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No Photo Robert
January 3, 2019

Worst Move Ever

I have moved 35 times for work over the past 35 years and have always used a moving company. This move was the worst experience I have ever had in all of the 35 years. The 3 estimates received were all within a few hundred dollars of each other and Interstates Vanlines convinced my wife that they had the most self owned trucks and were the most responsive. The day of the move I was at work and when I got home the mover had the truck partially packed. I asked why the truck was not packed to the ceiling as every other move had been in the past, and the foreman stated there was more than enough room. I also discovered the mover did not provide an itemized list of my belongings and guess what, at the end of the evening (11;00PM) there was not enough room. foretunately we still had possesion of the home for 3 more days and we arranged for them to return and finish the job. Upon there return they comleted picking up our belongings, and still had no itemized list. After the foreman left we received a text from the foreman in which he proceeded to explain why our job was going to be $2600 more before we received another call 2 months later in which the main office is now trying to charge for extra weight. The foreman knocked on our door and scratched out the binding and guaranteed price and said, it was because the move was larger than the estimate. 3 companies provided estimates 2 walked throught the home and came to the same conclusion as this company which we provided pictures of our furniture and an exact count of our boxes. We requested on November 12th our furniture be delivered on December 12th, today January 3rd I have yet to receive my contents. 2 out of town guests had to sleep on a blowup matress and go out to eat every day for 10 days because of this company. I will update my post when my belongings arrive and determine what I actually receive and the condition. Since I wasn't provided a itemized list this will be interesting. As previously mentioned, I have moved many times, none come even a close second to this move, please avoid this company at all cost. I have filed complaints with the USDOT and the CA counterpart.

Origin : San Diego
Destination : Virginia

Quoted Price : $5,600.00
Actual Price : $8,200.00

June 7, 2018

Best Service

I hired Interstae Vanslines because of the recommendations I read on Yelp, which were surprisingly impressive and exceptional. After all, I do not regret a thing and I was not disappointed, on contrary I can prove that all good reviews are well deserved. Overall I was satisfied with my most recent move and I don’t know what would I ever do without all the help from the InterStates Vanlines. I was moving from Dallas to Indianapolis, which was a long distance move. The company did the quote over the phone, the customer services calculated the price pretty fast, it was not overpriced and met my budget exactly. Also my move required some packing and also I had some fragile pieces of furniture that had to be disassembled upon the move and wrapped. Because I was moving form a big 4-bedroom house I had certain doubts whether I would even fit everything inside a huge truck. I wanted to be sure that there was plenty of resources and space available. I called customer services and told about my hesitation regarding the huge amount of things, based on my list of items the lady from the customer services called Vanessa suggested 2 trucks and 4 people instead of one truck and two people because otherwise according to her professional estimates and based on her experience nothing would really fit in one. I had no clue that I have so much stuff to be honest and was surprised at first, but later on I realized that it was my naïve mistake to even think that I might have fit it all in one truck, no way! So, spot on and fair enough suggestion from her side. The guys were very fast, very professional, and incredibly hard working. The two trucks did fill up and we ended up being completely full of my belongings. The team worked through their lunch, they never took too much time to rest and I was even worried a little, but they said it is a normal practice for them to do the job first and to rest afterwards. They also made an effort to use all materials without extra waste and were smart about packing which reduced my overall cost. I had an amazing experience. All was moved safely and on time.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Indianapolis, IN

May 30, 2018

InterStates Vanlines is best company

I hired InterStates Vanlines after reading the previous reviews on online, and I could not be happier with my choice! A lady from customer services I spoke with was Anna. She personally called me a number of times to go over every piece of furniture and thing I have and we discussed it all in every possible detail (various dimensions, height, widths, approximate weight, special features and all unusual shapes and forms etc). She reviewed all information before giving me a price estimate. I had no doubts left that the quote is going to be accurate and reflective of the things I have because the questionnaire was very detailed and didn`t omit anything important.. The price was more than fair compared to other estimates I received, and the accuracy and attention to detail reassured me that there wouldn't be any 'surprise' charges the day of the move and I heard many times that it is the biggest issue with moving when you end up paying more that you agreed to and that there are lots of hidden fees. It was not our case. I had some follow up questions and requests (including changing our moving day) about a week beforehand and I received email responses from Interstates Vanlines within a few hours, accommodating everything. Jorge and Michael moved us from a large apartment building in Minneapolis to a third floor walk-up in Chicago. These guys were amazing .They worked quickly with no complaints, and were very careful with all our boxes and furniture, there were no damage whatsoever and they even helped to unpack several very heavy and fragile items for us, even though they absolutely didn`t have to, it was their courtesy to us and they really wanted to be sure that everything arrived safe. At the end of the move, the price was exactly as the estimate Anna had given in the beginning, no surprises and no extra charges. I recommend these guys for anyone looking for reliable, friendly, polite, efficient and honest movers.

Origin : Minneapolis, MN
Destination : Chicago, IL

May 22, 2018

Verry good service

Recently me and my girlfriend decided to move in together and to give it a try as a proper couple. So we had to move from two separate one bedroom apartments across town. We were moving from units we were renting each into a one nice spacious two bedroom apartment in the Miami Brickell Downtown (few remarks about out previous homes: one apartment was located on the second floor in a walkup residential complex in Hialeah and the other one was a unit inside the elevator building in Sunny Isles). We wanted to end up paying one combined bill so wanted to initiate the move all in once and with the same company. We have chosen Interstates Vanlines because they offered us a guaranteed fixed price range, as opposed to hourly where you can't control the final cost and never know what are you going end up paying due to traffic and other uncontrolled circumstances. Throughout the quote process and updating our inventory leading up to the move they were responsive, polite, and helpful. Surprisingly the company didn't increase the quote when my girlfriend realized on the day of moving that she had more clothes than she originally thought and when she couldn’t fit them all in the expected amount of boxes. On the day of the move the lady from the customer services and our driver each called to let us know that they were on their way and they are not running late that we should expect them according to the arranged schedule. The team came upstairs to check the inventory and was polite and fast. They wrapped all of the furniture and my TV carefully and thoroughly. Then they left and arrived on time the second pickup apartment where everything also went quickly and smoothly. At the drop off apartment they unloaded everything in a short period of time, assembled the bed frame, unwrapped all of the furniture, and asked us where to put each box and item. All around they could not have been more professional, efficient, and polite would recommend them to anyone looking to move.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

May 14, 2018

These guys were awesome

I want to share a story about our recent move, maybe this review will be helpful to someone who is also looking for a moving company with good reputation and maybe this review will remove your doubts and hesitation about which moving company to select for your next big or small move. Last week my fiancé and I moved from the Lower Manhattan to Dallas. We hired InterStates Vanlines for the job after checking reviews that other customers left on as many websites as we could find, many reviews were applicable to our situation and even somewhere we read a review about people also moving from New York to Texas, which was rather informative. The company definitely didn't disappoint any of our expectations especially given the fact that there was an expected snow in New York and half of the roads were blocked, it was a total chaos on the roads and half of them were not even operational, nonetheless the team still showed up on time and the weather conditions didn’t interrupt the whole procedure and services provided. Not only did it snow two days prior, making the move a bit complex with snow everywhere in our yard and on the doorsteps, it was freezing cold outside and almost unbearable to stay outside for long. Our team consisted of 3 lovely personalities Michael, Brian and Luis who showed up on time, wearing clean professional attire and were generally completely cute and nice guys, there were considerate to our requests and just got the job done as efficient as possible. I had a number of antique/nice pieces that were fragile and I wanted to make sure they weren't hurt while being on the road and the team was so thoughtful and attentive with wrapping and moving each piece. If there was already a scratch or certain already existent damage on something, they kindly pointed out it to me and recorded on photo camera to be sure that I am aware and won`t make any unnecessary complains afterwards, which was appreciated and reassuring. Also we had to pick up a few boxes from our friends apartments few blocks away which was a last minute call and was not discussed before, so they contacted the customer services straight away who the recalculated the price and the guys were nice in telling me how much more it would cost, which quite honestly was a fair rate and not an unreasonable increase in the original estimate, so we agreed and they ended up stopping by our friends house on their way too. These guys were awesome, and definitely made our move so much easier. We would hire them again.

Origin : Manhattan, NY
Destination : Dallas, TX

May 7, 2018

Team was willing to cooperate and work ...

I was very worried about my move to Richmond because the new building where I was about to relocate had no elevator and the actual apartment was located on the third floor. In addition to all that the entrance and the corridors were extremely narrow so I couldn’t even imagine how everything I have, including massive furniture pieces and piano would fit it. I started the process by calling a number of different moving companies in Virginia and tried to get a price estimate. In order to move me from Orlando to Richmond all of them quoted a ridiculous price including an enormous and absolutely unreasonable extra charge for the lack of elevator in my building. Even though people on the customer services line from other competitive companies made me feel guilty for the lack of elevator making it sound like it was my fault that the building doesn’t have it. Total absurd. I was so upset that almost gave up a hope that there is someone nice out there. I felt devastated but there were no other option for me rather than to continue my search for the best price and service around. Then I started to call other interstate companies and one of the calls I made was to Interstates Vanlines. Once they heard that my new building has no elevator no one on the other side of the line acted as they were surprised or reacted in a way that it was my fault and only an opportunity for them to charge me as much money as they possibly can manage to cash out. Everyone was understanding and very compassionate, willing to help and to do all the necessary steps to cooperate and to make it an effortless move. They said that the 3rd floor walk-up is absolutely not a big deal but rather the usual practice and that I should not be worries about the super high price quote. Lady calculated everything and gave me a call back in less than 15 minutes giving me the lowest price out of all companies I reached so far. I was pleasantly surprised and there were no extra charges and overages I hadn't budgeted for. Quote from the Interstates Vanlines was competitively priced, and some of the others were double and triple their rates. As promised everything went well, I didn`t have to worry. Every time I called or emailed customer services all my requests were answered without any delays. The team was nice and in just a day they managed to pack and load all my belongings. Team was willing to cooperate and work with me and resolve any additional inquiries. Everything was wrapped and cared for and delivered on time without damages.

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Richmond, VA

April 23, 2018

Best movers I have ever worked with in ...

First and foremost I need to admit that I am a very picky personality, perfectionist, hard to please and also I am very protective of my personal stuff that I acquired through my all life and inherited from my family members over the long time frame time, some pieces of furniture were transferred from previous generations. My family collection include many historical pieces of furniture, books, war antiques, many photo albums, thousands of frames, photos, expensive canvases, sculptures and art pieces. I was very strict when selecting the moving company, I researched very carefully and was very precise and selective I my evaluation criteria of the company I would agree upon because I had to be sure that everything will be moved with care and all these unbelievably fragile masterpieces that are very dear to my soul will arrive safe in their original conditions. This year I had to move my art and antique pieces of furniture from my winter residence in Miami to my apartment in New York close to Central Park where parking is very limited and almost impossible to find or arrange. I called many times the Interstates Vanlines customer services to make sure that the team had previous experience handling fragile items with care and Anna reassured me a number of times that I don’t have to worry about it that the team is professional and experienced and will absolutely treat every piece with extra care. After few conversations with Anna I started to feel more convinced that the company is reliable and knows its business, so I decided to go with it. Anna provided an estimate that was a competitive price for all my numerous possessions. Movers arrived on the agreed day and at the agreed time they packed everything according to my directions and even overwrapped some pieces many times just to be sure that they won’t get any scratches or damage while on the move. I admit that the team was very careful with my stuff, they treated my art with extra care and even showed some interest in it, asked questions about it and wanted to know more historical details about each piece and I was happy to tell them some stories. They took my bed, table, sofa and armchairs apart and put them back together upon arrival. Nothing was missing, damager or broken. I could not have been happier with my most recent move using Interstates VanLines. By far the best movers I have ever worked with in my life, and believe me I have moved a million of times across the country, in different directions on both long and short distances. I would recommend this company to anyone who might read the reviews or might have doubts, trust me, they are true professionals.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : New York, NY

April 20, 2018


This was my second time using particularly Interstates VanLines while moving from different cities within different states across the country (the first time I moved from Houston to Chicago and the second time relocated further from Chicago to Washington DC) and both times I have been totally satisfied and happy with the full package of services and the price obtained. I worked with Alice from the customer services both times to get the price estimate and to arrange the move. Both times she was very polite, responsive to my needs and professional overall, in a very calm manner she was able to answer all my millions of questions that I prepared kind of “what if” scenarios, all responses she provided were very direct, straight to the point, reasonable and informative in full and she was able to facilitate everything as smoothly as possible. I am a single working mom and have a little child, so my free time is limited and often I lack even I spare minute so for this second move from Chicago to DC I relied on Interstates VanLines services completely and even let them pack everything on my behalf from clothes, toys, baby attire to furniture. The team who arrived on time was super friendly and overall fun to work with, especially they were really kind to my 16months old daughter Gabbie who obviously was always on their way, interrupting and was trying to "help" them pack all her toys and little things, everyone behaved in a calm manner and no one asked even once to keep her away from their way and on contrary they were trying to engage her in a playful manner, so that she can also “help”)) which was rather cute and nice. The team had the entire house packed by afternoon and then loaded everything inside the moving truck and we were already free in the late afternoon. The final bill corresponded to the price quote I got from Alice earlier and was exactly as I expected and I would say absolutely fair for the service they provided based on the other price quotes I heard from my friends and relatives. Many were even surprised that there were no stepping stones and that there were no additions to the bill since some of my furniture was of an irregular size and proportions. All our belongings arrived safe and Gabbie was very happy to see her favorite toys again in such short period of time. I would confess that I would never ever pack and move ourselves ever again, I found I company I trust. Thank you guys we were so glad to meet you.

Origin : Cicago, IL
Destination : Washington, DC

April 18, 2018

Best Movers

We as a family of 6 – parents and 4 teenagers needed someone to help us with packing, wrapping and organizing in boxes our entire house full of personal belongings, sport items, skiing equipment, bikes and other. Everything had to be loaded in a van, which ended up being full of various furniture acquired through years of living together. We were moving literally across the whole country from San Francisco to sunny Miami. We needed to find an urgent service because the moving company that was arranged by my husband’s corporate organization, which was covering all our relocation expenses, simply didn’t show up on an agreed day and I had to find the moving company on my own according to extremely tight deadlines due to the fact that our plane tickets were already booked. It all happened in a matter of second and I thought that it was impossible to find movers that are about to agree on such a short notice and who were of high quality at the same time. However, I went online and started to search for a number of companies represented in the area, I found a few and started calling one by one and every single call lead to disappointment I heard the same response saying that nothing can’t be organized the following day. Then I called Interstates VanLines and the lady from the customer services was surprisingly very friendly and dealt with our request very fast and efficiently, she gave me a quote that was even lower than the one I had before from the company that cancelled. Vanessa organized everything and scheduled the team to come the very next day the first thing in the morning. On the following day of our big moving, John, Michael and Jorge arrived at 8.00 am promptly and started doing their magic. Everything was packed in a couple of hours later and in a few more hours they loaded everything inside the truck. They handled all our belongings with care and were overall a super friendly and cool group of men who made us laugh all the time. It is so rare when people have such an amazing vibe that they make you smile even on a stressful day like that and you forgot about the worry because you believe that everything will be fine and handled with the best care possible. Everything arrived on time and safe, nothing was missing or damaged. Thank you very much for moving us and for being a fantastic and efficient moving company. And thanks to Vanessa from customer services for organizing it all and being always available on the phone and for all the tracking updates. Thank you team and Interstates VanLines.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Orlando, Fl

No Photo Richard
July 12, 2017

Great Experience

I used this company a few days ago. I spoke with Rob Thomas in regards to moving some furniture pieces I had down here in Miami up to my father in Rhode Island. Initially we had a call and I explained to Rob my needs and exactly the pieces that I was shipping. Rob was very attentive to my needs and made things very easy. I felt comfortable so I booked. The movers showed up at my condo at a reasonable time. Everything Was explain to me from A-Z. I signed some paper work and off they went working. Everything was blanket wrapped and padded very nicely. It was to my standards and done very professionally. My father contacted me the day of delivery and once everything was unloaded we inspected. We had no broken items or damaged pieces. All and all this was a very reasonably priced move and I had no issues. I would recommend these guys to friend and family.

Origin : Miami FL
Destination : Pawtucket RI

Quoted Price : $3,120.00
Actual Price : $3,200.00

October 26, 2016

Good Job!!!

It pays to relocate using the services of Insterstates Vanlines. I had them as my perfect choice of movers and everything worked out to perfection. Their relocation services were smooth and swift. Unlike the previous movers, these displayed high levels of professionalism. I am glad you were there for me.

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Austin, TX

October 24, 2016

I only have one option when it comes ...

I doubt if there are movers with their capabilities. In my four years of experience with them, they have shown me they can be trusted with any relocation. My last relocation was so involving, and yet they managed it so easily and effectively. I do not see why they should not do the same to you when you seek their services.

Origin : Rock Hill, SC
Destination : Denver, CO

October 20, 2016

I made the right decision

I enjoyed the benefits. I cannot figure out anything better than seeking the services of Interstates Vanlines. I went for the best movers in the region and got an extraordinary relocation experience. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every person who made that relocation possible. You will remain dear to me.

Origin : Athens, GA
Destination : Denver, CO

October 18, 2016

Interstates Vanlines, you are the ...

The best moving company to work with!!! I am really satisfied after my moving!!! My son has this good idea to call Interstates Vanlines, because his friend already hired them. And I'm happy that my son gave me this advice. They are working as they should. Very polite and hard-working people. It's a pleasure to work with them. They packed the goods and after that delivered them in time. We hadn't any delays.

Origin : Fort Myers, FL
Destination : New York, NY

October 17, 2016

Highly recommend for those of you who ...

The folks from Interstates Vanlines were professional, courteous and extremely helpful!!! I am really satisfied!!! I can't say enough nice things about the company! I would use these movers again in a heart beat! They were so nice to me! They even helped me pack things that weren't in boxes. It was a great moving!! Without them I would have been stressed and unhappy, but fortunately, I hired them and they did the job perfectly!!!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : San Diego, CA

September 1, 2016

I am confident with Interstates ...

I love when people do their job perfectly! They did exactly what I asked them to do. And they did everything I wanted very quick and they even unpacked my things! That is the perfect service! I liked them very much! Would hire again!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Phoenix, AZ

August 30, 2016

I am very satisfied with their service.

This guys are awesome! They did the job very fast and very attentive. It's the best moving company I've ever seen!!!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

August 30, 2016

I've never seen such a perfect moving ...

I'm really thankful to these highly qualified professionals! They did a spectacular job! I moved from Tampa, FL to Macon, Georgia. I had a lot of things to move, furniture, electronics, and also fragile stuff, but people from Interstates Vanlines packed and delivered my goods in a perfect condition.

Origin : Tampa, Fl
Destination : Macon, Georgia

August 29, 2016

Thank you guys. You are awesome!

I want to start my review with saying a big thank you to the Interstates Vanlines team! You are truly the best and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Origin : Orlando
Destination : Georgia

No Photo Miller
August 1, 2016

Good Job!!!

I really like the way they work! Highky qualified workers! They are real professionals. they know how to do their job. They did it really quick and they didn't damaged anything! Also they don’t need to be supervised because they have quite an experience! I moved 2 states away and my moving was wonderful! Thank you Interstates Vanlines!!!

Origin : Miami
Destination : Dothan

August 1, 2016

I am very pleased with the job they've ...

I searched for a good moving company for several weeks. Some were quire ok, but their prices were too big. FInally I've found Interstates Vanlines. This one offered not only the services I wanted (packing and moving) but also surprised with the prices and they did a good job. We discussed everything with the managers over the phone and when the guys came we didn’t have any troubles at all. So be sure you mention everything that you need. Also their workers are very polite.

Origin : Hollywood
Destination : Dallas

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