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Pay Less Moving LLC
340 South Stiles Street
LindenNJ 07036 USA

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Phone: 732-780-1777
Fax: 908-349-3191

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No Photo Weldon
May 5, 2024

Good people

Our antique furniture was packed and moved with incredible care. I was confident everything would arrive in one piece.” thanks payless

Origin : New Jersey, usa
Destination : New Jersey, usa

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $500.00

No Photo Peyton
May 2, 2024

Hard working

Employees are courteous and did a very good job of moving or hauling items from our house and also unloading them to the new location. They are careful in their moves and pack the items well. Clean job, too! Thanks! Pay less company!

Origin : Paterson
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $700.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Monti
May 1, 2024

Good behaviour

Pay less is the best moving company that my husband and I have ever used. They recently moved us from one house to another house and these guys know how to pack and move. I highly recommend this company for your next move!!!

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Paterson

Quoted Price : $700.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Alfred
May 1, 2024


This is my second time moving with pay less and, once again, I could not have asked for a better team or a better experience. You have exceeded all expectations. From start to finish the whole process was truly excellent, especially the crew. You could not find nicer or more expert people. Moving is never enjoyable but pay less almost makes it enjoyable.

Origin : Linden
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $700.00
Actual Price : $600.00

No Photo Cheryl
January 11, 2016


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I decided to go with this company because they were the lowest price. I called them and they quoted me for $1200 from NJ to NV. I asked all the basic questions i can think of. They told me that the cover .60 per pound if damaged. I also asked if $1200 was my total cost and if there was anything else i would be paying for. They said NO. $1200 covered everything. They did tell me that the only thing i would pay extra for is if the movers had to use their supplies which i understood. Come moving day which was August 14, 2015. They told me they would arrive at my home between 8AM-10AM. They arrived at exactly 8AM which was a good sign. But as soon as they came in it started to go downhill. I pretty much packed all my stuff so i knew what was in what box and so i felt secure with my valuables. My TV was wrapped around a thick blanket. They decided to wrap it themselves. My vacuum was also something that thought need to be wrapped. They decided to pack 4 boxes. I said fine. When it came time for them to finalize everything, the guy showed me my bill and it came out to $1500 and some change. I could not believe it. They were charging me $90 in fuel fee. That made me upset because i had no idea i would be paying a Gas fee. When i first called the company they never mentioned that!! When it came time for them to leave the guy said "So are you going to give us a tip?". I look at him with disbelief and said "Okay hold on" because my wallet was in my room. I decided to give a $30 tip because there were 3 workers. So i figured $10 each. As soon as i handed it to him he said "Can you give a little more?". I went back to my room and got $10 more. So i gave them a total of $40 tip. Call me a pushover but i hate confrontation of any kind. My Mother and friend were in the same room when it happened and heard everything. As soon as they left you can believe i called the company and complained about it. The guy on the phone said he would take the $40 out of my moving price. I also gave him an ear full about the fuel fee because when i first called they specifically said i would only be paying $1200. Come arrival day. It took them two weeks to deliver to Nevada which is what they told me would me. So it was good. This time it was 2 guys who delivered. We live in a 2 story house. The guys asked where we wanted them to put everything. We asked if they can put some stuff upstairs and they said "We can bring it upstairs but it will be an extra cost". I look at them AGAIN with disbelief and said never mind you can leave it at the door. They moved everything in and told us to check to check if we had everything. By everything they mean opening every box and checking. Luckily my mom noticed i was missing my vacuum and a little mini Irish bar that was given to me when my Grandma passed away. They went back on the truck to get it. What i didn't know is that my stuff would b

Origin : Wrightstown, NJ
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,550.00

No Photo Al
July 10, 2014

Don't waste your time. Look else where ...

Scheduled the move over a week before. Confirmed 2 days prior. They call me the morning of the move at the time they were suppose to arrive saying they could NOT move me. HUGE inconvenience as you can imagine. Had to scramble to find another movers last minute, which cost me more. Salesperson didn't show any remorse, help to compensate or reschedule. Run far away !!

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New Jersey

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