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License Info: US DOT # 1092543
Year of Estd: 9/14/2017

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Monday to Sunday 08:00am to 07:00pm EST

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535 Cypress Tree Ct. Suite 1
OrlandoFL 32825 USA

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Toll Free: 407-750-2323
Phone: 407-750-2323
Fax: 407-273-8599

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November 16, 2021

Worst Experience

Worst moving company. I found it odd that they didn’t park in my driveway so I go to move my car that was on the other side of the street to let cars pass and realize that they RAN THEIR TRUCK INTO MY CAR. The entire driver’s side is smashed in. One of the movers acts surprised and starts telling me this elaborate story about an SUV that hit it and how he saw the guy get out of his car (even though there was zero mention of this when they came in). So I go and check my ring monitor and CLEARLY see them hit my car on video. You can HEAR them hit it, and see my car visibly move. Accidents happen I get that, but as I’m showing them the video they are blatantly lying to my face about not having hit my car and still going on about the “SUV guy”. The owner, who hasn’t apologize once this entire time, tells me that I could’ve still used them for the move because he has good insurance??? Read the room. Your driver destroyed my car and then lies to me directly about doing it why would I want them moving my stuff? Even though he’s seen the video and agrees it was clearly their fault, he’s taking zero initiative to correct it. He’s saying it has to go through his independent contractor’s insurance not his and when I ask for the guy’s insurance information, he tells me that they’re ALREADY AT ANOTHER JOB so he can’t figure out who was driving the truck and has yet to get back to me when I followed up. He really let them go on another job after totaling my car, love that. He keeps asking to speak with my insurance company or the police even though I gave him the police report number. He’s welcome to call them with the zero information he has to give them since he can’t even figure out who was driving his truck that day. Accidents happen. I wouldn’t have been upset except that it was handled extremely poorly. Not even an apology. He harps on being a Christian company (not really sure how that adds value considering the circumstances) and that he has great insurance which he will refuse to use apparently. Go read all of his responses to negative reviews - he will take zero responsibility. I hired Best USA Movers, use them instead.

Origin : Orlando, Fl
Destination : Sanford, FL

MOVE4ALL, INC. is a local and long distance professional moving company in Orlando, Florida. This is a 5 star commercial and residential mover. This company provides free onsight estimates for anything over 1800 Sq.Ft. or great hourly rates for anything under. You will not be dissapointed trusting in MOVE4ALL, INC. with your relocation. Expect an excellent and professional experience from start to finish. You will know exactly what your responsibilities and your price is. This corporation takes great pride in its performance. Full service packing or pay-as-you-go packing is available. Wardrobe service (hanging clothes) and mattress bags are free on every move. It would be MOVE4ALL's great pleasure to serve you...

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