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Roadrunner Relocation Services LLC
480 S. Grener Ave
ColumbusOH 43228 USA

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Toll Free: 888-368-8966
Fax: 614-273-0987

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No Photo Rosemarie
July 11, 2019

Satsfied with the move

I was satisfied with the move but they were very very late which kind of wasn't good because I was paying other people to be there and I didn't have my movers there. But besides that the guys did a great job.

Origin : Granville, OH
Destination : Granville, OH

No Photo Adam
July 25, 2017

Highly recommend

I was very impressed with the service, punctuality, and overall professionalism that the crew had. They worked hard, never quit moving, and didn't damage a single piece of furniture. With that service, and the great pricing they gave me, I would highly recommend.

Origin : Columbus, OH
Destination : Columbus, OH

Quoted Price : $741.00
Actual Price : $715.00

No Photo Anonymous
July 14, 2017

Great Service, Recommended!

They came on time they were really friendly. Got everything in real quick, went to the new place and moved everything great. It was a great experience.

Origin : Parma, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

No Photo Teri
June 23, 2017

Pleasant Experience!

They were on time, efficient, pleasant to be with, they did a nice job.

Origin : Woodmere, OH
Destination : Woodmere, OH

No Photo Justin
June 7, 2017

Great service, highly recommend

Roadrunner was a great find after making a few calls around to the other companies in the area. Between work and managing two kids, I didn't have a lot of free time to pack, but they even offer packing services so you don't need to! The guys were experienced, worked hard for the entire move, and easily fit into my budget and schedule. The move day was a breeze, and they even finished a little under the time estimated! Would definitely recommend

Origin : Columbus, OH
Destination : Columbus, OH

Quoted Price : $927.00
Actual Price : $843.85

No Photo Page
May 19, 2017

Affordable and Available

I was strapped for time and people to get my move done... but then after a quick search I came across roadrunner! They had great reviews and were great over the phone! I was worried about finding an affordable rate with a reliable team,but I was given an amazing promotion and my day was even available! The guys turned out to be great and the move went smoothly. I've already recommend them to a few friends soon to move.

Origin : London,Ohio
Destination : West Jefferson,Ohio

No Photo Matt
May 7, 2017

Cheap and great in the sun

Movers didn't use moving blankets. Because of this and they left it sit in the rain a few pieces got damaged. When contacted company said we should have just bought insurance but they don't cover acts of God or broken glass. Movers dropped boxes.

Origin : Cincinnati
Destination : Cincinnati

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $961.00

No Photo Anonymous
April 25, 2017

They were professional and took care ...

I would tell friends and family I had an okay experience.

Origin : Elyria, OH
Destination : Elyria, OH

No Photo Anonymous
January 20, 2017

They didn't really disclose everything ...

It was fine. They didn't really disclose everything when I booked them, so I had some issues. The biggest problem was I charged for used shipping boxes. I was moving into storage, and their boxes were used from other moves. So I wasn't happy about that and I was quoted for new boxes. They aren't a moving company as much as relocation services.

Origin : Dayton, OH
Destination : Dayton, OH

No Photo Kalyan
January 16, 2017

They were unprofessional.

The crew was not prepared to bring packing material at all. That is one. And the second thing is they did not bring enough padding material to put in my new house, so they are walking on the carpet and on the floor... so I had to find my own sheets and everything to cover that, because everything was new at my new house, so I don't want to spoil that (number two). And then number three, they damaged some items. For example: The kitchen cabinet - they broke it, one. And then refrigerator handle - they broke it, one. And then a shovel they moved, they broke the handle. So the overall handling was not professional. Neither professional nor careful.

Origin : Powell, OH
Destination : Powell, OH

No Photo Debi
November 23, 2016


It was great. They did a great job. The price was very fair. Very competitive. I would recommend them.

Origin : MOL, OH
Destination : MOL, OH

No Photo Beth
August 1, 2016

Follow Up Review

This is a follow-up review to Sam Kerr's dated July 11, 2016. This is a follow up to our review of Roadrunner. As of today, we have resolved our complaints with Roadrunner. Even though the initial review was poor, their customer service representative Nick contacted us and offered a discount on the second half of the move. That is an acceptable resolution. The accuracy of the estimate was actually right on. The movers did not damage any of our stuff. We did not get packing services. I would give them a 5 star for professionalism now that we have discussed a resolution to the issue we had during the second half of the move. The first half of the move went fine.

Origin : Cincinnati, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

Quoted Price : $4,800.00
Actual Price : $4,400.00

No Photo Sam
July 7, 2016

Ended up moving myself

My family and I were moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland. We ended up contracting with Roadrunner Relocation Services for the move. Here are the issues we had: 1 - At the last minute (the morning of the move out) we were told that our move out team was on their way from Cleveland. We had anticipated arrival at 8:00 AM and that everything would be loaded by 12:00 PM. In the end this was a minor issue that was an example of poor planning and/or communication and caused us to not be able to move into our storage facility until the following day. This meant that I had to be involved in the move on both Friday and Saturday morning. This ultimately was a minor inconvenience. 2 - We were told that wardrobe boxes would be provided. When the movers arrived they said they didn’t have any. Luckily I had some trash bags to put the clothes from our closets into. This too, was a minor inconvenience. 3 – We were scheduled to move in on the following Thursday. Around 10:00 AM we received a call from our contact in Cincinnati that Roadrunner could not make it on that day because of an injury to an employee and that our move would be pushed back to the next day, or that they were willing to release us from our contract. They agreed to credit us $100 for an extra hotel night stay. I am sure they knew well that finding another moving company on such short notice is an impossibility. We told them to hold our spot and please complete the contract the next day. The next day (Friday) we called our contact 3 times before noon to confirm the schedule for that day. We left multiple message and received no response. It became clear to us by 4:00 PM on Friday that no one was going to show up. So I rented a van myself and with the help of a family member started moving myself. At 7 PM Friday evening we received a phone message from the moving team, the same team we had had for the move out, that they would not be able to move us in that day but that they would still like to complete the contract. We called them back first thing in the morning on Saturday after I had already moved the majority of our items myself, including many of our largest and heaviest items. They finally arrived on Saturday morning around 10:30 at the storage location. They then completed moving in the rest of the items in about 1 hour. However after all of this I was charged for 2 hours of work because that is their minimum. I tried contact the company to discuss the charges and never received a response. This company is terribly unprofessional and I would not trust them to move me ever again. It is one thing to show up two days late. It is entirely a larger problem to communicate issues or make an attempt to correct the problem through a discount or finding an alternate solution to complete the job on schedule.

Origin : Cincinnati, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

Quoted Price : $4,800.00
Actual Price : $4,400.00

No Photo Richard
April 26, 2016

They showed up on time and did what ...

They were real good. They showed up on time, did what they said they would ... Everything worked good. The only thing was they got some cracks in the front of their truck and it was raining that day so some of the furniture got wet ... Other than that it was all right.

Origin : North Olmsted, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

No Photo Mark
March 22, 2016

I'll never move with them again!

The movers, the guys who actually moved the furniture were very nice, very good. The office person wasn't very nice because the first day they were supposed to do the move I had a window of noon to 4. I got a call at 4 minutes to 4 saying they were in Dayton, OH. The person that booked my move, booked movers in Dayton. ... So they stayed at the other job and did extra stuff for that customer, but you screwed me over. He didn't seem to care, all he wanted to do was recite policy to me. .... I will never move with them again.

Origin : Delaware, OH
Destination : Delaware, OH

No Photo Susan
March 22, 2016

They took one look at a door and ...

...When we got to the new house which had a larger door, they took one look at the door and said they couldn't get the couch in there. They did not even attempt to bring it in. Rather than stand there and argue, because it was already a long day and they charged me $500+ because they ran long. I said just put it in the garage. Me and two other girls got it inside in 30 seconds. So I did call and complain and no one got back to me.

Origin : Cleveland, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

No Photo Edna
January 22, 2016

They were very rude and disrespectful.

They told me it would be about a four hour move from my place to the new place and it would cost me about $630 and in the end it cost me $1009, first of all. And the movers were very rude and disrespectful. Very rude and disrespectful because I asked them why in only two hours they only moved two chairs. ... They would go downstairs and then just stay. Come upstairs and then just stay.

Origin : Euclid, OH
Destination : Ravenna, OH

No Photo Joel
January 20, 2016

Actually pretty bad.

It actually was pretty bad. The stuff was damaged and they're not giving me money for anything, and they're saying that because I signed a contract saying that they're not liable. But I know for a fact that I only saw the second page, so it's kind of ongoing. I'd probably give it a 1 from 1 to 10.

Origin : Columbus, OH
Destination : Pickerington, OH

No Photo Anonymous
January 12, 2016

I wasn't real happy with them at all.

They were decent. They brought two guys out and they moved my stuff fairly quickly but it took twice as long and twice as much money as they originally quoted me so I wasn't real happy about that. On top of that, one of my tape measures was missing and when I called to ask if they took it they said no but it is gone and it was sitting right where they were moving so I'm thinking they might have stolen it. Also, they damaged a couple pieces of furniture and when I filed a claim they gave me probably less than half of what I probably should have gotten out of the furniture claim. So I wasn't real happy with them at all.

Origin : Dublin, OH
Destination : Dublin, OH

No Photo Deborah
December 17, 2015

They were OK.

They were quick enough, they got through close to the time that I was allowed, it went a little over. They were efficient, they took everything down and put it back when we got to the new place. They were OK.

Origin : Shaker Heights, OH
Destination : Cleveland, OH

No Photo Ope
October 28, 2015

They were unprepared and had no tools.

They showed up and they had no tools. ..No tools at all to me is kind of questionable. So I ended up having to give them my tools. They spent more time than they should using manual tools ... We were missing a lot of screws.

Origin : Troy, OH
Destination : Troy, OH

No Photo Patricia
October 20, 2015

They were late and took so long that I ...

They were supposed to be there at 8:00 AM, they didn't arrive until 10:00 AM. They were taking numerous breaks throughout the day to smoke cigarettes ... It was about $200 more than what I was quoted because they took longer than expected and they broke my headboard for my bed. They did not bring any of the boxes into my house, they just left them all in the garage and they broke one of my bookshelves.

Origin : South Euclid, OH
Destination : Willoughby, OH

No Photo Meg
July 13, 2015


My parents hired Roadrunner Relocators to move them from Grafton to Middleburg Heights, OH on 7/10/15. My mom was VERY specific that we were going to have all boxes packed and moved, and all she wanted done was the large furniture and clothes in the closets she even had all of the items for them to move together. On moving day, the foreman told my mom he "didn't bring boxes" for the clothes in her closet, and if she wanted them moved, he would "charge her another trip to go back and get them." My mom let this go, and then, they left some of the heaviest items that my mom hired them for: their stainless steel grill, a grandfather clock and a large vanity. When the crew got to the new home, they dumped most of the items in a pile in the front, and didn't put them where my mom indicated. When mom and dad asked the foreman why the heaviest items weren't brought, and why the why they were dumping everything in the front he SCREAMED that they wanted something for nothing (even though the terms specially stated the items to be moved, and put in appropriate rooms). He was so loud that her new neighbors in the H.O.A. run neighborhood came out to see what was going on. The the foreman proceeded to sit in the truck and pout for the last 2 hours of moving and not help. Thus, the 3 man crew they paid for became a 2 man crew. Then, when mom called the owner, he was also rude and yelled at her as well. The remaining 2 movers didn't put ANY of the 4 beds back together, because they said they were too short-handed (NOT my parents' fault). The few things they did move into the basement, they DESTROYED from scraping the leather off the top and sides of mom's new couch to puncturing the DRYWALL of the basement walls in 3 separate spots, and scratching the railing all the way down. Finally, they cracked the leg on their antique Duncan phyfe table, and refused to take damage reports on any of it. Needless to say, my sisters and I took PLENTY of time stamped photos. What they did to my poor parents, NO ONE should go through, let alone a 2 time breast cancer survivor. Now most of our family is sick from scrambling to help them move in and not sleeping for 3 days. If you value your possessions, and peace of mind STAY AWAY from this company!!!!

Origin : Grafton, OH
Destination : Middleburg Heights, OH

No Photo Anonymoous
July 10, 2015

Not exceptional but they weren't bad.

They weren't exceptional, but they weren't bad. They didn't arrive in the window they had said. They said they'd be there between 9 and 11, but they got there around 12 or 1230. There was a discrepancy with the payments. ... The movers themselves were great though.

Origin : Athens, OH
Destination : Athens, OH

No Photo Anonymous
June 15, 2015

Did a fine job.

They did a fine job. They were courteous, thy got it done. They were fine and on-time.

Origin : Marble Cliff, OH
Destination : Marble Cliff, OH

No Photo Robin
May 7, 2015

Really good experience!

They were very personable and they were available immediately. And I wasz looking to move real, real soon. I think they were able to schedule me the next day. They sent a truck with three guys - really personable, really helpful, they moved quick. I was given the price ahead of time and it was more reasonable that others I had checked out. ... It was a great group of guys that made you feel at ease! ... It was a really good experience.

Origin : Fairborn, OH
Destination : Fairborn, OH

No Photo Anonymous
April 21, 2015

On-time and efficient!

They were on-time, they were efficient. That's about it!

Origin : Blacklick, OH
Destination : Blacklick, OH

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