : NC
Destination : TX

Quoted Price : $7,688.00
Actual Price : $7,688.00

No Photo Vivian
November 12, 2019


We had a great experience!

We had a great experience! He was very responsive and flexible leading up to the move day since our date had to change last minute. On the move day we ended having a lot more stuff than we thought but the team took it all in stride and were very experienced movers, and nice people too! Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!

Origin : TX
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $7,677.00
Actual Price : $7,677.00

No Photo Cheryl
November 12, 2019


I would definitely recommend them.

The men arrived on time and were very professional and polite. All furniture was wrapped in blankets and shrink wrapped. They worked quickly without taking breaks. I would definitely recommend them.

Origin : TX
Destination : NY

Quoted Price : $3,288.00
Actual Price : $3,288.00

No Photo Mary
November 12, 2019


Thank you so much again!

I would absolutely recommend Global Moving to anyone and everyone. They were on time, so helpful and EXTREMELY professional. They made what would normally be a stressful experience easy and painless. We couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you so much again!

Origin : FL
Destination : MN

Quoted Price : $7,655.00
Actual Price : $7,655.00

Global Moving, LLC is one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around to deliver excellent customer service along with precision and are trusted by countless families and businesses every year to handle their interstate move. Even the simplest long distance move can be stressful for a family or business.

We are one of the most popular small cross country moving companies because of our long distance movers who put extra loving care into every job. By choosing Global Moving, LLC your interstate movers, you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving the highest degree of service available when it comes to your interstate move. 

You may be thinking, “That’s nice and all, but why, with so many interstate moving companies to choose from, why should I choose Global Moving, LLC?” Thankfully, the reasoning is clear. With over 17 years of experience in moving individuals, families and employees all over the country, Global Moving, LLC has the know how it takes to ensure that your interstate moving experience is of the utmost quality. We never take any task set before us as something minuscule. 
Many cross country full service moving companies say that they have your best interests at heart. We, however, deliver on such statement with climate controlled solutions that protect fragile items in our care. Global Moving Company, LLC also provides up-to-the-minute status reports about the location of your things. You can, therefore, sleep a bit more comfortably at night.

We are one of the best rated national interstate moving companies for a reason.

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