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Ideal Moving Storage Inc
2375 S Linden CT # 313S
DenverCO 80222 USA

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Phone: 720-638-9870

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No Photo Caro
October 15, 2015

Most despicable movers ever!

I hired Ideal Moving and Storage to move me from Brighton to Parker in Colorado. They did a walk-through of the house to get a sense of the scope of the work. They offered me 5 guys, 2 trucks and that it would be completed in 1 day. While they were loading the truck, I pointed out several times not to forget the mirror that was on the wall in the living room. The 1st truck was loaded, so they went on ahead so they could start unpacking at the other end The 2nd team of 3 guys started loading the rest of the furniture, etc. It was getting to be around 7:00PM and it was obvious they would need the 1st unloaded truck to come back to load the remainder. I waited an hour and they did not show up. I called Ideal management again, and was told that the guys had dropped off the truck and gone home. Ideal Management got them back and provided them with a different truck That truck had a lock on it and they did not have the key. The other truck came back with the 3 guys. They started throwing things in the truck. At 1:00AM, I called my neighbor to see if I could store the remainder in his garage. I didn’t get to the new house until 2:30AM. The next morning, I called the company to see when they were going to be by to complete the move. They told me it would be another 1 ½ hours because the guys locked the keys inside the truck and they were waiting on a locksmith. In the meantime, I was looking around the place and the garage to see if anything was missing. I found a piece of carved wood on the garage floor and realized that it was part of my curio cabinet. There were broken mirror shards on the driveway. I could not find my curio cabinet anywhere. The handle on my wheelbarrow was also broken. None of the boxes that had ‘Basement ’written on them were NOT moved to the basement. I had to get 2 guys to help me move them to the basement. I had to rent a truck to go back to get the items that were stored in my neighbor’s garage. That cost me an additional $150. On Sunday, I had an ‘Oh Crap’ moment when I realized that my mirror was also missing. I had my old neighbor go over to my old house and see if the mirror was still on the wall. It was. I was not able to get the mirror back. I filed a claim for the mirror, curio cabinet and the wheelbarrow the following week. I have followed up with them 4 times about the status of my claim, and have not received any compensation so far.

Origin : Brighton, CO
Destination : Parker, CO

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $2,200.00

No Photo Carl
August 11, 2015

Horrible Service

To say I am frustrated with this company would be an extreme understatement. First the movers were late to both pick up our furniture as well as delivery (55 minutes late to pick up furniture and 95 minutes late delivering the furniture the following day). Second it seems that since they kept our furniture over night the truck with our furniture was double booked with other furniture resulting in lost and damaged items for us. Also as a result of being double booked, it took the movers a good 30 minutes (after being over 90 minutes late) to unload someone elses items before they could even begin to unload our stuff. And to say the other persons items were carefully loaded onto the truck would be a huge lie. The other families items were thrown into the truck ontop of our things causing all the damage!!! Finally it has been 6 weeks since our move and we are still trying to get the furniture repair person out to our house to fix the damaged furniture. We have now passed our second missed scheduled appointment to have our furniture fixed. In both cases we did not receive a phone call, text, or email even explaining why no one bothered to show up at the scheduled time. Instead I have to call and inquire as to what happened only to be given excuses about a new staff or other lame excuses. At this point I simply want results and not excuses.

Origin : Aurora, CO
Destination : Aurora, CO

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Ken
February 17, 2015

Do NOT use Ideal Moving Storage Inc

I hired Ideal Moving

Origin : Colorado Springs, CO
Destination : Colorado Springs, CO

No Photo Kimberly
December 10, 2014

The Move Went Fairly Smooth Minus A ...

All in all it went okay. There were some things that they were supposed to assemble that they did not assemble. And they put a $35 hold on my credit card that I'm still waiting to get returned ... Other than that it went okay.

Origin : Broomfield, CO
Destination : Broomfield, CO

No Photo Andre
December 9, 2014

Friendly And Inexpensive

It was fine. They were friendly, they were inexpensive, they did everything they were supposed to do. Pricing was wonderful.

Origin : Aurora, CO
Destination : Centennial, CO

No Photo Katy
November 10, 2014

The pricing was on point but there was ...

It was pretty good. I had a few broken items, but that kind of happens during moves. [The pricing] was spot on.

Origin : Lakewood, CO
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Brittnee
September 23, 2014

They did a good job, everything got ...

One of them wasn't feeling that good so it took a little longer than normal but they gave us a little bit of a discount for that so it wasn't that bad. They did a good job, everything got moved.

Origin : Arvada, CO
Destination : Broomfield, CO

No Photo Thelma
September 5, 2014

The movers went slow to get more money ...

They gave me a quote and it cost me $200 more. Because the guys were getting paid by the hour so they strung it out two extra hours. I could have moved myself faster. I was very dissatisfied with that company.

Origin : Colorado Springs, CO
Destination : Colorado Springs, CO

No Photo Bill
September 4, 2014


Probably the one word I would use would be terrible. It was a very, very bad experience and I would never use them again. I made arrangements for a three-man crew to arrive about 8-8:30 in the morning. I called to find out where they were, and they said no one scheduled a crew. So they found a two-man crew who arrived at 1:30. Neither one of the guys had any experience to speak of, one of the guys said it was his second day on the job. They had a truck that was not equipped. We had a piano which they knew about, they didn't bring a dolly, they didn't bring any ratchet straps to secure furniture. They spent probably like an hour or two arguing about which piece of furniture would go next. I called a bunch of friends and said that we were going to have to do it ourselves. If it wasn't for the fact that I could get some friends over there, we would never have gotten it done in one day. As it was, it was 9:45 at night when we took the last piece off the truck. It was a bad experience.

Origin : Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Destination : Niwot, CO

No Photo Suman
August 18, 2014

The move went really slow and we had ...

I won't say it was very good. The time they took I think was more than what was needed. Also they initially said they would help with packing, but then they said they did not have any experience with packing. The move went really slow and we had to pay a lot of money.

Origin : Highlands, CO
Destination : Parker, CO

No Photo Tammy
August 12, 2014

Not enough help, and a lot of my items ...

They came out and estimated that it would be an 8.5 hour move with three guys and when they showed up they only came with 2 guys and they never sent any additional help, so it ended up taking 14 hours. A lot of my stuff was knicked and damaged and they put a hole in the wall. And after speaking to the kid who did it, it sounded as though it would come out of his paycheck and he wasn't making any money on the deal anyway so I just let it go. The guys that came they worked their butts off, I had no complaints about that. They worked quickly, they worked hard they were diligent and they barely even took a break. So i could not complain about that. It's just very unfortunate that the company planning it didn't provide adequate help so that we could be done. They showed up at about 8 a,m. and didn't leave until 11 p.m., and I had to move a lot of the stuff myself just to keep things moving, quickly, there's only so much those guys can do. It was disappointing at best.

Origin : Centennial, CO
Destination : Centennial, CO

No Photo Stephanie
August 1, 2014

I was very satisfied

They were great. My only negative remark is they got stuck in traffic and didn't reach out to use and let us know they were behind. But other than that, they were fantastic, very efficient, polite. They made sure that I knew of any pre-existing damage before they moved the furniture. I was very satisfied. In fact, I recommended them for my mother-in-law's move.

Origin : Lone Tree, CO
Destination : Parker, CO

No Photo Leonora
July 11, 2014

Movers were friendly, professional and ...

It was great, the crew was very professional. They were friendly, on time, they were within the window period. I would tell my friends to definitely go with them, they handled everything for me. I just had to pack and unpack. They made it easy.

Origin : Westminster, CO
Destination : Colorado D M V Dept Of Rev, CO

No Photo Tina
May 19, 2014

A little slow, but very careful and ...

I thought they were a little slower than they let on to be, however they were very careful and cautious.

Origin : Brighton, CO
Destination : Brighton, CO

No Photo Joelle
February 26, 2014

Was not good

It was not good. The guy who i guess was the owner called and we set it up for sat morning at like 8 he called to change the time we changed it and then he called again to change it to 9 and they didn't show up till 1030 or 11. So he changed the time twice then they came late and you know you pay by the hour we've only paid a flat rate before, and these guys they were nice enough but they were young guys they weren't experienced movers when we had to pay the rate for mayflower they were working hard and fast these guys taking the time it was already their second move of the day and they had two more in front of them they were not completely informed that we had two stops of storage in another house

Origin : Parker, CO
Destination : Castle Rock, CO

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