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Great American Vanlines 
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Membership(s) & License Info.
License Info.:US DOT # 1381471
ICC MC # 520641
Insurance:On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd.:1/1/2005
Great American Vanlines
24 halladay st
Jersey City, NJ 07304
 Contact Info.
Toll Free: 866-283-9371
Phone: 866-283-9371
Fax: 866-432-2127
Url: http://www.greatamericanvanlines.com

Hours of Operation
Sunday to Friday : 8:00AM to 7:00PM EST & Saturday : 9:00AM to 2:00PM EST.
Payment Options
Cash , Check , Cashier check & All Major Credit cards.

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Great Moving Company
recently we move from NJ to FL movers on pu did a perfect job we was very happy the estimator David who came to hour house was very professional he came by 9 am in the morning and left 45 min later we have to explain about our furniture that they have very hi value they antic and belong to our family for long time a lot of sentimental value david say he will sand a good crow to taker of this items and he did Steve and his crow was very carful on delivery they came only 2 guys so I was surprise Kevin and Alex did a great job they assembly my bad and my china cabinet and my table and few other items also the boxes they place where ever I asked I'm very happy from great American van lines and will recommend them to all my family and friend

Reviewed on: 5/6/2018

  • Origin : nj
    Destination : fl
  • Quoted Price : $2,850.00
    Actual Price : $3,000.00

make you a happy customer
My experience was nothing short of perfect. I can't begin to express how great of a company this was. They were hassle free and they really worked to help me out. The dispatch and customer service department was so friendly and made sure my move was executed correctly. I am not very familiar with moving companies since this is my first time moving but what I can say is that Great American Van Lines will make sure you are a happy customer!

Reviewed on: 5/1/2018

  • Origin : IL
    Destination : MN
  • Quoted Price : $1,632.00
    Actual Price : $1,632.00

Great American Van Lines helped me move from CT to AL and I could not be more pleased with their service! Great American Van Lines changed my outlook on moving companies. Not once did the moving guys complain, they packed everything delicately and organized, and best of all, not a single item was damaged! They were very polite and professional, and made what usually is a nightmare (having to move EVERYTHING across states, into a new home) into a pleasant experience. When it came to unpacking, they helped put all the heavy furniture exactly where I wanted, and did so, again, without damaging anything! Great American Van Lines is by far the best moving company I have ever hired. Between the fair price, professional and polite staff, and the best customer service I have ever had with movers, I felt compelled to post this review about my experience with Great American Van Lines !

Reviewed on: 4/30/2018

  • Origin : CT
    Destination : AL
  • Quoted Price : $1,509.01
    Actual Price : $1,509.01

Everything was nicely packed. Only thing is that I think they are overpriced. They quoted me something around $700 for the move, but ultimately for packing, whatever they did, all these prices were not listed. And when the bill came, it came to $1800.

Reviewed on: 4/18/2018

  • Origin : Pine Grove, NJ
    Destination : Pine Grove, NJ

It was good
It was good, they were fast so they were hitting the ground very quickly. I think they wrapped it up within 2/2.5 hours so it was a good experience overall. Except I had paid $50 initial deposit looks like they're making me pay for those $50 anyway I did not understand their calculations, I just gave it to them anyway.

Reviewed on: 3/1/2018

  • Origin : Beverly, NJ
    Destination : Pine Grove, NJ

Timeline is a variable but it was good.
The price is pretty competitive, the timeline is variable because it took them a week for the truck to leave the warehouse in NJ but after it left it only took a couple of days.

Reviewed on: 2/26/2018

  • Origin : Storrs Mansfield, CT
    Destination : Santa Fe, NM

They charged $100 more.
It was okay, but they charged me more at the end... so not a good experience.

Reviewed on: 2/23/2018

  • Origin : South Plainfield, NJ
    Destination : Edison, NJ

I would rate myself 60% satisfied
Until now, it was like 60% I would say satisfied, and the reason I say that is because we have given our whole household stuff to them and we're still waiting for them. So I would rate myself 60% happy.The pricing was reasonable, but then they came in all the stuff was packed up and everything, I do understand volume and everything but that should have been communicated. They have taken half of the payment, but we ended up paying more.

Reviewed on: 1/16/2018

  • Origin : Edison, NJ
    Destination : ATL, GA

They were very professional and they ...
It was interesting, They were very professional and they were very good. it was an extremely reasonable price. What they quoted me on was very good. I don't think it actually changed much from the original quote. So it was very reasonably priced.

Reviewed on: 1/8/2018

  • Origin : Mount Laurel, NJ
    Destination : Mount Laurel, NJ

I am missing a TV
I mean it went well, although i noticed I am missing a TV and I contacted them and no one has gotten backed to me. The pricing was fine.

Reviewed on: 1/8/2018

  • Origin : Wood Ridge, NJ
    Destination : Lyndhurst, NJ

They overcharged me 200 dollars.
so they originally told they would charge for 250 dollars then they came in and said they would charge me for blankets and other things and they ended up taking 450 dollars from me. And they broke some things. last time I used Movers.com I had a great experience but this time i didnt.

Reviewed on: 12/26/2017

  • Origin : Secaucus, NJ
    Destination : Clifton, NJ

Everything went great!
Contacting dispatch was great. I believe the person who helped me was named Glen. He was very attentive to my needs, it was just a partial home move, so it wasn't like I was moving my whole house it was just myself and the day of the move I would have to say the movers were very efficient, professional and everything went great.

Reviewed on: 12/12/2017

  • Origin : Edison, NJ
    Destination : Secaucus, NJ

awesome job
I'm very satisfied with Great American Van Lines. Their customer service is one of the best. I knew exactly what to expect even before I booked them. This was a last minute move, and they were able to accommodate me. The move was hassle-free and they exceeded my expectations. This was my first time moving out of state, and I must say that they did an awesome job. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on: 12/5/2017

  • Origin : PA
    Destination : ME
  • Quoted Price : $1,004.00
    Actual Price : $1,004.00

Great experience
Yes! I used Great American van lines for my long distance move about a week ago. My destination was from NJ to CT. It was a great start and awesome ending. I really liked their performance, third time I used this mover. Overall best coordination. They were much better than other good movers! Packing and wrapping quality was highly professional. Didn’t find any unwrapped fragile things. I paid my bill and it was totally affordable. I have used them three times therefore I gained a voucher from the company and It was a surprise for me! Thanks Great American Van Lines for everything.

Reviewed on: 10/25/2017

  • Origin : nj
    Destination : ct
  • Quoted Price : $1,205.00
    Actual Price : $1,205.00

Th3ey were great
They came, they moved my stuff, they were really helpful and they left it was no big deal. They did great; exactly what we needed them to do. They were the cheapest, that's why we went with them.

Reviewed on: 10/11/2017

  • Origin : Dover Twp, NJ
    Destination : Dover Twp, NJ

They were the most reasonable
The company we chose did it for just a slightly higher price, but they were very professional, they handled everything, they didn't damage any of my stuff.

Reviewed on: 9/28/2017

  • Origin : Branchburg, NJ
    Destination : East Stroudsburg, PA

They were Great!
They were great when they got there, they were just late to get there.They were supposed to get there between 9 and 11 AM and they didn't show up until 1 PM. Other than that they were phenomenal, they were great. Pricing was very good, very competitive and there was a little change in the pricing they quoted me $300 when they got there they had to wrap some glass stuff up and charged me $100 dollars extra and honestly, it was still below what others quoted me. There was no damage, they were in and out, it was quick it was efficient, other than the fact that they took a little longer to get there, I've got no complaints. They were great!

Reviewed on: 9/26/2017

  • Origin : Palmyra, NJ
    Destination : Maple Shade, NJ

It was fine
They called me the day before I moved and told me they would come between 8 and 10 am. The next day they called me saying they had some trouble with the truck, so they were late. The moving was pretty smooth, so I was satisfied with that part. When they charged me, somehow they double charged me. So I called them and they took out the second charge, so it was fine.

Reviewed on: 8/1/2017

  • Origin : East Newark, NJ
    Destination : Town Center, NJ

We received a quote from another very popular moving company in Mass., but it was so high that we searched for another company to compare prices. Great American Van Lines quoted a price that was less than half the "Big Company" quote.%0d%0aOffice staff was courteous, and the three gentleman showed up on time, greeted me with a smile, and were clearly professional and experienced. The move was long distance to California, and while the relocation is a cross country move, it was still half the price of the "other guys". We were very pleased. No extra charges, no nonsense, quick delivery period and if a move can be considered a pleasant experience, this one met that test. Recommended.

Reviewed on: 7/17/2017

  • Origin : MA
    Destination : CA
  • Quoted Price : $1,748.00
    Actual Price : $1,748.00

fantastic service
The crew that came to my house was really outstanding. They are also very courteous, really careful and they made sure to leave the apartment clean, which I really did appreciate. I am very grateful and very pleased with the crew for making the moving easy and stress-free. For me, this is the best moving team that I’ve ever worked with. Definitely a five star for a fantastic service. Thank you Nathan, Kevin and Alex!

Reviewed on: 6/26/2017

  • Origin : NJ
    Destination : fl
  • Quoted Price : $1,250.00
    Actual Price : $1,250.00

Just like the other reviews here, this company is a truly an excellent moving company. I had previous experiences with moving before but nothing beats the things I experienced from this company. The movers were amazing! Handled everything with extra care and they work diligently and fast. I really haven't got any problems from these people. I am so pleased with their service that I won't mind hiring them again in the future.

Reviewed on: 6/16/2017

  • Origin : RI
    Destination : FL
  • Quoted Price : $1,256.41
    Actual Price : $1,246.41

The experience was good, but they ...
The experience was good, but billing wise what they charged me was higher than promised.

Reviewed on: 6/15/2017

  • Origin : Parsippany Troy Hills, NJ
    Destination : Lake Hiawatha, NJ

I've used Great American Van Lines for my moving to my new Florida home. I was frustrated before with moving companies but these guys were amazingly quick and responsible. There was nothing broken or damaged at the end and I had a lot of fragile things. They came on time and got both pickup and delivery a few days later! Great service and will definitely use them again in the future.

Reviewed on: 6/15/2017

  • Origin : NJ
    Destination : FL
  • Quoted Price : $2,251.00
    Actual Price : $2,251.00

I really enjoyed the experience with Great American Van Lines. They were on time, got our move done quickly and efficiently. The movers were very respectable and handled our belongings with care. The first move was to our storage unit, and then when we move into our new place. I would recommend Great American Van Lines to anyone in that is looking to move and have a smooth transition in the process.

Reviewed on: 6/14/2017

  • Origin : NY
    Destination : PA
  • Quoted Price : $1,223.00
    Actual Price : $1,223.00

very satisfied
I was very satisfied with the service I received. There were on time and courteous, and respectful Of my property. I've been moving around for a long time, and I've dealt with a lot of different companies, and Great American Van Lines has been the most convenient and satisfactory service thus far. I recommend them to anyone considering moving, they are your best bet!%0d%0a

Reviewed on: 5/25/2017

  • Origin : pa
    Destination : fl
  • Quoted Price : $1,056.00
    Actual Price : $1,056.00
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Great American Van lines Inc, is a full service professional moving brand in America. At Great American Van Lines, Inc., customer satisfaction is given number one priority and the company works hard to accommodate every customer. Great American Moving is dedicated to making your move as comfortable as possible.
Great American Van Lines Inc. has been in business for the last 15 years. Our fully trained relocation staff will assist you at any time and you can be rest assured that you will receive assistance from the caring personnel.
Your personal belongings and household goods will be treated with care and consideration as well. All your furniture will be carefully wrapped in professional quilted.
Our qualified staff of professional movers combined with our fleet of new trucks provides us the competitive edge to meet all of your moving needs. Our experienced relocation professionals could handle even the rarest of furniture. Our moving consultants have been trained to respond to any questions you may ask, either online or over the phone.
Price Structure
We would like to be your mover of choice. Therefore, we would endeavor to keep our prices in the competitive forefront for you to remember us in any of your future relocation needs.
Moving Filed Workers
Our moving crew consists of full-trained, educated professionals who have been taught modern moving techniques to insure the items that they handle are transported with the utmost care. Not only will they pack your items with the proper materials, but they will also load and unload the truck so as to secure all items in transit and ensure a safe delivery to your destination, no matter how far.
Moving Equipment
Great American Moving maintains a fully equipped fleet of modern, oversized trucks that are "air-ride" suspension vehicles. Most of our vehicles are current model year vehicles. We keep updating our fleet and growing year after year.
Our trucks are clean, radio-equipped, and properly maintained. Our trucks come equipped with hydraulic lift gates or ramps that ease the loading and unloading of heavy and fragile items. We carry a full collection of furniture dollies, furniture pads, hand trucks, and special straps to secure your goods while en route.
Great American Moving offers full service storage. If you have a circumstance that requires you to store your belongings, we can do that for you with our door-to-locker-to-door service.
Our team will pick up your belongings, wrap your items for protection and inventory your possessions. They are then placed into sealed storage unit in a climate-controlled environment.
Packing Supplies
We have various sizes of boxes as well as tape, packing paper, and drop cloths available for purchase. Delivery of materials is always free. To prepare for storage, you should determine the packing accessories needed: bubble wraps, tape, drop cloths, mattress/furniture covers, assorted-size boxes from book to wardrobe-size and labeled boxes, etc.
International Moving
Great American Van Lines International offers a comprehensive service by road, sea or air. Whether this is your home or your business, this service is available totally free of charge and without any obligation. This can be arranged right now by completing an online quote request form. From a single package or carton to a full household, Great American Van Lines International has the necessary skills, resources and worldwide infrastructure to ensure trouble free shipping.

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