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National Express Van Lines
20442 NE 15th CT
MiamiFL 33179 USA

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Toll Free: 800-977-5996
Phone: 800-977-5996

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No Photo Mark
October 9, 2019

Terrible move experience

Horrible service and even worse compensation for damaged/lost items. We moved in June and received our items in July. Our driver (William) finally shows up a week and a half later than his original call to us, and the first thing out of his mouth is "you got my money?" Brings in our NEW TV and it is cracked across the middle. William's response = I didn't do it. It was 2 months old and we had the receipt and original box (as requested). We also only moved maybe 1/4 of our household and had numerous broken and even some missing items. We filed a claim and are now being offered $59. After a second review we are being offered $59. That's right, nothing changed. It took months to receive this information. Among the damaged items were a TV, 3 tier computer desk, broken lamp with a missing shade, missing box spring cover for a sleep number bed among other small items. WHAT EXACTLY will $59 cover?????

Origin : Milwaukee, WI
Destination : Henderson, NV

No Photo Brittney
March 25, 2019

Excellent crew!

The best service around. Fast, reliable, respectful, and full service. Could not have been easier! Smooth and chill move profesionalism to the max and they moved me on such short notice . I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again. Thanks also to Amenda, whose prompt communication and professionalism impressed me from the first contact.

Origin : Florida
Destination : Newyork

No Photo Elena
February 20, 2019

Thank you!

I have had poor moving experiences in the past which ended costing us a great deal more money than quoted and poor service. This was not the case with this company. We did have few issues during the move, communication was the reason, we had poor communication other than that, all good. The price quoted was the price paid, no extra costs for stair landings or distribution to multiple floors, no hidden fees, no extra toll charges, the quoted number was the bottom line. They packed up my apartment, then my new roommate's, and moved us into our new place in three hours! The team was super helpful and handled every detail of my move including assembling my bed and media console. They were super friendly as well! I would highly recommend them!

Origin : WA
Destination : FL

No Photo Michele
February 10, 2019

Amazing moving service!

Highly recommended. Customer service by Angie leading up to the move was excellent. The moving crew showed up on time. They showed up early and packed up our large apartment quickly and efficiently. We have a new born and a 2.5 year old and they were very conscientious and friendly as they packed. I am very impressed with them. Will be using them again in the near future. Awesome work!

Origin : Miamia
Destination : South Daytona

No Photo Jayne
January 11, 2019


Run as fast as you can AWAY from this company. This experience has been absolutely horrible. The lack of professionalism by nearly every person I have had to talk to is mind boggling. It is quite clear that once they have their money they don't care one bit about the customer. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that cannot be located. A brand new Vitamix blender also conveniently missing. Snow skis gone. Framed artwork, you guessed it, gone. A margarita pitcher and glasses, shattered. A ceramic pitcher purchased in Germany in 1988 also shattered. After several weeks of trying to get someone to actually talk to me and not blow me off, I spoke with Shawn. He told me he would help me and I didn't need to speak with anyone else. He would "handle things". I sent he the information he requested which was an itemized list of the missing and broken items. He told me he checks the email every day. FOUR days later I called again and asked to speak with Shawn. Imagine my surprise when I was told 1) that Shawn isn't the person I needed to talk to and 2) when I was put on the phone with Carmen she said she couldn't find my email. Wonder of wonders, it was is the bulk email. Has this never happened before?? Did no one think to check the bulk email??? The level of incompetence is nothing short of staggering. From no one seeming to be on the same page as anyone else to phone calls not being returned to the latest insult which is that I am told I will be compensated $125 for my missing and damaged beyond repair items. You read that right. $125. Have you priced a Kitchen Aid mixer? A Vitamix blender? Do you know how much it costs to have pictures framed?? I have a very hard time believing these other reviews are legit quite honestly.

Origin : Jeffersonville, In
Destination : Tucson, Ar

No Photo Mike
January 11, 2019



Origin : United States
Destination : Illinois

No Photo Leah
January 11, 2019


The National Express Van Lines mover called the night prior and agreed on a 9:30am pick up. Everything was ready at the building at 9am. The mover wasn’t there, so the building allowed a water cooler delivery vehicle up. The mover finally arrived by around 10:30. Immediately, he began complaining about the “horrible building management” and his time being wasted. He came into the apartment, looked at our contract quote and said it would be over $2,800— more than DOUBLE what we were quoted of $1,326. He said items were oversized, though we had the dimensions of everything in our contract already and showed him. We also had two less boxes than we were quoted (18 vs. 20). He refused to acknowledge the contract as anything more than a “suggestion” and if we didn’t sign his new contract of $2,800 he was leaving and “good luck to us”. He was threatening, pushed me out of his path, and hung up on my husband when he called to negotiate. Our contact at National Express Van Lines was Ali, but the direct line she gave us was disconnected. We also had Liz’s number, but surprise, she wasn’t answering her phone. When I called National Express Van Lines a bait and switch he said, “What gave you the first hint?” He threw the entire sales team under the bus and was careful not to give us his name or use more than nicknames for his crew. Being in a Miami high-rise with elevator schedules and a lease ending, we had no choice but let him move our stuff. I tried to write on the contract “signed under duress,” but he crossed it out and refused to move anything if I didn’t sign it as is. To reach his $2,800 number he added fake amounts of tape, wardrobe boxes, crates, medium boxes, and charged for a long carry (my door was right outside the elevator, right beside the loading dock)— all things that didn’t exist. This company is such a SCAM. From there, he began handling my furniture extremely roughly, calling it cheap. We had packed everything except a $400 mirror, which he promptly broke, along with a $500 TV stand before even getting it out the door. I am so furious with this company. This mover was basically laughing while he was doing it. The entire time he spoke down to me, told me my furniture was crap, and then would try to sweet talk me. Our original contract stated that the same 26’ truck would deliver my furniture in Texas, but he told us that instead it would be hauled to a storage facility and unloaded until it would be put on a 58’ truck. It took an additional TEN DAYS from my delivery date for my furniture to be delivered and the company (a completely new one) tried to give me two hours notice. Because I had been so threatened in Miami, I had visited Austin PD prior to their arrival and had an undercover officer on duty. The company delivering had broken SO MUCH FURNITURE. It’s unclear whether it happened unpacking in Florida after the initial pickup or packing to move to Texas. There was also a lot of water

Origin : Miami, Fl
Destination : Austin, TX

Quoted Price : $1,326.00
Actual Price : $2,800.00

No Photo Charlotte
January 7, 2019


National Express Van Lines are not a legitimate moving company. They have the worst customer service, they lose your items, and the items you do receive will arrive broken and damaged. When I first called I spoke with Aaron, who said he would assist me throughout the entire moving process, but once National Express had my items, I never heard back from him and he would not return calls. He provided a low quote, and I then had to pay additional when the movers arrived. Aaron also promised to waive some of the fees. This was a lie, as I had to pay these fees once items were delivered. I also had a pick up window of 12-2pm. They ended up showing up the following day at 7pm at night!!! National Express only accepted cash when they picked up my items, which is a red flag. By the way, Aaron no longer works there. My guess they are about to close this company and open up under a new name because of their bad service and reviews. Once National Express had my items, I had to deal with Liz Harrington, who has no experience in dispatching. Every time I spoke with her, she told me what I needed to hear, but it turned out that her information was not what was actually being done. One week before delivery she tells me that my shipment was at the destination, waiting for delivery. Then 3 days before I was to receive my delivery, I spoke with someone else and they tell me that my shipment still hasn’t left Florida!! I ended up receiving my items 8 days past Aaron’s “guaranteed delivery date”. I also called and left messages for the manager Alex. Waste of time as he never returns calls. You can call at any time of day to speak with Aaron, Liz or Alex and you will be told that they are out to lunch. I always called after 3 pm and this is the message I got. They answer the phone with just “Hello”, which was another red flag. Don’t believe their 5 star reviews. I have asked for references from their reviews and never got this info. They must be providing their own reviews as the info does not match the service they provide. Call them and ask for references. Do your homework with National Express Van Lines. Better yet, use a reputable, well established moving company.

Origin : MIAMI
Destination : BROOKLYN, NY

Quoted Price : $1,800.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Harris
December 31, 2018

Excellent guys!

The move went very well! The guys were hard-working, professional, great at their job and very nice to work with. They did everything possible to see that I was satisfied and all went smoothly. They definitely lived up to everything that was said. I would definitely recommend!

Origin : Miami
Destination : Charleston

No Photo Sasha
December 27, 2018

thank you!

On Time, Reliable, Friendly, Professional Service. The estimated cost was the same as the final cost! Moving can be stressful and this process was so smooth. They came a little bit earlier than expected which was great cause we were able to finish earlier. They're good at making sure everything is moved in one piece without any scratches.

Origin : california
Destination : miami

No Photo Kayla
December 26, 2018

Works best!

They do an excellent job with the packing. They used superior quality packing materials in my pack which would not get damaged during transit. The crew arrived on time and moved my stuff very carefully and efficiently. They worked hard on the move and did it fast. I recommend them

Origin : florida
Destination : California

No Photo Martha
December 25, 2018

Professional team

They were punctual, efficient, super nice, and professional. I'd use them again in one second. They carefully wrapped all of our furniture and took care of all of our fragile items. They explained exactly how they pack everything and talked with us about getting into the new building

Origin : miami
Destination : daytona beach

No Photo Iva
November 27, 2018

Recommend them!

This team was an absolute pleasure to work with. The process was explained to me in detail. The movers did a great job on both ends, pick up and delivery, all my furniture were wrapped very well and they also took the beds and the dining table apart and put it back together on the delivery. I'm really satisfied with their service! Definitely recommend them for your move. Good luck!

Origin : miami
Destination : chicago

No Photo Fernando
November 26, 2018

Excellent team

Excellent and friendly, down to earth service. Excellent rates and professional, hard-working men who does the job without dragging their feet! The men were very quick and efficient, and they worked really hard during that move. I was surprised how quickly and how well the crew wrapped and covered all furniture.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Jacksonville

No Photo Miran
November 6, 2018

Thank you

I cannot say enough great things about these guys. From start to finish they were awesome. I called, received the extremely reasonable quote and everything from then on was smooth sailing. They delivered everything ahead of schedule on long distance move.

Origin : TX
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,700.00

No Photo Justin
September 19, 2018

THank you

I cannot say enough great things about this company. They were an incredibly efficient, fast and hardworking crew and at the same time, careful. They quoted me a price and stuck to it. I cannot recommend this company enough.

Origin : miami
Destination : jacksonville

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

No Photo Mark
September 18, 2018

Great guys!

These guys are awesome, reliable, professional, and prompt. Showed up on time at 9am and done packing in under 3 hours at 12pm. They charged me for boxes but they advised me to buy in advance and i forgot. Will definitely recommend. Experienced, reliable and fast. Was happy to tip well cause they completed the job way faster than I expected. AMAZING service.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Jacksonville

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Alex
September 18, 2018


They're fantastic, they know their work and they do everything that they do pretty well indeed. I recommend them a lot.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Bill
September 11, 2018

They're genuinely good

I do have some beef with movers in general but some how, the dealing and all with these guys was just so much easier. They've really helped me out plenty and I'm really thankful for that. They've got some fantastic charismatic personality and they actually do deliver true on their words. I've been pretty happy with these guys!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Lane
September 10, 2018

Simply Fantastic

Of all the movers I've hired so far, these guys stood out the most. They have the charismatic abilty to charm their clients and in the end, they always do deliver. So far, I've only been pleased with their service and it's been fantastic as well. I really hope that it continues to be so in the future as well.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Emma
September 7, 2018

They're way better than those avg ...

I urgently needed a move and was lucky enough that new neighbor recommended the National Express Van Lines to me in time. I was expecting the usual service, the slow response, the constant delays, but no, they were completely different. First of all, they're way too courteous, I mean too customer-centered. I felt it good that they updated me on everything before me having to ping them about it. They took care of the move well, delivered on time, and my furniture and everything else was left without a scratch, which was on the highest priority for me. So in the end, a job well done!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Laura
September 6, 2018


They're a feasibly moving company and I really liked their professionalism. Their quote was actually accurate.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Clay
September 6, 2018


I'm content with the service. They delivered sooner than expected and everything was done in a perfect manner.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Honaer
September 6, 2018

Fantastic service

Really great job done!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Olivia
September 5, 2018


They're truly fantastic and I've absolutely fallen in love with their services. True to their word and highly professional.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo John
September 4, 2018


They're amazing movers and highly recommended. They did my packing of the furniture well enough and the cost was pretty close to the quoted one. I was really glad to have had chosen them for it.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami. FL

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