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2.7(11) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 2.5
Moving Services 2.8
Packing Services 3.0
Professionalism 2.5

36% Recommended based on user reviews

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Membership(s) & License Info.

Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 1678299
ICC MC # 616841
IM# 1988/ NVOCC# 023
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 6/15/2011

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Rhino Moving Inc
4100 N Powerline Rd Suite x-3
Pompano BeachFL 33073 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 855-377-4466
Phone: 954-944-4045
Fax: 954-532-3620

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No Photo Jay
December 12, 2016


I would NOT use this company

BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT use Rhino Moving Inc, Prestige Worldwide Moving, Moving Services Group Inc., Priceline Moving and Storage Inc. or East Coast Moving and Storage. My research indicates they are all inter-related. These enterprises list some of the same people’s names, yet freely change their company names back and forth, twice in the past two months. I was informed by the Broward Consumer Protection Office and the Fraud Hotline that they have numerous complaints against them. They strongly advised me to file a claim with them. We just completed a move from Minneapolis to Miami. We ended up paying more than THREE TIMES the estimate! When they arrived for pick-up, they immediately determined that the goods exceeded their estimate. At that point, the price doubled. There were a few additional boxes and a couch, however my entire shipment was delivered in a small U-Haul truck by their company (even items from another customer)! I obviously could not have doubled my load from a small two-bedroom apartment. They picked up my goods in a small Penske truck. They arrived in Miami in an 18-wheeler that was too large to drive into the complex. They then DEMANDED an additional $500 (payable in cash on the spot) to rent a U-Haul for two hours to shuttle my goods to my new apartment. On their contract, they state that they do not subcontract, however they used Smart Van Lines with a Suddath United truck to deliver my goods. I confirmed the DOT numbers and verified that the movers did not work for Prestige, Rhino, Moving Services Group, Priceline Moving and Storage or East Coast Moving and Storage. They worked for Smart Van Lines which matched the DOT number on the truck. I took pictures of the movers and their trucks for proof and called the company for verification. At the time of pick-up, I was informed that the delivery would take approximately one week. After 10 days, I called the company and they had no knowledge of the whereabouts of my shipment. After two weeks, they showed up with a last-minute phone call. When I called Prestige/Rhino/Moving Services/Priceline, they refused to address my issues. It took numerous emails, faxes and calls to get them to answer their phones and when they did, they screamed at me. If my experience is any indication, expect ZERO customer service from these people. I have pictures, documents and emails to support my claims.

Origin : Minneapolis
Destination : Miami

Quoted Price : $1,599.00
Actual Price : $4,174.00

No Photo Susan
July 11, 2016



THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. I am filing a complaint with the FMCSA and reaching out to an attorney who specializing in consumer protection. They quoted us $3,200 for a move. After contracting Rhino, I saw these reviews but they already had our deposit so I was hoping for the best. The movers who worked directly for Rhino showed up the day of the move and DEMANDED $10k to move our stuff. We had a flight planned and are closing escrow in 2 days so they knew we had little choice. We are renting a truck and are moving ourselves. A $7,000 difference is not a mistake and they are trying to keep our $1,000 deposit. I am going to have to fight to get that back. We gave them a full, accurate inventory of our entire house. They purposely and systematically quote low and then hold people hostage when they know people have planned for a move and have sold their home. I am just lucky we gave ourselves a few days in case something happened. We got lucky. If this was the day of close of escrow, we would be stuck. I am hoping to get with other people who got scammed by them to get together to see if we can take action as a group.

Origin : San Marcos CA
Destination : Jefferson City MO

Quoted Price : $3,200.00
Actual Price : $10,000.00

No Photo Pablo
May 16, 2015


Easy move thanks to them

Chino and his helpers were awesome. Super professional and took great care, not only for our belongings but the premises on both ends of the job. Really went above and beyond any movers I've used in the past. I've actually had some pretty decent move experiences with other companies, but these guys were the best. Would use rhino moving again, but am hoping to stay put where we are for years to come.

Origin : Key Biscayne, FL
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

Quoted Price : $6,700.00
Actual Price : $6,725.00

No Photo Herman
May 9, 2015


No hidden charges

Extraordinary service by Rhino Moving at an amazing price! They showed up on time, quickly wrapped and loaded everything into the truck. They gave me a competitive rate and promised there would be no hidden charges. Despite the move ended with moving some additional items, they adhered to their initial quote. I was also impressed with their polite and positive approach. By the way, not a single thing was broken. Really remarkable! I appreciate the quality of their service.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $3,400.00
Actual Price : $3,415.00

No Photo William
February 14, 2015



L spoke to a guy named Howard who convinced me to use their company because other companies are not legit, show up in a retal truck and chznge dverything on you. So used rhino only to find out yhey showed up in a rental truck and pawned the job off to another company who calls ME and asks me where the stuff is going, they are messed up company and lie to you about delivery date. They found another company but can only be there sunday, my stuff is scheduled for tuesday, now they force me to rush to Texas, dont let them fool you, they are a broker playing both ends of the fiddle

Origin : Deerfield Beach
Destination : Texas

Quoted Price : $1,440.00
Actual Price : $1,440.00

No Photo Katie
February 4, 2015



Picked up Late Delivered Late Lost items Gave us items that did not belong to us Customer service is of no help at all and they cannot locate 4 large boxes. So saddened and disappointed to lose items that were sentimental in value. Nothing can replace them.

Origin : NJ
Destination : FL

Quoted Price : $1,808.00
Actual Price : $1,808.00

No Photo Susan
November 13, 2014


Thank you Rhino Moving!

Thank you Rhino Moving! The service was incredible. Moving from Florida to Mew York with a total of 5 stops, after looking for a good mover we we're exhausted! My friend recommended Rhino Moving, and I have to say, I understand why. The movers were very polite and very delicate with all of our furniture. Incredibly professional and practically running up the 3 flights of stairs the entire time. From the minute they started to work they never stopped! I was overwhelmed by their work ethics especially on a very hut Floridian day, you all know Florida humid. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Origin : Florida
Destination : New York

Quoted Price : $4,200.00
Actual Price : $4,200.00

No Photo Gerald
May 4, 2014



They are crooks dnt trust a word they say. They stole my 42' tv, playstation 3, a wii, dumbell weights, and pretty much everything else that was packed in its original box. They damaged my screen door, during the move. My washer and dryer was dented and scratched, wood was ripped off of my dresser, and end table was all scratched up. My brand new leather couch looks old and beaten now.There is no one that is professional in this whole company. If you are a 1rst time mover they will rob you. The movers know what they r gonna steal while they r packing. Make sure they tag and inventory every single item they load dnt b in a rush like I was. THEY ARE LOWDOWN CROOKS and SCAM ARTISTS BEWARE!!!!!

Origin : roanoke, va
Destination : port st lucie, fla

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $1,350.00

No Photo Joseph
March 21, 2014


Thank you Rhino Moving service!

Thank you Rhino Moving service! Everyone was so professional and amicable! I moved from Boca Raton to Montreal Canada. All movers worked hard and made my move process a lot easier than I expected. Starting with the team in Boca Raton. Thank you! Hanna for all your help. Rhino moving did all the paperwork for me and also the delivery to my house in Montreal. Would definitely recommend them to anyone I know.

Origin : Boca Raton, FL
Destination : Montreal Canada

Quoted Price : $3,900.00
Actual Price : $3,900.00

No Photo Tasha
March 13, 2014


Just rude

Here for everyone to see the email that I sent to RhinoMoving today.... First I must say whomever I spoke with on the phone today was not Riki who I originally scheduled this moving quote with. If this company feels the need to have to lie about who is on the phone then that is quite sad. I am very very displeased and upset with whomever that female was who I spoke with today. First rules of customer service you do not, do not talk over the customer. I did not yell or curse at anyone because I was raised with respect. I am a consumer and I work hard for my money and I am entitled to change my mind and cancel services before they are even performed at my own will. It was a whole 2 weeks before the scheduled date. You are not God and you are not entitled to any explanation from me as to why I am cancelling and requesting a refund of my $50 deposit. What happened a few minutes ago was pathetic, and I have come to realize that the reviews listed on Movers.com, Yelp, RipoffReport and Google are probably true.

Origin : Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Destination : Coral Springs, FL

Quoted Price : $285.00

No Photo Myrvet
August 23, 2013


The most awful experience ever: ...

I hired them to move items in storage (FL) to my house (CT). Full disclosure: residential street, delivery to my attic (2 flights up). At pick up location, they added another document to sign as "the contract", and other papers with all waivers not known before. I thought I was in good hands, with small items, nothing could go wrong? WRONG. Everything went wrong: it took 2 weeks until delivery (ok) by A SINGLE DRIVER. He arrived late (6:30pm). He was unprofessional, yelling, and threatening. He refused to turn in my street. I called the City, the police, and received clearance on access to my street. The police said that the driver needed a second person for the maneuver. The driver started quoting charges for a shuttle, then said he needed to re-deliver for extra charge the next day, and finally offered to hand deliver my boxes on a little hand trolley 2 pieces at a time for $250. This price was brought down by discussing with a person from Rhino Moving, Inc. that he contacted, and whom I spoke to. He cluttered my entrance on the ground level and asked for $50 to bring it upstairs. I prepared the money. This carried on till about 10pm, when I was summoned to sign for accepting the full delivery and told that he could not continue working past 10pm. The driver never told me that upfront after he started work at 7pm. When I inquired about what was going to happen next, he advised me that he would send 2 guys the next day between 9am-10am. He left. I never heard of this, and was in shock! I called the contact person the next day, and they did not know anything about the situation. The driver now asked for $150 to complete the job at 2pm. It was that or nothing. Needless to say, this was blatant extortion, threatening behavior, unprofessionalism, and a total breach of contract! In addition, there was damages to one pieces that will cost me $200 to fix, and they offer nothing to make right their wrong! The driver left cartons laying on my neighbor's property for me to clean the next day. I had to hire two people to move my stuff to the attic, for another $150. There should have been TWO PEOPLE delivering my pieces. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Origin : Pompano Beach, FL
Destination : Norwalk, CT

Quoted Price : $1,150.00
Actual Price : $1,350.00

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