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Accuracy of Estimate 4.5
Moving Services 4.8
Packing Services 4.8
Professionalism 4.9

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License Info: US DOT # 2797757
NJPUC # T-0190811
Year of Estd: 6/1/2014

Hours of Operation

8-00 am to 8-00 pm

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NJ State Moving Inc
480 Allen St
ElizabethNJ 07202 USA

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Phone: 908-500-0080
Fax: 718-339-1710

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No Photo David
March 21, 2018


Had everything moved on time

We could move everything by ourselves but couldn't wait so long so have decided to take PRO to move. They were great . We never prepared anything so we decided if they are good. They are good in everything. We had 5 days our staff was delivered so thanks for everything. Thanks

Origin : Elizabeth NJ
Destination : Lake Jackson TX

Quoted Price : $2,500.00
Actual Price : $2,700.00

No Photo Aros
March 21, 2018


Relocation was perfect

My mother was to move very quick so we had to call this guys if they are available. It was perfect. We moved within 3 days. Thanks GOD we met NJ State Moving. I had so many chances to change date but thay are very flaxible on date so it was really good so far. Hope next time me or my friends will move with them we will get the same GOOD service. Thnks

Origin : East Orange NJ
Destination : Fort Laurdale FL

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,750.00

No Photo Aaron
March 21, 2018


We had everything we need

Had smth to left behind but we could easiyi move it in one shot. Was very concerned about some staff that was too bifg even for our room but this guys took everyhing. Thanks God we already here. I had no plans to move this year but my wife got pregnant so actually our baby changed everything and its good. We good now. )

Origin : Cranford NJ
Destination : Queens NY

Quoted Price : $850.00
Actual Price : $920.00

No Photo Lukas
March 21, 2018


Guys were PRO as we wanted

I have to say it was incredibly good. We were expected smth like this but when we got all this service they offered I was surprised. We got just make sure all we got should be prepared and ready to go. We wanted service which wasnt depend on us but only on moving PRO qulification. Thanks we got this in piece. Its very important . Tnx

Origin : Jersey City NJ
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $3,000.00

No Photo Letrel
March 20, 2018


Was pretty good as it could

I had everything I ordered so we had all staff together. Mostly it wasnt heavy at all but very many staff we had to prepare before even do smth. I had so many boxes to move and we had furniture to wrap so simply we had to do preparation. No way we had time to do this quicker but company had many staff to arrange. Thnx

Origin : Dover NJ
Destination : Lodi NJ

Quoted Price : $620.00
Actual Price : $700.00

No Photo Mel
March 20, 2018


Was so nice that we will try again

Had so many staff to work but couldnt do this in time so we had to call this guys. They were pretty good but we had everything in time. Last time I had so many staff so had to move with another movers but we figured it out. Had so many staff to relocate so we had to get tools and this guys to come. Tnx )

Origin : Lakehurst NJ
Destination : Linden NJ

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $560.00

No Photo Gillian
March 19, 2018


Wa nice moving

We had really good move. I was lucky to get all explanations very quick so we had it done quick. Later we get so many quotes so we decided we got everything right. I had so many staff to pack. I was very pleased to take advantage of this.I needed to be very careful with my staff. I had many chances to get another guys but i took this and very pleased. Thank you everything. Thank you.

Origin : Lodi NJ
Destination : Newark NJ

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $500.00

No Photo Gregory
March 8, 2018


It was good enough to try it again

We already got experience with this guys we moved locally so knew how to do that. Was happy that truck was huge to fit everything we got. My wife wanted to take even all our backyard staff so still we got everything moved. Adam was very pleased with our staff they prepared everything so we got it done quick. Hope they will get a chance to move our friens. thanks

Origin : Parlin NJ
Destination : Washington DC

Quoted Price : $950.00
Actual Price : $1,050.00

March 8, 2018


We can say it was good

Maybe I mistaken but we had no problem with them. We new about all time problems with movers so tried to cut this problems from very begginnig. Hopefully there was no so many staff to move so was easy to get price. We just got nflat price for their minimum request.

Origin : Lodi NJ
Destination : Richmond VA

Quoted Price : $1,450.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Armen
March 7, 2018


Need to get more staff to move take ...

We wasnt sure about staff to take so had to leave smth behind. maybe next time will take everything. Guys did perfect job. Aybek and his team were really good. We got everything covered and made sure it was good prepared before loading to truck.

Origin : Newrk NJ
Destination : Neptune NJ

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $700.00

February 15, 2018


It could be better but who knows hot ...

We had before company so wanted to take advantage of my own experience so we did our choice on NJ State Movers. They made our day so we are pleased to take it. Guys were great on service , on jobs and in price. Thanks

Origin : Newark NJ
Destination : Jersey City NJ

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $800.00

February 14, 2018


Movers were GREAT

Nj State Movers were so pleased and perfect done job that we decided to give all info to our friends. Every piece or furnirture was wrapped in blankets and taped it.It was so long in storage for 18 month, and not a single staff was damages or broken. All of the guys were friendly and hardworking. Thanks for making my move easy and successful. Thanks

Origin : Toms River NJ
Destination : Piscataway NJ

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $700.00

No Photo Alfred
February 1, 2018


Have everything done quickly

We are really happy to move to new place )) Thanks for everything. We were so badly in hurry cause of realtor. We wanted to be very carefull with choosing right company. This guys did everything PERFECT. Thanks for that.

Origin : Linden NJ
Destination : Edison NJ

Quoted Price : $360.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo Natasha
March 2, 2016


Success in moving its easy in future

God, at last it happened. I moved and I was lucky. At least I didn't spent much money cause to move 3 bdr to move from NJ to NY cost at least $2K. Guys were superb. Came in time, wrapped everything but seemed they had not many tape to wrap so, delivery guy had to make another trip for them. Actually I wasn't sure it would fit to truck. But hopefully it fit. Thank you for everything.

Origin : Edison NJ
Destination : White Plains NY

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Julia
January 13, 2016


Need to be more responsible while ...

So, what can I say (( I totally hate to move, its obvious. I couldn't prepare everything so needed to order another service to pack everything. Quote was good but seemed smth was wrong with my time. It could be less than 4 hours but it took 6 hrs with travel time. Ok, anyway guys were good, packed and moved everything very careful with no scratches and demages. Thanks a lot.

Origin : Garfield NJ
Destination : Allentown PA

Quoted Price : $470.00
Actual Price : $500.00

January 4, 2016


First call than you need to decide

If say a few words moving wasn't stressful I should better prepare for all this. Guys worked hard but too many staff need to be packed. Dispatcher told me to pack everything but I haven't got enough time so had to do in one time with covering, assembling and etc. As for truck was a little big for that cause they haven even used straps or another moving supply. Jack was very pleased to help me with moving supply. For the next time I should buy all this boxes, cartons, papers and prepare myself to get it done quicker.

Origin : Bayonne, NJ
Destination : Rahway, NJ

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $800.00

November 10, 2015


Call and you will get answers!

The initial set up was perfect. Daniel didn't talk too much just visited our place made notices, asked couple questions and gave a price $1500.The day of the move movers showed up put all our boxes first than wrapped all our furniture and loaded to truck. When everything was loaded they only asked $700 deposit took delivery address and left. I was shoked ))) people , this guys like robots, not asking anything just come-preparation-loading. I bought them sodas, pizza and they refused (. They showed up 1,5 h later at new address asked to close contract.We gave them another $900 and they just unloaded truck, made organizing and left. I prepared them tips $100 for all but they didn't take it. )) I don't know what was it !

Origin : New Bruinswick, NJ
Destination : Carmel, NY

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,600.00

No Photo Kelly
October 19, 2015


Easy Moving can be sometimes really ...

I can't think of enough good things to say about NJ State Moving. I was terrified of moving a huge three bedroom apartment after accumulating so much junk throughout the years, yet it turned out be the easiest move I have ever done, and cost less than the last two moves I did (which were much smaller jobs). Stanley is a very nice guy, everybody worked very efficiently, and got the move done in less time than was predicted. While I hope it is a very long time before I have to move again, I will try to find Nj State Moving when that does happen!"

Origin : Red Bank NJ
Destination : Paterson Nj

Quoted Price : $700.00
Actual Price : $750.00

No Photo Lorak
October 7, 2015


Keep this Moving Company in mind.

Nothing changed as many years ago. I sold a house and to move all my staff i needed at least 4 guys with 26' truck.The price i was quoted was fare enough ( a little bit different with using supply matherial) I didnt buy any of it to wrap so i had to buy from movers. My only concerned was to deliver everything with no stress and minimum damage )) The best way to arrange your moving its simply to call Antony, this guy will arrange everything.Thanks guys.

Origin : Roselle NJ
Destination : Rockaway NJ

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,270.00

No Photo Flora
September 28, 2015


Easiest way to move to get flat rate

Hope you can understand i am not good writer but moving was superb. Some different we had in estimate but it was my fault ( i wanted to save some time and money to pack everything by myself that was not in right way so guys needed some time to repack some of my staff and orginize unppacking . But thanks anyway.

Origin : Piscataway, NJ
Destination : Red Bank, NJ

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $710.00

No Photo Stacy
September 26, 2015


Tnaks for help

It was Fast, High quality and reasonable price. No damage. All Transported in the best possible way. Thanks Guys !!!

Origin : Delaware
Destination : Elizaneth NJ

Quoted Price : $1,020.00
Actual Price : $1,020.00

No Photo Vlada
September 21, 2015


Moving can be with no stress

I dont know how it could be happened but I moved just now and I am happy with this I packed 3 days all my staff and this guys just moved everything in couple hours. Wooowww Can u image u were drinking your coffee in 8 am in New Jersey and jus in couple hours you are have second lunch on your new place in Philadelphia guys were just superb , Thanks to Peter, Said and Andrew

Origin : Cranbury
Destination : Philadelphia

Quoted Price : $1,050.00
Actual Price : $1,068.00

No Photo Akran
September 17, 2015


Good job is good paid

First of all this was good. office guy explained to me in general about whole job but guys that came to my place where perfect. I am surprised. A little took longer to pack everything and unpack but wanna move with no damages , scratches or totaly broken staff so its not for you.my wife just in few words explained where she wanted to put all furniture and boxes and it was done. Payment process was according to bill. i realized that it could be longer so i had enough cash. This guys worth every penny i spent for this moving. Thanks NJ State moving and especially Daniel.

Origin : Cliffton
Destination : Linden

Quoted Price : $900.00
Actual Price : $960.00

No Photo Marco
September 14, 2015


It was good experience in moving

Service was good/excellent from the very beginning. I have received call from Antony he told that would be better if othei estimator come to my place and make estimate. Daniel, estimator came ( nice guy ) and observed all we had. he made a quote for $800 +/- $100. gave me list of items and asked for email. he sent me written form , Order and some company rules. I signed everything. We moved 7 days after. It took about 7 hrs for my 3 bdr house. Movers covered everything load to truck and brought everything to Edison. Actually it was 3 miles. After everything was loaded we paid $400. and when everything was delivered we paid another $400. I cant say or ignore it but service was perfect. i dont know when i going to move but i will call them again.Thanks

Origin : Edison
Destination : Edison

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $800.00

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