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Jays Moving Company WA
3218 Rucker Avenue
EverettWA 98201 USA

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Phone: 425-289-9259

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No Photo Mindy
March 7, 2021


They No showed

Origin : WA
Destination : WA

No Photo Ken
December 8, 2020

No Show on Move-Out Day

No showed on move-out day. AVOID AT ALL COST! Simply not worth the headache dealing with their unreliability, unprofessionalism, and lack of time management (essential when running ANY business) and financial burden as a result of lease ending and needing to extend due to a no-show. Not to mention taking time off work in anticipation of a move and not being able to find movers in a short amount of time. Ended up doing the move ourselves as a result. Added context: I called to confirm all was good, the day before scheduled move, he asked to move to another day instead of agreed day and time. I couldn't do this due to obligations. Agreed on original day but a later time (3-3:30 arrival). Come 3:30, nothing. Called them, said "They are loading up to head to you to meet our 3:30-4:00 PM window" (note the time discrepancy). 4 PM comes and nothing. Called them again, and he mentioned that his crew isn't coming. He did call me back to say that the crew could come actually and could be here at 4:45 PM. The reservation at the end point ENDED at 5:30 PM and in fact, the loading dock would be locked down. This was also unacceptable. If you care about your peace of mind and your time, DO NOT use this company! Still waiting on a refund of the holding fee. UPDATE: He appears to refuse to refund my holding fee. He claimed he placed the refund to a card that was not mine. Due to his clear history of disorganization I offered him 2 days to resolve the refund issue or I'll dispute the transaction. His next response was to 'go ahead'. So that's what I'll do. Enjoy the chargeback fee.

Origin : Seattle
Destination : Seattle

Quoted Price : $325.00

No Photo Peter
August 10, 2017

jays moving company awesome movers

jay's moving company came to are redmond house on such short notice after are other movers failed to show up, it turns out it worked out fine very good and polite crew did excellent job will recomend to all we know moving thanks jays.

Origin : redmond
Destination : woodinville

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,000.00

No Photo Joanna
July 20, 2017

Damaged goods

I hired this company to move me approximately two blocks,and I did not have a good experience. They damaged a $13,000 heirloom table and broke my washing machine. When I called about the broken washing machine,the owner/operator decided that the washing machine was "electronics" and I hadn't run a load for him before the move to prove that it worked. It should be noted that he showed up 1 1/2 hours late for the move,did not tell me that I needed to demonstrate that my appliances worked. (We moved all of the actual electronics ourselves.) While he initially sounded like he was going to do the right thing with the washer,he reexamined the contract overnight and declared the washing machine "electronics." They do not take apart heavy furniture to move it properly,which is how my table was damaged. They installed my washer and dryer improperly,so I'm going to have to hire someone else to swap them over (the doors open into each other,so it's very difficult to do laundry.) We had to move the bunkbeds because the crew set them up with the railing against the wall so that my child could fall off the top bunk. They cut every corner they could to increase profit and it's not their stuff,so they don't care if it's broken. Don't trust that this guy is a professional and knows what he's doing.

Origin : Marysville, WA
Destination : Marysville, WA

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $1,600.00

No Photo Randi
October 26, 2016

SO Disappointed

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I was given a flat rate of $450 with no paperwork and paid cash but they only did half the job and have still not provided me with a receipt.The owner said he'll mail it to me and has hung up on me twice. When I booked the move I told them 6 boxes worth of packing and the large items yet they just brought the large items. When I went to unpack and realized the smaller items were missing I called to resolve it but I was told "the break down in communication was entirely my fault." Um,Doesn't effective communication require two parties? When I called to suggest that they please finish the job or at least refund the amount I over payed (their flyer clearly says $295,for a two man crew and they were only with me for 2.5 hour) the owner flat out refused,took no responsibility for the situation at all and was very rude. He kept saying he has been doing this 13 years and never had an unhappy customer so it is entirely on me - Not the best customer experience I have had! (Im a realtor so I have ALOT to do with moving companies. I have NEVER been treated as poorly as by Jays Moving Company!! My husband and I had to go back and loan the entire truck full and move it ourselves AFTER having paid this service to move us.

Origin : Mill Creek, WA
Destination : Everett, WA

Quoted Price : $295.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo James
July 16, 2015

Great mover at reasonable price

Jay's Moving Company worked with my crazy schedule, charged a reasonable price, got the job done quickly without any damage to my belongings. They also did a nice job staging my furniture at my new place. I will definitely use them again.

Origin : Bellingham
Destination : Tacoma

No Photo Nichole
June 30, 2015


When movers first arrived 3.5 hours late, they had paperwork charging much higher than I was quoted on the phone. They started the clock on arrival and basically came and renegotiated the terms of the move on my dime. I had to move, so I had no choice but to continue with them. Once terms were set they moved things very slowly, sometimes carrying only a broom at a time to the truck. As soon as we got to the storage unit I asked them to load my couch and mattress into the unit first. Both were loaded to the truck last and were easily accessible but refused to remove my mattress from the truck. Once they had emptied half my stuff ONTO THE SIDEWALK INSTEAD OF IN MY UNIT as I continually asked them to do, they said they need to have me sign the paperwork and work out payment before they can proceed. Due to them changing the terms from what I was told verbally, and also wasting so much time getting me moved, the bill was over significantly higher than what I was quoted and expected to pay originally. I was told when I booked the movers that if I paid in cash I’d get a $10 discount at the end, so I brought enough cash with me that was well over the estimate I was given. Well due to the final amount being so much higher than I was quoted I didn’t have enough cash to pay in full, so I told them I’ll forgo the $10 discount and pay by check or credit. The guys then told me they will only accept cash, which was not what I was told, and locked up the truck with my stuff inside and said they would sit there until I paid in cash in full, meanwhile racking up more time. When I finally got the cash and paid them the extremely overcharged high amount in full, they opened up the truck and took out my remaining items and put them on the sidewalk next to all my other stuff. I asked them to put everything in the storage unit like they said they were going to do, and like I paid them to do. They said that once they are paid they are instructed to empty the truck and leave. They left all my belongings on the sidewalk outside the storage building. I'm a small female and they just drove off leaving all my stuff outside that I couldn't possibly move by myself. Through the moving process they broke tons of stuff. They dropped a bin of electronics including my xbox down a whole flight of stairs, causing it to break open and everything in it broken to bits. They broke mirrors, dropped boxes market FRAGILE and the few boxes I opened and checked have tons of broken stuff. A mover used a piece of shelving furniture as a stool and it broke completely. I was not reimbursed for any of it. Unethical and aggressive owner uses bully tactics and extortion to scam people.

Origin : Kirkland, WA
Destination : Kirkland, WA

Quoted Price : $190.00
Actual Price : $310.00

No Photo Jack
May 26, 2015


Thank you jays for the well organised move will recommend to all

Origin : Issaquah
Destination : Bellevue

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,350.00

No Photo Torrie
January 27, 2015

Do NOT use them!!

The owner called the day of to move out 11am- 12pm start time out to 1-2 pm. 2pm came and went with no call and no one showed up. I had to call "Jeff" back and he advised they wouldn't arrive now until 3:45pm. We waited for them and at 4pm still noe one was their toassist and when we called him again he advised he was 20 minutes out and the truck was on its away. Shortly after we received a call from the moving truck that they were 48 minutes out. At 5pm we called jeff again for him to tell us ge was almost there. He finally arrived at 5:50pm almost 7 HOURS AFTER my original 11am start time! Then when he spoke with myself and my roommate his was rude and used foul language. He was also high and smelled strongly of marijuana. HE introduced himself as Chris and not Jeff and then tried to change our pricing to a higher amount stating it would take longer than the agreed three hours. Once i advised him he would be completing the move in the time agreed he was rude and would no longer speak with us and started taking our things to the curb. After the moving truck arrived they were able to get it all moved and the laborers that came with the truck were friendly. Tje owner is unprofessional and disrespectful and i will NEVER recommend them or use them again!! Stay away! They have horrible ratings with the better business buearu and were supposed to stop business in 2012!

Origin : Tacoma, WA
Destination : Tacoma, Wa

Quoted Price : $285.00
Actual Price : $285.00

No Photo Julie
January 13, 2015


It was good. They're a good company to use. I've used them in the past and I'd use them in the future. They're on time, efficient, everything. They were just great.

Origin : Edmonds, WA
Destination : Mountlake Terrace, WA

No Photo Jack
October 23, 2014


jays moving came on 2 day notice and moved me and my pets down to Portland Oregon thanks jays! leslie

Origin : seattle
Destination : portland or.

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $750.00

No Photo Randy
August 8, 2014


are last movers did not show 9am. Saturday we called jays moving compant they showed up at 10:00am and put are move back in order thanks jays!!!!

Origin : kenmore
Destination : woodinville

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $750.00

No Photo Jes
August 3, 2014

very good movers!!!!

jay,s moving company took very good care of our re-location needs everything was shrink-wrap the timing and for the price cant be it when we move again will definitely go with jays!

Origin : Mercer Island, WA
Destination : Woodinville, WA

Quoted Price : $775.00
Actual Price : $775.00

No Photo Jack
August 2, 2014

jays moving company great movers! ...

jay,s moving company is great they came on short notice and moved our 1600 sq. ft. home in under 5 and half hrs. took the last crew 9 hrs.! they were very professional staged are furniture right were we wanted it will move again in 18 months will definitely used again will recommend to all my friends that are moving in near future.

Origin : Kirkland, WA
Destination : Redmond, WA

Quoted Price : $295.00
Actual Price : $295.00

No Photo Sandra
July 23, 2014

Very Frustrating Move

We were scheduled to start 8:00-9:00am. They called and left me a msg at 11:00PM the night before saying the driver parked the truck at a Denny's Lot and it was towed. they had another move down in Vancouver, so I was bumped and moved to 4:00pm. I was perturbed but tried to be accommodating. They said they'd call me when they left Vancouver (3 hr drive). (didn't happen) I finally called them around 3:00pm and he said they just left Vancouver 15 min ago and would arrive there around 6:30pm. They finally arrived about 7:00pm. I'm still scratching my head as to why I had to be bumped in the first place, just rent another truck! The actual movers worked hard. He (Jay or Jeffrey??) said he'd bring 2 more guys to help (5 total). I thought yeah! come to find out I had to pay for those extra guys. Good customer service would have given me them for no charge, for being so late in getting to my house. The guy (jay or Jeffrey, still cant tell you) talked so fast when he basically threw the contract at me to sign and said a price waaay more than 3 hrs work. we finally settled on $500. They moved fast, wrapped most things well. Only few things broken. We finally arrived at the new house around 10:00pm. (55+ community). They were loud and yelled a lot, not a good first impression on the community for us! They were obviously tired and kept complaining they were tired. I was too! I was up early that morning expecting them at 8:00am! Only 3 of the 5 guys unloaded the stuff and they started to throw stuff and not be careful as they wanted to all get home. I had to remind them there was a lot of glass in the boxes. I was so stressed from this move and still am days later. It was an awful experience. I felt I lost an entire day (b/c I did!) of unpacking b/c of them. The move took total of about 4 hours but felt a lifetime. I would NOT recommend them to anyone.

Origin : Lynnwood, WA
Destination : Everett, WA

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $500.00

No Photo Worst
July 18, 2014

Worst Ever

Not sure if these other reviews are fake, they have to be ! DO YOUR RESEARCH !! He does not have a License ! Look him up on YELP and BBB and City Search ! He goes by the name Jeffery but his name is Carl Washington. He changes names of his company to avoid getting sued. Look it up your self. Look at WUTC.WA.GOV . He arrived at his scheduled time. He came in the house and asked me what I wanted moved. It was just large furniture not boxes. He and his crew started the process and start to load the truck. I let him know I had some bicycles in the garage and he responds ‘ You did not tell me that in the initial call , so, I am not moving it' I said ‘ But you have only been here 20 minutes, I hired you for 3 hours' He said that $295 is a flat rate. I understand that but I expect everything I want moved, moved! He then started using profanity the remainder of loading my things. He said he did not have time to talk about why he charged for 3 hours, he has been doing this a long time and continued to be extremely rude.

Origin : SEA
Destination : SEA

Quoted Price : $295.00
Actual Price : $295.00

No Photo Thach
November 13, 2013

Good service

The move was good. There is a little bit of damage at the new location but it is not a big deal. Their price was reasonable, they offered me a flat-rate instead of hourly. The packing was also done to my satisfaction and I received all the services that I requested. I would recommend them.

Origin : Yarrow Point, WA
Destination : Seatac, WA

No Photo Larry
November 11, 2013

Did more than what they were paid for

It was great. They came in and gave me a firm price on doing it and they fulfilled that and did a good job. The price was reasonable and I did receive all services and more. We had a delay - the storage unit I was moving to had given my unit away. So we had search for another one and it caused a delay of probably about one hour. They were good about trying to help move to another unit, so I was very pleased with that extra part of their service. They were very helpful and I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Bellevue, WA
Destination : Bothell, WA

No Photo Rachel
October 7, 2013

An organized move

It was great. They moved everything. They put everything where I needed it to be. Pricing wasn't too bad. They didn't do any actual packing for me though, all they did was wrap everything in blankets. I did receive all the services that I requested. I would recommend them. The crew was just fine. They were on time, friendly and everything.

Origin : Tacoma, WA
Destination : Tacoma, WA

No Photo Eugene
April 26, 2013

Courteous staff good service

Very fine. On time and good delivery, so on so forth. They were upfront. They were quick to respond and so forth. Just generally okay all the way around. The price is reasonable. They came in, packed the stuff, and wrapped it good, so on and so forth. Delivered on time and it was great. For future customers I would not suggest anything particularly, they were pretty good outfits. If thier name comes up they should take a look at it. The crew were very nice, very courteous.

Origin : Clearview, WA
Destination : Vancouver, WA

No Photo Matthew
January 23, 2013

Disappointing service

They were very inexperienced and it wasn't that great. They damaged quite a few things. I was happy to have them move me and get them out. Even when they started out they were like two hours late. They showed up two hours late. They damaged not all but a good portion of our property. They broke the lid on our fish tank. They damaged one of my computer chairs. Couple of plastic containers got holes and I got them replaced. Its minor stuff but added up. Its going to cost quite a bit. I didn't check everything before they left. So I have no proof that they actually did it, other than the fact that when it went from apartment A to apartment B - all the damage now, they did the moving. No, the crew were not professional. The owner - the main guy that was here was always arguing and fighting with his employees. It was a reasonable price. For future customers my advice is keep an eye on the guys and make sure to inspect your property before they actually let them go.

Origin : Olympia, WA
Destination : Olympia, WA

No Photo Rohit
January 17, 2013

Perfectly done in a timely manner

My experience has been good. They came on-time, they did the job on time, no concerns. I think punctuality and the time they promised little bit done, everything was up to the mark like they said they will be there by 9, they were there by 15 minutes early and then they started the work on time and they told us it will take 2 hours and it was 2-3, and they they exactly given like by 12 they will be done. They were done 10 minutes before, so that was one thing I really like. They were fast and efficient. Definitely, I thought that the price was very reasonable. The staff were quiet and if they have questions they ask and they were smart and quiet I would say. They did good job of moving TV and other stuff by shrink wrapping and placing them in personal protection, everything was good. The only concern that I would say in the whole process was while being fast we had some hardwood floor in our new home, they made some scratches just technical items but they soon identified that there were scratches and stop doing that but they should have taken care of that before.

Origin : Mercer Island, WA
Destination : Issaquah, WA

No Photo Gale
December 4, 2012

Excellent, on-time and everything done ...

They were excellent. Everything was on time, and they did everything great. I was very impressed and I would recommend them and in fact, we are going to probably be moving again next year, and we will use them again. They were reasonably priced as well. They were in Everett and we were in Oak Harbor and they came all the way over to help us. I was very impressed with that. They were on time and did everything just perfect, and everything was great. The staff and crew were very good.

Origin : Ault Field, WA
Destination : Ault Field, WA

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