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Hermes Moving and Storage
6033 Barton Ave Suite 5
Los AngelesCA 90038 USA

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Toll Free: 888-359-6351

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No Photo George
December 29, 2023

Spent a lot to have my belongings ...

- My belongings were delivered late and I was not compensated for this. - The driver showed up to my apartment in the city with a 48ft trailer. He needed to park on the busy street, blocking parking and one of the traffic lanes for over 2 hours. - He had me sign off on the condition of the items before I could see them - When I asked to see them, he showed me the boxed up items and then asked me to sign off on them before bringing them inside. I had to sign despite not knowing the condition of anything in the boxes. - He left my belongings on the corner of the street unattended. When I showed up, people were asking me if I was giving them away. - He pointed to random items in the truck asking "Is this yours? Is that yours?" He was offering me other people's belongings, and likely gave my things away in prior deliveries. - The driver showed up alone, and needed my help bringing up my belongings. I have a bad back and did not want to assist, which is why I hired movers. - The driver pressured me to sign off on the delivery before I was able to open up and inspect everything. I didn't know my TV was busted until he was long gone, for example. Missing: They lost couch cushions, and drawers to my dresser. Both of these items are now useless in their current condition. Broken: Television screen had over 5 distinct points where the screen was cracked. Plates had a 50% survival rate.

Origin : Washington State
Destination : New Orleans

Quoted Price : $3,783.00
Actual Price : $2,700.00

No Photo Lisa
October 25, 2023

Dishonest,will hold your items hostage!

This company was so dishonest about everything. They misquoted,held my items for longer than they promised they would,damaged and "lost" items,tried to keep my items and charge us more the day of the scheduled delivery! Its very scammy and not worth going with them. The manager was beyond rude and not the least bit helpful. Do not hire this company. There are companies out there that deliver your items on time,at the price they say they will deliver at without yelling at you or laughing at you on the phone. Also,the boxes they lost were labeled and had very expensive items in there. They were clearly labeled and none of my other items were missing. We were quoted a white glove service. They didn't do anything but toss our boxes in the house and left. Nothing was set up.

Origin : scottsdale, az
Destination : barrington, ri

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $11,000.00

No Photo Joy
August 12, 2023

Lost 60% of my cherished household ...

I’m so broken to even write a review! First they said we have to pay in full before they started delivering and because our items were coming in two trucks,we refused. Argument got heated,I called 911 to avoid any physical contact. I locked my door because my kids were inside. Finally got moneygram and did Zelle for the balance. We requested for a receipt and they said they will give after they are done delivering. We received 40% of our goods and my royal chair is broken,two TVs not delivered,speakers,Royal lamps,side granite tables,and the list goes on and on and on! TV stands delivered damaged,book shelves damaged,computer desks damaged and my kids drawers all damaged under. Kids TVs not delivered. Speakers not delivered,shoe stands with shoes all missing,half of of the goods delivered (20%) were kitchen,bathroom and some clothing. Traveling boxes that were not in the cartons were not delivered. My freezers damaged?? Driver Eric was screaming that we didn’t give him food after working for us and because of that,he didn’t bring the second truck with our items. We request for delivery not and they gave us another persons and when we complained,they said they will give it to us when they deliver everything. Is this still USA ???? ??Even in Africa people are held accountable for things like this! Why is this company still operating and syphoning people? I’m looking for ??Stuart Teale- Fort Mill SC??,I think they picked our items together and incase you find some items that are not yours please reach out via 6506805367. I lost items worth more than $50,000,excluding the dented items

Origin : Nevada
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $13,000.00
Actual Price : $22,000.00

No Photo Tina
August 4, 2023

Bait and Switch - I am looking for ...

For your sake do NOT use this company. It did not start with them but it ended with them and due to the fact that I refuse to pay the huge increase they wanted and given the fact that their own employee told me "We don't allow pics and videos when quoting any longer. If we took them and quoted you, we couldn't increase your costs when we pick up". I had an attorney however since my original call was taken in Florida and the items were picked up in California, and then given to a 3rd party after the pick up and then supposedly are now in Michigan, some place... I need 4 lawyers to find my stuff. They no longer call back, they stopped talking to my attorney I had, and if I send them their money they will give me my stuff. I asked for pics of my stuff with a date showing current date and they told me nope, pay us first them we will tell you where your stuff is. I will find a lawyer, this needs to stop and its not only this company it is a ton of them who di this all the time. People who are on a budget call around and get prices so they stay on budget... I don't know what to do... but I will find a way to make them pay not only for my stuff but everyone else they have stuck it to over the years! What comes around goes around and it will happen.

Origin : California
Destination : Michigan

Quoted Price : $7,500.00
Actual Price : $13,600.00

No Photo Stephen
July 31, 2023

Don't expect all your stuff arrive!

This company was contracted by All Coast Moving, who I originally contacted. First, I had to pay nearly $8k more than estimated for a larger truck, but the delivery was in a similarly sized truck that was too small. However, that drop-off truck was missing a number of items that the company just lost and has no idea where any of it is. This includes a $3200 coffee table that they just misplaced, all of my cookware, pots and pans, silverware, drinking glasses, and a box of Blu-ray movies. I've had to call them like 8 to 10 times before someone got back to me with a claims processing form. They keep saying they'll check the warehouses and have a manager call me back. They never called me back. The lady answering the phone sounds like she's been sleeping and has no energy to talk to me. It's been over a month and no word on where my missing stuff is, not to mention the condition of some of the stuff that did arrive. If you use this company, definitely get insurance because there's no guarantee that you're going to get it all back.

Origin : San Jose, CA
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $4,270.00
Actual Price : $11,558.00

No Photo Tess
March 1, 2023


I contracted with Top Moving Solution, Scott Cather out of Chicago, IL. I was assured they were not a broker. They subcontracted Cal State Moving

Origin : Southern CA
Destination : Southern OR

Quoted Price : $5,083.18
Actual Price : $16,983.00

No Photo Michelle
February 13, 2023

Do NOT use!!!

Do not use this company. They are absolutely horrible! They urinated on my daughter's dresser. They spit on my daughter long board, shattered many pictures wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap. They left huge gouges in our kitchen table. We had to sand down the table, fill the gouge, then restain the whole table top. The worse thing of all is the went through our boxes then had the audacity to tell me we should have double tapped. If they were honest, I wouldn't have had to use any tape.

Origin : Ogden, UT
Destination : Nashville, TN

Quoted Price : $13,000.00
Actual Price : $19,563.00

No Photo Chris
February 13, 2023


Pathetic company!!! They stole 5 of my items and broke others!! The person in charge who took inventory wanted to arm wrestle with me and smoked cigarettes around my items! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAMMING COMPANY AGAIN! DO NOT WORK WITH THEM!! They are trash and should go out of business!!!!

Origin : Fremont, CA
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $2,100.00
Actual Price : $6,300.00

No Photo Emilia
January 25, 2023

Rip off company

This has been and is ongoing the most horrible experience- the movers were rude,pushy,let my dog out and then actually yelled at me stating," well your moving, your dog is not my concern". They loaded half my things in the truck then said it would cost me approximately 5000 more for the remainder - they refused to unload unless I paid the whole amount- stated that I should blame empire moving broker. they further stated that I could pay with a credit card but are now stating cash or money order only. I am going out of the country in 2 days and still do not have my belongings. They stated they had 30 days to deliver at their discretion but if someone was not there to pay cash they would not give me my belongings and if it went over the 21 days they would charge me storage. ai still have not been given an exact e amount of what it will cost me .

Origin : Oregon
Destination : California

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $9,800.00

No Photo Sara
January 21, 2023

Completely unreliable

They gave me one price, when they came was another price completely different, after long discussion because they said no deport refund and i have no choice, we got the agreement of $8 207.00, 60% front, the balance when they delivered before they unload, just cash or cashier check from post office, after 10 days, 3 mattres completed wet, plastic boxes heavy duty destroyed, furnitures damaged, decoration appliance damages. They don't respected what they offered, and must af my values damages. Good revenche for no paid what they want.

Origin : Rancho cucamonga
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $8,207.00

No Photo Julie
January 6, 2023

Need to sue class action

These people were horrible they lost my china hutch called me a bitch when I said where's my stuff I had to deal with broken family heirlooms they gave me paperwork with no job number on it my paperwork was blank because they didn't press hard enough on the paperwork

Origin : California
Destination : Oklahoma

Quoted Price : $7,500.00
Actual Price : $22,000.00

No Photo Kara
June 27, 2022

Shady practice

This was, by far, the worst moving experience we've ever had. Being with the military, we move often, and we've had some experiences, I will definitely be reporting this company for their shady business practices and ensure they can't work with the military again. The movers themselves were great, very nice, packed things and loaded them effectively. My complaint is with what happened after. They left a full room of items behind and refused to come back out to pick up the rest. Then when I called repeatedly to figure out what was going on, I was given the run around and hung up on until I called and left a voicemail threatening police reports and lawyers. After that I finally get a call from the manager. I thought we were getting somewhere, but I can't even get an answer as to what address, out of like 3 or 4 associated with this company, I am to bring my items to to keep my household goods together. Instead of waiting for movers to come get the rest, we will be moving it ourselves to storage because they are "booked solid" and can't be bothered to finish the job. BUT I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHERE I'M TAKING IT BECAUSE NO ONE WILL GIVE ME AN ADDRESS! To be clear, we've completely lost all faith and trust in them for moving our items across country, are resigned to using them as storage only because we have to be at our next duty station by next week at the latest, and are starting a new ticket with the military in order to have them(the military) move our items for us. I refuse to pay these people and trust them with this step. But we need an address for the military to send movers to....... This is a nightmare. Stay away from these people at all costs.

Origin : Camp Pendleton, Ca
Destination : Belle chasse, la

Quoted Price : $8,000.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Nikole
June 22, 2022

Price Gauged, Unfair Business ...

Our first quote to get in 5,000 plus an 800 binding fee. Scam number one. We called back to note a few more items and the quote doubled but the binding fee stayed the same. After they showed up, we asked them not to load certain items, they would get upset and load anyway. They loaded a full trash can with trash! Charge, charge, charge. One full truck should be roughly 1700 cubic feet, we used that space although the packing could have been done better and they put items on that we asked not to. They, after they had our belongings, said they needed another truck. Showed up the next day with a truck that was 75% to 85% full and the price went to 14K. We through a fit. Called every number in the book, no answer. No text, no message, nothing. They ended up charging us for 3100 cubic feet. When we finally got our items and 3800 cubic feet diesel truck dropped them off, our items took up less than 20% of that truck (we have photos), so we had under 2K and were charged for 3100 -- RIP OFF!!!! and they increased the binding fee (which legally you can't do) from 800 to 2959. NEVER SHOWED UP for the final pickup of items. We were charged to move a weight set, weight rack, garage racks, small garage fridge, 3 King Beds (we only have one), storage boxes from our storage, etc. BUT WE packed and moved ALL OF THAT ourselves. TOTAL SCAM!!!! And then the list of broken items continues to add up every day. Stainless fridge, sofa, arm chair, three book shelves, dresser, 4 large mirrors, every single photo frame, dishes, oil spilled on boxes and sofa, my desk is busted in half. They promise take down and setup, the drop off crew did not setup one single thing. We were left with a huge mess. So, not only were we over charged, the job was not even done per estimate, we had to setup everything our selves and we moved over 1400 cubic feet ourselves but were charged for it. FRAUD!!!!! Hermes Moving and Storage and Venture Van Lines are heartless scammers. I have photos, botched paper work, text messages, original screenshot, they go from nice to nada once they have your items.

Origin : California
Destination : Idaho

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $17,955.00

No Photo David
June 5, 2022


These guys are criminals and we literally had to call the cops because they stole our furniture and also kept it hostage unless we paid them more money in cash. RUUUUUUUUUUNNNN

Origin : San Diego
Destination : Phoenix

Quoted Price : $4,361.00
Actual Price : $6,831.00

No Photo Kevin
December 25, 2021

Best Moving Company

The best moving company I’ve ever hired! Very friendly, and went above and beyond to get me moved in as quickly as possible! I definitely recommend this company over all the others I’ve used in the past.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $4,100.00

No Photo Phillip
December 24, 2021

Very Professional

We had an amazing experience using Hermes Moving And Storage. Very efficient, professional, and attention to detail. I highly recommend using this company and will recommend to others.

Origin : Dallas
Destination : Angeles

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $3,100.00

No Photo Albert
December 24, 2021


Hermes Moving And Storage was so helpful and made the moving experience super easy and not stressful. They took care of everything and made me feel my belongings were in good hands. They were very respectful and friendly too and efficient with the time.

Origin : Seattle
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Leonel
December 24, 2021

Awesome Service

The movers were awesome. They did take great care of my stuff and very careful about moving them. They reassembled furnitures and asked me where they needed to go so that I don’t have to life my fingers at the end. Than you very much.

Origin : New York
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $3,200.00

No Photo John
December 24, 2021

Great Job

They did a great job, they worked quickly and efficiently. They were friendly, they arrived on time and they were very careful when moving. Would recommend.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Chicago

Quoted Price : $2,000.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

No Photo Carl
December 22, 2021

Highly Recommended!!

I would highly recommend this company based on how much they helped me with very little time (less than 24 hours). The pricing was far better than any of their competitors on the phone with me, walking me through every question and made sure I understood everything that went into the move and company. This company clearly places value in helping people over just making money which is refreshing.

Origin : Los Angeles
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $4,200.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Sara
December 22, 2021

Amazing Movers

Amazing movers! Showed up on time and moved everything super quick! Will definitely use again next move! Highly recommend!

Origin : Dallas
Destination : Chicago

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Glenn
December 21, 2021


I've used pure moving 3 times and every time I'm so impressed. They always make sure my furniture is wrapped and kept safe. They're also so nice! I'll only use this company when I move.

Origin : Charlotte
Destination : Chicago

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Brice
December 21, 2021

Highly Recommend

Hermes Moving And Storage is the best! They took care of everything and made our moving process great. I highly recommend this company!

Origin : New York
Destination : Maimi

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $3,100.00

No Photo Stephen
December 19, 2021

Great Stuffs

Helped us organize our stuff and even through threw away the stuff that we didn't need, which was surprising. Great stuffs.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $1,450.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo David
December 17, 2021

Great Service

These guys are efficient! And very helpful and reasonable. Highly recommend. They gave us flexibility in what we want to do with our things. And they are up front.

Origin : Los Angeles
Destination : Miami

Quoted Price : $2,000.00
Actual Price : $2,200.00

No Photo John
July 7, 2021


This company is a complete scam, I'm posting reviews everywhere, I requested my items to be delivered a week ago and they are giving me the runaround, saying legally they have 21 days. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE, STAY AWAY!!!

Origin : San Jose
Destination : Raleigh

No Photo Greg
December 30, 2020


If you can believe it these so called professional movers decided to deliver our furniture on Christmas. Ruined the holiday. It is a bait and switch co that lowballed the price and then sticks it to you when you need to move and have no other choice. Many items are destroyed or missing. Last Christmas I bought my wife a beautiful $1600 dresser and mirror. The dresser has 2 huge gouges in it and the accompanying mirror was completely missing. A stand up dresser has a huge chuck broken off on the entire right top. What is strange is that the dresser was completely wrapped but we found the chunk of wood in the dresser told drawer. How did it end up there if it was wrapped. I'll tell you, they unwrapped dressers and ruffled through them and perhaps stealing what ever they wanted My computer desk now wobbles and won't support anything My wife is missing 2 brand new Rachel Ray pan sets. In a nightstand was a shoebox with Michael Koors candles. They were nice enough to leave the box. We had a family heirloom of a 4 foot tall wooden indian chief worth hundreds and was not returned. I had 2 Sears 250 piece mechanic tool sets.Gone. our sofa has a piece of metal sticking out the back. The delivery men did not put the master bed back together but left it unassembled. They through their cardboard in my garage for me to dispose. Some animal, probably a rat, ate through 2 of our boxes and ate food stuff that was inside. Should I say what the animals left behind Gross. So far we are also missing John Hinkle Cutlery. When moving the furniture into the home they left 2 Mark's on the walls of a brand new home. I am outraged with this complete lack of professionalism and would not reccomend them to my worst enemy . In my opinion they are nothing but thieves. Please , please, if you value your property do not use Hermes Moving Company of Los Angeles. Also I originally hired All Coastal Moving of Florida who subcontracted Hermes. Do not deal with All Coastal Moving either. They will rip you off. These words are true so help me God.

Origin : Atwater Ca.
Destination : Talbott Tn

Quoted Price : $7,800.00
Actual Price : $15,762.00

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