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Olympian Worldwide Moving & Storage, Inc.
2225 S 43rd Ave
PhoenixAZ 85009-6052 USA

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Phone: 602-269-2225
Fax: 602-233-9810

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No Photo Brad
August 9, 2022

Stay away from them

Gave us 2 days notice they would be showing up one day early to pack, which forced us out of the house when we were not ready and to get a hotel. They would not compensate us for this. Verbally guaranteed to deliver within 3-5 days of the front end of the delivery window but did not actually deliver until 7 days outside the 2 week window. Part of the shipment was left behind that then took 8 weeks for delivery. We were only compensated for the initial delay since the rest was considered a partial delivery. Still missing over $1000 worth of stuff. Communication was horrible throughout. They would rarely respond to phone calls once they had our stuff, our move coordinator was MIA for the final 4 weeks, and we were absent any updates at all unless prompted. the only way our experience could have been worse is if they lost all of our items.

Origin : Phoenix, AZ
Destination : Tampa, FL

Quoted Price : $24,000.00
Actual Price : $24,000.00

No Photo Linda
August 19, 2015


BUYER BEWARE – RUN (DO NOT WALK) AS FAST & FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS YOU CAN. I received a low-ball estimate ($1,350) for packing & move 3 BLOCKS AWAY. Five days later, my father passed away. Plans halted so I could fly East for my father's funeral. I MOVED 13 MONTHS AGO. OLYMPIAN STILL HASN'T PAID $1,500 TO REPAIR DAMAGES. I PAID THE HIGHEST PREMIUM FOR ZERO DEDUCTIBLE. I REQUESTED REFUND FOR PORTION THE EXCESSIVE PACKING. OLYMPIAN'S ATTEMPTING TO BLACKMAIL ME INTO SIGNING A RELEASE FOR "ANY & ALL CLAIMS, KNOWN & UNKNOWN." THEY'RE WITHHOLDING PAYMENT BECAUSE I WON'T SIGN THE RELEASE. THERE ARE 2 SEPARATE ISSUES – DAMAGES & EXCESSIVE PACKING. A truck was taken to their warehouse for a week. I don't know where my property was or how it was treated. Olympian refused to process my claim until I stated I'd unpacked all the boxes. I had nowhere to unpack the boxes, but had to say I had so they would process my claim. Any damages found later wouldn't be covered. I had vacate the home I sold. I planned to downsize & hold an estate sale. When my father passed away unexpectedly, I flew East. When I returned, my house went into full-pack mode. Olympian took full advantage of this – although they couldn't provide additional packers, they still packed in an excessive manner. I moved across country & did all the packing; there was less than $100 in damage. Within 3 blocks, Olympian did $1,500 damage. They ran their operations so lean, they didn't have another packer to help. Two packers were scheduled; one packer showed up 11:30am stating he was "pulled off another job." Packing took 2.5 days. The second day, the packer brought his kid; she was there 1 day. I'm not she was an employee. I told her not to pack my jewelry box. She kept hounding me; I finally just said, "Pack it." She would packed it in box by itself marking it "pillows." After I moved, I opened every box marked "pillows" & couldn't find it. I opened every box marked "Master Bedroom." The jewelry box (12x18x5) alone was in large 4.5 cu.ft. box (18x18x38 with 10lbs. packing paper); it was marked, "Jewelry Box." No boxes are numbered because they "don't do that for a local move." When I asked the packer how he knew which boxes he'd already counted, he gave me a dirty look saying, "I've been doing this a long time." Put numbers on boxes so you can keep track. Olympian has bad reviews for excessive packing. I'm still fighting for reimbursement from 13½ months ago. I lost entire liquor cabinet packed with salad dressing & wall décor. There was approx. 7 lbs. of packing paper in each box. My move exceeded 1,000 lbs. of packing paper. The boxes have no handles; you cannot maneuver them. They weight 50-60 lbs. each & were stacked 3 high. I ha

Destination : CAVE CREEK, AZ

Quoted Price : $1,349.40
Actual Price : $6,824.78

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