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License Info: NHPC 736707
Year of Estd: 3/1/2013

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Movers and Helpers LLC
615 Ocean Blvd
HamptonNH 03842 USA

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Phone: 603-781-6683
Fax: 954-606-1598

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No Photo Kenny
September 22, 2017

went very well

They were just courteous and helpful, on time. They did a good job and the pricing was reasonable and they stuck to it. They did a really good job packing and handling our belongings and I would recommend them.

Origin : Chester, NH
Destination : Chester, NH

No Photo Elizabeth
September 22, 2017


They showed up on time, they were professional, they moved everything nothing was broken or scratched or anything. Pricing was fine, it's what they said it would be.

Origin : Laconia, NH
Destination : Laconia, NH

No Photo Bernie
August 2, 2017

They Did Good

I thought they did a good job, they too all the stuff they needed to take and they actually work pretty fast. So I think over all they did a pretty good job. I did most of the packing, they did have a few pieces of furniture they wrapped in plastic and they took care of my stuff. There was one pieces of furniture that when they put it on the dolly it damaged a bit, it was an old piece of furniture, nothing of real high value. I was able to fix it up a bit and I put another piece of wood in there, it looks like it's OK. I had another company I was going to use, but it turns out these guys were cheaper; I would recommend them.

Origin : Derry, NH
Destination : Derry, NH

No Photo S
March 1, 2017

I would not use Movers & Helpers ... ...

The truck arrived on time - no complaints here. However, with all my previous moving experience, the foreman didn't note the time of arrival, nor did provide any paperwork to sign as moving companies usually do. Although foreman was very friendly and nice to talk to, but hey, - we are paying for your time, so keep moving please. When we arrived at destination and they finished unloading, the following happened: 1. Foreman tried to overcharge us for the time (Of course, he didn't have me sign when they arrived, but I noted the time when they started, so I could argue here at least) 2. Tried to overcharge us for the truck. They originally quoted us $150 on the phone; now foreman said the truck was larger and it's $250. However, nobody told us the truck size mattered in the first place when quoting us, nor did say anything when we told them how much stuff we got and they replied that they will send us a 26" instead of a smaller truck they though they might send originally. 3. They broke several items, but response from movers was something to extent - it already was like this. 4. The worst, however, was after they left. We've discovered one box missing. No big deal, really. That happens they forget something on the truck. So, we tried to think first before we contacted M&H. - We had no guests in the house, so nobody could have taken it, nor did we find the box at the old place we moved out of as it was empty. So, I emailed M&H and asked about broken stuff (thought it was worth a shot them to admit breaking it LOL) and possible solution; and also to see if they have left anything on the truck; M&H response was harsh and a bit scary - ...your messages are coming off as a little threatening. You ...signed a release. ...If anything was damaged it was because of something you had done, or packed. I'm not liking the messages, allegations or comments you've been sending we don't have it. I asked the "boss" to look again and response was - ...Don't contact me again Or we will be filing harrassment charges against you... That was the end of our resolution process. Well, we thought, maybe we are dumb and the missing box is our fault indeed. However, now, two months later, we discovered that missing is another bag of things. I'm missing my jacket, my wife is missing some stuff she needs for starting the planting season and all of that missing stuff was in the same bag that's also missing. Coincidence? - You be the judge. Not that the missing stuff is worth much, especially that we can't really prove movers took it or I can truly claim they have, but bottom line is - stuff is missing after they moved us, their boss wouldn't budge whatsoever and on top of that - threatened to file harassment charges because all we wanted was to resolve this mishap.

Origin : Manchester
Destination : Antrim

No Photo Sanjog
August 24, 2016

It was a good experience overall.

It was a good experience overall. The pricing was okay. There was a few last minute changes. But overall it was okay.

Origin : North Andover, MA
Destination : North Andover, MA

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