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Accuracy of Estimate 4.7
Moving Services 4.8
Packing Services 4.8
Professionalism 4.8

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License Info: US DOT # 2407374
ICC MC # 828305
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 9/7/2015

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Rhino Relocation
17639 Sherman Way
Van NuysCA 91406 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-743-0883
Phone: 818-975-8199

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No Photo Aaron
April 22, 2019


Far better than other movers

I will never use another moving company again. Rhino relocation did such an amazing job. The guys were quick, efficient and made the whole process easy and simple. The whole move was involved crossing 4 states and the price point was far below other companies. I would highly recommend them to family and friends and will definitely use them again in the future.

Origin : Eugene, OR
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

No Photo Henry
April 17, 2019


Move with this company

Used Rhino relocation for my recent move and was very impressed! They showed up on time, hardly took breaks, and delivered my furniture and boxes timely and without incident! There were three men, all well mannered and thoroughly professional. They insisted that I not lift a finger and they would place and replace all my pieces however I wanted them. All my possessions were loaded and unloaded in 5.5 hours. I would recommend Rhino relocation for your next move!

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Winston
April 12, 2019


I loved their service

This review is for three amazing movers from Rhino relocation. I do not have enough positive things to say about the company and the movers that came to help. They had come recommended by another service I used (a recommendation service, equally as great) and I was worried that the movers would try and take advantage of the hourly structure, but I couldn't have been more wrong! They showed up on the dot at 9:30, had me sign a few papers, and immediately started. They moved so quickly and so efficiently I was blown away. When we got to my new place, some other movers were still moving out and we had to wait 30 minutes for the elevator. I asked them if they wanted to take a break for lunch but instead they took everything off the truck during the 'break' so as soon as the elevator freed up they were prepared. All and all it took them a total of just a few to unload and unpack. The movers were funny and very friendly, but didn't chit chat too much and were very focused on the move. Their manager, who helped me arrange the COIS and times was also extremely accessible and prompt. I've been telling everyone about them, I would highly recommend using this company.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Salt Lake City, UT

No Photo Fred
April 5, 2019


I can’t fault them

Rhino relocation not only is the best movers in this area, but the best movers in the country for sure. These guys are fast, friendly, speak ENGLISH, and they don't jerk you around for one second. The rate you're quoted is "all-in" - for real. No hidden fees for tape, packing, drive time or any other bullshit 99% of moving companies try and pull. They show up, pack what needs to be packed, wrap what needs to be wrapped, move what needs to be moved, and that's that. Absolutely no hassles whatsoever. They have a 3 hour minimum, but even if I was only needing an hour, I would use these guys before calling anyone else. Moving is a very frustrating and time-consuming experience and these guys make it as fast and easy as possible.

Origin : AZ
Destination : CA

No Photo William
March 27, 2019


Very prompt and professional

Two movers from Rhino relocation helped me move yesterday and were prompt, professional, and courteous. They also moved an old roommate of mine who also had an outstanding experience with this company. They moved about a bedroom's worth of stuff and loaded it onto their van in less than an hour- incredibly speedy! The whole thing took no time at all actually, and they were very generous and transparent about how they charged for the time (by the hour), reassuring me with comments like: "Don't worry if we are a few minutes over, we'll make sure to only charge for rounded hours." Awesome customer service that made me feels taken care of. I should also mention that they don't do discounts or referral pricing, which is nice because you don't feel like you have to scour to not pay the fool's sticker price on the move. Overall a seamless experience - would highly recommend!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Kevin
March 22, 2019


We couldn’t be happier

We used Rhino relocation for our move last week and we couldn't be happier! They checked in the day before to confirm our info and also called the day of the move to let us know that they were running a little late. Communication was awesome throughout! When they arrived, they came to my apartment to see everything they would be moving and gave me the estimated time and confirmed the hourly rate, even if we went over. While my poor planning (not having everything as ready as possible to move) made the move take longer than anticipated, the guys didn't complain at all. We made sure to give each of them a good tip. We will definitely use this superb moving company again. We've had the unmotivated, weekend movers before and let me tell you, it's worth it to pay more and get efficient, considerate and fast moving people!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Portland, OR

No Photo Peter
March 14, 2019


No time wasted

The truck from Rhino relocation arrived promptly and the guys got straight to work removing the boxes I had already packed, and packing my kitchen as pre-arranged. The guys were all courteous and efficient. They were equally efficient and pleasant to work with when they unpacked the truck. Oh, sure, the next day, I did find a few small items that they or I forgot, but that was to be expected and was no big deal to me at all. This was, by far, the best move experience I have ever had, and I have moved my home and my business on several occasions through the years. Nothing was broken or even scratched. I was very pleased and will proudly recommend this company.

Origin : Phoenix, AZ
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

No Photo Benjamin
March 14, 2019


I’m gushing over them

I love these guys from Rhino relocation! The first time I used them was to go from the 15th floor of an apartment to the first floor of an apartment five states away. They were so fast and not a single thing broke. They were so great that I used them a second time when we moved out of the apartment to our new house, again quite a long distance away. They were even faster this time! And again, nothing broke! Whenever I call they know who I am, joke around with me, make me feel very comfortable. And, I know the ladies will understand this, they actually TALK TO ME! I'm used to vendors like movers only addressing my husband and pretty much ignoring me. Not these guys. I really appreciated it. Not that I'll be moving for a while, but I will totally use them again. They're the best!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Richard
March 8, 2019


These guys moved me in a pinch

I called Rhino relocation the day before the move and they scheduled me in for next day- sent confirmations of everything prior and the estimate was spot on. They showed up early and the movers were super polite and professional. They got right to work. They had to move items up and around the house which was not an easy task and these guys did it effortlessly. They were quick and efficient. I would defiantly recommend this company! Thanks to these two fabulous men again for making this not so good situation awesome! These guys ROCK!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Jeffrey
March 4, 2019


Glad I found them

I found Rhino relocation on Google and they arrived on time as they said they would. The foreman and his movers were very nice and professional during the move. They made sure to wrap all the furniture and made sure everything was intact before loading into the truck. When the movers unloaded my belonging, they made sure to secure my dresser because it was unstable which I appreciated that the foreman went the extra mile to do that for me. Their prices were affordable, no hidden charges, maintained timings perfectly and overall their attitude was great. I would definitely use their service again and highly recommend them to anyone who wants their belongings in good hands.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : El Paso, TX

No Photo Johnny
February 22, 2019


Nice and polite people

Everyone who I dealt with was very nice and polite. Their customer service was always friendly and gladly answered to my million questions. The team that was sent from Rhino relocation was very efficient. They moved the furniture’s and boxes like a piece of cake. No harm came to my valuebles and they even helped me place the things where I wanted. I really liked their service. I highly recommend them to all!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Steven
February 17, 2019


Our move was problem free

We hired Rhino relocation after seeing an advertisement of them. They sent four movers who were very capable and friendly. They arrived 20 minutes early which almost never happens. They displayed amazing skills in packing everything and loading them onto the van. The whole process took almost no time and it was very seamless. I was so glad to see how fast they were since I was paying them hourly. The delivery was smooth as well. The van arrived on time and the movers unpacked everything and put them in their rightful places.

Origin : CA
Destination : FL

No Photo Peter
February 15, 2019


They relieved me

Moving with a baby is stressful, hiring Rhino relocation was the best moving decision we made. All their movers were professional, polite, skilled, clean, and fast. They spoke to each other and with us very kindly, it was a cooperative team work experience, they were pleasant to be around. I felt very comfortable letting them in our home, which is very important to me as I have a small baby. I was appreciative of how respectfully they treated all of our belongings. I was really impressed by their skill in disassembling and reassembling our furniture quickly. They wrapped every piece of furniture with cling wrap, nothing got scratched or damaged. We have a large TV and it safely got transported. They even put plastic down on our carpet to keep it clean. I highly recommend this company. This was the most pleasant move I've had. On top of the wonderful job their price was very affordable, and the most competitive I could find. You won't regret hiring these gentlemen; I would certainly hire them again.

Origin : Denver, CO
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

No Photo David
February 11, 2019


I’ll hire them again

This is my second time using Rhino relocation to move, the first time for a long distance move, this time to the neighbor state. Props to the company in general for two easy moves both of which ended up costing less than the original estimate. This team today, led by their formidable foreman, was on time, friendly, professional, and fast. They got in and out of my place and then in and out of my boyfriend’s place (two pick-up spots) and then moved us in to our new apartment. We had no real issues, though for context it was a very easy move with only minor furniture. There was one minor issue with the leg of a mirror but we were reimbursed and all is well. We would definitely use them again.

Origin : Los Angeles, CA
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo William
February 5, 2019


Always smiling

The four-man crew sent over by Rhino relocation blew my mind. I often see people complaining about how rude their movers were. The boys from this company, however, were so friendly while being so efficient. They listened to my instructions and worked accordingly. They creatively packed everything and loaded them onto the van. They used the packing materials correctly. The delivery was made on time. All my belongings survived the long journey. I still can’t believe how these movers managed to finish the job with broad smiles on their faces!

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

No Photo Brian
January 24, 2019


Very energetic bunch

Rhino relocation conducted our move a few months ago and it went very smoothly. The credit really goes to the movers. The company has a customer service that seemed okay to me- their manager was a friendly man. But the quote was so low and that’s what convinced me to hire them. The movers were another story all together. They displayed amazing skills while packing my valuables. The movers were respectful, friendly and full of enthusiasm. They delivered all my stuff in great condition and I didn’t have anything else to ask for. They are truly a superb moving company and everyone should hire them right now!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Phoenix, AZ

No Photo Anthony
January 19, 2019


Very humble

We hired Rhino relocation last week to move our belongings all the way from our old apartment to our new house three states apart. These guys were just fantastic. They didn’t charge too high but their services very much on par with any fancy moving company. The movers were punctual, strong and efficient. They wasted no time sitting around to increase the amount of time they worked. They finished the job quite well. The delivery was made on time as well. I certainly understand now why this moving company is so reputed in this field. They are also very humble about it.

Origin : Corona, CA
Destination : Detroit, MI

No Photo Marc
January 17, 2019


Such experienced crew

The best thing about Rhino relocation is the amount of experience the company has. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision hiring them to handle my last move. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing! There was no damage caused to any of the items; the glassware was taken care of specially. I will definitely recommend these guys for your next move.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Donald
January 14, 2019


I only have good memories

It really is easy to find bad things to complain about when you hire a moving company. But Rhino relocation was a professional throughout my moving process. This is why I have nothing bad to say. They are inexpensive, efficient, punctual and reliable. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. There were no glitches anywhere. When they delivered everything, I was amazed to see none of my valuables were damaged. This is extraordinary efforts by these guys.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Clinton
January 14, 2019


Experience really matters

I have worked with fairly new moving companies before but they always fell short. When the time came to move again, I decided to hire Rhino relocation. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing! It really is better to hire experienced movers even if it costs a little extra.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Ft Myers, FL

No Photo Ricardo
January 5, 2019


Worst experience I've ever had!!

Worst experience I've ever had!! I received a new job opportunity in Texas starting January. Unfortunately we hired Rhino Relocation to move our belongings from California to Texas because they were the cheapest quote we received ( as they say you get what you pay for). So we signed the quote and payed the "nonrefundable" deposit. They charge my credit card twice for the deposit. After dealing with them for a week about the double charge they refunded one of the charges. After that they automatically re-quoted us two more times for higher amounts demanding we pay the deposit over again. So we decided to cancel the move with them and go with a actual reputable van line mover. After calling them for over two weeks and leaving voicemails we finally reached a customer service representative. I explained to her what was going on. I explained that I wanted to cancel my move and when I asked for my deposit to be refunded she immediately got angry and hostile with me then hung up the phone. I had to call back and talk to another customer service representative and ask them to cancel my move. I would recommend anyone looking at this company to look elsewhere. They will steal your money,be rude and disrespectful and by the looks of all the other reviews online they will also damage all of your belongings.

Origin : Corona, Ca
Destination : Houston,Texas

No Photo Oliver
July 3, 2018


Very fast

From customer service to execution, Rhino Relocation did a truly great job, making a potentially stressful experience totally seamless. They took care of parking permits, packed the kitchen which we hadn't finished packing, in spite of that were faster than their initial estimate, did not damage a thing, and tried to make sure everything was in the right place at our destination.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : San Jose, Ca

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $750.00

No Photo Jeffery
June 25, 2018


Very Responsive

We hired Rhino Relocation to load a 20 foot container for our move to Miami. They were responsive, helpful answering our questions before they arrived and did an excellent job of tightly packing our container. They maximized the amount of stuff they could get in the container while ensuring that it was tightly packed so our things wouldn't get jostled. All of our belongings arrived unharmed. Prices were reasonable and they worked efficiently. I highly recommend Rhino Relocation.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Senthiagreg
June 21, 2018


Affordable Movers

We had Rhino Relocation perform our pack and move from our townhouse to our new home and things couldn't have gone any smoother. Crew leader was in touch until the day of the move and communicated with us every step of the way. Once move day arrived, the crew transported everything safely and efficiently into the truck (boxes were packed the day before) and had us in our new home before we knew it. I definitely recommend Rhino Relocation.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Simi Valley, CA

Quoted Price : $200.00
Actual Price : $200.00

No Photo Mary
June 19, 2018


Great Job

My experience with Rhino Relocation company was stress-free from beginning to end. They delivered on everything they promised. The followed-up appropriately with me as agreed upon to confirm delivery and to set expectations for arrival. I was able to get quick answers. The team was very professional and respectful of the property they were moving. Value was good for what was delivered. I would use Rhino Relocation again and highly recommend them.

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Corona, CA

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Alexandra
June 11, 2018


Professional Staff

We had messaged 4 different moving companies about rates and Rhino Relocation had the best. We booked them about 4 days ahead of time. I spoke to them on the phone and they were very sweet and helpful, answered all of my questions and gave me a reminder phone call the day before the move. We had 2 movers and they were right on time, down to the minute! They went straight to work, were quick and efficient and very nice guys. We got the place moved in no time and couldn't be more appreciative of their help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company. Thanks!

Origin : CA
Destination : CA

Quoted Price : $950.00
Actual Price : $950.00

No Photo Betam
May 24, 2018


Masters in moving!!

Rhino Relocation moved me last week. Two man, two hour special. They moved my queen bed, couch, Coffee table, dresser, two nightstands, TV and TV stand, five boxes with my kitchen stuff. My new apartment is upstairs my old one was on the ground floor and they were 4 miles apart. The guys were great, from the area and have been doing this for quite some time. They wrapped everything up in blankets and shrink wrap and moved quickly. It was the best moving experience. No question they are the masters of apartment moves.

Origin : CA
Destination : CA

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $300.00

No Photo Lincolnb
May 22, 2018


Top Notch Company

I can't say enough about Rhino Relocation team. They made our move from LA to Las Vegas as smooth as could be. We've made many moves in the past and always with stress, drama, and broken furniture. This time was a breeze! Not a single thing was out of place due to the incredible attention to detail, care, and pain-staking lengths they went to ensuring everything was safe and sound. I can't recommend them enough and will be using them once again upon our return to the LA area!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Shawn
April 25, 2018


Rhino Relocation is fantastic!!

These guys are amazing. Things went wrong on our end, and they helped us out and didn't get frustrated at all. They were very professional and worked extremely hard to get the job done is as little time as possible. Would absolutely recommend Rhino Relocation !!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : San Francisco, CA

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

No Photo Diana
April 10, 2018


Stress free movers

The guys were great! They were well prepared and really made sure my stuff was secure and padded properly. We had most of our things packed up so that helped with the time allowance. There were three guys which made for every efficient process to get stuff loaded and unloaded. No headaches or issues at all. Definitely will Rhino Relocation!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Woodland Hills, CA

Quoted Price : $780.00
Actual Price : $800.00

No Photo Iris
March 14, 2018


Helpful Crew

If you have to move long distance, this is hands down the best company to use. They drop off a trailer and movers. You can take as long as you need, there is no rush. They deliver it to your new destination and once again, they unload it at the pace that suits you. There are no hidden costs here or anything. Customer service is top notch. Best moving company ever.

Origin : Passaic, NJ
Destination : Passaic, NJ

Quoted Price : $850.00
Actual Price : $890.00

No Photo Yana
March 12, 2018


Hardworking crew

Honestly these guys work their butts off! They moved me from my storage unit to my upstairs condo and even put together my bed and made sure to put everything in the right room. They are very reasonable in price, and honestly earned every $. I would highly recommend Rhino Relocation to anyone who is moving. Thank you again Rhino Relocation crew!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

Quoted Price : $540.00
Actual Price : $580.00

No Photo Harry
March 9, 2018


Helpful crew

Rhino Relocation did a great job with my move. Professional and on time, they accepted my job with only a day notice. I had difficult, heavy items going upstairs and it was handled flawlessly. Move went better than expected. I use will Rhino Relocation again!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

Quoted Price : $520.00
Actual Price : $550.00

No Photo Johnnyk
March 7, 2018


Excellent service

Good company, Hard Working Crew. Team was very easy to work with and extremely responsive to our questions and returned calls and emails very promptly. The entire team was most professional. The service was excellent!

Origin : Van Nuys, CA
Destination : Van Nuys, CA

Quoted Price : $550.00
Actual Price : $590.00

No Photo Emily
January 17, 2018


update: resolution of claim

We have been working through their claims process for the past five months and have finally reached (we hope) a resolution where they will pay back the money they overcharged. I'm watching the mail for a check and will update when it arrives. I chose Rhino Relocation because it looked like they had great reviews. Our original estimate was for 729 cubic feet, and I requested that they bump it up to 800, because you always have more than you think, right? The day the guys came and loaded the truck, they told us that we had 1425 cubic feet. And because it was all already on the truck, and what could we really do about it, we agreed to pay the ($2000+!!!!) difference, even though I was super upset and couldn't imagine how my estimate had been off by 50%, when I had literally counted boxes and added up cubic feet the night before. When the truck arrived at our new home, a new team of guys helped unload and pointed out that we had actually only used *at most* 600 cubic feet. Well under our bid amount!! (and we have photos to prove it)

Origin : Anaheim, CA
Destination : Portland, OR

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