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3.6(26) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 3.5
Moving Services 3.7
Packing Services 3.5
Professionalism 3.6

62% Recommended based on user reviews

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Membership(s) & License Info.

Member of AMSA: Yes
Member of BBB: Yes
Is a ProMover ?: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 1564772
ICC MC # 570385
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/21/2006

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Quality Move Co. Location


Quality Move Co.
4201 W. Wrightwood Ave.
ChicagoIL 60639 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 877-927-6683
Phone: 773-227-6677
Fax: 773-227-6699

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No Photo Janie
January 7, 2013


Move was great at both the ends of the ...

It was decent. I am not going to say it was great, and not going to say it was bad. It was an average experience for me. The movers were great on both sides, on the pick-up and at the delivery. But the company, they took two and half weeks to find out where my things where going to be delivered. I wouldn't recommend them or use them again. They quoted me $1,300 and I ended up paying $2,300. I paid $1,000 extra. The estimate wasn't accurate. My main issue was they asked me when I wanted my things to be delivered to Atlanta. And I told them I wanted them right around the 15th of December. Because that's what I said my lease would begin on my house. And they told me it would happen a few days before or few days after. I didn't get my things until the 29th of December. I paid for the house, but I couldn't even live in it for two weeks. I don't recommend them again. But again, the team that packed my house and packed everything away in Chicago, they were great. The team that took and delivered my things in Georgia did great, they were great. After this I am not happy with them.

Origin : Roseland, IL
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Nirav
January 3, 2013


It was an on-time move with some ...

They were really good and they did the job on time and they arrived on time. They finished the work in the time they estimated. Overall, I am very satisfied with their services. The prices were reasonable, and actually that was the cheapest quote I got. However, I was never told that I needed to pack some of the stuff and I didn't pack because I was under the impression that they were going to come with the boxes and they were going to pack because when I filled out the form I put 25 boxes but they didn't bring the boxes. So, some of the other stuff I did by myself because they said I had to pack before they got there. That's the only thing I don't understand, that when I scheduled I told them I need 25 boxes and you guys have to pack. And they just moved the bigger stuff not the small stuff because they didn't have boxes.

Origin : Arlington Heights, IL
Destination : Arlington Hts, IL

No Photo Mei
November 29, 2012


They were not flexible with their ...

I had a very bad moving experience with Quality moving company. We hired the movers for the minimum 2.5hrs. However, the movers came in on the moving day and said that it will take them 6 hrs to move the belongings. We asked them to work for the 2.5hrs and told them that we will move the rest of the items. Most of the big items were moved in just the minimum 2.5hrs itself. Our furniture was not moved with care. We noticed that our china cabinet and breakfast table which are all heirloom had scratches after the move. We called the moving company and they were not really nice. My husband called the moving company again, to complain about the scratches. But they seemed to be working at their own pace and did not care. They asked us to call the insurance company to claim. Also, one of their employees was very rude to us. We should have read reviews first before hiring this moving company. It was too late for us by the time we read reviews about this company. They have all bad reviews. After our experience, I feel that we should check for reviews about moving companies before hiring them. I am done with these guys and might be placing a complaint with BBB so that other customers will be careful before hiring them.

Origin : Darien, IL
Destination : Darien, IL

No Photo Xu
October 31, 2012


Quality service delivered

The company I hired for my recent move is pretty good. The movers did everything professionally and in a timely manner. When compared to other company quotes, they have low prices, and I would recommend them to my friends and family who want professionals to do the job to perfection. 

Origin : Lisle, IL
Destination : Bolingbrook, IL

No Photo Chris
October 16, 2012


Delivered top quality service

I was moving for the first time and am very impressed with their services. The movers came late but worked hard to finish it on time. They were friendly and didn't mind when we had to change the places of furniture at our new home. They were reasonably priced and we paid what was estimated at the beginning.

Origin : Ontarioville, IL
Destination : Mundelein, IL

No Photo Janice
October 6, 2012


move from OOlympia Fields to Layton ...

The man that delivered the clocks was the greatest. I wish I could say that about Quality Movers that I ordered the move from. I was told one price then after they picked the clocks up they would not move then til I paid $300.00 more. I orginally said there would be 4 grandfather clocks and 1 cedar chest. It ended up to be one cedar chest and 2 grandfathers clocks but no adjustments were made except to pay more or they would not be sent.

Origin : Olympia Fields, IL
Destination : Layton, UT

Quoted Price : $1,100.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Rasik
October 5, 2012


Quality moving services

They are an aptly named company as the movers maintained quality in every aspect of the move. The highlights of the service were that they were very friendly and the pricing is accurate to the estimate. Moreover, they maintained their schedules on the moving date as well as on the delivery date. Overall, they were very efficient and did a good job.

Origin : Lakemoor, IL
Destination : Hartford, CT

No Photo Jerome
October 5, 2012


Delivered good quality service

I chose this company after reading good reviews about them on the net. They were very organized and delivered satisfactory service at both ends of the move. The movers came on time and wrapped and packed everything up. The delivery was done earlier than the said date. I would definitely like to recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Harvey, IL
Destination : Evanston, IL

No Photo Gil
October 4, 2012


Apart from one incident, the move went ...

The move was good. The guys were very polite. The only thing that we weren’t so happy about was that we had a big dresser with drawers that were full. We just shrink-wrapped the contents inside the dresser and they rotated it 180 degrees. So, everything was upside down and things were coming out and they crushed. Apart from that incident, everything else was good, like the price was reasonable and the staff was on time. They also worked efficiently and didn’t waste time.

Origin : Huntley, IL
Destination : Lily Lake, IL

No Photo Cynthia
September 17, 2012



I was quoted $760.00 for 6 hours, and was told that if the movers were don earlier I wouldn't be charged the full amount. The move was completed in 4 hours (with my husband's help) and was charged the full amount. I called the next day (Monday) and made a complain and was told that I would get a call back (they were going to discuss it with the manager). It's been a month and still haven't received a call. I was cheated.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Plainfield, IL

Quoted Price : $760.00
Actual Price : $760.00

No Photo Kenneth
September 12, 2012


The staff was caring, competent and ...

My moving experience was very good. Everybody was so professional and they did a good job. They were very careful about the way they moved things. I would like to especially mention the kind of care they took to move cabinets, dressers, room tables and other things. There were kids running in the house too. They also did a very good job of moving some other heavy stuff in the middle of young kids, and didn’t get annoyed with all that.

Origin : Elk Grove Village, IL
Destination : Elk Grove Village, IL

No Photo Karen
August 31, 2012


No "Quality" at all

I wish I had hired a different moving company. First, they missed the pickup time. It was supposed to be at 9 AM, instead they arrived at 3 PM! Then they were supposed to deliver my things over the weekend. But they missed that deadline too. It has been one week since. I am supposed to get it today...

Origin : Oak Lawn, IL
Destination : Valmy, WI

No Photo Chad
August 28, 2012


Top quality service

I would like to say a few words about this company which helped me with my move. The entire move went smoothly and they are reasonably priced. The movers were friendly and obedient. They didn't complain at all while moving heavy furniture over staircases. It was a very smooth experience. I intend to use them again if need be.

Origin : Evanston, IL
Destination : Northbrook, IL

No Photo Kris
August 28, 2012


Fast, friendly and efficient

My recent move was due to my job and I didn't have time to go through and search for various moving companies. The one I selected did an excellent job. The movers were on time and finished everything in a timely fashion. I liked the way they packed different things. They took care to wrap heavy furniture in blankets. Nothing got broken or damaged. I would definitely like to recommend them to my friends and family.

Origin : Daniel J Doffyn, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Barbara
August 23, 2012


Damaged furniture and a bad experience

I had a pretty sour experience with this moving company and their customer service department that handles claims. A lot of my things were damaged during the move including my furniture and their customer service said it would take up to 120 days to process my claim and that I would have to submit pictures for all my damaged merchandise, which is a major hassle. In the meantime, my damaged furniture is making my house look bad and I'm not happy about it.

Origin : Mt Prospect, IL
Destination : Hoffman Est, IL

No Photo Peggy
August 22, 2012


Smooth and hassle-free move

I was pleased with every aspect of this move and how the moving company handled it. They arrived on time to pick up my things and they were pleasant and conscientious throughout the entire move. From end-to-end they had no problems with anything breaking and they were able to get everything done in a timely fashion.

Origin : Jefferson Park, IL
Destination : Roger P. Mc Auliffe, IL

No Photo Muyiwa
August 22, 2012


Quick and efficient move

I have no complaints about this moving company and the job they did during my recent move. They arrived on time and their staff was very friendly and courteous from start to finish, making sure that the job got done quickly and in the best way possible. Their prices were also reasonable and I was pleased at the accuracy of the estimate they provided me.

Origin : Hyde Park, IL
Destination : Hyde Park, IL

No Photo Newtanya
August 15, 2012


Terrible experience

It took over a month to receive my things. They lost a lot of things including a brand new 32-inch television. They lack follow up and follow through. They never call back even after repeated calls from me. Their customer service doesn't give me exact answers.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Tacoma, WA

No Photo Rick
August 1, 2012


Executed to perfection

After much research on the Internet about moving companies, I ended up hiring this company and was very much impressed with their services. The movers were punctual and hardworking and completed the move right on schedule. I would also like to add an extra word about the customer service, who were very prompt in following up and keeping the necessary lines of communication open. The enire move went smoothly and I already have given their number to my friends and family.

Origin : Waukegan, IL
Destination : Antioch, IL

No Photo Joanie
July 30, 2012


Brilliantly done

This moving company was very efficient in carrying out the move the way that was required of them. The staff was very polite and courteous. They came on time and the entire moving process went very smoothly. I recommend them highly to those who want an organized, stress-free, and hassle-free move.

Origin : Grand Crossing, IL
Destination : Fayetteville, NC

No Photo Matthew
July 30, 2012


Quality move gone bad

I was very disappointed with how my recent move went and with the service of the moving company I used. Even though they charged me for the wrapping of my furniture, they didn't do any wrapping and instead stashed the cushions of my couches in garbage bags. My furniture got stained and broken because they were not properly wrapped. I would definitely advise people against using these movers.

Origin : Oak Lawn, IL
Destination : Saint John, IN

No Photo Omar
July 27, 2012


Dishonest moving company

I thought that this moving company was rather deceitful in the way they went about several things. For one, they quoted me for one price and ended up charging me over $100 more after the move. Also, they promised me a 22-foot truck and ended up bringing a 16-foot one which wouldn't fit all of my belongings. They could only move around half of my stuff. They also did a bad job packing as well, and completely forgot to bring the box for my TV that they promised me as well.

Origin : Ravenswood, IL
Destination : Northtown, IL

No Photo Kat
July 5, 2012


Excellent, would definitely use their ...

These guys are punctual, efficient, and highly professional. They came on time and I had such a smooth moving experience that I would definitely want to utilize their services again for my next move and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free move.

Origin : Jefferson Park, IL
Destination : Daniel J Doffyn, IL

No Photo Sk
May 26, 2012


Horrible experience

I would strongly urge others NOT to use Quality Move. My move was scheduled for 12-2 and the movers did not show up until 6:45 pm. No one called me to let me know how late they would be. Rather, I had to continuously call for updates. I spoke with the owner, Kevin, who comes off as very young (I would guess he's in his twenties) and unsophisticated business owner. He has a lot to learn about running a successful business.

Origin : Oak Park, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $262.00
Actual Price : $262.00

No Photo James
July 30, 2011


Great job!

The movers were extremely professional; they explained all they did to safely move my things. When we arrived at the new destination, they quickly unloaded and removed all wrappings and discarded them. They placed all items where instructed and reassembled my furniture as needed. They were friendly and polite. Great job!

Origin : Bolingbrook, IL
Destination : Naperville, IL

Quoted Price : $382.00
Actual Price : $369.00

No Photo Bridget
May 17, 2010


Awesome Service!

his is the company to go with. From the first call to saying goodbye to the moving crew, I was very satisfied with the service, the price and the time it took to move. GO WITH THIS COMPANY. Avoid all of the fly by night moving companies that bilk you for every penny before they offload your precious cargo. Thanks Quality, you guys rock!!

We are a customer driven company and is committed in continuous improvement of the service. we are sure to meet your relocation needs. We are fully licensed and insured. Our service covers you from the point you start your journey till you reach your destination.

Throughout your relocation, you will find our staff along you. After a strict inspection our specialist relocation consultant will advise you on the most cost effective way of transportation.

All our moving crew is experienced and can the best ensure you that your belongings arrive in the condition as they were first packed and loaded. We work with a goal to provide superior customer service with the highest quality move.

Long Distance Move: We understand that no two movers are exactly the same as no two moving families have the same moving requirements. Hence we customize our service to cater to the needs of each and every family. We understand that the furniture, antiques of one family differs from the other. Hence ours is a constant effort to create such a customized service that will receive optimum satisfaction from all customers.

Office Moves: You should plan your office move in such a time when you will loose least number of working hours. It must also be convenient for your employees and building management. So, for pre-move inspection we come in early morning, weekends or in late evening with no extra charge.
The office move covers:
  • Hourly charge starting at your origin and ending at your destination.
  • Packing and unpacking services including trash disposal.
  • Free-telephone quotes and on-site estimates.
  • Use of computer dollies and any equipment required for your need.

Corporate Relocation: For corporate relocation we have special package that includes:
  • Packing, unpacking as well as trash removal services.
  • Free one month storage in a secure climate controlled warehouse.
  • Free delivery of packing boxes.
  • No extra charge for weekends and holidays delivery.
  • Insured.

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