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Professionalism 3.8

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License Info: US DOT # 2191891
ICC MC # 761843
Insurance: On file: $1000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 4/1/2011

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Pick Up & Go Moving Intl
9815 Sam Furr Ste # 27
HuntersvilleNC 28078 USA

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Phone: 704-737-7581
Fax: 704-496-2000

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No Photo Bharath
November 26, 2014


unprofessional and deceiving

Below is one of the emails that shows the frustration after not having our items delivered for 3 month... we finally received after 3 months all our items minus the 750$ TV. They do not carry any insurance.. it's been more than a year and I have still not got my TV. Overall experience was a nightmare... I am never going to recommend this company to anybody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today it is the Sep 20th 2013 and marks 62 days from when our items were picked up from our home in mooresville by your company - pickup and go moving international and till now we have not received them.. after waiting for so long and after giving you repeated chances to make up, we have understood that you dont care about your customers and dont give a dam about their medical condition.. we had begged you to deliver our items you kept lieing to us as you had been doing the past 2 months.. promising us that it will be delivered by next week. We are now tired of waiting and will be reaching out to anybody who will provide justice to us.. we will be reaching out to mediators, lawyers, cops also to media if required and will request them to give us justice... we have suffered for two months but we will not continue to be the victims... I had tried a lot to negotiate and not to get to this stance but you leave me no choice... You will be hearing from us soon..

Origin : north Carolina
Destination : texas

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Lauren
June 14, 2014



I'm a very pleased customer, these guys were totally professional and really knew their stuff. I have used other moving companines in the past and none compare to the professional services I received from the movers and the customer service department. Thanks again, highly recommend!!

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : Greensboro, NC

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $2,400.00

No Photo Jessie
May 26, 2014



The movers were very prompt and professional throughout our move. The customer service department contacted us during the move to ensure we were receving top notch! service. I gladly appreciated the customize service this company provided for me and my family!! Thanks again! Pick Up and Go Moving International

Origin : Charlotte, NC
Destination : Greenville, SC

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Timothy
June 2, 2013


Never use this company!

First off, they showed up 10 days late to pick up my items. They then failed to deliver within the 7-10 business days as promised and charged the remainder of the move the day they picked my things up rather than the day they delivered as the contract stated. It took them almost three months to deliver my items and were kept in a warehouse at a location they refused to give to me even after calling them about every day for three months. Once I received my items, some were damaged and others just never showed up (including all of my appliances!). When I filed a complaint with the BBB they promised me a refund which they never gave and ignored all emails and letters that I wrote that included pictures of the damaged items. This is such a huge rip-off and I encourage everyone to never use this company. The BBB couldn't even get the company to respond and ended up just closing the case as unresolved. BEWARE!

Origin : Kansas
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $2,005.00
Actual Price : $2,005.00

No Photo Veronda
December 28, 2012


A disappointing move

The price was good. They gave me a good deal. They promised me lot of stuff. On the day of the move their truck was in an accident on the way here. They didn't have any backup. It was really inconvenient. They really should keep their end of the deal. I had to call the moving company here to help them out to get it done. The moment they came they were very disorganized and then they lied and said they moved more stuff than we had on the inventory list which we did not because I had the list. As a matter of fact they moved less. Then they debited my account by phone and that was not cleared by me. After that I have been paying as agreed and from that they have to give me my money which they did but I just will never deal with them again. If you are a moving company you have to have backup for stuff like car accidents. That's part of being on the highway. I would have much rather paid more money and got the job done more professionally without the headache than the discount, to be honest with you. I received all my items. It wasn't on time. It was supposed to be done before 3:00 and it ended up being done by 10:00 that night because somebody hit their truck. That morning nobody called me. I was very upset with them because they were supposed to arrive at my house at 8:00 in the morning. Nobody called me. I had to call them at 11:00 because I didn't hear from anybody. I finally called somebody about 12:00 or 1:00 and the guy told me what happened. So it just held up a whole day over into the night. It was really inconvenient. Even though the guy got it done. I appreciate them because they were trying to move it to the next day and I said no, can't do. Can you all do it tomorrow? I got to get moved today because tomorrow I am doing something else. It was first time doing that but I would have rather paid much more money and got it done by somebody else. I really would have.

Origin : Mobile, AL
Destination : Mobile, AL

No Photo Lola
December 11, 2012


Good service by professionals

It was very good. What I liked the most was the professionalism of the movers. The prices were good. I paid them the estimated price. It wasn't anything over. The crew was very professional. They were friendly and on time. The packing services was excellent. About their service, I would just tell them that the movers were very professional and they should give it a try.

Origin : Conover, NC
Destination : Smithfield, NC

No Photo Charles
December 4, 2012


Smooth and an organized move

The movers were very polite and courteous. They took their time. They did everything the way I wanted it to be done. I had no problems at all. It was a very smooth move. The price I paid was exactly what they had estimated. They even told me they would have paid for things that were damaged in the process but I had no problems at all. I would gladly recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Fayetteville, NC
Destination : Fayetteville, NC

No Photo Khiem
November 12, 2012


Excellent customer service, but ...

My recent move went well with some pros and cons. The movers were prompt, and they were very hardworking. The customer service was great and were friendly. But the only thing I didn't like is that they charged me a higher price at the destination. My only concern was that they could have been more specific on the charges at the time of signing the contract. Apart from that the movers did a great job, and I am satisfied.

Origin : Fayetteville, NC
Destination : Raeford, NC

No Photo Iftheker
November 2, 2012


Moving company was very bad

The company I hired for my recent move is very bad. They finalized everything and gave me the quote, which was very expensive. They were very rude, and they asked me to pay the money before they did my move. At last I canceled everything and left my stuff there. 

Origin : Westover Acres, SC
Destination : Little Rock, AR

No Photo Scott
October 31, 2012


Moving part was good, but they took ...

The packing, unpacking, loading and unloading was good and they did everything perfectly. But, they charged me higher at the end and the actual quote differs from the initial quote. They took an extra $475 on the top of the quoted price from my credit card which was illegal.

Origin : Indian Springs, MS
Destination : Sanitorium, MS

No Photo Michele
October 9, 2012


It was not an experience that I was ...

To start with, they didn’t tell me that they were going to charge me by the hour. They estimated that my move would be done in 8 hours, but didn’t tell me that it could extend further. The movers they sent were incredibly slow. They soiled and damaged some of my furniture items. There were also scratching on the wall and things like that in the house that I moved into. And when they booked us with another mover, the truck wasn’t big enough to fit all our stuff in. So, they had to empty everything out of the truck. As a result, all our things were incredibly badly arranged and disorganized. I wasn’t happy with them and, I think, they were very expensive for what it was. To top it all, they also debited from my account without my permission. They had my credit card number and they debited the balance without my knowledge.

Origin : Newark, DE
Destination : Middletown, DE

No Photo Christine
October 8, 2012


Great service

The company showed up on time, and they completed the work fast. The guys did the work very efficiently. The moving crew was totally professional, and they were super friendly. I would use them again in my future moves.

Origin : Carolina Forest, SC
Destination : Carolina Forest, SC

No Photo David
October 2, 2012


Executed perfectly up to the last ...

The entire moving experience was excellent and everything about it was great. I have no complaints and I have written an email to the company recommending their services. The two guys were very professional and did an excellent job of protecting everything. They didn't fool around and got the job done. The truck was clean and everything about the entire experience was good. Their work was delayed due to a storm but once they got started they loaded, unloaded and set everything up in a span of 24 hours.

Origin : North Shore, LA
Destination : Silverhill, AL

No Photo Tina
September 10, 2012


An awful experience

I can’t say that I am happy with the moving services provided by this company. They gave me a six-hour time frame during which they were going to arrive and they ended up arriving at my home at the end of that six-hour expected time frame. They damaged my furniture and were not very professional. This is something that is totally unexpected and I am not happy with them.

Origin : Jacksonville, NC
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Patrick
September 4, 2012



Everything was great. They were here on time and we had no problem with the services we were paid for. I would use and refer this co.

Origin : Shreveport, LA
Destination : Mansfield, TX

Quoted Price : $306.00
Actual Price : $306.00

No Photo Melanie
August 9, 2012


Great hardworking movers

I was more than pleased with the hardworking crew that I hired for my recent move. They were excellent and even though there were only two guys in the truck, they were efficient, got the job done and were gentle with my stuff. They put everything back together when we arrived at the destination and they didn't leave until the job was completely finished. I would recommend this company to anyone in the world.

Origin : Raeford, NC
Destination : Cameron, NC

No Photo Fred
August 6, 2012


Great movers and a top-notch move

The moving company I used for my recent move was perfect. They were all very good people who were extremely easy to work with. They took care of everything that needed to be done and their quotes were very good compared to the quotes I had received from other moving companies for comparable services.

Origin : Norway, SC
Destination : Ritter, SC

No Photo Shauna
July 25, 2012


Simply superb!

Recently I moved and used the services of the company that my friend referred me to. I was amazed at the way the move went. The movers were very courteous and did everything professionally. The furniture was wrapped in blankets and they took extra care while transporting it to the truck. They were very careful during loading and unloading times and made sure not to cause any damage to the furniture.

Origin : Fayetteville, NC
Destination : Fayetteville, NC

No Photo Diane
June 26, 2012


Horrible, horrible, horrible

They must've written all these reviews themselves, because there is NO way my experience with this company could've been the complete opposite in every way. The insurance certificate they provided had lapsed 60 days prior for no payment (which means I have no recourse on all the damages, which were significant), overcharge based on fraudulent documentation, late delivery, showing up with rented trucks (vs. their own, as I was led to believe), my stuff was loaded

Origin : Charlotte, NC
Destination : Lancaster, PA

Quoted Price : $1,250.00
Actual Price : $2,025.00

No Photo Kim
February 29, 2012


Best Moving Company I've ever used!

I contacted this company to help assist me in moving from Chicago to Miami, from the moment I spoke to the customer service rep she made me feel really comfortable, she ensured me that my items would be safe, and they would wrap, pack ,assemble and etc for one price ( NO HIDDEN FEES) . The day of my move everything went so well I was completely stress free, my move was a big success! I will highly recommend Pick Up

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $2,800.00
Actual Price : $2,800.00

No Photo Fred
January 11, 2012


Thumbs up for recommending this service

Once again the most awesome guys in the service. Thumbs up for recommending this service. It takes the worry out of how you are going to get it loaded and unloaded. The helpers were awesome and always kept me informed of the time. No broken items and very curtious. Would use these guys again for any move that I make.

No Photo Carolina
January 11, 2012


Service was far and above anything ...

Service was far and above anything expected. Extremely responsive, attentive, helpful, and very careful. Accomplished twice as much as expected. Will recommend to EVERYONE very highly. EXCELLENT!! I needed help with loading a moving truck and the men were fantastic! They were punctual, flexible, curtious, professional and were so helpful! I would highly recommend this company! Thank you!!!

No Photo Darlene
January 11, 2012



I too saw the add on Barrett Parkway by my home. I first chose "two men and a truck" but money was tight so I went with this company. They were about 100.00 cheaper or so. THEY WERE WONDERFUL!!! I kid you not!!! I am a single women and I was scared that they would take advantage...They were kind and polite. In fact it was a Sunday and they were to show up at 9am...they showed up a little past 7am....(FOOTBALL SUNDAY) they wanted to get home and watch thier game!!! Good for them! By 10am...they were finished......move me from a third story walk up to my my new home 2 miles away...unpacked...didnt break or scratch a thing. I beleive my movers were CHRIS and Issac...Loved them....worth the tip..... Ask for those two gents. CHRIS...very professional! Very happy lady and I will recommend them to my friends. I never review anybody on the internet...but if you did a good job then you did a good job and should be reckonised for it. I do understand peoples hesitation with moving companies.... They even gave me funds back because they finished the move early....think I paid 220.00 (not exact) or something for the enire move and I had a lot of stuff!!!! Heavy pieces.

Origin : Georgia
Destination : Georgia

It is very necessary to find a reliable moving company when one is planning for a move. Whether you are planning your move locally or across the state lines, Pick up and Go serves as a useful resource in covering every need and budget.

We are available as professional and trusted movers in the industry. We prescreen all our movers before deciding to do business with them. We ensure that they have up-to-date licenses. We do all our extensive checks before we assure our customers that any moving service that one uses through Pick up and Go will be of highest quality, We help in saving both time and effort for our customers when they are looking for a reputed company.

Customers who are in need of help can consult our extensive and detailed guides and get some useful tips. We also include resources on how to pack and how to pick the right moving boxes; you can also ask us for any moving related questions, before you decide to work with any one of them. Even for customers who are moving long distance for the first time, they can have a relaxed and a helpful experience with Pick up and Go.

Whether one wants to store or ship one’s valuable belongings or everything they own to their new home we have the resources to make that happen. Call us today and find your best affordable moving solutions with us.

Some of the services we provide are
  • Loading
  • Cleaning
  • Unloading
  • Driving the rental truck
  • Packing

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