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ICC MC # 842103
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 10/1/2012

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Global Moving Systems LLC
7664 Fullerton Rd ,Suite N
SpringfieldVA 22153 USA

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Toll Free: 800-224-0906
Fax: 800-224-0657

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No Photo Gregory
February 5, 2019

Great Moving Service

Moved with Global multiple times. Movers were always on time and very efficient and professional. They got the job done in a timely manner and no problems. They are are all friendly and helpful. I've never had any breakage or problems with them. It is always a pleasure to work with GMS

Origin : Falls Church
Destination : NY

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $600.00

No Photo Benjamin
May 23, 2017

Dependable and efficient mover

Global moving systems is a dependable and efficient moving company. You can trust them with your belongings. They will take care of every single item and even the plastic items. They care for it all. None of my items were harmed and it was all delivered to me on time. The price was competitive and the price did not change. I received a five star service from this mover and I will gladly recommend them to all my friends.

Origin : DC
Destination : CT

No Photo Patrick
May 20, 2017

Definitely the best in the business

I have recently moved my office and there were dozens of computers and many other sophisticated items that had to be moved. I was really worried if this could be done without a single scratch on any of my belongings. Global moving systems made that happen. They did an amazing job to move everything to my new office and it was done really fast as well. I can surely say that they are the best in the business and they are very reasonably priced.

Origin : VA
Destination : KY

No Photo Alvin
May 14, 2017

The most professional mover

Global moving systems is no doubt the most professional mover I have ever dealt with. I won’t say that they are the best among bests, because truthfully there are many other good movers too. What I can say is that they are very good. They know how to make you happy. They give you a good deal. The delivery was made on time and the items were all well protected. More or less, this is what I wanted. A smooth move. Also one more thing, their rates are far better than the others.

Origin : MD
Destination : NC

No Photo Martin
April 25, 2017

Dependable helping hand

There is a rule that good things will not come at a cheap price. Global moving systems proved this law wrong. They quoted me very low but their customer service was great. They did everything so that I should not have to work for anything and they even held the doors for me to pass. Starting from their managers to simple workers, I saw the professionalism in everyone. I don’t understand why people are still thinking about other companies when they have this one.

Origin : VA
Destination : RI

No Photo Abbott
April 20, 2017

One of the best ones

Global moving systems is one of the best moving companies I have dealt with yet. They did everything fantastically from start to finish. They were very careful with every piece of furniture as well as respectful. It was an exhausting move and day, which continued well after midnight. The movers never complained or acted dog-tired even though they must have been exhausted!

Origin : MD
Destination : NY

No Photo Tony
April 17, 2017

Off the charts skills

There was something that was very evident in the relocating team of global moving systems in charge of my move was dedication. You will agree with me that not many movers can be determined and dedicated at the same time. I feel like I should have known them before. I must state that I did not lose anything and all the credit goes to them. They were such a blessing that day and I thank them for their time and effort that saw a successful change of residence for my family and me.

Origin : VA
Destination : NY

No Photo Samuel
April 14, 2017

Inexpensive and trouble free

Global moving systems sent me an email saying that I could be eligible for discount that would greatly reduce my cost of moving so I decided to use them and then gave them a list of things that we wanted to move. They handled my move very efficiently. Nothing was broken or damaged. They took extra care of my furniture. I was afraid of moving for my furniture. I am a book lover. So, I was worried about my books. But all my books arrived safely. None of them was missing. The movers were excellent. I would like to recommend them to anyone.

Origin : VA
Destination : TX

No Photo James
April 6, 2017

They blew me away

Last week for our interstate relocation we hired Global moving systems to pack our belongings and then move us into our new house. The service provided was nothing short of excellent with no problems and no stress at all. Their crews were very quick and did a wonderful job in packing, which they did in the previous day. On the moving day they turned up on time. Loading went on very well and we left our flat before the afternoon. They took a little longer to load than we thought; it’s because of the extra care they shown. No complaints here! When they reached our new house they put everything where we wanted. I feel that their service certainly is the best one in the market. We moved before which we thought was good, but this time it was outstanding. We highly recommend them.

Origin : VA
Destination : NJ

No Photo Robert
March 30, 2017

The move went like a dream

My partner and I would like to thank the team of global moving systems for providing us a professional and efficient service for our relocation. The huge part of our move was their prompt initial quote, and ongoing email answers to the many ongoing questions I was sending them. I also appreciated being kept informed when our belongings arrived in and the confirmation phone call of the arrival date. They were all professional, good natured and they went about their work in good humor. Huge thanks to the company and the boys who helped us load and unload.

Origin : VA
Destination : MD

No Photo Mark
March 24, 2017

I'm very pleased

When I moved the last time, I shortlisted a few companies, took the quote and checked their ratings- and out of all companies, Global moving systems gave the best quote for me. My experience with the crew that handled my move was good. The movers they sent were prompt, responsive and extremely efficient. They made sure my belongings arrive at my new house without any damaged caused to them. I am very happy with the services I received from these guys.

Origin : MD
Destination : MN

No Photo Peter
March 18, 2017

Pack of magicians

Global moving systems and its moving team were incredible. They were very responsive, showed up early and did not stop for a minute until the job was done. This entailed moving the contents of a 3 storied house, including basement and garage. Not only where they extremely hard workers, they treated each piece of furniture as if it were their own. For one item, they lowered it down from a second floor window with expertise and care, where another local company wanted to charge me fortune to hire a crane. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone in need, for their hard work ethic, strong character, and very reasonable price.

Origin : MD
Destination : TN

No Photo Adam
March 15, 2017

Loved it

Global moving systems and its staffs were absolutely wonderful to work with. We don't move often, and had built up a considerable amount of household goods. From the beginning, the movers were so calm about what we needed that actually calmed us down. They were extremely professional, helpful, patient and efficient. My sister-in-law stayed at the old house while we closed on the new house and commented about their efficiency and good humor as they packed the trucks. Everything they did for the move was perfect. They moved us in, set us up, and wished us good luck when they left. I was absolutely amazed at the care they took with us and our possessions. And I thank them for making the entire experience not merely endurable, but actually enjoyable.'

Origin : VA
Destination : IL

No Photo Alan
March 14, 2017

Gigantic company

Global moving systems did a great job. So, I feel they deserve a positive review. This company is the best company for moving and packing supplies. The movers worked out the type of move that would work best for what I had available to pay and even came in under budget! I was very pleased. I would recommend them to other people. I got a full pack and they were real careful with wrapping all of my belongings up. They provided us a first class service.

Origin : MD
Destination : TX

No Photo Bruce
March 11, 2017

What a day

About two weeks ago I moved interstate with the help of Global moving systems and they made the whole process look easy. I have moved a few times before and have always been worried about what surprises can happen. I usually like to do business with someone I know but some off the movers that I have hired in the past just did not have the talent to pick up on my needs so I had to find someone new this time and put in the time doing research and reading reviews. I got fair quote from them and I did notice they were just a bit more organized and clinical about the logistics and knowing what was going on than some off the other company's I was calling. They knew everything about our building and the procedures that needed to be followed with building management. They were very proactive to complete the move with not one thing broken. I would recommend them to anyone needing one.

Origin : NY
Destination : PA

No Photo Sandra
May 20, 2016

They went above and beyond.

The gentlemen worked the entire time, they were very courteous and I believe they went beyond their duties.

Origin : Herndon, VA
Destination : Colonial Beach, VA

No Photo Robert
August 11, 2014

It was not outstanding, it was not ...

The moving experience with them was positive on the move out end. Other than the fact that after a detailed listing of what we had to move, they underestimated the square footage significantly. So it was actually double the price that they quoted me. I'd acknowledge or undestand being 20 to 25 percent off, but it was double what they quoted after I went through a detailed list of what needed to be moved. The movers that packed and loaded were outstanding. The timing of it getting to the destination was as expected. The deliverer/unloader was not very user-friendly. He was in a hurry, broke a few things--nothing significant. He was not at all customer -friendly. But overall--it was a partial move where I was moving some stuff out to my brother-in-law in California--overall, it only cost me twice what they estimated, but it wasn't a big deal, and he got most of the stuff in reasonably good shape. I'd give it B, B-.

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : Santee, CA

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