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My Universal Transport
13499 Biscayne Blvd. PH-1705
North MiamiFL 33181 USA

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Phone: 954-889-1428
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No Photo Jay
October 30, 2013

Will use them again

I liked their delivery time - it was here within a week. I asked only one other company and the price was reasonable. I would recommend them. I would use them again if I have to ship my car.

Origin : W Carrollton, OH
Destination : Cedar Park, TX

No Photo Saad
September 18, 2013

They lied to me about the charges.

It is the worst company I've ever had. They didn't respect the date that I gave them. They also told me we will charge your car $600 but suddenly when I got my car they charged me $800. I don't know why. I told them I have a receipt for that. They told me $600 and $150 for deposit. So the driver told me no, your charge is $800. I don't know why they lied to me. I have a claim for that. I am still waiting for my deposit, I didn't receive it yet.

Origin : Tucson, AZ
Destination : Kettering, OH

No Photo Robert
September 16, 2013

Not a good job

They didn't do a very good job estimating the quote. My biggest problem was their estimate and their quote... The communication was not good. They told me they would contact me. As it progressed they didn't. My suggestion to them is to give better estimates and have better communication.

Origin : Eagle River, AK
Destination : North Richland Hills, TX

No Photo Karla
May 27, 2013

Good job

They gave me a date. It was like three days after. Yes pricing was reasonable. Yes I did receive all the services that I requested. The crew were fine. They were good.

Origin : Rolinda, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

No Photo Ron
April 19, 2013

Not so good experience

What happened first of all they make me sign some paper and its kind of trick. They asked for $150 and I gave that. I signed the paper and gave for it. They connect me with the company and I never knew who company moved my car. I saw fees for storage for the car I bought. Nobody answered and I don't know who should I contact. There is two hour difference between my time and their time - the company. They offered me $250. When the driver came or the men with the company that moved my car asked for $350 besides the $150 I paid.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Burlingame, CA

No Photo Dimitri
April 16, 2013

Good move no issues at all

It was good. They were patient. I guess they were okay. $500 to move it. No I just moved the car. The crew were okay. For future customers, I would recommend them.

Origin : Sugar Land, TX
Destination : Kildeer, IL

No Photo Allister
April 9, 2013

Timely service

It was good, I got the driver on-time, they picked-up the car and delivered it on time. The prices were reasonable comparing to the other vendors that I got. I received all the services I requested. The crew members were very good and they were very helpful. In case I have any friends moving the vehicles I will give the details of the movers.

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Smyrna, GA

No Photo Anna
February 13, 2013

Fairly priced excellent service

It was good. There is a driver that I didn't get too much along with. I have a guy there and I work with him and he is good. I think it is good. The prices are good. I can't complain. I have already brought down two vehicles with them. I am thinking of bringing the trailer down with them. I can't complain. They are giving me the best prices right now. The crew members were good. There was only one driver that was good. The other driver was not, he was really bad. His name is Tony. He wasn't so good but I hired the first one was Marcello who was supergood. I call him for updates - no problem. I call him three, four, five times a day and he will be okay. I call this guy twice and he is already complaining - why call him so much. Their customer service team was good. I got along with them. They are nice people.

Origin : Greeleyville, SC
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Nima
February 8, 2013

He was four days late to pick up the ...

He was four days late coming to pick my mother's car up. First, no one in the company decided they were gonna call us and tell us that he wasn't gonna get here, like everyday we were told they were going to pick mummy's car and the next thing they weren't here. So we spent four days of hour time in the house waiting for guy to get here and he didn't show up so four days later. They do not know how to be in touch with the people that their cars is being moved. You have to understand my mother is 81 years old. When you tell her that you are going to be here at a certain time to do something. That's exactly what she expects you to do. They failed miserably and what they did here. My mother had her car quite sometime now. The car is not the issue, the issue is that the company that doesn't had to speak the people that they transport the vehicles for.

Origin : Lyndhurst, NJ
Destination : Stuart, FL

No Photo Shilpa
January 4, 2013

With the help of the movers my vehicle ...

It was good. They were good pretty about timings. The vehicle was delivered in good shape. They were little flexible about to accommodate my timings when would I like it to deliver. He waited for an hour outside the city. As I was not home and he came in when I was home, that was really good. I think they were lowest price. Because I put in the site where I got several quotes but they were the lowest cost, so I like the pricing. The staff and the crew members were great. They were on time. I think they did a good job.

Origin : Omaha, NE
Destination : Fort Dearborn, IL

No Photo Preetham
December 21, 2012

Accommodative and prompt service

It was good, no issues. It was alright. I didn't face any issues. They came to pick up my vehicle at the expected time and I got a delivery on the promised time. So I had a good experience. I can go ahead with them if I have any future movements. They quoted for 525 but I was expecting around 500 but it was an immediate movement, because I called them only the previous day and they came the next day. So when I contacted some other movement companies, they were saying that since it is an emergency - I am informing only one day before they were quoting 600 like $100 more which I didn't like. When in market you have many moving compnaies and still they are coming up with reasons that I am calling them one day before for movement of vehicle. So it costs more, many companies were saying that. I didn't like because normally we move the vehicle when my project gets transferred. I come to know of it within a week. I am in consultancy field so always it will be emergency situation only. I have to move within a week. So I didn't face any such kind of issues with this particular company. They agreed for a good rate and also one more thing with other company. They were coming up with issues like I cannot put any of my baggage in the back seat of my car when moving. They are not responsible when they have to move in the car if anythings are there, I have to put in the back side of the trunk area. Actually my trunk area got filled so I had one extra baggage to put which I was requesting to put in the backside of my car seat. Most of the car moving companies were not ready for that. This company people agreed for that and there is no issue to put one bag. There is no cost even for that. Its just moving along with the car which I liked very much. Otherwise I again need to spend for two baggages. So that was very interesting point which I like to share. The crew was good. No issues with them.

Origin : Mount Prospect, IL
Destination : Charlotte, NC

No Photo Richard
December 17, 2012

Good company at affordable price

It was good, It was okay and everything was good. I talk to a kid named Jay, I was in contact with him. I was in contact with the driver, his name was Marcello, and everything was good. They took a long time to get it, but I got it. The pricing, I got actually better price. After I made the deal with them, I had people calling me for better prices. They quoted me $350 and I have people quoted me $300 and if I had known that, I would have used the other company.. The key for me is a good company with a good quote. I am not interested in best company, I am interested in good company, reliable company with good quote. My thing is money, everything is money. I am satisfied and they were good. I called them later directly the other day for to talk about the vehicle and I don't know where. It's just about quoting. The good thing is that I have now about 15 auto transport companies. Give everybody a call, give me good quote, it's simple and doesn't looks hard to get cheapest quote. I got the cheapest quote. Every trucking company is good. It's about the quote. 50 bucks more, because this guy has a brand new truck. I was actually, getting a call from down from Austin, Texas and he was also referred to some body else. I recommended them.

Origin : Pensacola, FL
Destination : Maimi, FL

No Photo Emily
December 3, 2012

Not a good experience

We didn't have a good experience with them. It took them almost a month to move our vehicle. In addition, he took the money as a deposit for the freight and we had to pay an extra $500 above the quote that they gave us.

Origin : Youngstown, OH
Destination : University Center, SC

No Photo Tyler
October 11, 2012

I am not really satisfied

The movers gave a higher estimate and charged additionally for transportation of my car, which I was not very happy about. They charged me $550 initially and after three days they called me and told that they were going to charge me $750 for the move. And there was nothing else I could do at that moment, so I made my shipment with them.

Origin : Waverly, NY
Destination : Virginia Bch, VA

No Photo Will
October 8, 2012

My car move went okay - neither ...

I recently had my car moved from New Hampshire to California. The move was just okay. It wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t bad. There was no damage to my car and that's all that matters to me.

Origin : Greenland, NH
Destination : Oakland, CA

No Photo Khamies
October 5, 2012

Even though they were rude, they did a ...

A couple of things went wrong. First, they came late on the moving date, I did call them about the move and they were very rude on the phone. Apart from that the prices were realistic and they were very efficient. The crew who picked up our car and the driver who delivered my car were different and both did a good job. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Crabb, TX
Destination : Lincoln, NE

No Photo Ab
September 20, 2012

Expensive move

I am not at all happy with the company I hired to move my car. They did not give me the exact quote, and they keep on making changes to the estimates. So I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Origin : Pawtucket, RI
Destination : Pamrapo, NJ

No Photo Michael
July 10, 2012

Very happy with their service

I used My Universal Transport to ship my car from Massachusetts to Florida and I was very happy with their service. I would recommend them to friends and family in the future.

Origin : New Bedford, MA
Destination : Pt Charlotte, FL

No Photo Mike
July 6, 2012

Excellent Quality Service

Wow, excellent company. Got me picked up on time, and delivered a day after I requested. As a customer, I am very satisfied with Universal Transport. Trusted, reliable, and honest, that's the type of broker I have been looking for the past 2 years.

Origin : Oakland, CA
Destination : Nashville, TN

Quoted Price : $995.00
Actual Price : $995.00

No Photo Scott
June 29, 2012


Im so impressed by Universal that I decided to not only leave them this review but I have designated them to be my official transporter for the rest of my entire company. I appreciate you guys moving my car when I needed it the most and while other companies were giving me excuses. You were honest from day one and you delivered my car safe

Origin : Manhattan, NY
Destination : Golden Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $595.00
Actual Price : $595.00

Founded by three friends and built on the foundations of honesty, reliability, and safety we offer high standards of customer service in auto transport industry. We are partners with top quality auto transport companies. We help customers navigate tens and thousands of carriers in United States so that they find the best price and quality service for their auto transport.

Car transport can be complex and tricky, and we are here to make the entire process simple and convenient. You should prepare your vehicle for transport by removing all your personal items; checking any fluid leaks; disabling of alarm systems; and, removal of wide mirrors, antenna, spare tire covers, grill covers, ski racks.

We have tie ups with carriers that specialize in transporting of classic, antique, and collectible cars. Large transport carriers for oversized vehicles are also available. The agent who is handling the auto transport is briefed about any unusual aspects of your car like low clearance, extra fuel tanks, luggage racks, and snow plow.

We use 18-wheel open carriers similar to those used in transporting new cars from manufacturers to dealers. These transport about 8 to 12 sedans at a time and cost less than the enclosed carriers. We pick your vehicle at your door and transport it to the door or a nearby location at specified destination. As classic automobiles, high end cars like Ferrari, Bentley, prototypes of vehicles are susceptible to weather, they will be transported in enclosed carriers. These have an insurance coverage of up to one million US dollars.

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