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Orange Square Movers
3899 N Jackson St
DenverCO 80205 USA

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Toll Free: 720-588-4664
Phone: 720-588-4664
Fax: 720-588-4664

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No Photo Sebastian
April 27, 2022


I'm going to try keep it short. I'll get in the details, with photos and videos, on the Transport Reviews website and BBB. OSM did the worst packing job their own delivery driver said he has seen in 18-years. This is why I'm not surprised 3 of my 5 TVs arrived smashed. That's $5,000 worth of LCDs in addition to the $5,000 I paid for shipping. Absolutely appalling.? While you're shopping around, don't just look for cheapest price, or vice versa, highest price. Everyone was quoting us $2K, but we opted for $5K as we wanted peace of mind. Ended up backfiring, as even for something considered 'high-end', we are dealing with the stress one month on. Sadly, this is another dodgy moving business. They hire contractors, fire for them messing things up, yet make you suffer for it. The issue with contractors is that they are not trained in the same way as professional movers. Hence, 3 of 5 TV's were smashed because they were poorly packaged. Must mention, Ron, the Sales Associate there is super kind. He was helpful at the start, emphatic till the end. Sadly, the "owner" of the business doesn't have the same respect as some of his employees. Other people have had a good experience, and we mostly did, until the remaining arrived at our place. Proceed with caution, and perhaps look over each time as its packed otherwise you're also going to be left hanging having to replace your loved items.

Origin : Denver
Destination : Los Angeles

Quoted Price : $5,500.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Gustavo
October 12, 2021

Great moving company

About a week ago I used Orange square movers for the first time. I am very frequent to relocate because of my job but I never had a 100% accurate move before I used them. When I saw many good reviews about this company, I hired them. They kept all their commitments and delivered me a perfect move. I am sure that these movers are very skilled, innovative, committed and always willing to give their best. I am surely going to recommend this great moving company.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Jacksonville, FL

No Photo Milton
October 11, 2021

Great teamwork

Orange square movers is amazing! Fast service! Everything was wrapped super well and arrived perfectly! I will suggest this moving service to anyone who is in need of a good mover. It took only 5 hours, which was estimated to be completed in 7 hours. I thought it would take much longer but thanks to the foreman and his four helpers, it was a very quick move. A great experience!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Calvin
October 8, 2021

Sometimes good things come suddenly

Sometimes good things come suddenly. Last month I moved from Denver, CO to Pompano Beach, FL with my wife and I used Orange square movers and never expected a neat, stress free, smooth service. These guys are professionals. They managed to bypass all kinds of unwanted issues. They were ahead of schedule and made sure that all goes according to the plan and within the estimate. They are the best in this field. 5 stars!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Pompano Beach, FL

No Photo Mike
October 3, 2021

I was lucky to have them

I cannot recommend this team of Orange square movers. They made the stressful process of moving go very smoothly, from their responsive communication and their promptness on the day, to their care and attention when loading and unloading, and their resourcefulness and determination to get everything in (even when it didn't seem to want to fit up the stairs!). All at a very reasonable price. Many thanks.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Sheldon
September 28, 2021

Well done

Two weeks before my relocation I got in touch with the customer service staff of Orange square movers who hooked me up with the estimator. After giving all the details about my planned relocation, I was assured of quality services and nothing less. I thought it was all about marketing until I actually saw them working. Everything worked out exactly how the manager had explained. The crew arrived at my home a day before and ensured that everything was in order. The relocation was smooth and well done.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Andres
September 26, 2021

Top Notch Company

We had a wonderful experience with Orange Square Movers. I must point out some highlights. The 4 men crew arrived right on time and started packing our things. My wife had lots of clothes and pairs of shoes as well as hair accessories so the guys packed them well in the boxes and nothing got damaged or lost. My dad gave me an antique clock, which I wanted not to be damaged at all. Of course, when you are dealing with professionals you do not have to worry. Nothing was damaged or broken and the guys were doing their job really fast without a break. The price was more than competitive. They were fully equipped and treated us nicely. Very friendly fellows! Hardworking, very kind and courteous! My wife was delighted working with them and so was I. If you are looking for the BEST, book Orange Square Movers!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Domingo
September 24, 2021

All good

I was worried how my things were going to travel such a long distance. I have consulted many friends who relocate frequently and most of them advised me to hire Orange square movers. When I called the company, they fixed me a slot on the moving day and gave me a really rational estimate. He also warned me that the quote was only an estimate. Their movers arrived on time to my apartment and they were all very well equipped. They efficiently packed all my stuff. They gave me a week long window for the delivery but thankfully the delivery was made on day 02. All my things traveled without suffering any damage. The final bill was very close to the estimate as well.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Wendell
September 20, 2021

Best in their league

I moved my 4 bedroom home out of state and anyone who’s done a move that large knows how nerve wracking that can be. It’s worrisome to have to trust so many of your belongings to a moving company - especially if it’s your first time using them. Thankfully Orange square movers is on top of their game. They were careful, kind, and reassuring every step of the way. I don’t know what I would have done without their amazing help. I will be using them again and again.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : San Antonio, TX

No Photo Wallace
September 15, 2021

They are very reliable

These movers are great. They came back to me with a reasonable quote for a small move. They were very communicative about dates and times. There were no hidden fees or charges, and we were charged what was originally quoted. My daughter said that the foreman and movers were very nice and that they took good care of her belongings. We would use Orange square movers again if we ever move again.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Boston, MA

No Photo Bruce
September 13, 2021

Great price and awesome team

I called two other companies but their price was higher than Orange square movers. Their sales rep came to my house and he noted everything and gave us a good quote. My house was full of large furniture and had a lot of exercise equipment. The movers very efficiently took apart the equipment and assured us to reassemble after delivery and so did they. I am determined to use them if there is any move needed in the near future.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Brendan
September 12, 2021

They are skilled and experienced

The foreman of Orange square movers and his team were absolutely amazing. They were very fast and proficient. My concerns were put to ease immediately upon their arrival as he explained the process. The most fabulous part of this experience is that he and his team completed our move with ease. Quick, professional, and polite. I will recommend all my colleagues and friends to Orange square movers.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Tampa, FL

No Photo Clark
September 9, 2021

I know whom to call now

Their price was the best in comparison to other moving companies in the town. The service was great. The crew arrived right on time and brought all the necessary equipment. The guys did not waste any time. They packed all my things including the refrigerator and the freezer. These guys were super friendly and nice. I really enjoyed cooperating with them. I thought that the move was going to be a stressful situation for me, but everything was so smooth. Excellent job guys! If I need to move again, I know for sure who I am going to call.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Vernon
September 4, 2021

Just had the best moving experience

We were very excited with the response these guys gave us right from the time we contacted their manager and when we talked with their customer service team and till the time we moved with their movers. It was fun and interesting all through and we had the best moves of our lives ever since we had been moving. I recommend Orange Square Movers to every serious movers, you will have the best experience with them.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : West Palm Beach, FL

No Photo Ricardo
August 31, 2021

Great teamwork

I used Orange square movers for my recent move from Denver to Austin and I am very happy with the entire experience! The crew came out and did an estimate which they fully explained before I was required to make any decisions. They explained the different options they had for packing and even suggested where I could buy boxes for cheaper for the smaller items I would be packing myself. They offered crating services for the larger fragile items which made me comfortable in knowing the items would arrive safely.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Dianna
August 30, 2021

Great for long distance relocation

I did a lot of research before choosing Orange Square Movers and I'm certainly glad that I did. Not all of the reviews I read online were that great, but I was very happy with my decision. They moved me and my family (my husband, three kids, a dog and a cat) from CO to NY and did an exceptional job. I was particularly concerned with my pets, but the movers handled them very meticulously and with great care. They were even available to help us pack the last of our items, and did so quickly, carefully, and affordably. I would definitely recommend that if you need to move, use Orange Square Movers.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Orlando, FL

No Photo Forrest
August 25, 2021

I am so happy

I hired Orange square movers after doing extensive research and comparing prices and reviews online. I asked so many questions and made sure I fully understood what to expect before agreeing to sign any sort of contract. I was very happy with the communication and detail these guys put into my job. Their customer service was very good as well and they even took the time to follow up with me after my move was done to ensure I was happy.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Nashville, TN

No Photo Ignacio
August 22, 2021

They did a lot to impress me

I had Orange Square Movers pack and moved my household items into storage until my new home was ready for us to move in. I visited the storage unit and everything was neat and organized. They kept us informed about the progress of the shipment delivery. Needless to say, everything was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Each moving box was properly labeled, so we could find everything we needed in a matter of minutes. I’m very satisfied with the service they provided. All my friends have already heard about my positive experience with Orange Square Movers.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Steve
August 19, 2021

They did a great job

My family suffered a loss and we needed to move rather quickly. Orange square movers responded right away to help me, and make their schedule work. They had well trained employees that were all extremely professional. The mover's showed up on time and they¬ were very hard-working. They showed care with my items. My move was pain free. Orange square movers is a great company.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Kristina
August 17, 2021


Orange square movers was really great. The moving crew was great on the day of pickup and just as great for their delivery. One of the shelves to our TV stand was damaged during the move and the crew pointed it out to them to make sure that we were aware before the move started. I appreciate them doing this. It reminds me of renting a car and making sure that everything is ok with it before driving it off the lot. We were very happy with our experience, and I couldn't be happier that Orange square movers treated my husband and I so well!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Lyle
August 15, 2021

They deserve 5 stars

I called Orange square movers during an emergency, when I needed almost everything moved out of our home and into storage. We had a water leak that was undetected for at least a week. Orange square movers provided the moving service, stress-free, in a very professional manner. The movers and the person I was speaking with on the phone communicated and treated me the way I like. I also received text updates as well. I give 5-stars because, in addition to the excellent moving service, their customer service puts them over the top!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Guillermo
August 13, 2021

Reliable and affordable movers

Clean, professionalism, efficient, fast, on time movers. They are recommended for everybody! Great job guys! I will definitely use them again. We've used Orange square movers for three full moves and a number of small item moves. They're reliable, safe, courteous and honest. We recommend them to anyone we know that needs moving services.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Alonzo
August 10, 2021

Picture perfect

I hired Orange square movers because the company was referred to me by a friend. When I called them, they seemed very friendly. It was quite easy to get a quote as I didn’t really own too much. The movers were supposed to arrive at 11 am sharp. This company takes customer care very seriously. The movers were all very efficient. They packed up my studio apartment in no time at all. My valuables were delivered on the scheduled date and nothing went missing.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Aubrey
August 10, 2021

They are very fast and skilled

Orange square movers blew my mind with the swiftness the movers displayed. They arrived at 9:00 am as promised, took an inventory and got to work. I noticed boxes being carried out after a few minutes of their arrival. They finished the whole packing and loading process in just in given time. I would never know how it was humanly possible for these 4 men to finish the job so quickly. Even more surprisingly, they delivered all my valuables in the exact condition they took them.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Sacramento, CA

No Photo Adrian
August 6, 2021

Most reliable movers

I have to relocate every now and then. So I know how terrible the moving companies are. The only exception for me was Orange square movers. I hired them two weeks before when I was moving. They performed exceedingly well. The crew arrived on time, was made of very strong men who knew how to do their job and they were done with everything in such a short time which never happened before. My belongings were delivered on the first scheduled day of delivery and everything was in perfect condition. I highly recommend Orange square movers to all.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Salt Lake City, UT

No Photo Frank
August 5, 2021

This is an outstanding company

I used Orange square movers to move my stuff out of storage and to my new home. They were really awesome - courteous, fast, and professional. I considered other companies but I’m really glad I went with this one. They moved very quickly and didn’t waste any time. I’m really surprised by how easy the whole thing went. I would highly recommend this company. Everyone on staff is very professional.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Chester
August 3, 2021

I shall recommend them

They came within the first half hour of their arrival window, and worked diligently and rapidly as soon as they crossed the front steps. A crew of 3 movers emptied out a 3 bedroom flat with kitchen, living and dining rooms in less than 3 hours. The lead guy and his crew are great and I highly recommend Orange Square Movers.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Robert
August 2, 2021

What an outstanding company

Moving with Orange square movers was so easy for us. When we called them, they were short and to the point. They were very accommodating and made sure they knew exactly what we needed. They were upfront with their quote and explained the pricing very quickly. A few weeks later when they sent movers to us they gave us a great group of guys who really did the best job they possibly could for us. I don't know if or when we'll be moving again but I would be more than happy to welcome them into our home again.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Salt Lake City, UT

No Photo Jason
July 29, 2021

Flawless till the end

The moment the movers arrived, the movers swooped in and took our packing over the finish line. It was amazing. They also were willing to use our leftover boxes and materials before they started to use theirs. They also made it easier to settle into our new apartment. Overall I highly recommend Orange square movers and would hire them again without reservation.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Sacramento, CA

No Photo Clifton
July 28, 2021

We are more than just happy

We had the best experience with Orange square movers! The staff went out of their way for us. The sales guy gave me great advice about moving. The moving crew was sensational! They were very efficient and extremely careful with all of our furniture! We couldn't be more pleased! I will recommend Orange square movers to everyone for all of their moving needs. We are Extremely Satisfied!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Austin, TX

No Photo Marvin
July 24, 2021

I am super impressed

Our move was huge and Orange square movers took so much stress out of it. It’s been a long time since I moved and I wanted to find a company who took pride in their work. Orange square movers was that place. The experience was pleasant and the workers were helpful and caring. They were upfront about the price and allowed me to specify things that needed to be handled with care. I was highly impressed. Thank you.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Detroit, MI

No Photo Trevor
July 22, 2021

Thanks everyone

Never ever did I think I would find such a great company with morals, ethics and respect. I have moved quite a few times and I have been on a roller coaster of reviews. Not this time though. Orange Square Movers treated me like family and I can’t wait to brag about them for a long time coming. Thank you to all at Orange Square Movers.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Detroit, MI

No Photo Spencer
July 21, 2021

They are my first choice

The crew from Orange square movers moved us a few weeks ago and we were so impressed with the way they handled our move. This is really a company with some integrity. We moved all the way from Tennessee so it wasn’t an easy haul for them but they handled it like pros. They really treated all of our possessions as if they were their own. I would hire them again in a minute. They are hands down my first choice!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Tampa, FL

No Photo Ernest
July 18, 2021

They are better than any other ...

They were quick, professional, flexible, and very skilled at what they do. I was moving cross country and they were able to help me fit my belongings into one instead of two containers, saving me a significant amount of money. And their quote was already much better than the five other moving companies I called. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Hartford, CT

No Photo Dexter
July 16, 2021

Smooth sailing all the way

I don't expect much from the moving companies as they have a reputation of overestimating themselves. I hired Orange square movers for my move simply because I thought their quote was low and I could save some money. But they really delivered on the promise. Their men were very well trained and superbly professional. I do own some very expensive pieces of furniture and I was worried how they were going to handle them. But I was so relieved to find them taking extra care with my key pieces. It took them essentially no time to remove everything from my house and load them onto the vans. I received the delivery on time and my belongings were in very good condition. I couldn't have asked for more.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Paducah, KY

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