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License Info: US DOT # 1750338
ICC MC # 640701
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 5/3/2012

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Moving Mania Inc
4485 Stirling road
Fort LauderdaleFL 33314 USA

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Phone: 720-465-6815

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No Photo Melanie
March 31, 2020


i have just moved with moving mania and i have not one complaint!! they were on time, polite and over all amazing people i will make sure to move with them again!

Origin : Atlanta, Georgia
Destination : New York, Rochester

Quoted Price : $4,550.00
Actual Price : $4,307.00

No Photo Ziggy
February 12, 2020

Great experience

Had a great experience with you guys, when the foremen arrived they got right to work. They were very professional but very fun as well since i have kids and they made jokes with them and allowed them to help in little ways, Phyllis was the one that kept me posted the entire time and she answered all my questions without problems. great company would recommend moving mania to anyone trying to have a stress free move

Origin : florida
Destination : new york

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,788.00

No Photo Jarred
February 10, 2020

thank you

Your crew did a phenomenal job. They wasted no time and took care to make sure that I was informed and comfortable with all decisions. I can't tell you how wonderful these guys were and company. price went up a little but that was because i forgot to add a few things during quote process. They had the weekend i needed available and delivered everything on time and actually put everything together for me and in its correct spot. I dont write reviews really but i did promise i would because i was in awh with how well the whole process went. Thanks again

Origin : florida
Destination : texas

Quoted Price : $4,750.00
Actual Price : $4,522.00

No Photo Jennifer
October 29, 2018


PLEASE DO NOT GET TRICKED AND ROBBED BY THIS COMPANY THE WAY I WAS!! THEY WAIT UNTIL THEY HAVE YOUR BELONGINGS AND THEN RAISE THE PRICE FROM YOUR CONTRACT BY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.PHYLLIS, JEFF AND BOB ARE LITERALLY THIEVES. I rarely write reviews, but never want to see a family lose their personal belongings- including sentimental items such as ashes of deceased family members- the way I did. They will claim the quote they gave you was incorrect, but I sent them the size of my storage unit along with pictures and even a VIDEO to show what the inventory was. They picked up my items, said NOTHING to me and did not contact me at that time, took $500 cash to load items on truck, and then DAYS LATER called to tell me it was more than they anticipated and that they would not deliver my belongings unless I paid an addition $4,500!! Not $400, but over 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Obviously the person quoting the move was in on this scam and they wait until they have possession of your belongings before telling you that they need more money. I called them in tears telling them I have my mother's medication on that truck and my deceased father's ashes, along with everything I own, and they refused to work it out with me unless I paid $4,500 MORE than my signed contract. I was warned about moving companies, and I am usually not naive about these types of matters, but I trusted the man I spoke with and even told him about my concerns. He said that "unless I had a piano I failed to mention...the price would not change". Yet it "changed" by over 4 grand. Please do not be subject to this kind of thievery and no matter what mover you go with, make sure you have a solid contract. I do have a signed contract by then quoting the original price of $1200.00 - as opposed to over $5,000.00 which they are now demanding to deliver my items, and I have gone to attorney. I Would rather spend years paying off $5,000 to an attorney to make sure this never happens to anyone else as opposed to letting them rob me of $5,000 and continue to run this "Bait and Switch" scam on other victims. It makes me sad that people are willing to do this to others and hold hostage every single belonging of another human being. It is sad and dishonest and what they are doing is illegal. In my opinion people like this should be in jail. Again, I almost never write reviews unless they are positive reviews, but I don't want to see someone else get scammed by Phyllis, Bob, and the other crooks at "Moving Mania" (I have also been informed by a family member in law enforcement that they change the name of their company often) so please do a BBB check on any mover you hire. After doing more research, I have found they have done this same scam on hundreds of people.

Origin : United States
Destination : NJ

Quoted Price : $1,267.00
Actual Price : $5,970.00

No Photo Betty
December 18, 2017

Great job Moving Mania

So moving in the past was a nightmare and I was very careful choosing the right companie for my move, Alex the sales guy was the best part in this process starting by getting an accurate list and then call to confirm that there is no change on my list. On the day of the move, I had 6 extra boxes that I had and the price went up little bit about 150 dollars more I didn't like it but it's been explained up front and that what I like they gave me the option what to do so for that I am giving them five star. I moved to Ca work-related. Thank you guys great job!

Origin : FL
Destination : Ca

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,650.00

No Photo Marvin
February 1, 2017


On Fri. Dec. 30, 2016 I called customer service at 9am and spoke with Nicole regarding the delivery of my furniture in Virginia. I informed her that I needed to get the status of my furniture that was picked up on Tuesday as it was scheduled to arrive on Friday, Dec. 30th. Nicole informed me that she will give me a call within 15 minutes. At 12 noon I called back since I had not heard back from Nicole so I called and spoke with Lior. I informed him of my question and he proceeded to say I will receive my items on Tuesday, January 3rd. I informed him that this was not agreed upon at booking and when my deposit was taken. This wasn't mentioned until day of when they were their to pick up my items. Loir proceeded to take a bad turn he stated "Look we will get you your stuff on Tuesday and who told you that, so I then informed him of the person who told me that." I stated I have to have my items by Sunday and this was not agreed upon. He stated, "look we have 21 days to delivery your stuff what do u think we are stealing your stuff." He cut me off several times saying can you hear me or are you not able to understand my language. I ask to speak with someone else or a manager he told me no you will not talk to anyone else and he threaten to hang up and stated now we will not send your stuff. I said please let me speak to Nicole and proceeded to say ok and drop the phone as he talked about me in the background and yelling at nicole and the team. Then he stated she will call you and he hung up. I spoke with Nicole and she said I apologize he is the dispatcher and she remembers our conversation and she will call me by end of day on Friday to let me know as she know I am pressed for time. At 6pm same day they are closed and I have received no call. This is not the service that I expected. I expect a business to follow through on their word. As I am sure your company is aware that moving is one of the most stressful events that one can endure. I now feel like that I was guaranteed a delivery date of Dec. 30 just to gain my business. The service level has been poor at the worst. Finally 5 days after original delivery date my items were delivered by a separate company (which means my items were moved to another company without my permission). When the delivery guy arrived he moved an entire apartment of items alone. My tv stand and dishes were broken. Also my furniture is scratched. I spent nearly $3100 for this service and I reviewed the this company to find Lior was the Manager (WOW)... LIOR was completely disrespectful and after my research I am not the only one who experiences his behavior.

Origin : ATLANTA, GA
Destination : WOODBRIDGE, VA

Quoted Price : $3,100.00
Actual Price : $3,100.00

No Photo Steve
January 24, 2017

Great experience

I would recommend this company to all my friends and family picked up and delivered on time and treated my furniture with white glove service

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $5,600.00
Actual Price : $5,600.00

No Photo Arthur
December 14, 2015

Moving has never been easier

We talked to many moving companies and finally hired Moving Mania only because their quote seemed the most rational. I wasn’t expecting much from them given the low estimate but they really surprised me. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our stuffs. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. The whole thing was done in just 3 hours. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. I will definitely hire them again.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Richmond, VA

Quoted Price : $3,300.00
Actual Price : $3,318.00

No Photo Victor
December 12, 2015

Best moving company

I hired Moving mania because I have worked with them before and they are just amazing. They have a reputation of being efficient and cost effective. Being a solicitor fresh out of law school, fancy moving companies were out of my reach. But they gave me the royal treatment. They arrived right on time and packed my stuffs with absolute precision. Surprisingly, except for a mirror, everything traveled remarkably well. I have to give credits to these guys. They are the best.

Origin : Fort Myers, FL
Destination : Barrington, NH

Quoted Price : $3,660.00
Actual Price : $3,672.00

No Photo Samuel
December 10, 2015

Dependable movers

I am utterly mesmerized with Moving mania. Their customer service is amazingly fast and they always bend over backwards to give you the best quotes. I know that because I have hired them several times now. Each time, everything went very smoothly. They always took extra care of my breakables. They are yet to break any fragile items. Their prices are ridiculously low and that alone is good enough for hiring them. If you’re looking for a capable hand to help you through the tiresome process of relocating, look no further and hire Moving mania.

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Dover, DE

Quoted Price : $3,450.00
Actual Price : $3,455.00

No Photo Scott
December 10, 2015

Fantastic Moving Company Even Better ...

God only knows with my busy life and work schedule I have little time to research companies online much less write an review about one but the superior customer service and the quality care that this moving company had taken in handling our family's belongings on our move from Denver to our new home in Orlando inspired me to make an exception and brag an little about my experience with Moving Mania and hopefully some of the rest of the world will find out what an outstanding company Moving Mania truly is! I was an little nervous calling any moving company I've never used before and since we have an extremely large household I've always in the past placed our belongings in the hands of one of the more well known moving companies they've always done an wonderful job in the past but have always seemed so expensive and of course everyone is trying to save money nowadays right? You just have to when you're growing an family! Me and my wife were discussing possibly on how there might just be an better way and we were talking about various moving companies we've seen or heard about and the best direction we might take with our move. Actually one of our relatives introduced us to this company they had used Moving Mania over 5 years ago and had nothing but great things to say about them so the call was made to see if this company was up for the job we were relocating very quickly so actually that was one of our concerns if any moving company could move us when needed? I must tell you most of the credit for this wonderful experience must go to our sales person Chris from the moment he took my call and started listening to what we were looking for I felt completely comfortable with him it seemed like this guy had been in this business all his life the main thing that impressed me most was the little extras he spoke with me about on our move and the simple fact that this person actually cared about what we wanted and and most importantly needed! It seemed like his main goal was to make this an enjoyable experience and we all know how much fun moving can be right? Truly representing his company he honestly sounded like he was trying to go the extra mile to earn my business and that has always impressed me with anyone I've ever dealt with! He made me feel as if we were working together as an team!I asked Chris if in the short notice offered if it was still possible for their movers to pack everything including our boxes and he reassured me they have an full crew on all of their trucks and they'll be able to offer any services needed! He completely covered all the details and thinking back now I must have drove the guy crazy we must have had at least 10 conversations together going over our list of items over and over again until we were both comfortable that everything was as correct as possible and he always spoke of ways for us to save the most money and try to make our move cost effective for our family! Not once did Chris

Origin : Denver
Destination : Orlando

Quoted Price : $6,000.00
Actual Price : $6,000.00

No Photo Harry
December 8, 2015

A joyful moving experience

Relocation is hectic to say the least. But it can be very easy if you hire the right moving company. I was stressing out badly before moving. I hired Moving Mania because my best friend recommended them. They turned out to be great. Their quote was fair and the customer service was friendly. But the best part was the movers. They were so efficient and always ready to help in any way they can. All my belongings were immaculately packed, cautiously loaded and timely delivered. I didn’t even have to lift a finger. Now that’s what I call an easy relocation.

Origin : Greenacres, F
Destination : Dallas, TX

Quoted Price : $2,470.00
Actual Price : $2,490.00

No Photo Mark
April 1, 2015

Very good moving company.

Hello my name is Mark, I moved with moving mania inc on March, 2015. They are very professional and fast. From the beginning to the end this moving company has stood by its word. The quote was quite accurate we just had a little more items to add but other then that they always stay in touch with you, they showed a lot of care to our stuff by wrapping and crating all of our glass. Thank you moving mania for your good service.

Origin : Colordo
Destination : Florida

Quoted Price : $1,147.25
Actual Price : $1,177.25

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