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Move On Moving
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No Photo Aleks
August 10, 2022

Great move all around. No serious ...

I don't know what to say other than this just went about how you think moving should go. We booked through a broker so we expected it to go up but it didn't go up that much because we were pretty thorough when we were pricing around and made sure we had a good estimate. They did some of the packing and that was better than what we did so if we have to move again I would just have the company pack. It took a little longer than we'd like but we already knew about the shortages so it wasn't so bad. Just really nice people in the office and at pickup and it was a good move. Cathy is very helpful in the office especially. If you have questions about anything I recommend asking for her but she doesn't seem to be there a lot unfortunately.

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Chicago

Quoted Price : $5,200.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Mike
January 3, 2022

Worst experience ever!

One of the worst experiences I’ve had as a consumer. I wish I could leave o stars. Do not, I repeat, Do not use MoveOnMovers if you care about you belongings. I would like to start with a couple of observations.1. This industries business plan is not built on repeat business. (How many times are you going to do across country move?)2. When you read the reviews of moving companies, they all have negative reviews along with some positive ones. My belongings were picked up the middle of February. They technically have 30 days to deliver. We did not get our belongings until the end April. MoveOnMovers did adjust final payment due to the delay. When the truck showed up at my new house in Louisiana, only the driver was there. When they picked up my belongings there were three. The driver, who was coming from Las Vegas were my belongings were being held had just come from Texas were he dropped off a load and after leaving my house was going to Georgia to drop off additional loads. Because he was by his self, (he had asked for help but was denied by MoveOn Movers)he had to unload everything by himself. I had furniture for a four bedroom house including dressers, China cabinets, beds, weights etc.. I ended up having a bedroom wall damaged along with deeps scratches on newly installed floors. I don’t necessarily blame the driver. This job required more than one person. He also confirmed that I was being overcharged. I was being charged for additional cubic feet. In addition to the wall and floor damage, there was a family China chest that was crushed on top because of the way things were loaded. I also had a $3500 Cannondale bike that was detailed in my list that was “lost”. I just received da settlement offer of $177.

Origin : Pinole, CA
Destination : Addis, LA

Quoted Price : $3,300.00
Actual Price : $4,652.00

No Photo Mitch
June 18, 2020

Stay Away

This company gives you very low estimates to undercut its competitors and then, once they have your stuff, they jack up the price to be way higher than everyone else and then forget they have your stuff for at least a month. I didn’t see my stuff for a month, called them multiple times, and they didn’t even have a truck set up. After about a week of daily calls they got something set up, but what if I didn’t call? Would I ever get my stuff? If you want practice managing a moving company, contract these guys to move your stuff, because they are so mismanaged you will have to do most of it yourself

Origin : Arizona
Destination : Montana

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $3,400.00

No Photo Kyle
November 16, 2019

DO NOT USE!! They are beyond terrible!

Short story: Late on both pick-up and drop-off Over a month before my items were delivered Employees tried to extort me for more money Management authorized movers to leave my things in the lobby of my apartment complex and drive off Zero customer service skills Rarely staffed phone line (during normal business hours) Tons of damaged items Long story: Please do not use MoveOn Moving ever! I had a horrific experience with them, and they are too incompetent to make any changes in their lack of quality any time soon. They hire employees who will try and extort you for more money (even when contractually they are in the wrong), and their management will do nothing to mitigate the situation nor demonstrate any semblance of customer service. My movers were over 2 hours late for BOTH the pick-up and the drop-off. For my particular move, it took almost TWO FULL WEEKS after my things were picked up for my paperwork to even make it back to the company’s headquarters (because apparently digital/phone calls/emails are not a thing) for my drop-off schedule to even get processed. Meanwhile, I am ready for my things two days after my items were picked up. I called every other day to check on the status of my move, and either no one picked up (how can they not staff during business hours?) or I was just told that they did not have any updates. A few times when I called and gave them my moving information, I was specifically told “we do not have your information, you must not have used our services”. When I told them how that was literally impossible, and maybe look for longer than two seconds in their files, I would get an “oh, there you are!” Before my things were ever picked up, I told MoveOn of a vacation I was going on three weeks later. I was told this was no problem for my drop-off to happen before then. Well, even after multiple check-in calls a week with no delivery date scheduled in sight, I finally was transferred to a manager, who informed me that they “were never made aware of this”, and that my delivery was still a long way off (so, DURING my vacation). Obviously, this was a blatant lie on their part. When my things were finally delivered (OVER A MONTH after my first available date), the driver of the truck tried to EXTORT me for extra money. He said he was not made aware of stairs (I was on the second floor), and I let him know he is welcome to use the elevator, oh and by the way, my contract SPECIFICALLY stated that a flight of stairs was included. He huffed and puffed, and stormed off to his truck to call the company. Half an hour later, he told me he was AUTHORIZED to leave my things on the first-floor entryway. Are you kidding me??? Someone in this company said he could leave a paying customer’s personal belongings in the middle of a public apartment complex’s entryway instead of delivering them to the specific apartment! After I told him absolutely not, he finally agreed to not try

Origin : Tempe, AZ
Destination : Portland, OR

Quoted Price : $2,000.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo Carly
April 16, 2019

Great move

These people were GREAT!!! In all honesty, I had a great moving experience with this moving company. It was my second time doing a long distance move and I have given myself much more time to prepare this time compared to last time I move. That being said, the move went rather good. I packed my own things, and made sure to pack them extremely careful to ensure that there weren't going to be any damages or, at least minimal. Anyway, I ended up hiring through a broker and was subcontracted Move On. The girl in their customer service department has been friendly and great to stay connected with. She walked me through each step of the way and helped me out by explaining the process of a move. Their movers that came out to my house were very friendly upon pick up, and during delivery I had a different crew of people but also, they were very nice to deal with. My load ended up being above what I was expecting but, I understand that moving up a flight of stairs is going to cost more than if it was right there. If you do your homework and understand how moves work, you'll know more of what to expect. I would like to say that this move was really easy for me to not have to move my own things. I would definitely recommend them.

Origin : Phoenix, AZ
Destination : Madison, WI

Quoted Price : $2,650.00
Actual Price : $2,650.00

No Photo Pierre
January 21, 2019

Professional Job by this moving company

My family and I were very happy with the long distance move from Move On Moving. Great crew of guys, they worked fast, were friendly. The booking process was easy, we went through a moving broker named Best Interstate. Everything was simple, they packed and picked up all of our stuff. We got everything about 5 days later in NY which was pretty fast since there was a snowstorm a few days earlier. Thanks to the hardworking guys at move on moving. We really appreciate the great job you did.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Long Island, NY

Quoted Price : $5,894.00
Actual Price : $5,894.00

No Photo Caitlin
January 18, 2019

Good job you guys!

I decidede to move to a new state and when I was calling around looking for a company, I finally settled with this one. In the end, I am not dissatisfied. I really liked the results of my move. They took the time to wrap my things properly making sure it was done right and loaded their truck. At that point when I was ready to have the delivery to the new house, I had given them a call and told them my availability to see if it could also work with their schedule. Once I set that up, they gave me a timeframe for them to arrive with my belongings. At the time of delivery, the stuff was good and the took the time to unload without damaging my stuff. I hope I don't have to move again but, if I do, I will definitely be calling move on moving again.

Origin : Riverside, CA
Destination : Dracut, MA

Quoted Price : $4,800.00
Actual Price : $4,950.00

No Photo Rob
January 18, 2019

Don't use this company....use at ... These reviews are lies. They paid to have positive reviews on top. Do your research.....extensively. We used this company and got screwed all the way around. List and damage furniture, appliances, destroyed boxes. This company screwed us on delivery time, insurance claim, marked the wrong boxes and insurance, was suppose to be by dollar amount, changed it to weight. Even the insurance company screwed us on claim and changed our weights. For instance, our dryer top ripped off, we had to buy new one, our fridge was damaged, changed the weight to 40 pounds from 400 with some bullshit excuse. Our antique China Cabinet, broken and damaged, changed the weight to 30 pounds. No solid wood China Cabinet or fridge weighs under 50 pounds. They lost a video cabinet, an expensive weed eater and carpet cleaning machine, damaged our dryer and expensive cafe table along with fridge and China Cabinet. Crooked bastards. Move On contracted by Excalibur out of Florida, whom are only brokers, not movers, but imply they are movers. Car transport damaged our 2 cars as well. They don't return calls, hardly answer their phones, especially when they are screwing you over. We lost money and property big time. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. Reviews are lies. I have photos and other proof. Both Move On and Excalibur need to be shut down. You should also see how they stack your property in the truck to be damaged. Move it yourself.....seriously !!!! If you ignore this, you deserve what you get, or dont get when your stuff partially arrives, or arrives broken.

Origin : United States
Destination : Nevada

No Photo Richard
January 16, 2019

Good Service

My mother wanted to move back home from California, she missed the east coast and decided to go back. I called Move On Moving to help her move and they were on time and delivered perfect. I was pleased with the service that I received and would recommend them again to anyone I know moving out of state. I noticed that they didn't do local moves, I kind of wish they did because I will be moving locally soon. Anyway, they did great for my mom and I was happy!

Origin : Menlo Park, Ca
Destination : Portsmouth, Virginia

Quoted Price : $4,300.00
Actual Price : $4,300.00

No Photo Camila
January 2, 2019

Smooth move

I just had my things delivered from Peoria, Arizona to Columbia, South Carolina and the move went smooth. I was so stressed out moving out of state, with so many things on my mind and to get ready for, Move On Moving just made it easier. I definitely will recommend them to my friends and family. Also, they were cheaper than many other companies around and they picked up and delivered my things on time. I'll give them a big tthumbs up!

Origin : Peoria, AZ
Destination : Colombia, SC

Quoted Price : $4,200.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Anna
December 28, 2018

I moved successfully!

I moved from Anaheim California to Knoxville, Tennessee smoothly thanks to Move On Moving. I was really pleased with how quickly they moved my stuff from point A to point B and on time! This was a very successful move for me and I wanted to give them a review to thank them for their services that they provided!

Origin : Anaheim, CA
Destination : Knoxville, TN

Quoted Price : $1,800.00
Actual Price : $1,800.00

No Photo Carl
December 12, 2018

Surpassed my expectations

Your movers were very courteous and accommodating. The job was done quickly and flawlessly. Move On Moving surpassed my expectations. Thank you very much for the great service you guys provided.

Origin : Barstow, CA
Destination : La Verkin, UT

Quoted Price : $4,102.00
Actual Price : $4,102.00

No Photo Grant
December 5, 2018

good job by these movers

These moving men did a good job packing us up and getting us moved in time. We moved cross country from LA to Virginia and it was a great moving experience. We got a pretty good price while also getting fast delivery to our new home. The movers were real nice to us especially the head guy who explained the whole moving and payment process to us. Customer service kept us updated every step of the way with delivery etas. Great job move on moving, you guys rock!

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Alexandria, VA

Quoted Price : $4,978.00
Actual Price : $4,978.00

No Photo Samantha
December 3, 2018

The movers were a good group of guys

The movers we had were a good group of guys. Very friendly and knowledgeable. The moving company gave us a great rate for the move to New York. Delivery was about 7 days, which wasn't too bad. The guys on the New York side knew alot about navigating the roads to find our new house in Queens. Thanks alot, great job guys.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Queens, NY

Quoted Price : $5,482.00
Actual Price : $5,482.00

No Photo Hazel
November 26, 2018

Very impressed with these movers

We were very confused when looking for a moving company since there are so many to choose from. We came upon some move on moving reviews and found alot of great things other customers were saying about the company. We decieded to give them a call and we had them move us to Oregon. Pickup was fast and so was delivery. Very impressed with these guys!

Origin : Scottsdale, AZ
Destination : Salem, OR

Quoted Price : $2,568.00
Actual Price : $2,568.00

No Photo Eric
November 21, 2018

These guys were really professional ...

I was very happy with this moving company. These guys were really professional movers. They came with dollies, tons of packing materials, and boxes. They packed up a few of our fragile items that we didn't feel comfortable packing, and did a great job. They all arrived in one piece in Buffalo. Moveon moving did a fantastic job, i'm very grateful for their hard work.

Origin : Sacramento, CA
Destination : Buffalo, NY

Quoted Price : $2,957.51
Actual Price : $2,957.51

No Photo Barbara
November 19, 2018

good price and good service

Move on moving gave us a great price and even better service. The moving men were really nice and friendly and worked really quick. We received our shipment about 4 days later in chicago and we were all unloaded and setup by lunchtime. Thank you so much guys.

Origin : phoenix, az
Destination : schaumburg, il

Quoted Price : $5,873.00
Actual Price : $5,873.00

No Photo Julius
November 14, 2018

move on moving went above and beyond ...

Move on moving went above and beyond to make our move great. The whole process was pretty seamless. We booked the move almost entirely online, a sales rep called us afterwards to confirm all the details with us. The movers came on time and worked tirelessly to pack and wrap all of our things. They were nice and friendly, the foreman was really good with directing the movers on how to do everything. We received our shipment about 4 days later in Texas. Everything arrived in one piece and they put all of our stuff in the house how I wanted it. Great job move on moving, you deserve 5 stars

Origin : Palm Springs, CA
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $4,522.11
Actual Price : $4,522.11

No Photo Cammy
November 12, 2018

job well done for our move to georgia

We had a pretty good experience with move on moving with our move to georgia last week. they did a good job and worked hard thoughout the whole pickup and delivery process. The movers were very nice and polite to us and worked very quickly to load everything into the moving truck. we received our items about a week later in georgia and everything was unloaded and put where we wanted it in the new house. Very good movers, i would recommend to my friends if they ever move from california

Origin : Riverside, CA
Destination : Decatur, GA

Quoted Price : $4,294.00
Actual Price : $4,294.00

No Photo Gracie
November 12, 2018

happy with move on moving company

We were very happy with move on moving company for our move from Arizona to Illinois a few weeks ago. They did an excellent job every step of the way. Our movers were very friendly and worked quick but carefully with all of our stuff. We had a full 4 bedroom house so there was alot to load up in the moving truck. The foreman was a nice guy, i think his name was Eric? He showed us all the paperwork and explained the moving process to us. They were all packed up in 6 hours or so and ready to go. Our things arrived in Illinois about 5 days later and the guys unloaded super quick and set us up in our new house. Very happy and pleased with move on moving las vegas. Great job guys, 5 stars

Origin : Glendale, AZ
Destination : Barrington, IL

Quoted Price : $5,784.00
Actual Price : $5,784.00

No Photo Darcy
November 9, 2018

overall good job done by move on moving

I was very happy with the service from this moving company. We originally booked through a broker so we were a little apprehensive about the whole process, but move on did a great job on the move. they showed up on time, worked fast, and delivery was quick, only 3 days! Thanks guys

Origin : Simi Valley, CA
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $4,391.00
Actual Price : $4,391.00

No Photo Barbara
November 7, 2018

Wonderful job by this moving company

We moved from Las Vegas back to Chicago and move on moving did a wonderful job. From Booking to Delivery, the process was easy. We booked most of the move entirely online and talked with a sales rep at the end to confirm all of our information. When the movers showed up they got to work right away loading our belongings into the moving van. It took them the morning and most of the afternoon, but they worked very carefully to ensure everything was wrapped and stacked carefully in the truck. We got delivery in about 5 days and the guys did everything possible to make us happy with arranging our furniture and putting together the beds.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $5,681.00
Actual Price : $5,681.00

No Photo Doy
November 2, 2018

Stress Free move by move on moving

The movers over at move on moving did an amazing job with our move and carefully packed everything like we wanted it. We were moving cross country from California to Atlanta and were kinda stressed by the entire thing. Getting the kids ready for school, getting the new house, turnining on utitlites, changing our address. Atleast those were the biggest stressors we had for this move. The guys at move on moving solutions made everything really simple and easy form start to finish. The foreman helped us with every questions we had and walked us through all of the paperwork. They did an excellent job of packing and wrapping all of our items. We were really relieved after seeing the great job they had done. About a week later, they showed up in Atlanta to deliver all of our items. They were very nice and accommodating. They put all of our stuff exactly where we wanted it and got us all set up. A great move and completely stress free. Thanks move on moving, you guys were great

Origin : San Jose, CA
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $5,429.00
Actual Price : $5,429.00

No Photo Watson
October 30, 2018

Great job by move on movers las vegas

Move on movers las vegas did a great job with our move to Atlanta last week. We were moving back to be closer to family and we were very happy with the service we received. When searching for moving companies it was hard to pick one, good thing we found some move on moving reviews of other happy customers that showed how great their long distance movers were. We had a full house to move and the moving men showed up on time and worked non stop until we were all packed up. They were very nice and kind and showed great respect for our things. They delivered all the stuff in Atlanta a week later. Great Job by Move on moving company, Five Stars!

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $6,258.00
Actual Price : $6,258.00

No Photo Cordell
October 29, 2018

A+ Job by this moving company

We had a great experience with this moving company for our move from Arizona to California, The booking process was easy, our salesman Ron was very friendly. We found them online when looking for reviews on Movers. Ron was able to give us an estimate though their online portal and we were able to add some of our items right through their website which was pretty cool. I never thought I could book a move online but I guess with everything on computers these days they can do it now. We always have used a Uhaul and moved ourselves but we are getting older and wanted to have the professionals take care of it for us. The foreman was a nice guy and helped us with the paperwork and with the questions we had about payment and delivery. We had some expensive televisions that we wanted them to pack well and he made sure the movers did a good job packing them. They finished doing all their work in about five or six hours. We made the trip to california and the movers showed up the following morning with all of our things. They unloaded and were pretty much done before lunchtime. They put all the things in the house how my wife wanted them so that made both of us happy. Perfect Move from move on moving, we are very happy they gave us great service.

Origin : Scottsdale, AZ
Destination : Simi Valley, CA

Quoted Price : $4,679.00
Actual Price : $4,679.00

No Photo Cornelius
October 26, 2018

The perfect move cross country

We were lucky to have such a good moving company like move on moving do our move from California to Washington DC Las week. I was relocating for work and everything happened so fast, but move on moving was able to help us move at the last minute. We booked through a broker who then had move on moving do the job for us. The office called us a few days prior to confirm our pickup date and time and the drivers gave us a call ahead of time when they were on their way over to the house. The moving men were very friendly and did a great job packing and wrapping the furniture. It took about 6 hours to pack up our big house and load all of our belongings into the truck. The foreman went over all the necessary details about the logistics of the move and when to expect delivery. In Washington they arrived about 7 days later to deliver. The movers came in a big truck and had a few more guys to help do all of the unloading. They were able to unload in about half the time which was great. They got there in the morning and were done by lunchtime. Overall a great job by move on moving, i'm very happy the broker gave us this great moving company

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Washginton, DC

Quoted Price : $6,742.00
Actual Price : $6,742.00

No Photo Padrai
October 25, 2018

wonderful job by move on moving

The guys at move on moving did a wonderful job with my move to Texas last week. I was downsizing from a three story townhome to a condo in Dallas. The guys showed up and the foreman Louis explained the whole process to me. He asked if there were any items that needed special packing and I did have a fragile statue that I needed packed well for the move. They packed and loaded up the moving truck pretty quick but they did a good job wrapping all of the furniture with blankets and such. 4 hours later, they were all packed up and ready to go. Delivery time was pretty good, i got my things in dallas 4 days later. I was on the 10th floor so unloading took a little longer since they needed to use the service elevator in the back of the building. It took about 3 hours for everything to get unloaded and they put all my things where I wanted them. All in all a very good move, If i ever decide to move back to las vegas i will definitely have move on moving do the move for me. I hope Louis and his crew will be available.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $3,567.00
Actual Price : $3,567.00

No Photo Darcy
October 24, 2018

move on moving helped us with a great ...

A little past due because I used Move On Moving in this summer. I needed to move about the size of a 2500 sq feet house into storage in San Francisco. Packaging of art work to ensure its cautious transportation was my top issue, however indeed turned out not to be. From easily getting a bid over the phone by answering a few concerns, to scheduling my consultation a time that was best for me, to the 2 men charged with managing my move the day of the move ... Move On Moving was excellent. This bid was not the cheapest one, but they showed to be worth the cost after the completion of the relocation. Handled items with care, were quick and effective and all organisation throughout the relocation date. They also filled up my storage unit pack tight, protected and with surgical accuracy of making certain whatever fit. I will at some point move these items out of storage and would definitely call Move On Moving again to help move everything into my new home.

Origin : Phoenix, AZ
Destination : San Francisco, CA

Quoted Price : $5,694.00
Actual Price : $5,694.00

No Photo Dante
October 23, 2018

Great Price, Service, and Staff

The guys at move on moving solutions really helped us out with our long distance move from California to Washington. We originally booked through a broker but they really gave us one of the best moving companies we've ever had. I was originally a little apprehensive when i saw some of the move on moving reviews but our broker let us know that yelp hides most of companies good reviews if you don't pay them. Anyways, We bought the full packing service and had the guys com in and pack up all of our clothes and odds and ends from the bedrooms. They took around 6-7 hours to pack and get everything loaded into the moving truck. They were very careful with all of our belongings and wrapped everything in moving blankets. They delivered in washington about three days later and unloaded everything into the house pretty quickly. We had a good move with move on moving, we will definitely be telling our friends about them. Thanks guys

Origin : San Diego, CA
Destination : Seattle, WA

Quoted Price : $4,168.00
Actual Price : $4,168.00

No Photo Ellicott
October 22, 2018

On time, friendly, and fast

We booked though a moving broker Best Interstate out of Florida who had move on moving do the move for us. It worked out really well. We had them pack up the whole house. It took them all day to do because our house was fairly large. The forman from move on moving was a nice guy named Erik. He made sure all of our items were packed to our linking. Our grandfather clock was especially important to us and he had the movers pack it real rwell. They delivered in New York about a week later and got all of our furniture set up in the new house where my wife wanted it. Good job for move on moving, they worked hard and gave us a great price for moving all the way across the country.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $7,259.00
Actual Price : $7,259.00

No Photo Roy
October 19, 2018

Efficient, Polite, and Quick

My wife and I are very pleased with the great long distance move done by Move on moving. The movers were very nice and friendly and got us packed up really quick for our move to Chicago. They used dollies and lifting straps and made sure everything got loaded into the truck in one piece. Anthony, or foreman was a real nice guy. He explained all the paperwork and how payment would work on dropoff. If we ever decide to leave the snow in chicago our first call will definitely be to move on moving. Great job guys, you deserve a raise for all your hard work.

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $4,981.00
Actual Price : $4,981.00

No Photo Dan
October 6, 2018

Amazing job done by this moving company

We really had a great experience with this move. We originally booked though a broker named Best Interstate and they had Move On Moving do the job relocating us to Houston. The moving team was great, they showed up on time and got straight to work. They packed up the whole house for us and boxed all of our things very nicely. It took around 10 wardrobe boxes just to get my wifes clothes out of the closet. They packed up the kids room nice and disassembled all the beds to get them into the moving truck. They finished in around 6 hours and worked non stop. We gave them a nice tip for their hard work. They Delivered 4 days later. I guess the government only allows the truck drivers to drive a certain amount of miles per day. They took a little longer unloading the truck but the foreman made sure that they placed all of our furniture exactly where we wanted it. A great experience for a stressful time in our lives. A+ for Move On Moving and Best Interstate

Origin : Scottsdale, AZ
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $4,277.00
Actual Price : $4,277.00

No Photo Olague
October 5, 2018

Great Job by Move On Moving

I couldn't be happier with the job that Move On Moving did moving our family to flordia. They were all very friendly and worked quickly. They took great care of wrapping all of our furniture with blankets and shrinkwrap. Delivery was pretty fast, they got to Florida in 5 days. Thanks again move on moving, if any of my relatives move down here, i will recommend you guys

Origin : Phoenix, AZ
Destination : Orlando, FL

Quoted Price : $6,548.00
Actual Price : $6,548.00

No Photo Lillian
October 4, 2018

Move On Moving did a great job moving ...

I was very happy with the job that Move On Moving did with our Move to New york. We chose the full packing service and the movers came and packed up our whole house for us. We had some delicate china and antique figurines and they bubble wrapped all of them and packed them in special boxes. Very happy with their service. 5 stars.

Origin : Hollywood, CA
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $7,259.00
Actual Price : $7,259.00

No Photo Dan
October 2, 2018

Move On Moving did a great job with my ...

Move On moving did an excellent job with my move from California to new york. The movers were very friendly and worked quickly. the forman henry explained all the paperwork to me and how to make payment for the move. Delivery was pretty quick about 7 days. I'm very happy that the move worked out so well. Thanks Move on Moving for the great job. Your movers deserve a raise.

Origin : Torrence, CA
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

Quoted Price : $2,755.00
Actual Price : $2,755.00

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  • 4640 Meadows Lane Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89107

    (1) Reviews
  • 7917 Ramblewood Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89128

    (1) Reviews
  • 6340 S Sandhill Rd #7, Las Vegas, NV 89120

    (1) Reviews
  • 8150 S Moonlight Meadows St, Las Vegas, NV 89113

    (44) Reviews
  • 6340 S Sandhill Rd #7, Las Vegas, NV 89120

    (20) Reviews
  • 9975 Peace Way #2115, Las Vegas, NV 89147

    (43) Reviews
  • 1930 Village Center Circle Suite# 3, Las Vegas, NV 89134

    (222) Reviews
  • 3280 W. Hacienda Ave. #209, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (1) Reviews
  • 1650 Helm Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89119

    (2) Reviews
  • 6630 Arroto Springs Street, #200, Las Vegas, NV 89113

    (46) Reviews
  • 5940 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (26) Reviews
  • 3017 Marsh Ct , Las Vegas, NV 89148

    (5) Reviews
  • W Ali Baba Ln, Suite # 605, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (50) Reviews
  • 2915 Coleman Street, Las Vegas, NV 89032

    (11) Reviews
  • 3330 West Hacienda Ave #406 , Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (1) Reviews
  • 3651 Lindell Rd Ste D188, Las Vegas, NV 89103

    (3) Reviews
  • 3160 S Valley View Blvd #205, Las Vegas, NV 89102

    (7) Reviews
  • 3651 W Alibaba, Las Vegas, NV 89118

    (36) Reviews

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