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Golden Valley Van Lines
2710 104th St S Unit B
LakewoodWA 98499 USA

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No Photo William
August 7, 2019

Charged for services not received. ...

Billing: The price charged was $1500+ over what was quoted, I did not think too much of it as I know it is difficult in getting an accurate number but now that I am reviewing the charges I notice that they charged me for crating a piano ($150) well I do not own a piano, nor did they move a piano for me. Packing: 3/2/19 The 2 packers showed up very late stating they were sleeping and hanging out at the hotel so they did not start until the midafternoon and they were very slow and they told me that it would take a lot more time to get the house packed. they were very unprofessional and did not get anything done really. The next day (3/3/19) there were 2 different packers and they had to call the company and let them know about the packers the previous day and that they were not happy at all with what little was done. The second guys were a lot nicer and more professional and seemed to do a much better job. My son and I ended up helping them most of the day because the amount of work left by the packers the day prior. they finally finished at around 11:00pm on 3/3/19. Unloading: 4/2/19 There were items (antique sewing cabinet and wood headboard) dropped right in front of my grandson who was at the storage when they were unloading. Most of the furniture is damaged/destroyed (have pictures)The loaders were rolling boxes on the ground and throwing them into and on top of everything in the storage unit despite being asked to stop being so rough. Dish pack boxes were tossed about and turned upside down breaking the contents. I was a china painter and have many one of a kind pieces, some of which are broken/destroyed and I am not really sure I have everything since the inventory list is unreadable. These are the notes my grandson wrote right after the unloading into storage: The Inventory sheet was not readable (pictures to prove it) and so getting a clear understanding of the items listed was nearly impossible. One of the unloaders (went by "solo") was constantly tossing boxes around regardless of how they were labeled (dishes/fragile/arrows pointing up) even after repeated instructions by myself to stop doing that. I asked nicely many times and finally I firmly told him to stop throwing things around, he did not stop doing it. Boxes labeled dishes/fragile/arrows pointing up were rolled on the truck floor to the back of the truck rather than carried or dollied. Items were regularly dropped from the floor of the truck to the ground (about 5 feet) rather than handed down to another unloader. Had to ask repeatedly to stop sliding the furniture on the ground, they kept doing it and I kept asking them to stop. Two pieces of furniture were damaged in front of me. One piece was dropped and broke/crunched out wood of a piece. Another was a headboard that was put on the decorative post on one side and snapped off. I told him not to roll the piece onto the end but he did it anyway

Origin : Oregon
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $4,528.75
Actual Price : $6,076.95

No Photo Richard
July 2, 2019

Worst Moving Experience Ever

Do Not even think about using this Company! After our delivery on Saturday January 26th I must tell you that we are well less than pleased with their services. We have moved over 5 times in the past with other moving companies and very rarely have had any damaged items. With this move using GVVL services we have more damage than all other moves combined. Jose (our lead delivery person with the company) could not believe himself the poor job and lack of care in the packing of the truck and disregard for our personal belongings. Nearly every box was crushed and carelessly loaded, items marked fragile were on the bottom of the stack which showed no concern for the items inside. They have since all but disappeared and have not responded after their insurance company offered a couple hundred dollars for thousands of dollars worth of careless damage! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY that will stand behind their mistakes!

Origin : Sammamish, WA
Destination : Portland, OR

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Jen
June 30, 2019


If you want to get scammed, choose this company. So this is going to be lengthy, but PLEASE read this before you pick them, because I am going to be taking them to court. They quoted us $1800 for our move from Tacoma to Colorado springs. The receptionists were very nice on the phone, and the guys packing did a good job. BUT when they loaded up the truck, it went from 1800 to them needing $3700 more once they got to Colorado. The guys said, that's just an estimate, but we wouldnt have to pay even close to that much. Ok, fine. So we say you cant deliver before June 14th, because that's when we get our house. So the day of the 12th I get done with work I have several voicemails on my phone from a man with very poor english about how he is going to be there the 13th. I have to be at my house between 9-12 or its 200$ an hour for waiting, and that I HAVE to pay cash. He screams at me on the phone when i said I was told to pay credit card, and calls me an fing liar! Call the company, they say they will call him. He gets ticked off, doesn't show up til 1345 and he didnt unpack anything or put it back together like was in the contract. And they were supposed to have two men to unload, turns out the driver (from Uzbekistan) called up a local guy he found on craigslist to help him unload and that guy did all the heavy lifting. They didn't take any of the blankets off, or unpacking tape, didn't put anything back together, they damaged the wall, the craigslist guy dropped the coffee table on my toe as we were moving, and I had the cops on standby because the Uzbek guy was swearing up a storm and saying how much bullshit all this was. Thecompany has said they are going to refund me, and the last few times I've called they haven't answered or returned my calls. More to follow...but DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

Origin : Tacoma
Destination : colorado springs

Quoted Price : $1,800.00
Actual Price : $4,900.00

No Photo Kelly
March 15, 2019

Best customer service received

I wanted to relocate my furniture and i must say, It was a terrific as well as extremely safe and secure experience. Golden Valley Van lines is 100% top quality as well as timely. They back up their dedications. I have actually utilized them countless times consistently. They provide my products in a timely manner as well as in ideal order. VERY ADVISED

Origin : Lakewood, WA
Destination : Lakewood, WA

No Photo Mark
March 5, 2019

Exceptional Service..

Very professional movers. Protected all of my items. The move was done very quickly and the price came in under the estimated price. Would use again.

Origin : Lakewood
Destination : Portland

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Nigel
February 19, 2019

I can't thank them enough for giving ...

They started working, not much talking or resting and completed the job ahead of schedule. Everything was packed neatly and compactly, like a tetris puzzle. There were a few things that I didn't know how to pack, so they just did it for me with supplies that they brought with them. These guys were great!

Origin : Lakewood, WA
Destination : Queens, NY

Quoted Price : $10,000.00
Actual Price : $9,600.00

No Photo Daniel
February 15, 2019

I'm so glad that I went with this ...

The idea of moving already gives me anxiety but Golden Valley Vanlines just made the whole moving process so seamless and way easier! I would highly recommend using Golden Valley Vanlines to move your home- They was also great at keeping us informed on how to prepare for the move. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Origin : Lakewood, WA
Destination : Castle Rock, WA

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Crystal
February 12, 2019

Great Experience!!

The rates are fair, reasonable, and transparent, and my final cost was within my initial expectations, even with the extra time required. Many thanks to Golden Valley Vanlines for coming through on what could otherwise have been a disaster of a day. You turned a paid service into a good deed.

Origin : Lakewood, Wa
Destination : Snoqualmie, Wa

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $950.00

No Photo Jennifer
February 7, 2019

Ten out of ten!

They were on time and very efficient. I would definitely recommend them. It was truly the best move considering the bad weather and all the stress leading up to my move. They were able to get muckiest more things then we planned and in a reasonable amount of time. Glad to be settled! Would recommend them to friends.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : San Diego, CA

Quoted Price : $900.00
Actual Price : $880.00

No Photo Samuel
January 30, 2019

I'll DEFINITELY give them a call the ...

The movers were super fast while also very responsive and professional. They continuously asked me questions and kept me abreaast during the move. They even packed my wardrobe boxes and emptied them as well, I really can't say enough about how impressed I am with his company's service. Highly recommend Golden Valley Vanlines.

Origin : Lakewood, Wa
Destination : Kennewick, Wa

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,190.00

No Photo Elijah
January 25, 2019

I will certainly use them again.

They were super professional and worked very fast! Our move involved relocating our furniture up multiple flights of stairs. They took the time to wrap all the fragile furniture to make sure that all of our belongings were handled with care. I was extremely impressed and highly recommend Golden Valley Vanlines!

Origin : Lakewood, Wa
Destination : Richland, Wa

No Photo Victoria
January 23, 2019

Awesome service!!

Move went so smooth and they even arranged the furniture at my final destination! They had tools to take apart the bed frame and pads to protect the furniture. I got a call before they arrived so I knew when to expect them. Price is very reasonable. Would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Origin : Lakewood, Wa
Destination : Rich land, WA

No Photo Rebecca
January 18, 2019

Amazing company to deal with!

They even ended up moving two other things I needed to move because we had extra time. I can't thank them enough. They are polite, unassuming, totally professional, and on point. Don't look any further. Just hire them.

Origin : Aurora, Co
Destination : Pueblo, Co

No Photo Ken
February 3, 2017


I have moved 17 times in the past 22 years. Multi state trips and never had any missing items or damage, until Golden Valley Van Lines came along! Started with a phone call from Eddy who told us about being a family owned business, not like “the other guys”. The move was from Cheyenne WY to Seattle. We were told that our household goods would be stored in Seattle as they had a facility there. On to the move, pick-up day came and went before we got a call that their truck broke down outside Denver and they would arrive early the next day. In the afternoon the following day they showed up with a Penske truck. Their late arrival cost me 2 more days as I had to reschedule the carpet cleaners and others that were coming. We were told that all goods would be delivered within 7-10 days upon notice. I rented a home in the Seattle area and called them 10 days prior to move in date. The day is was to arrive we were told it would be the following weekend (another 7 days), but window was sometime between Saturday and Monday and they would call closer to delivery. We were now in a home with no furniture, dishes or anything. We called Christine (owners daughter) on Friday to ask what the delivery window looked like. (3 day weekend and grandchild only 250 miles away). Christine said to go, delivery would be on Tuesday. We left town and received a call from the movers that they would arrive Saturday morning. Explained what we had been told and told them we would be back on Monday. Driver stated that they could not deliver on our street and we would have to pay a $600 transfer fee. I explained that our street does not have load restrictions. (The previous owner parked his semi with 53’ box truck in front of the house during his lunch hour everyday) We were also told that payment had to be cash or postal money order at time of stop or delivery would be taken back. When movers arrived with the U-haul truck the driver refused cash and told me I had 30 minutes to get a postal money order or they would leave. Now we were told they were a contractor from NJ who was hired to hual our things from Denver. All large items in the move were damaged. Filed the claims with CSI in March of last year. Inputed weights were changed in the 9 months it took to process the claim and my leather topped desk with broken top only qualified for 25% damage by weight because it was ONLY cosmetic and still worked as a desk. They tried their best to wear us down. Final check, which didn’t cover one of the items was received in late December. They refused to discuss the extra $600 transfer fee. Worst.Move.Ever. While it is true they are family owned, the are only in reality a “Broker” for movers that are looking for work. Great communications until the goods were loaded then BOOM, hard time getting thru to anyone or to call you back. Would NOT recommend them for anything but lip service.

Origin : Cheyenne, WY
Destination : Seattle WA

No Photo Kevin
December 27, 2016

The best mover out there

Golden valley van lines is the best mover out there. Everything from the start till the end was picture perfect. The quote was great; the people are awesome, efficient, punctual, caring and very friendly. They came in, packed like robots and got the job done within hours. Delivery time was given 12 to 15 days, but they delivered on the 12th day. When I got a call from them that they are almost here, I was thrilled! Seeing all my belongings in great shape gave my mind peace. I appreciate all the hard work and shall recommend to all.

Origin : CA
Destination : AZ

No Photo Javier
December 6, 2016

Thanks a lot

I wanted to thank Golden valley van lines for all of your assistance during my move. I was in a muddle when my movers did not show and I am so grateful that your company was able to step in and help me. We were in our late 40s and even though we were able to load the truck on our own, it took us about 5 hours and there was no way we were going to be able to unload. The two movers they sent unloaded everything in no time and they were super nice and professional.

Origin : CA
Destination : AZ

No Photo Victor
November 25, 2016

Easiest move

Golden valley van lines was highly recommended by many people so I hired them. I don’t know what I was expecting from them but they were very efficient. Relocation is difficult but the movers I got took on some of those difficulties and made me stress-free. They arrived right on time and were very well equipped. They packed up everything very quickly and efficiently. Their skills and experience showed in every single step. They carried everything out of my house and loaded them to the vans. I received the delivery on the first due date which was totally unexpected. Everything was in good condition and I was totally relieved.

Origin : OR
Destination : CA

No Photo Warren
November 14, 2016

Really efficient movers

When I contacted Golden valley van lines, I told them specifically how much belongings I had, and they assured me it would not be a problem. They managed to somehow take every piece out of my house, into their vans and deliver all of them in intact condition. I was very impressed by their capabilities. They charged me reasonably and kept touch with me throughout the move. Their movers were great and the customer service was also very good. This company is just amazing!

Origin : CA
Destination : CO

No Photo Anthony
November 7, 2016

The movers were commendable

The crew I got from Golden valley van lines was punctual, polite, meticulous and efficient. They protected our household goods and both houses from loss and damage. They were very well trained and incredibly hard working. I would and probably will use them again. The company provided free packing materials which were delivered to our house - a great convenience. I can recommend this company without reservation.

Origin : CA
Destination : WA

No Photo Dennis
October 20, 2016


The move itself was too much for me. I had way too many things that needed to be transported and I am not particularly a fan of relocations. But choosing a moving company was a no brainer. I knew Golden Valley Van Lines was the way to go. Their reputation is fantastic in the market. The movers they sent were absolutely awesome. They arrived early and finished early as well. They reached my new house transporting everything from the old one is a matter of hours. That is just ridiculous speed! Hiring these guys definitely blurred the blow for me.

Origin : CA
Destination : OR

No Photo Frank
October 17, 2016

Totally worth hiring

Many people often told me how great of a moving company Golden Valley Van Lines is. So when I needed to move, unsurprisingly, I hired them. I have to admit, they changed my perception about moving companies. It was very easy to get a quote from them and they were way cheaper than other moving companies. The movers were punctual, professional, skilled and efficient. The foreman was very helpful, always motivating his men to work better. I felt at ease with these guys. They took great care while packing and loading my belongings. The delivery was made on time and the final bill was exactly what they estimated. I will definitely say they’re worth hiring.

Origin : CA
Destination : WA

No Photo Benjamin
October 9, 2016

I am glad I found them

I finally found a moving company who does the job perfectly. Golden valley van lines helped me move a few months back and they did an amazing job. The best thing about them is that they pay attention to the client's instructions. These movers were really attentive to my instructions. They packed everything as I instructed them. They displayed amazing skills throughout. The delivery was prompt and everything arrived safely. I surely got my way with this company.

Origin : AZ
Destination : CA

No Photo Jason
September 23, 2016

The team did their best

Their team did a great job! The move was scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and they showed up 10 minutes early. Their sales rep gave us a great quote and on the moving day, the crew carefully and efficiently clears out our apartment in three hours. On delivery, they called us an hour before letting us know that they are on their way. They helped us out here too. All our belongings were safe and sound when we checked the inventory. All I have to say is, Golden Valley Van Lines is the best!

Origin : AZ
Destination : CA

No Photo Milton
August 24, 2016

One of the best movers in town

They are one of the best movers in town! The crew arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time, packed all my belongings very well and worked very hard. They finished packing and loading in only four hours which was originally quoted for five hours. The movers kept me informed all the way. Nothing was damaged or missing. I have no complaints regarding them. They know what to do and how to do it.

Origin : CA
Destination : TX

No Photo Robert
August 14, 2016


Bravo golden valley van lines! You guys are real pros. Our move was easy and stress free, thanks to these guys. The sales rep was more than happy to accommodate us. The crew knew how we wanted everything to be handled, so did it our way. They were polite, understanding and very hardworking. Moving takes all out of you but if you have the right mover, it becomes stress free. Everything went as planned. Thanks to golden valley van lines for the top class service.

Origin : CA
Destination : TX

No Photo Stephen
July 24, 2016

Very quick move

We were moving to the neighboring state so the distance wasn’t much. In fact, to save time I decided to pack up everything before the movers arrived. I asked Golden valley van lines to send their men around 11 am on the moving day. The men arrived at 10:57 am. I already had everything packed and ready to be loaded. They inspected everything thoroughly at first. Then it took them literally less than an hour to finish loading all my belongings to their van. All my belongings were delivered on the same day to my new house. I have heard of so many people being terrified of having to move from one place to another. If you hire these guys, you have nothing to be scared of.

Origin : CA
Destination : WA

No Photo Jocelyn
July 20, 2016


I hired this company to move me across the country. I hired them to pack also, and they scouted my items and stole most of my valuables or destroyed most of my things. They took jewelry, x boxes, silver and anything else of any value. They are crooked....DO NOT HIRE THEM!

Origin : Run from this company
Destination : Run fast

Quoted Price : $6,000.00
Actual Price : $13,000.00

No Photo Robert
July 19, 2016

Worth relying on

Moving companies exist in abundance these days. However, while picking one for my move, I always hire golden valley van lines simply because they are the best. They perform exceptionally all the time. They train their men very well and the crew is very helpful. I have never seen or heard of them being late. Their quotes are always competitive with the others. This company really understands how important it is to satisfy the client and they always deliver on the promise. I can rely on them without a worry.

Origin : CA
Destination : ND

No Photo Priscilla
July 11, 2016

Dependable, professional and affordable

We were moving to go live near our children. My husband hired Golden valley van lines to take care of the moving and he left earlier. I was in charge to look after everything. It was a mammoth task but thankfully I had the help from the movers. The crew of four men arrived right on time and got to work immediately. They were so strong and experienced. I didn’t know anything about packing. But the guys really helped me with everything. They packed everything like pros and the speed at which they worked was superb. I was quite impressed to see them carrying our furniture with ease and coordination. Nothing was overlooked by them. The delivery was made on time and believe it or not, nothing was damaged or broken. My husband gave me credits for looking after the move but really it was all due to these fabulous movers.

Origin : CA
Destination : WA

No Photo Mike
July 6, 2016

They made this move possible

I lived in a tricky apartment. But the movers from Golden valley van lines made it seem like non-issue. They tackled the job so professionally and efficiently. Not even one scratch surfaced on any of my items or the walls. I don’t even want to know how they managed to do it. I was just glad my pieces were out of that apartment and on their way to my new place. They reached my new house the following day in great shape. I’m so grateful to them.

Origin : CO
Destination : CA

No Photo Franklin
June 25, 2016

They deliver in tenfold

I was not happy about my transfer. I just didn’t want to move away. Luckily, golden valley van lines took care of all my moving stresses. They were just magicians. The man on the phone gave me a very reasonable quote and that was only the start of it. The men barged in like a well-oiled machine and they got to work immediately. Every piece of my belongings got the same attention and care. I was hoping they would carelessly throw my belongings around and onto the vans. But they really delivered on cautiousness. You just can’t ask for more from a moving company.

Origin : Portland, OR
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

No Photo Ryan
June 17, 2016

They are worth every penny

When I had to move, I wondered if I should really hire a moving company. I ended up hiring golden valley van lines simply because of their reputation. The crew was efficient and none of my things was broken or damaged in the end. They maintained their timings perfectly. At first I thought that the price they asked for was a little high but after seeing how they served me, I realized that I got amazing value for the money I paid.

Origin : Woodland Hills, CA
Destination : Mesa, AZ

No Photo Steven
June 13, 2016

They know their job

It is so hard to find competent movers who are experienced. But golden valley van lines sent over a crew for me which consisted of men who are all very capable. They packed up my home into boxes within such a short amount of time. The delivery was made on time and my belongings traveled exceptionally well. These men really knew how to do their jobs. Only their packing skills ensured the safety of my breakables. I am over the moon with the bill as it was lower than the quote.

Origin : CA
Destination : WA

No Photo Thomas
June 4, 2016

Remarkable job done by these movers

I hired Golden valley van lines simply because they quoted quite low and I was short on cash. I wasn’t expecting much from them but they really astonished me. The crew of 4 men was very effective. They were experienced and highly skilled. Their packing skills were out of this world. I never imagined how professional packing could look like. Everything was taken care of by these men and we didn’t even have to lift a finger. They delivered everything in great condition and unpacked everything into the right rooms. I wasn’t expecting such a remarkable job with that price tag.

Origin : Woodland Hills, CA
Destination : Medford, OR

No Photo Jennifer
May 27, 2016

I didn't have any big issues. They got ...

I thought they were very friendly, the people that I initially talked with. The movers themselves, the one guy was really late when he came to pick up the stuff. Then, the packers, there were some things that needed to be packed and they weren't packed very well. So, some things broke. They got here quite quickly. The second group of guys I thought were fine. I didn't have any big issues with them.

Origin : Maplewood, WA
Destination : Washington Street, NJ

Our founders started as small local movers and have since expanded their vision into Golden Valley Van Lines. We’ve always believed in the Golden Rule: Treat Others, As You Would Like To Be Treated! Golden Valley is the Golden Standard in American Moving! An Honest, Excellent, and Dependable Customer Driven Company. We have been in this industry for years, we know when it comes to completely uprooting yourself and relocating your home, it sounds fun and exciting but the DIY “wrap & pack” overcast can quickly rain on your parade…Our Door-to-Door Full-Service at rates you can afford will make a huge impact of relief for you and your family. You will have an army of people ready to help you with anything you may need. Moving Specialist, Customer Service, Tech Support, Dispatch Centre, and 3+ Man Crews to take care of all the hands on work at home. Our uniformed employees are trained and highly seasoned in every aspect of relocation, Logistics is our Protocol and At Golden Valley Van Lines You’ll be in Good Hands!
  • Standard Service Moves (Includes all labor, loading, dis assembly & reassembly, and Pad & Blanket wrapping of all furniture)
  • Full Service Moves (Full packing of all boxes included)
  • 30 Days of Truly-FREE Storage included with every move if needed
  • Additional Storage Services
  • Specialty Packing and Crating Services
  • Additional Stops and Pickups
  • Free Binding Quotes
  • Free In-home Estimates in qualifying areas
  • Best Price Guarantee on qualifying routes
  • A rated customer service team direct
  • And much, much more!
We offer a full range of moving solutions to fit every moving need.

Golden Valley Van Lines has grown into one of the largest moving companies in the West. We believe that the quality of our work and services and our commitment to providing an efficient stress-free move at fair and competitive rates would guarantee our success.

We hope to have the opportunity to provide you with the top of the line service we have come to be known for!

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