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Here To There Movers
6800 E 30th Street
IndianapolisIN 46219 USA

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Toll Free: 888-218-6683
Phone: 317-547-6683

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No Photo Tiffany
November 10, 2018



After posting a Groupon stating that for a limited time the price would be $93 for a move I reached out. After conversing with a terrible customer service representative, I was transferred to the supervisor. My case was a little different. I had very very little to move, no more than an hour worth of work. I was willing to pay $93 for one hour to move 9 boxes. That's more than fair. To my dismay, the supervisor starting going in on how he can't feed his children if he honored the Groupon. I read to him what the Groupon says about the fees. Not sure what he was looking at, he was reading a one. He openly asked me which one I was looking at because they change the content. So we were not even looking at the same Groupon. Instead of just honoring the thing, he decided to belittle me, attacking my spiritual beliefs and bully me, ending with "We make millions of dollars doing this, if you don't like it, write your congressman"... But didn't he just say that he could not feed his children if he honored $93 services? Congressman....WHAT? This is a HORRIBLE company. The manager is a bully and they are false advertising in Groupon. I will be reporting them to Groupon and the CFPB for Federal Investigation. If he could not honor the Groupon, he didn't have to be a jerk about it. Karma is real, whether you believe in it or not. What goes around comes around! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Origin : United States
Destination : Indiana

Quoted Price : $93.00
Actual Price : $300.00

No Photo Bree
May 1, 2015


Poorly handled damage claim

On 3/28/15 I purchased a refrigerator from Clark’s appliance auction. I hired Here to There Movers to move the item the next day. When I arrived, I learned that they were moving dozens of appliances for several customers. I was never presented any documentation. They told me they would be done by 10 am and would start at my house with my delivery. I did not receive the item until 5 pm. At that point, my partner received the item, and noted damage to the front of the refrigerator. The delivery men knowingly lied to him, and told him that I had declined additional insurance. Had I known that was an option I would have chosen the higher insurance coverage. I called the office to submit the claim, with photos on 3/30/15. I followed up on 4/8/15 and got Joshua, who asked me how the damage happened. I told him I had no idea and he would have to ask his employees. He did not have time to look up the replacement part, so I emailed him with item number and cost to replace the damaged panel. I followed up on 4/15, 4/17, and 4/24 and received no response on my claim. On 4/29 I was told they would pay out their minimum coverage amount. I told them that was not acceptable, and to have the manager return my call. He did not. I called again on 5/1 and got him on the phone. He reiterated they would pay out the minimum coverage that they offer on their contract. I told him that my biggest issue was that they did not offer me the higher coverage, and that I felt it was a shady business practice in an effort for them to keep their insurance claims down. I told him that I found it to be a massive lack of integrity on the part of the company to not offer the higher insurance coverage, and then lie about it – he disagreed and refused to budge on the payout. Their payout will only cover half the repair cost from their damage.

Origin : Indianapolis, IN
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

No Photo Nicky
October 24, 2012


Fantastic customer service

I am writing to praise the efforts of this moving company that has moved my small bedroom. Everything went as planned. The crew was friendly and arrived on time. Their pricing and estimates were great and they moved everything just the way it was supposed to be moved.

Origin : Indianapolis, IN
Destination : Carmel, IN

No Photo Barb
August 14, 2012


Hardworking crew, prompt service

Having experienced a couple of bad moves myself, I was skeptical about this company. To my surprise the move went well. The movers came late but worked very hard. They seem to know what they were doing. I have not experienced any problems like the movers tantrums, or any breaks or damages. On the whole the service was prompt and on time.

Origin : Noblesville, IN
Destination : Strawtown, IN

No Photo Samantha
September 26, 2011


Here to there movers did a great job!

Our move was unexpected and needed to happen quickly even though we had been in our home for 20+ years. We have a lot of stuff! These men arrived and I saw them get to work immediately never stopping unless it was absolutely necessary. We had 2 sets of stairs, a garage and basement to unload. They packed and loaded us up one day and moved us to our new loction the next. Holding our items safely overmnight for us. Highly recommending Here To There Movers!

Origin : Indianapolis, IN
Destination : Franklin, IN

Quoted Price : $950.00
Actual Price : $933.00

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