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Long Distance Relocation Services
9330 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway #900
DallasTX 75243 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 844-955-5050
Phone: 844-955-5050
Fax: 443-740-9140

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No Photo Cherryl
October 12, 2018

Great scheduler

I was very apprehensive about my move despite all the positive reviews for this company. With the move all done, I must say that they deserve their stellar reputation and I would choose them for my next move, too!

Origin : New York
Destination : Louisiana

No Photo Rick
October 3, 2018

Excellent service

We couldn’t be happier with the excellent service we received. This is our first move where nothing has been damaged during the process. I think we will stick permanently to these guys with their great attitude and responsible team.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Ohio

No Photo Travis
October 2, 2018

Their team is excellent!

What a great group of people work at this company! I have only good things to say about the movers and also the booking personnel I spoke with a few ties to organize the move. It’s great when everything works as you have been promised and their team is excellent!

Origin : Connecticut
Destination : Michigan

No Photo Lorry
October 1, 2018

Great company

As a business owner myself, I always take a critical eye to the services I pay for. In this case, my movers were the kind of individuals I encourage my employees to be. They are easygoing with their clients but when it comes to work, they put their heads down and WORK. Great company.

Origin : Colorado
Destination : Oklahoma

No Photo Quentin
September 29, 2018

We are very happy

Arrived on time, packed carefully and loaded safely. Delivery was smooth and unloading was just as fast and easy. We are very happy with the service we received and the people who helped us during such a hectic interstate move!

Origin : Indiana
Destination : Ohio

No Photo Lalo
September 28, 2018

Good and Cheap

The moving team is very good but I also have to speak about their great admin team, which coordinated things so well. Our move went off very smoothly and there were none of the problems which we have had with other movers.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Florida

No Photo Venice
September 27, 2018

I strongly recommend this company

We had the pleasure of employing this company to move our 3-bedroom home recently. Right from the first conversation I had with their office manager, I could tell we were dealing with committed professionals. The movers only confirmed that on moving day. I strongly recommend this company.

Origin : North Carolina
Destination : Georgia

No Photo Page
September 23, 2018

Affordable service

We have changed movers every time we have moved in the past because none of them delivered to the promises they made. Finally, this company has made us realize that there are honest players in this industry, too! Use them if you want affordable service for a reasonable fee.

Origin : Kansas
Destination : Pennsylvania

No Photo Calvin
September 21, 2018

A+ service all the way

We used this company a few months ago to move our things into storage when my husband was posted overseas. There was no question about not using them again now when we returned. A+ service all the way.

Origin : Alabama
Destination : Virginia

Quoted Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Miriam
September 20, 2018

Definitely 5 stars from me

I chose this company for my move after asking friends for recommendations. A couple had used them before and now I know why they recommended them. Just let them work and they do an excellent job and your items are delivered safe and sound. Definitely 5 stars from me.

Origin : Texas
Destination : California

No Photo Raymond
September 19, 2018

Great job

I had hired this company years ago and managed to track them down again when I was about to move this time. It’s simple – when they do a great job once, you know you can trust them with doing a great job again. And they did!

Origin : Georgia
Destination : Pennsylvania

No Photo Chandler
September 17, 2018

Very impressed

I watched these guys work out of sight and was very impressed that they treated my stuff with great care even when they didn’t know I was watching. If you are looking for movers who put effort into their work and care about the things they move, use this company.

Origin : Iowa
Destination : New York

No Photo William
September 16, 2018

These guys are perfect

These guys are perfect for large moves. After over a decade in one home, I had collected a lot of stuff but they handled it all with quiet professionalism. There are no words to describe how happy I am after hearing all the horror stories about other movers!!!

Origin : Montana
Destination : Virginia

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Julie
September 15, 2018

Very, very good

I am a veteran mover because of my job and I have to say that these guys are among the best in the world. That is not an exaggeration – most moving companies use part-timers who simply don’t care while these guys use professionals who know their job. Very, very good.

Origin : Oregon
Destination : Texas

No Photo Hillary
September 2, 2018

They're great!

I was planning to move on my own but a change in plans meant I chose these guys at the last minute. They accommodated me at short notice and still delivered all my stuff right on time. Next time, I will plan better but still use these guys – they’re great!

Origin : Utah
Destination : Texas

No Photo Adam
September 1, 2018

Great deal

Got a great deal from these guys and that just made a very good move even sweeter. This is our third time using them and they only get better. If you want professionals, look no further.

Origin : Connecticut
Destination : Ohio

No Photo Laura
August 31, 2018

Best of luck!

The guys did a great job of moving my large 4-bedroom house. I am very impressed not just with their speed but how they coupled it with being so careful with our belongings. I think the professionalism of this company will take it far. Best of luck!

Origin : Michigan
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $2,900.00

No Photo Leslie
August 30, 2018

The whole company is like a well-oiled ...

Most moves feel like a never-ending nightmare but I am so happy (and surprised) that this company made my last move so simple and effortless. The movers arrived right on time and got straight to it, no dawdling and chatting. The whole company is like a well-oiled machine :O

Origin : Kansas
Destination : New Jersey

No Photo Alisher
August 29, 2018

Money well spent

If you are considering professional movers, it is hard to go past this company that ticks all the boxes. The movers, the admin officers and even the owner are completely dedicated to making sure your move goes well. They are not the cheapest but it is money well spent.

Origin : South Dakota
Destination : California

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Owen
August 28, 2018

The job done perfectly

I have only written a handful of reviews in my life because I only do so when the service I receive is truly exceptional. That was the case with my movers here and I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a move where they can rest easy and get the job done perfectly.

Origin : Connecticut
Destination : North Carolina

No Photo Chad
August 27, 2018

Real professionals

After having some negative experiences with bargain basement movers which ALWAYS cause drama, we decided to use real professionals. After the flawless move we had with this company, there is no way we would even consider anyone else again!

Origin : Oklahoma
Destination : Illinois

No Photo Marta
August 26, 2018

AAA quality company

So happy that our items were moved into our new home without any damage to the floors and walls. We paid slightly more than we would have with other movers but we would have probably lost out with the resulting less professional service. A quality company.

Origin : Texas
Destination : Colorado

No Photo Martin
August 24, 2018

Their price matches the quality

We chose this company because the sales rep at the office was very good at explaining how they charge and was very transparent about possible extra charges, something we didn’t see from other companies. Their price matches the quality of service they deliver and we will definitely use them again.

Origin : Alabama
Destination : Arkansas

No Photo Stan
August 23, 2018

Thank you!

The movers at this company are really the reason that it does so well. They are fast and professional and know their jobs well. We have had a great move because of them and know we will come back if we have to move again. Thank you!

Origin : Wyoming
Destination : Ohio

No Photo Nancy
August 22, 2018

No-hassle move

If you want a non-nonsense, no-hassle move, pick these guys every time. I stumbled upon them and they have now become my go-to movers. Very professional and they will work to accommodate any request to make your move easier.

Origin : Iowa
Destination : Texas

No Photo Anthony
August 21, 2018


Just the thought of moving used to give me stomach cramps but not anymore. I am very organized and moving is a nightmare. Fortunately, this is a company that shares my passion for order and precision. Everything was on time and there was minimal mess. Perfect!

Origin : Illinois
Destination : Florida

No Photo Laura
August 20, 2018

A great move

A great move made even better by the great attitude of the movers. They were friendly and even helped me pack some of my things (which I wasn’t paying for). I would recommend them to everyone.

Origin : South Carolina
Destination : New Jersey

No Photo Phillip
August 17, 2018

We are very pleased

We chose these movers upon a recommendation and have now become fans ourselves. They are good at what they do and charge reasonably. But most importantly, they can be trusted to move your items with care. We are very pleased with the service we received.

Origin : Iowa
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $2,800.00

No Photo Jerrard
August 16, 2018

I love these guys!

I was moving just a small amount of stuff (relocating my bedroom) and so it was a small job. Still, the speed with which the movers did their job and had me moved into my new place was phenomenal! I love these guys!

Origin : Florida
Destination : Georgia

Quoted Price : $1,600.00
Actual Price : $1,600.00

No Photo Venice
August 12, 2018

Great experience from a super company

We were very happy that our 4-bedroom house was packed and loaded within a day. The delivery and unpacking went just like clockwork and we are happy to report that there was no damage. A great experience from a super company.

Origin : New Hampshire
Destination : Florida

No Photo Jeffrey
August 11, 2018

The service was impeccable!

The price we were quoted was towards the higher end of what we were prepared to pay but we stuck with them because they are very open about their charges. In the end, I have to say that you definitely get what you pay or because the service was impeccable!

Origin : Arkansas
Destination : Tennessee

No Photo Gertha
August 10, 2018

Fantastic job

You can’t go wrong with this company. Our extended family has used them over ten times and we all consistently agree that they are the most reliable and value-for-money option available out there. Once again, they did a fantastic job for us. Thank you!

Origin : Oregon
Destination : Arizona

Quoted Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Kurt
August 9, 2018

A very professional company

Great movers and it’s very easy to communicate with their company and with their team. We had to change the time of the move a couple of times because of work but they took it all in their stride. In the end, perfect experience with a very professional company.

Origin : Georgia
Destination : Missouri

No Photo Bettany
August 8, 2018

One of a kind

I used these movers despite the slightly higher than average price tag because I did not want to be adding to the heap of one-star reviews out there. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the service actually was and would recommend them in a second.

Origin : Minnesota
Destination : Illinois

No Photo Samantha
August 7, 2018

Excellent job

I used this company to move out of my parent’s home to my own place, which is a pretty short distance. Still, the logistics are crazy and you need a good company who can treat your stuff good. These guys did an excellent job.

Origin : Kentucky
Destination : Florida

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