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Professional Movers Group
19058 Mills Choice Road
Montgomery VillageMD 20886 USA

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Toll Free: 866-466-1145
Phone: 301-348-6011

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No Photo Juanita
September 19, 2015


Where do I begin? The driver kept quoting different prices. The company nickel and dimes you to death for everything. "hidden cost" The driver also kept asking me to pay with cash. I told him no. Then I had to leave before the packing was done but my husband stayed. He followed me to my car to ask me again if I was going to the bank to get cash. I said no. The driver worked very slow while his assistant worked professionally and quickly. The driver kept going in MY refrigerator getting something to drink. Used the bathroom which seemed to take eternity. Some bookcases were broken. Oh and the driver has no sense of direction! When the job was finished the driver decided to follow my husband to our new home, unaware to us that he did not know how to get there. Well they decide to stop off and get lunch my husband gets to the house says I don't know where they went. 30 minutes later they call saying their lost. The drivers says I don't do well finding places that why I wanted your husband to wait for me. Hello, you turned off somewhere, and if my husband knew you didn't know where you were going he would have waited. In fact when he realized you were no longer following him he turned around trying to find you! Ok so after a few phone calls with directions to get to my house the driver tells me he has to charge me more because the job is taking longer then expected. Wait you go for lunch you get lost and now you want more money!? I called Belinda the point of contact for the company she did not answer I left a message she did not call me back! Never again will I use this company!!

Origin : Tampa fl
Destination : Land O Lakes Fl

Quoted Price : $315.00
Actual Price : $732.00

No Photo Georgia
March 23, 2015

They cancelled on me the day I was ...

They didn't show up. They had to call and say they couldn't come because something about the truck. So I said, "That's bad, bad business." ... They took my money and they didn't show up. ...We signed paperwork, contract saying that they supposed to show up a certain day ... They didn't even call the night before to say they not coming. ... The day of the move in they just said they couldn't come. Which is really bad.

Origin : Savage, MD
Destination : Brooklyn Park, MD

No Photo Anonymous
March 9, 2015

They broke a lot and demanded a $200 ...

They broke glass to a table. They said they were going to replace it on the way back. ...They never did. They delivered things up here that [were] supposed to be delivered down there and we had everything marked. ...They broke a big cabinet and they broke my wife's makeup table. ...They demanded a $200 gratuity before they did anything. ...They had a rental truck with their name taped on the side. ...Not even nicely taped. It was a piece of paper with the name written on it. ...I would not use them again. ...The supervisor was a bull in a china shop. If they could send the workers out and leave him behind that would be great.

Origin : Annandale, VA
Destination : Richardson, VA

No Photo Sara
February 27, 2015

They damaged things and misquoted me.

They damaged quite a lot of my furniture, dropped the box, smashed the ... china and things that I had in it. I'd spoken to them numerous times before I went, checking on what they were charging for and what was gonna be extra ... They weren't truthful about that. They quoted me $850, I ended up paying $1700. I was absolutely furious. They didn't break down materials. ...And then they brought a truck which was too small and couldn't take everything. I had to hire a U-Haul the next day and take the rest of the stuff myself.

Origin : Temple Hills, MD
Destination : Clinton, MD

No Photo Valarie
January 29, 2015

On time and fast!

They were on time and they were fast.

Origin : Clinton, MD
Destination : Wheaton, MD

No Photo Anonymous
January 13, 2015

I'd give them an average rating

They did a good job packing it up and worked pretty hard but I had a change of plans and they charged me an exorbitant amount to change my plans for moving...I'd say as long as you don't have to change in the middle of the move, they'd be OK. I'd give them an average rating. But if there's any changes, they're going to charge you a lot more. So I was very displeased with the way they handled the changes.

Origin : Elkton, MD
Destination : Woodridge, IL

No Photo Troy
January 7, 2015

Fast and courteous!

Extremely fast and very courteous! It was a good situation.

Origin : California, MD
Destination : California, MD

No Photo Sue
January 2, 2015

like a thief to steal every cent from ...

I tried to move my car and apartment with this company. Horrible. Firstly, they don’t follow the contract: Arrived late for 3 hours for apartment moving and increased the price for the same amount of items listed on the contract. The first thing they arrived is to complain that I got too many items and ask for more money. But in fact their representative did the estimate for me and guaranteed that 10 large boxes (5 ct for each) should be sufficient. Actually it did. But they used 13 medium boxes (3ct) instead of 10 large boxes (which is written in contract) with increased price in moving. When I showed them contract and tried to connect with the office person: Mary, they refused to communicate and insisted for more money. The same thing happened to delivery. On the contract, the stair fee has been included. But when they arrived, they asked for stair fee and long carrier fee and threatened not to deliver my stuff if I didn’t pay it. I doubt if this fee should exist or they just wanted to "steal" every penny I have as the driver,his manager and Mary gave me different prices.As I insisted not paying anything which had been mentioned in the contract, they then asked for higher long carrier fee.Finally I paid additional "long carrier fee" after one and half hours. Secondly, the legal entity of this company is confusing. The company I have contracts with is Professional Movers Group in Maryland who claimed they are not broker. But when they said they also have car moving business, they didn’t mention they are broker. Thirdly, they are hard to communicate and have bad customer service. For car moving, This Company missed scheduled pickup date. I contacted them through the emails and phone calls and wanted to have a time frame so that I could plan the car rental time. But they only replied an email after 1 week, saying they need another 10 business days. But they still refused to give you any time frame. Afterwards, they barely picked up my calls or reply my emails but saying you could call as many times as you want. Finally, after I contacted the bank to dispute the car pick up, they called me with no notice and said the car would be picked up next day. And they just gave you the time and driver number and disappeared. You couldn’t change the time and had to contact the driver yourself as they gave the driver the wrong pick up address. For apartment moving, they didn’t deliver my stuff at my scheduled date and claimed they had 45 days’ time frame in law. They finally contacted me on Sunday and said they would deliver next day without notice. When I mentioned the leasing office is not open on Sunday and I couldn’t schedule the move in date with them, they said you could make it happen or pay 150/day for late delivery.

Origin : Baltimore,Maryland
Destination : Birmingham, AL

Quoted Price : $1,300.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

No Photo Anonymous
December 22, 2014

Not very good, in a nutshell.

There was a problem. They did not confirm with me, as they said they were going to, and I reached out to them and they said that they didn't have a truck that was coming on the day that we confirmed it. So I cancelled them and reached out to somebody else. And they kinda gave me a hassle when refunding my deposit. So, not very good, in a nutshell.

Origin : Elkton, MD
Destination : Bel Air, MD

No Photo Joyce
November 25, 2014

I really wasn't happy at all

I really wasn't happy at all with the way that it went and I've moved 5 different times in my life. A lot of my furniture was banged up they lost one of the foot of the couch cause it need to be screwed off to get in through the door and when I called them immediately after they left, I mean not even 10 minutes after they left I was making a phone call and I was offering to even meet them no matter where they were to come and get it. I knew it was on the truck it couldn't be anywhere else. Now I'm without a foot, I'm having to make one so the furniture sits properly. They said it wasn't there they just said no we don't have it. Everything was good up until the day of the move and when he came in they wanted to like renegotiate the price with me, I have never have had that happen before. We had set the price and I had cash on hand because that's how I wanna pay, I didn't wanna use my credit card but I had to end up using that anyway. I did it over the phone to put the deposit and then I was clear on understanding, I made an itemized list. I called several times during the week to make confirmation making sure we understood each other, on what items needed to be moved and the cost. I felt like I did my part on getting things organized and being ready for them but then when they came they had a gentleman who screamed at me on the phone to explain himself about why there would be an increase of cost. There would be a charge for extra for wrapping the furniture and that's not a standard thing to do. I had to pay for blankets, that was not disclosed in any of that information as I was speaking to the person who was setting everything in motion during the planning. When it came to that I felt she was upfront, she was pleasant. There were 2 guys that were really busted their butt and then there was a third guy I guess he was the overseer, he was helping too but things got bumped up. I've moved 5 times my furniture's never been so scratched and dented the way that it was and the walls and the house. I had to go back and repair things before I left.

Origin : Elkton, MD
Destination : Wilmington, DE

No Photo Kelvin
October 23, 2014

A little expensive but it was okay

They gave me a quote originally of about a little under $400 and the final bill ended up being twice as much, almost $900... it wasn't additional furniture, it was packing, it was fees for the truck to go back and forth wherever it had to go. It was credit card fees. It was a little ridiculous. (Regarding the movers) They were excellent. They got to work right away, got everything done in less than three hours. In about two and half hours they loaded up the old house and had everything back in the new house. They didn't lollygag around or anything. They worked the entire time they were here.

Origin : Greenbelt, MD
Destination : Bowie, MD

No Photo Elisa
September 9, 2014

Everything was fine

It went well. They went to storage, opened it up, and took everything out. They went to New York and I went separately. They brought everything over and everything was fine. The movers were gallant, very nice, and professional.

Origin : Washington, DC
Destination : NYC, NY

No Photo Jothiprakash
September 8, 2014

They had an attitude.

I see the attitude. They always had a "hurry up, hurry up, hurry up," even when it's a time they shouldn't be. You're not totally interested in bringing all the stuff inside. They quoted me $240, and ended up with $315 and they didn't tell me that they needed packing for the TV which they didn't mention in the quote at all. I mentioned clearly the TV so they needed to put it in the quote itself.

Origin : Hanover, MD
Destination : Hanover, MD

No Photo Angela
September 4, 2014

It was not the best choice

I'm still actually in the process of unpacking the last boxes and there's a cabinet of mine that's missing and a bunch of furniture was not set up right. They took cash. Some of the movers packing was pretty unprofessional like packing trash cans with clean towels and loose jewelry with sheets. So I had reported the missing cabinet via email because there's no box. Some furniture was damaged and I asked for them to send somebody on site to repair or do something and they said I had to fill out some other form. They said it would take 3 months to get back to me, so that's where I'm at. It was not the best choice and they were the most expensive.

Origin : Alexandria, VA
Destination : West Mclean, VA

No Photo Tyrone
August 26, 2014

Everything was excellent!

It was great, wonderful. Everything was excellent!

Origin : Havre De Grace, MD
Destination : Aberdeen, MD

No Photo Nafisah
August 12, 2014

My move was rescheduled and the ...

It wasn't so great. My move was scheduled for one day and it was rescheduled for the next day because the truck broke down. Once they got to me, the prices changed, it wasn't what we agreed to. So I did not have a pleasurable experience with them. I would not recommend them.

Origin : Laurel, MD
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Elissa
August 6, 2014

They did great work

It was good. There were some discrepancies between what we were initially quoted and what ended up actually being charged, they made it seem it was going to be a lot less. I don't think the ultimate charge was unreasonable but part of the reason I decided to go with them was because I thought they had really good rates, then it ended up being that they were really the same as everyone else. I was not pleased with that I felt like I was misled but otherwise they did great work. Nothing was damaged. They weren't very polite, like the movers themselves and the move manager that was there weren't very polite about it. The customer service was not the best but in terms of moving the furniture, packing up the truck, the efficiency with which they did it, and the care they took, all of those things were just fine.

Origin : Cabin John, MD
Destination : Washington, DC

No Photo Dupkiran
August 6, 2014

Great Experience

I have moved recently with Professional Movers Group. This was my first time moving with a company (I use to move my self before, but I am disabled now). I put my information on line and was overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls and emails I have received, most of the moving companies offered me the same service more or less and I was not sure which company to choose. Mary from Professional Movers Group called me, she sound very professional, she listen to me, I think this is one of the reasons I chose this company, other companies talked to me and explained about the service , but Mary from Professional Movers actual listen to me. The movers moved me on my requested day, I end up paying a little more than the estimate I have received, but the movers explained to me that I had few items that they had to protect - like my mattress - it made sense, I rather pay for my mattress to be protected than to have a dirty mattress or bed bugs. and it took them an extra hour to move me. Overall, the experience was great and I am glad I chose Professional Movers Group.Thank you.

Origin : Baltimore, MD
Destination : Alexandria, MD

Quoted Price : $950.00
Actual Price : $1,235.00

No Photo Anonymous
July 30, 2014

Very seldom did 2 of them work at the ...

First of all, the fellas that they sent out, he couldn't speak English which was fine. I called him the foreman because he was the one giving the orders, before he even got started he reminded me that I should give them a 10% tip. The estimate that I got over the phone to move my bedroom furniture which was a bed, a mattress, box spring and frame, dresser, mirror, armoire, and 8 small mirror strips. They estimated the move to take 4 hours but they charged me for 8 hours. When the fellas came the foreman did very little work he maybe gave order, he told me it was going to be 3 movers. It seemed like the young guy was in training cause the middle guy he did most of the work. The wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more, it ended up being 4 hours because very seldom did 2 of them work at the same time, more or less all 3. I told them they could follow me from my home to the apartment, they said they had gps they could find their way. It took me 25 minutes to get there by car it took them over an hour, I guess they stopped to get lunch. When they finally got to the apartment, they scratched one of my mirrors and they never connected my bed to the head board, the screws were just laying on the floor under the bed.

Origin : Arlington, MD
Destination : Garrison, MD

No Photo Elaine
July 1, 2014

I was very happy with the move

The move went fine, I was very happy with the move because it was just moving things from the first floor of my house into a pod. They were very efficient and they were very professional. They had to wrap a few things so I had to pay extra for that.

Origin : Hyattsville, MD
Destination : Hyattsville, MD

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