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Integrity Movers
48140 Walden
Macomb TownshipMI 48044 USA

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No Photo Richard
June 13, 2022

Unprofessional, sloppy and damaged ...

Jon and a helper arrived on time. They had to remove 2 doors to bring in a large sofa and regular size loveseat. This was a tight move but could be done with a little maneuvering and patience. They left the metal semi-sharp hinges attached to door the removed. The puffy leather had to be pushed in to avoid scratches and rips. That metal hinge they left hanging ripped my sofa and several spots. These guys did not bother to look at the damage and once both pieces were down in basement, Jon just ask how I intended to pay? I paid them thru cash app and they were gone leaving both interior and back entrance door for me to reinstall. It was a tight fit but both pieces made it to basement. I will never use this service again. BTW, I think Jon was doing this as a side job because the payment went to his Cash App. I text the number that Jon was calling from about the terrible service. No response back.

Origin : Clarkston, MI
Destination : Redford, MI

Quoted Price : $220.00
Actual Price : $220.00

No Photo Shell
March 23, 2017

Inaccurate quote,damaged items,no ...

Jeff was great during our phone call and on site pre move visit. He promptly emailed the quote and we agreed to the price. I called later and added on another location move the same day. The team for my house showed up as promised. The breakdown of our home took slightly longer but we weren't too concerned. The team that met my mom got lost,called several times,and finally met 45 minutes late after going to wrong location despite confirmed address and directions when called. At our new home,the delivery and set up took significantly longer. The delivery team never made mention of the fact that they broke the leg off a floor cabinet. They propped it up like nothing happened. A coffee table received several scratches. A very expensive treadmill that was perfectly fine before the move is no longer operational. Two of the items were moved by the late lost team. When it came time to pay the team,the invoice was quite a bit higher than the quoted amount. The team lead told me that's pretty common and that Jeff often underbids. I called Jeff and was told he was on the road in dangerous conditions and would call me back. I never received the call. I am quite bothered to have paid significantly more,had damaged items and no call to discuss an appropriate resolution.

Origin : Warren, MI
Destination : Rochester, MI

Actual Price : $1,722.00

No Photo Mark
November 13, 2016

Halloween Move - October 31, 2016

I was very pleased with Integrity Movers and would highly recommend them. Before the move, the owner visits your home, gives a detailed description of the process, and then provides a written estimate. In my case, the actual price was a bit higher than the estimate because the move took about 30 minutes longer than expected. The movers arrived on time, were courteous, had a great attitude, and most importantly, were careful handling my belongings. I also appreciate the fact this is a local, family-run business. Overall, great job! I should also add the pricing was reasonable, and the crew does not bill for breaks. (Only two 15 minutes breaks were taken during a five hour stretch. The guys worked hard.)

Origin : Warren, MI
Destination : Beverly Hills, MI

Quoted Price : $675.00
Actual Price : $742.00

No Photo Cora
May 20, 2015

They were late, didn't have proper ...

They were not there at the time they said. They were about three to four hours late. I asked for three guys, I got two. They didn't have the necessary equipment to move the items. They didn't have a dolly.

Origin : Richmond, MI
Destination : Richmond, MI

No Photo Ann
March 16, 2015

Time efficient and fantastic!

They were time efficient, they didn't drag on just to make the payment - they finished as quickly as possible so it wouldn't be an extra hour of cost. They did a fantastic, neat job. The cost was too good, it was the cheapest cost we could get in our locality.

Origin : Lake Angelus, MI
Destination : Lake Angelus, MI

No Photo Kyle
February 8, 2015

Great Service

Great move will use Integrity again if we ever move. Flawless move.

Origin : sterling heights, MI
Destination : Livonia, MI

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $740.00

No Photo Sara
January 15, 2015

Good Job

Just want to take some time and thank the team of integrity movers for such a wonderful experience.

Origin : redford, mi
Destination : livonia

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $725.00

No Photo Mark
January 9, 2015

Best Ever

I do 4 TOY DRIVES a year for kids battling cancer and Integrity Movers has always been there for me to help delivery the toys to the hospitals. They are always on time and always willing to help. What an amazing experience and I'm so happy they are the official moving company with my charity. I can't thank you guys enough for always going above and beyond to make sure the toys get delivered safely. I highly recommend them for all your moving needs. Great staff and great company. You guys are awesome.

Origin : Sterling Heights, MI
Destination : Taylor, MI

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $275.00

No Photo Anonymous
January 8, 2015

I would recommend the movers but not ...

The two gentlemen that were the movers ... They were excellent, they were very good, very professional, took good care of the items that they needed to move. The owner, or whoever the contact person is, he was horrible. He was very nice at first ... He called me to say he needed to adjust the time, it was gonna be an hour later, then it was gonna be two hours later ... The time kept getting changed ... Then when I tried to call him he didn't answer his phone. I sent him text messages, he didn't return the text messages ... We had to set it up for another a day and then again the time got changed ... The dollar amount was changed from what I was quoted, but they did settle for the dollar amount that I agreed upon. They insisted it had to be paid in cash.

Origin : Dearborn, MI
Destination : Northfield Township, MI

No Photo Alex
December 9, 2014

Everything Was Extremely Perfect

Everything was extremely perfect. Actually I did not expect the company would be like that. [They had a] good price, good service, they were timely. [They moved] everything very carefully and very very quick.

Origin : West Bloomfield, MI
Destination : Farmington, MI

No Photo Anonymous
November 12, 2014

They were an entire day late and I had ...

The worst I've ever had. I had to get additional movers. They came a day late, guys weren't qualified enough to get everything done, plus I had already done two loads myself. And the fact that I even tried to help load up stuff and get stuff ready for them, it was a disaster. And it cost way too much. So I would never use them again ... I had to hire someone else to finish the job.

Origin : Warren, MI
Destination : Sterling Heights, MI

No Photo Darwin
October 20, 2014

Great deal of care and attention to ...

They took a great deal of care and attention to the move itself, to the protecting our furniture the take down and setup of our furniture, they were very polite and accommodating, so they did a great job for us!

Origin : Ferndale, MI
Destination : Commerce Twp, MI

No Photo Kim
October 9, 2014

The movers themselves were fantastic

It went fine. One thing was damaged, my barbecue fell off the truck but it was kinda minor damage. The movers themselves were fantastic.

Origin : Shelby Township, MI
Destination : Sterling Hts, MI

No Photo Susanne
August 1, 2014

It just went fabulous

It just went fabulous. They showed up on time. They quickly, efficiently, and carefully moved everything into the truck and then they took the stuff over. They unloaded it with the same amount of care. If there was confusion in what should go in what room they actually rather happily made the correction and it was just very very pleasant.

Origin : Warren, MI
Destination : Clinton Twp, MI

No Photo Mallory
July 25, 2014

They seemed professional enough and ...

It went pretty well. It was quick, they seemed professional enough, and there were no major issues. There were a couple of glass top tables that they wrapped up but most stuff they just put in the truck. They put blankets down on our hardwood floors when we got to the new house to protect it. There was a little tear on the front our couch, we think it got caught on a nail on the way out of the truck, but nothing major. It took a little longer than we thought, we didn't realize how much stuff we had, but we paid per hour and it was fair.

Origin : Livonia, MI
Destination : Plymouth, MI

No Photo Anonymous
July 23, 2014

They were slower than turtles

I was quoted it would take 5-6 hours total, you know 2-3 hours on the front end of the move and 2-3 hours moving into the new home. I told that they would come in, professional experienced movers knowing how to take things apart. In totality the move took almost 11 hours, they were slower than turtles. My 14 year old, my 16 year old, and I moved quicker and faster than they did. At one point one gentlemen carried one cushion off my couch at a time. They came in with a rented Ryder truck which was suspicious to me cause most moving companies have their own vehicles, I didn't get too crazy about that but I thought it was odd. In the end they way they had me pay them was not to their company it was to this woman's name, its was just shady all around. They were 5 hours late, they were suppose to start the move at 1 and they didn't show till 5:30. When they finally did show at 5:30, 1 hour into them being in my home they had only moved 1 mattress onto the truck. In that same one hour my kids and I had made 3 trips, leaving the old house drove to the new house, emptied the contents of our vehicles, drove back to the old house. It was so bad we call it the move from hell.

Origin : South Lyon, MI
Destination : South Lyon, MI

No Photo Shunichi
July 14, 2014

Very happy about their work!

I was very happy about their work. They were polite. I was very surprised about the cost. They were pretty reasonable and I was pretty happy with their work and the cost. So I would recommend this company to everybody!

Origin : West Bloomfield, MI
Destination : West Bloomfield, MI

No Photo Jody
July 8, 2014

Good job, I would use them again!

They did a pretty good job moving. They took a little long. At $75/hour time was important and they took a little too long, but they were very nice and did an excellent job getting everything in where we wanted. It's a heavy job, if you have to take a little extra time to take a few breaks 'cause it's hard. All in all I would use them again if I had to.

Origin : Plymouth, MI
Destination : Van Buren Township, MI

No Photo Christine
June 18, 2014

They did damage

Well when I first set up the appointment he said if noon was ok and when I was sitting here at the new house waiting for them to come I called them he said, "oh we never tell you a time," and I said I didn't make it up. So they did say noon, it was 3:30. They said the first move held them up and now I understand why when the people that came here to move us I get it, it was slow they did damage....

Origin : Canton, MI
Destination : Westland, MI

No Photo John
May 22, 2014

We were happy

They were very good. They were on time. One fella was experienced and the other one wasn't so we kinda lost a little bit of time with that because he wasn't as productive, brand new, I don't know if it was his first day but he really wasn't understanding the whole scheme of things. He had to be shown everything. Other than that though, the guy that was the experienced mover, he was very good. He was on time, knew what he was doing, knew how to do things, and put it all together. Our furniture was well-protected. We were happy with it.

Origin : Canton Twp, MI
Destination : Plymouth, MI

No Photo Rachel
April 21, 2014

It was really smooth

It was really smooth, they were punctual and hard working, very kind and professional. I did not have any problems with the actual movers or with the customer service. I would use them again, I actually just told one of my coworkers about the company. The pricing was less expensive, it was about 75 dollars an hour for two men and they did not have a service fee or a mileage fee.

Origin : Novi Township, MI
Destination : South Lyon, MI

No Photo Marie
February 25, 2014

Excellent, hardworking movers for a ...

They worked like crazy, they were fantastic at it. The pricing was great and they were way more reasonable than a lot of the other companies that called. The staff and crew was professional and they did a really good job with the packing and wrapping and taking care of my things without any damage. I would tell future customers to just go with them, they were way better than any of the other companies. All of the other ones were like "this is extra and this will cost you extra", but this company did not do that to me. I would recommend them.

Origin : Charter Township of Clinton, MI
Destination : Clinton Township, MI

No Photo Machion
February 7, 2014

Prompt and efficient service

They were prompt and efficient. The crew members were fine and they were professional, on-time and friendly. I received all of the services that I requested and I would recommend them to friends and family. Their price was reasonable and I paid the same amount as the estimate.

Origin : Detroit, MI
Destination : Farmington Hills, MI

No Photo Sara
January 8, 2014


I have to say I am very impressed with the great job the men did moving my household. They were on time and very professional. Everything was put right in the place I asked and it was like I never moved! I would HIGHLY recommend! Thanks again Brian!

Origin : Fraser, MI
Destination : livonia, MI

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,000.00

No Photo Stephanie
December 27, 2013

Amazing Service

Want to start off by saying OMG!!!! best service ever. Moved several times and they were the best company I have ever used. Very professional even hung my flat screen tv. Would highly recommend.

Origin : Sterling Heights, MI
Destination : Redford, MI

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $525.00

No Photo Janet
December 19, 2013

Courteous and professional service

They were very courteous and they were very good. There wasn't one thing that stood out that I could think of, but they were fine. Their pricing was pretty comparable to other companies, I think it was $65 an hour but there was a minimum of three hours, so I think it was pretty common. It wasn't that much cheaper than anyone else, but it was reasonable. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Canton, MI
Destination : Canton, MI

No Photo Sheila
November 20, 2013

Unhappy with the price

I was not happy with them. First, he told me that there wasn't going to be a service charge and that they are running a promotion. Once we got done with the moving, he wanted to charge me the service charge. I received all the services that I requested and I was happy with the service, but I was unhappy with the price.

Origin : Pontiac, MI
Destination : Lapeer, MI

No Photo Nick
November 20, 2013

Best company to work with

They were fast, they are inexpensive and they are friendly...the best company that I've ever worked with. I received all the services that I requested and packing was absolutely done to my satisfaction. My friends and family already have the name of the company for future moves.

Origin : Ferndale, MI
Destination : Macomb Township, MI

No Photo Chris
November 14, 2013

Job well done

They were good. They called, they were on-time, they did a good job and they were cheapest. They charged $75 per hour for a two-hour minimum. And they delivered as promised. I would recommend them to my friends and family. They just moved our big furniture because we did our own packing, but they did a really good job.

Origin : South Lyon, MI
Destination : South Lyon, MI

No Photo Rita
October 21, 2013

Satisfied with their service

I would say that I am satisfied. It was nothing spectacular. They were a little late. They moved me. Everything turned out okay. Pricing was reasonable. I received all the services that I requested. I don't know if I would recommend them. I may suggest them but not as a person of recommendation. I would just let them know that they are out there. I guess the most reasonable part is that every other moving company charged just to come to the house and they did not. They were just a flat-rate - hourly. Packing was done to my satisfaction.

Origin : Southgate, MI
Destination : Southgate, MI

No Photo Eric
September 13, 2013

Would not recommend them

I would have to rate it bad. I would not recommend them. Two men and a truck - basically this is what I got. They were on time but they were very slow. Because of the distance between the two houses they suggested that they would do not a full pack but instead make two runs because we are literally three blocks from one location to next but it took almost seven hours when I was quoted that it's probably going to take only three or four hours.

Origin : Macomb Township, MI
Destination : Macomb Township, MI

No Photo Pam
April 26, 2013

They are a scam

They were gonna come to my house between three and four on a Saturday. They didn't show up. I called them at 4-30. They said we will be there at 6-30. At seven O'clock I called back they said we will be there at 8-30 at night to move you out. I said you can't do that because I am moving into an apartment. You can't be moving things up and down the stairs at midnight. I said that won't work. He said - I can't get the guys come back but I will come back tomorrow with my nephew and we will move you out. I couldn't be there because I had to work. This was easter sunday. He said we will be there seven o'clock and my daughter volunteered to be there get them into the house - where I was moving. They showed up. They moved once grandfather clock and then they moved the piano which they knew about the piano. They knew it was going upstairs. When they got the piano, they got it on the truck. They said we don't think we can get this upstairs. In the mean time it is already on their truck. Then they couldn't get the table taken care of. It sat on the kitchen floor because they couldn't get it apart because they didn't bring any tools. So I would have to deal with it later. My daughter gave them a cheque and I made it out to their company name. THey made her sketch it out and write a girl's name on it. That has nothing to do with the company. They left the piano outside for two nights.

Origin : Canton Twp, MI
Destination : Canton, MI

No Photo Andrea
March 28, 2013

Efficient movers

They were on-time and very efficient. The prices were very reasonable. I received all the services I requested. The packing was done up to my satisfaction. The crew members were friendly. I would definitely suggest them.

Origin : Farmington, MI
Destination : Sterling Heights, MI

No Photo Peter
March 21, 2013

Pretty moving experience

They did pretty well but other than one thing that when they brought the box bringing back of the master bedroom, the lobe on the ceiling fan was broken. They gave me a credit of $45 against that, but I have an issue with that because that lobe was no longer made and I can't replace it, that's one issue. I talked to David at the company and he told me to give him the dimensions of the lobe but I haven't heard back from them I don't know whether they are going to help me or not. Everything else was very good. They were timely, they took reasonable care of things and they wrapped things very well. They quoted me reasonable price. It was perfect the things my lobe when it comes to my mine, my lobe, he told me what I can do for me in order find me the replacement or something like that but I haven't heard from them for two weeks. If that comes to my mind I don't know what if that didn't happen and prior to move he answered all my questions.

Origin : Novi, MI
Destination : Wixom, MI

No Photo Amy
February 20, 2013

They planned perfectly and ...

My move was great, no problems at all, everything went smoothly. They were on-time. They were friendly. They were two guys, everything went smooth, there was no problems, they moved my furniture from one place to another. It was reasonable for the amount, so everything was good. Absolutely, the price was reasonable with $75 an hour with a two hour minimum and they went over the two hour minimum which was no problem, it was fine. No damage on anything. I don't have any advice like I said everything was smooth, it was on-time, everything was planned out perfectly when they moved from one place to another they were right behind me, when I got to my place, they were not to behind me. I do not have any suggestions, everything was fine.

Origin : Detroit, MI
Destination : Sterling Hts, MI

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