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Liberty Moving & Storage, Inc
6226 W.Madison Court
Morton GroveIL 60053 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 877-763-9330
Phone: 847-965-0011
Fax: 847-583-9290

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No Photo Mark
May 2, 2018

They were good.

It was excellent, they were right on schedule, right on time. It was an easy move, it wasn't like we were moving pianos and they were great, no problem. The move took exactly the amount of time I thought it was and they were perfect, right on schedule. Gave them all a little tip and they were happy and very professional. I'd recommend those guys. They were competitive with the pricing and they stuck to the pricing of $80 an hour. We had a great move.

Origin : Buffalo Grove, IL
Destination : Lincoln Park, IL

No Photo Sakoli
March 23, 2018

They did a good job

They did a good job. They didnt break anything they were real nice and cordial.

Origin : Calumet City, IL
Destination : Calumet City, IL

No Photo Crystal
March 2, 2018

I would recommend them to my family.

The price had changed because they did not work the whole time. I would recommend them to my family but Some of the things ended up missing.

Origin : Willow Springs, IL
Destination : Argo, IL

No Photo Beth
October 27, 2017

They were FANTASTIC!

Oh my gosh, they were just wonderful! They were professional, they were friendly, everything came in beautifully packed. They did more than I even expected and it was delivered even SOONER than I thought. It was a pleasure dealing with them and I had 2 different moves. They moved me to Montana from Chicago and then I had a bedroom set moved from just 3 miles down the road to a friends house so at two different occasions I had them and I couldn't say enough good things about them. They were fantastic. I had prices all over the place, I had prices that were $2,000 more than Liberty and I had prices that were $3,000 less than Liberty but I was very skeptical of the cheaper company because they charged you for every little piece. Liberty gave me basically volume and I could've added more stuff for that price and it was really satisfying to know that they weren't nickel-and-diming me to death. It was a good deal.

Origin : Echo Lake, IL
Destination : Echo Lake, IL

No Photo Kavita
May 10, 2017

Would use again if I have to

They're really good people, I did not have any problems with them. It's just that they brought my vanity up and it didn't fit in the bathroom so the guy was like cribbing that now we have to take it down, that's the only problem. The rest was wonderful, I'd use them again if I have to.

Origin : Northbrook, IL
Destination : Northbrook, IL

No Photo Joanne
June 17, 2016

They were very efficient.

They showed up on time and they were very efficient. There was no damage to any furniture and they just were very efficient time-wise and moving-wise.

Origin : Jefferson Park, IL
Destination : Williams Bay, WI

No Photo Kristina
March 22, 2016


My husband and I used this company to move us from Chicago to Las Vegas. It was the WORST experience of our lives. First of all, they were way off on the original estimate that we got from the beginning.(They lowball you just to get your business and then charge you hundreds more when they finally come to pick up your things, they use a crazy amount of tape to wrap things up just so that they can charge you more money, and then when you say something about how much more they are charging they say that they won't charge you as much of you give them a good tip) Secondly, My husband got a call from the truck driver the night before to let him know that he would meet him at 10am to deliver our things. My husband took the day off work and went to the storage facility at 10, he waited for 15 min and called the driver to find out where he was and the driver didn't answer. My husband called 5 times between 1015 and 1045 and left messages with no response. He then called Hansel at the facility in Chicago who stated that he didn't know what was going on. Two hours later he got a call back stating that the driver would be there around 3. (So my husband took a day off for no reason) I was home from work by 130 and ended up going back to the storage facility with him at 3pm and AGAIN, the driver wasn't there. We were both trying to call him and he refused to answer. He finally text my husband at 330 and said he'd be there around 4- We waited until 430 when the driver FINALLY had the decency to show up! Who can be 6.5 hours late for a job???? Then the driver gets out, says hi to me, I said" Hi, how are you" and his response to me was "I'd be better if I wasn't here" (Well, I'm sorry that you don't like your job, thats NOT my problem!) Himself and another guy unloaded the truck and found one of our plastic bins completely smashed. Mind you, It said FRAGILE all over it. (What kind of company puts heavy enough things on top of a box, heavy enough to completely smash it and the things inside of it? I posted a picture as well) and when they were almost finished my husband had seen a couple of our boxes that were ours. He peeked his head in and said "Those two are our boxes" (and pointed to them) The driver then told him to keep his f'ing head out of his truck. When they were finally finished the driver came over to my husband and made him sign the paper and actually had the nerve so say " You know that all moving companies are, are a ripoff, I don't know why anyone uses them" I guess he was right because after getting our things out of storage the next weekend there were many broken things BECAUSE THIS COMPANY WAS COMPLETELY CARELESS, missing bookshelves for a very expensive bookcase that my father had given me right before he passed away, and two plastic containers full of new wedding gifts that hadn't been open yet, which also included our $258 wedding album that we liter

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Actual Price : $1,708.00

No Photo Anonymous (Ra)
January 20, 2016

My move was fast and the guys were ...

It was real easy, fast, simple, the guys were great, they were very helpful. It was awesome, they were excellent.

Origin : Forestview, IL
Destination : Highland, IN

No Photo Dipak
August 21, 2015

Don't ever choose them even if they ...

I used Liberty moving

Origin : Evanston IL
Destination : Edison, NJ

Quoted Price : $1,885.00
Actual Price : $1,950.00

No Photo Jay
May 24, 2013

On time service by professionals

It was very good. They were very professional and finished the job in time. Yes pricing was reasonable. I did receive all the services that I requested. Packing was done up to my satisfaction. They are the best. The crew were very professional. They were on time and friendly to me.

Origin : Northbrook, IL
Destination : Buffalo Grove, IL

No Photo Kathy
March 18, 2013

My move was not okay

It was fine up until the day of the move. They damaged a piece of furniture that I have and they got it fixed and can't give more than 20 minutes notice when they want to deliver it. I just find that to be very unusual that if they were delivering on Saturday, they don't know prior to Saturday that they are going to deliver in my area. We spend three weeks and they were calling me in the middle of the day, oh we are 20 minutes from your house and I said I am working. Then they asked can leave by back door no I said you can't. So I had an other instance with them on Saturday that they were 20 minutes to a half hour away and he didn't understand what he couldn't leave it when it was raining outside. The move went fine, they were very courteous, three nice gentlemen but it is the follow-up. They have a piece of my furniture and I couldn't get it back. Like I said my experience was fine but it's aftermath that I have problems with. My advice to customer service is better communication.

Origin : Oak Lawn, IL
Destination : Orland Park, IL

No Photo James
February 20, 2013

Excellent and professional crew

The guys were excellent. They busted their backside, they got it done. Nothing bad to say about the whole group. The prices were great. Their staff were awesome like I said nothing bad to say. Their truck was clean, crew was professional, served me together very hard and how much I say about the crew. Actually they know what they were doing. The only they packed actually is they helped was to wrap my TV and got there in one piece.

Origin : Ravenswood, IL
Destination : East Chicago, IN

No Photo Rebecca
November 21, 2012

The move was burdensome

The entire move was very bad. They told me that they would arrive at my home in 15 minutes and they showed up at our home in 2 ½ hours. They delivered my goods two days later than the planned date. They were very rude, and they were not trustworthy. A couple of pieces of my stuff were broken, and the guys were not professional. I ended up paying an extra 15% on top of the quoted price. The most horrible thing was that they sat down and picked up my things. I am highly disappointed with the movers.

Origin : Naperville, IL
Destination : Bloomington, MN

No Photo Candace
October 16, 2012

Extremely pleased with their service

I had to move to another apartment urgently and this company was kind enough to accept my job on such short notice. The movers were on time and did what they had to do. They gave me an estimate. They finished within that time frame. They were nice and easy with my furniture. All of it was good.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Laura
October 10, 2012

Fast and efficient service made the ...

The experience was great. They did an excellent job. They were very fast. And I am so happy. They took care of all of our stuff; cleaning down everything and all that. They did it so fast. However, I didn’t like the way they charged me. They charged me extra for the wrapping paper and the tape, but I felt that the price of the move was okay. They were on time and friendly.

Origin : Hoffman Estates, IL
Destination : Hoffman Estates, IL

No Photo Janice
October 6, 2012

move from OOlympia Fields to Layton ...

The man that delivered the clocks was the greatest. I wish I could say that about Quality Movers that I ordered the move from. I was told one price then after they picked the clocks up they would not move then til I paid $300.00 more. I orginally said there would be 4 grandfather clocks and 1 cedar chest. It ended up to be one cedar chest and 2 grandfathers clocks but no adjustments were made except to pay more or they would not be sent.

Origin : Olympia Fields, IL
Destination : Layton, UT

Quoted Price : $1,100.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Sharon
October 1, 2012

Quick, Strong, Always on Time.

The movers were on time, in fact, came before the scheduled time quoted. I had 4 rooms of Furniture also clothing, many heavy books. The truck for adequate in accommodating my items; there a couple of minor issues with one of the movers but for the most part, they were great. 4 stars is a accurate rating.

Origin : Rogers Park, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $380.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo Bader
September 24, 2012

Completely satisfied

I would like to recommend this company to anyone who wants service from caring professionals. The movers were flexible and careful with my belongings. I had no problems at all. They were accommodating to a couple of last-minute changes that we had. The prices were also competitive. Everything went perfectly well at both ends of the move.

Origin : Twenty Second Street, IL
Destination : Des Plaines, IL

No Photo Michael
September 7, 2012

Highly skilled crew and efficient ...

I have moved quite a few times due to my job and everytime something or the other would go wrong, like movers coming late or a truck breaking down or the delivery of goods being delayed. This time everything was so precise and went very smoothly. The movers were highly skilled and did a good job at packing. I didn't have to do anything, they pretty much did everything for me. Overall it was an efficient service.

Origin : Lincoln Park, IL
Destination : Fort Dearborn, IL

No Photo Maxwell
August 28, 2012

A mediocre move

The actual move went well and the movers did a good job packing and wrapping, as nothing was broken. They took more than three weeks to deliver my stuff, however. At the end they demanded more money, which I challenged, and eventually that made them drop it.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Raleigh, NC

No Photo Stephanie
August 22, 2012

An average move all around

Nothing really stood out about this move and the moving company I hired. The entire move was pretty average, although that isn't at all a bad thing, as it can be a good thing when a move is uneventful. Although the movers didn't arrive on time to my home on the moving date, they were able to get the job done without incident and their prices were also very reasonable.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Downers Grove, IL

No Photo Ellen
August 20, 2012

Prompt move from professional movers

I was thoroughly satisfied with the moving company I used for my recent move. They arrived on time to pack and load my belongings and they did the job very efficiently while still making sure to be careful with my belongings and not damage anything. They also had great pricing and their staff was very courteous and professional throughout the entire experience.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Orland Park, IL

No Photo Ije
August 2, 2012

Terrible service !!!!

First off, they showed up over 3 hours late with no apology. I had already packed up my boxes to make it easier and helped them pack up the rest of my stuff. When they finish, they actually asked me for tip and stood there like you have to tip us, no matter how much; I was so embarrassed because I did not have enough cash on me and I could not tip with a credit card. I explained to them and they just stood there like, we will take whatever is in your purse. I was scared that they may break things on purpose because I did not give them enough tip and they did. The switch on my $150 lamp was broken, my standing selves were broken as well and I was only give $30 which is not even up to the cost of the lamp not the talk of the selves. Originally, the plan was to have my things weighed and let me know how much so that I can decide what I can toss; no body called me. So I went with the impression that I was within the specified budget of $950 only for the driver to call me and tell me my price was actually $1300. In addition, they told me that a flight of stairs incurs no extra charge, turns out there version of a flight of stair is actually five steps. I found this out from the drive and had to pay an additional $100; I called the person I had been dealing with, and he basically hung up on me and said well he was clear on that. My items, till this day still smell like smoke. I don’t know if my things were put next to a burning building. GOOD LUCK USING THEM!

Origin : Twenty Second Street, IL
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $900.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Hossein
July 13, 2012

Good Review

I used Liberty Moving & Storage for my recent move and thought that their price was reasonable. Also, the move was done on time and I had an overall good experience, plus the job was done nice and fast.

Origin : Morton Grove, IL
Destination : Morton Grove, IL

No Photo Saks
July 10, 2012

An average move

I used Liberty Movers for my move and they arrived 12 hours late, which was quite unprofessional. They even brought a smaller truck than what i had asked for. The good thing about the move was the reasonable pricing and that the crew worked efficiently in packing and moving my things.

Origin : Northbrook, IL
Destination : Northbrook, IL

No Photo Savalle
May 18, 2012

worse experience ever

I am currently having an issue with this company. Just like the other post they re taped ALL my boxes. Never delivered when they said then right now won't deliver my items unless I give them an extra, depending on who u speak with, $1100-1200. I am working with an attorney and if anyone want to join pleas email me and we can get documents to my attorney.

Origin : illinois
Destination : texas

Quoted Price : $1,552.00
Actual Price : $2,400.00

No Photo David
October 20, 2011

Best company I have ever used

We were very pleased with all the services provided by Liberty. The salesman Dave was very informative and took time to explain what would happen, and how things are handled. He was very thoughtful of our belongings, and even suggested crating our familys very old grand father clock which we were said we were scared to move. The driver and crew who did the moving were awesome! they worked very hard, I could not have done a better job myself. We had bad weather on moving day, but the Liberty guys handled it like the professionals they are. thanks to Liberty a job well done and appreciated.

Origin : Skokie, IL
Destination : Morton Grove, IL

Quoted Price : $470.00
Actual Price : $520.00

We pride our self for our immense knowledge in relocation helping people residing in Illinois and the neighbors in their relocation needs. If you are planning to relocate we provide you service at your door step. We are committed to all kind of transport local and long distance. We collect affordable fee for the assignment taken and you will be exited to meet our company with facilities starting from packing to storage with complete dedication.

Your relocation will be first estimated by our experts of the respective field, the on-site estimation is available for free of cost which maps the cost accurately for the assignment. We assure that you will not face any inconvenience of including extra charges at the end of the journey. Our employees will assist you in packing, unpacking and other services depending on your need.

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If you are not sure of moving all your goods you can avail the storage facility on demand. Our store house is climatic controlled and equipped with twenty four hours surveillance system taking care of the security issues. Also we are licensed and insured which decreases your worries on security and safety of your goods. Contact us round the clock to know more about us, the status of your goods and for clarification. Book your next move with us and have a memorable experience!

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