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Motor Movers Auto Transport
8502 E. Via De Ventura #140
ScottsdaleAZ 85258 USA

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Toll Free: 866-976-2264
Phone: 480-428-1268
Fax: 480-718-8242

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No Photo Edward
June 23, 2015

It was horrendous.

I would give a 1 out of 10. It was an absolutely horrible experience. I will be writing something to the Better Business Bureau about them. He had arranged three to four different movers. It was to the point where the move was delayed multiple times. I wasn't even sure where my car was, nobody was picking up. It was horrendous.

Origin : New Rochelle, NY
Destination : Charlotte, NC

No Photo David
November 4, 2013

Average moving experience

The communication timing wasn't great - for some reason the car couldn't be dropped off at the place that I have asked for. I had to go pick it up. The driver claimed there was a weight limit on the street where I lived. I don't understand because we have large trucks going by all the time. I don't understand that. It was a bit confusing. He claimed it was 7/10th of a mile away from where he was supposed to drop it off or almost a mile away. I thought the price was halfway decent. I didn't want to go with something that was completely too cheap thinking, you know, the responsibility of the workmanship would not be good. Then I didn't want to go very expensive - I'm not made of money. This happened to be right in the middle. For future customers I would just suggest that communication could be little better on like scheduling, timing. I know they have to coordinate with drivers that are not their own. They should probably screen what they are doing. Whatever transporting company was for Motor Movers, whoever the driver was, should be advised to Motor Movers. While it was okay, it wasn't satisfactory.

Origin : Carmel, IN
Destination : East Providence, RI

No Photo Sheena
August 14, 2013

This is an absolute joke.

Apparently, once Motor Movers (or the rando they outsource to - after they take your $200 reservation fee) takes possession of your car, they basically thumb their nose at your and challenge you to try and do something about it. Luckily, my car's not worth that much, and I'm a lawyer so I can easily sue to recover it's value should anything go wrong in small claims court, so I'd much rather make get my story out than focus on obtaining the vehicle. First, no confirmation email. Had to ask FOUR times for it. Seriously? Next, no 24 hour notice. Called the driver one of the days they said they might come, assuming they'd be there next-day, was told 2-4 pickup time THAT DAY. Promised to update me at noon. No update at noon. Call at 1:15. Driver is running late. 4-6. I ask if he's sure, and to let me know if he's running late, as my father facilitating pickup in OH (I'm in NY) is a physician who needed to head to the ER at six. Was assured that I will be updated. No update, ever. Call at 5. Driver is going to be late. Ask for more information, driver yells obscenities at me and says "forget it. I'm not picking up your f--king car." Try to deal with Motor Movers, Laura was great - Patrick was literally trying to explain to me that there is only one driver - who is the SAME EXACT person coordinating pickups, and loading and unloading cars. THis is the pathetic agent Motor Movers selected, whom they have worked with ONCE BEFORE. At this point, the driver apparently realizes he needs money, and calls me incessantly. Somehow, he shows up and convinces my father to turn over the car. Now, we're going through a similar nightmare trying to pick up the car itself. We literally cannot get someone to call us one day in advance to let us know when the car will be dropped off. It is sitting in a parking lot literally 10 minutes away from the dropoff location. This is really the dumbest experience I have ever encountered - rather than try to solve a (fairly simple) problem, this company tries to screw it's customers. On a side note, I think they'd expend less energy actually doing their jobs and following through than insisting that this is just how it is. Patrick O'Connell is for lack of a better word, nothing short of an incompetent lying jerk. He'll say yes to everything you require, but can't remember who you are when you describe all the very specific things he swore to do. When you call him out on it, he treats you like he's doing you a favor. He referred to me to terms and conditions...which don't exist online, and I certainly have never read nor signed. As such, the consumer is protected, idiot. Not you, nor your random drivers. Just an FYI for anyone else who's getting the runaround. Google filing small claims in your state against this company to recoup any monies owed free of charge.

Origin : Toledo, OH
Destination : Jersey City, NJ

Quoted Price : $591.00
Actual Price : $616.00

No Photo Barbara
December 30, 2012

Motor Movers

I was so pleased with the service and Jeff and Mr. Jimmy who delivered my car were a delight. I highly recommend and will use again should the need arise. These are honest and fair people whose word is gold.

Origin : Fayetteville, NC
Destination : Edmonds, WA

Quoted Price : $1,225.00
Actual Price : $1,225.00

No Photo Paul
December 27, 2012

Not upto my expectations

Everything was good until two guys got the car. When we took the vehicle, we checked it all out and everything. We checked the engine, we checked the trunk, the whole nine yards. When we pulled away we didn't check the gas cap. So we just went up the street, maybe three blocks and pulled into a gas station. The gas tank or the gas cap was unlocked. My light was on. When I called him about it just to tell him, hey somebody did that, they wanted to argue saying it couldn't happen like that. So it left like a bad taste in my mouth because everything else was real good. The light - they said it just happens to be because it's a 2006 minivan. I said no, I've worked on cars all my life. So I called Chrysler and they said, just wait a week or so to see because its probably something wrong with the computer in the van. Five days later I called them back and told them. They still said we must've done it. I had two drivers, the owner and his helper. They both told me that I was wrong. A guy named Patrick was always arguing that I was wrong and they were right. They knew cars and stuff and everything. I was gonna leave reviews after reviews for the company. The result at the very end - the whole thing was a very bad experience.

Origin : Cary, NC
Destination : Aurora, IL

No Photo Jason
November 15, 2012

Smooth ride for my car

They just did what they said they were gonna do. That's all I can ask for. The pickup and delivery was on time. The driver was in touch with me throughout the entire move by phone. He called and informed me about where the car was and when it would be delivered. I would use them again if I had to move my car.

Origin : Albuquerque, NM
Destination : Appleton, CO

No Photo Aracely
November 15, 2012

Fantastic shipment of my car

They gave me the best experience at affordable prices. They took extra care in shipping my car without any damages or scratches. The best part was that they communicated with us efficiently to tell me the whereabouts of my car. We got the perfect car shippers.

Origin : Albuquerque, NM
Destination : Santa Rosa, CA

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